Research Points to a Permanent Cure for Cold Sores

By Eliza Strickland | July 3, 2008 8:50 am

lips mouthOdds are, you have it. By the age of 40, nearly 90 percent of adults in the United States have been exposed to the herpes simplex virus-1 (HSV1) that causes cold sores. Not everyone who has the virus lurking in their body will have symptoms, but those who do will be annoyed for life by unexpected lip blisters. But now the secret of how the cold sore virus manages to persist for a lifetime in the human body may have been cracked [BBC News], and researchers say their findings may point the way towards a treatment that could kill the virus once and for all.

The virus is a difficult target. When a cold sore appears, it’s easily treatable with a drug that kills the replicating virus, but that drug can’t get to the latent versions of the virus that are hiding within nerve cells and waiting to cause the next eruption. Until now, research has generally concentrated on keeping HSV1 inactive — and preventing cold sores from ever showing up. But [Duke University] researchers took the opposite tack: figuring out precisely how to switch the virus from latency to its active stage. That’s important, says lead author Dr. Bryan Cullen, professor of molecular genetics and microbiology at Duke, “because unless you activate the virus, you can’t kill it” [Time].

Researchers discovered that when the virus is latent it produces a strange kind of RNA, a strand of genetic material that’s copied from the virus’s DNA. The RNA in most viruses codes for useful proteins, but researchers discovered that in the herpes virus this RNA strand breaks down into small bits that block the production of proteins, keeping the virus from activating. These findings, published in the journal Nature [subscription required], suggest that if researchers can prevent the RNA from breaking down, they can cause all the latent viruses to become activated, and could then kill them all at once. “Once the virus sticks its head up over the fence, you whack it off for good,” Cullen says. “Yes, the person has to have one last cold sore, but it’d be worth it to most people to cure them forever” [Time].

Researchers caution that there’s a lot of research to be done before anyone can test out a pharmaceutical cure on humans, but say their new understanding of the herpes virus could eventually lead to a host of medical treatments. [T]he findings could apply to the whole range of herpes viruses, including herpes simplex 2, which causes genital herpes, and the varicella zoster virus, which causes chickenpox and a more chronic, painful condition known as shingles [HealthDay News].

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  • Sean

    Honestly, I’ve felt there is a lack of info for people suffering from HSV, and this is a great leap foward. I can see a cure coming out withing 5 years, curing everyone of herpes. This could practically wipe out herpes since theres no way for immunity to happen, since they are basically telling the virus to wake up with its own proteins. Then they punch it in the face, hard.

  • adrian

    I am 46 years old and caught HSV2 (genital herpes) when i was twenty one, for about fifteen years i had regular outbreaks which were very depressing , then i changed my diet to include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and during my last outbreak around six years ago i took 5000mg of Vit C per day , the outbreak was worse than usual but i have never had a recurrance since that day. I am sure that sufferers of this embarrassing condition would do themselves no harm in trying to improve their diet and their immune system , and perhaps try the high dose Vit C until the magic bullet is found.

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  • Ben

    I have had HSV since I was a little boy so I have suffered for 25 years. I caught it from sharing my brothers chapstick. When an outbreak appears I usually go into hiding for a week. It seems that my life is controled by this horible virus. If I had one wish it would be that I could be cold sore free. We need to find a cure. Does anyone know where a person can find more info abouth the research being done as stated above.

  • kill hsv

    just reading up on some new hsv cure research drug – phase 1 clinical trials in the UK approved 8/2008. Company is USA headquatered called BioVex – drug called immunoVEX. – do all you can to support HSV cure research, letters to congress, donations, etc. – spread the word…no pun intended!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you all, especially Adrian, for sharing some information. Here is what I can share.

    I have HSV-1. There was a time when I had health insurance. So, I went to the doctors and they prescribed Acyclovir. The pills were effective if I took them in time. But the virus got smart and started to activate itself when I slept at night and it had plenty of time (6 hours or more) to do damage by the time I woke up. So when I took the pills then, all it did was to reduce the size of the outbreaks. Very rarely the pills prevented it. The same thing happened with Abreva and all the other overpriced and useless OTC junk.

    But I lost my job and my health insurance and there was no way I could afford Acyclovir which cost almost half as much as my rent. Then, I did some research and found out that “Vitamin B12 with Brewer’s yeats” by Solgar, has proven effective for SOME people. I took the pills every day(6 each day and it is recommended that you should not take more) and for 16 months I did not have any outbreaks. But after 16 months, for some reason, the virus adapted and the pills lost their effectiveness.

    Then, I did some mor research and I found out that BHT pills have shown effectiveness for SOME people. I started taking them (1000 mg each day and it is absolutely recommended that you must not take more because research shows it WILL cause cancer for more dosage per day). This time I did not have any outbreaks for 14 months, but then again the virus adapted and came back with the same viciousness.

    I did some more research and have been using the Zinc Sulfate Topical Cream by Kirkman for the past two months (keep in mind that I get the cold sores every week). The cream is VERY VERY potent and thin layers of it over the “tinggling” spot has proven effective for me. So, I feel the tinggling, I see the blister coming on from underneath my skin, and then I start applying thin layers of the cream to the area ever hour or two at the time, and the result has been that the virus flees very quickly and never causes any outbreaks. But timing is the key here. When I’m late, the virus causes the outbreak anyway.

    I am excited about Adrian’s advice above and I am going to try high dosage Vit. C treatment and see what happens. Man, the blisters are really embarrassing. I hope we can find a permanat cure soon.

  • jjhope1

    Well i used to get cold sores, but i talked to a naturopath, and tried something new. She told me to take essiac tea 2 times a day for 2 weeks. Then after that, continue with the tea for another 2 weeks twice a day, and take olive leaf extract pills. I did this, and its been over a year and half with out an outbreak. Good luck.

    ps, you can get all this stuff at whole foods or online.

  • Britt

    i hope this works it would be awsome cold sores are so ugly and painfull i dont even want to leave my house when i get them.

  • Britt

    please find a cure!

  • hopeful

    This news is so encouraging — Discover, is there any way that you can check in with Duke University to see if they’ve made further progress yet?

    I have HSV 2, like 1 in 4 American women, although 90% of sufferers have no idea. The physical discomfort is minimal but the stigma is terrible (people are SO ignorant – anyone seen that Sarah Marshall movie? Absolutely horrific.) A cure would mean amazing things for millions of sufferers so I hope that Duke kicks this project into high priority.

  • Suzannah Hamilton

    I have had them since I was eighteen. Itry to avoid work where possible but it is hard finding a reason to have four/five days off and they seem to be getting more and more frequent. I have tried everything but nothing at all seems to work. I hope that the above cure works but also, depressingly, it seems HSV may be the reason why we get Alzheimers, as horrid as that is it would mean lots more money for research into a cure.

    Here’s hoping.

  • Phil Seymour

    In 1975 I read an article in JAMA that re-examined a cold sore remedy from the 1920’s that worked.
    Simply dabbing the early cold sore,(The itchy-tingling-lump that you know is going to be a cold sore), with ether a few times will reverse the growth and it will be gone in about an hour.

    I tried this in 1975 and it worked. You could still get ether at the drug store then, so for the next 10 years cold sores were no longer an issue in my life. Ether has become more difficult to obtain because of the foolish war on drugs, but one can still use car starter fluid on a q-tip in a pinch.

    I have learned over the years to avoid certain things that might activate the virus, like vitamin E, or stress, but to stop a cold sore in it’s tracks, nothing works better than ether.

  • Peggy R

    So, is this potential cure also for Herpes Simplex 2 or Genital herpes. And how can I keep up with the progress? What is the possible timeline for the public having access?


  • Don

    I hope that this is the last major hurdle to overcome. Its long overdue for this bug to be on its dispatch to hell. A cure in 5 years would be nice. However, its probably going to another 15-20 years

  • Pete

    I hope the pharmaceautical companies that love all your money for OTC symptomatic treatments like abreva and aciclovir won’t mind losing billions of dollars and share price drops. They don’t care about “Cures”, cures don’t make money, at $10 a pop for a tube of coldsore cream, everyone who gets the blisters is making them atleast $6bn a year in the US alone.

    Think about it.

    The worst disease this planet suffers from is CSCOFD

    Corporate Satans Cock Oral Fixation Disorder

  • Jordon

    I got HSV 1 a few months ago. I have never had it before and to be honest I was completely ignorant about it. My boyfriend had an outbreak but it wasnt on his lips it was above his lip under his nose. I just thought it was some pimple or acne or something. It didn’t even cross my mind. He also had a beard so it covered up the blisters better. For whatever reason he decided not to tell me about it and we must have kissed and it was passed to me. This is my second outbreak ever. I am 20 years old. He admitted after that I got my first break that he did indeed have it.
    Although this is a virus that is not fatal, it is extremely devastating to me. I am overcome with emotion and depression. I can’t imagine the rest of my life worrying about how to treat, prevent, and when to hide from a cold sore. I feel extremely cheated. This could have been prevented if I had know or was better informed.
    News of a cure is hopeful. I am not a long time sufferer, and I can only imgaine what other victims have been going though all these years. I can only hope that there is hope left for them.

  • Sam

    What we need to do is speak up and SPEAK LOUD to push for a real cure! I will write who ever I have to write, talk to who ever I have to talk to. We should not have to be in this condition and we should not have to feel this way. All it takes is for someone to touch and another person’s infected area onto there uninfected skin to get this disease. At that rate i’m sure it is happening thousands of times a day. It’s time to say I do not want to be marketed anymore I want to be cured. This is our cause and I know it is important to the person reading this. I think about my herpes condition every day and I am scared. I am scared that I will not be able to lead a good life with my set of circumstances. I am scared that if I want to have a child that I might pass it on. Let’s make this a bigger deal. A reality.

  • http://valentinesagefieldvineyard valensage

    For some reason I picked this thing (virus) up many years (45) ago when I began wearing orthodontic braces. However, I have found one thing that appears to work. When one first feels or suspects a blister coming on, take a Lysine tablet, soften it and apply the softened Lysine to the area. Do this a few times. Even though the infected area may not always disappear, this has always proved to really down-size the site. Do this even if the bump appears. Do not scratch the blister but keep it moist a few times with the Lysine. And, ingest a couple of the Lysine tablets.

  • BS

    Not sure if it is disturbing that I am comforted with the fact that there are others who feel like I do. I read every one of your responses and it is crazy how I can relate to each. I have suffered, I mean suffered, from this horrible virus forever. I am now 26 and I have gotten these things since I could remember. There was a time when they seemed to go away. Now it seems that the outbreaks have become more common in the last year. I am constantly nervous that every tingle is future a blister. When I have a blister I feel like everyone is staring at it.

  • Hopeful

    I can identify with so many of you. Especially Jordon. The virus was passed on to me in exactly the same way, only my boyfriend lied about what the blister in his beard below his nose was. I understand that it may have been a bit embarrasing to admit but the lie have left a bigger scar than the two outbreaks that I have had so far. I feel very cheated and can’t seem to shake the all the emotions and depression that accompanied each outbreak. (Especially since I have been celebet all my life and have chosen to remain celebet until marriage). This is just beyond heartbreaking.

    I feel so desperate for a cure and I’ve only had the virus for 13 months (2 outbreaks). I can’t imagine what each of you have gone through for so many years. I’m hoping against the odds (Pete mentioned) that we will see a cure in the very near future – It would bring both the physical and psychological healing we all long for. All the best!!!

  • blackjack systems

    Thanks for the update of your journey.I really appreciate the efforts you have made for this
    article.The herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) can lie dormant in facial nerves, emerging periodically to cause sores.Everybody should beware of this disease.

  • Paula

    I have found the posts interesting especially the one about the possible cure. However, I’ve been reading different things for years and have tried lots and still get outbreaks frequently. By frequently I mean 2, 3, 4 a month sometimes nothing for a month but usually in this time I can feel that I have one up my nose. Horrible righT?

    I mainly get them under my nose, on the edge of my nose and on my lips. I’m reading this today coz it’s now driving me insane! I’ve taken half the day off work so I can sit at home with a big blob of cream on my face!!

    I’m quite interested in the vitamin c that people have tried. I’d like to know if this has worked for anyone else!!

    I’m going to get some today but bot sure – that dosage sounds very high!!

    Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks Paula

  • Kill Cold Sores

    I have had this nasty virus for about 8 years, and have been suffering with more frequent outbreaks. Doing research I found out that the expensive prescription Zovirax cream is a way to cure the outbreak. Also I have been using L-Lysine 1000mg pills 3-4/day at the time of outbreaks and 2-3 pills every day for maintenance. They help a bit, but still I get them every 5-6 months.
    What’s worse is that the sores have gone from occasionally popping up on my upper or lower lips to now for the second time on my nose right at the bottom. It’s like I feel a runny nose, and little water comes out from the left side and the next thing I know I got a cold sore on my nose? I mean this is really imbarrasing and we all need to STAND UP and do whatever we gotta do to make this research a priority.
    It’s a good thing to read such studies are being done, but another to make them available ASAP to the public.

  • Suzanna HAmilton

    I have also used Penciclovir which is available from some Chemists or on presecription and whilst this is not a cure it does seem to heal a lot quicker than Zovirax.

    Bloody things. I have to go to a black tie dinner which I can’t get out of and I am petrified that I will get one on that day. It is such a shame and I am the guest of honour for my firm but I really wish I wasn’t these cold sores or even just the thought and worry of them ruin everything.

  • wanting a cure

    I was just informed that I had hsv-1 (cold sores). I am going crazy, I am an emotinal reck. I have never even thoght about the possibility of getting this through just a kiss or sharing a glass with someone. For it to be so common I am at awe that there isn’t a cure! I don’t see how anyone else has managed. I can’t think straight and I am overcome by depression. I never had any kind of STD before and have always been safe. This is a total shock for me and to think that it could then lead to the genitals between my boyfriend and I is even worse!! PLEASE HELP! I need a cure soon! Im26 and can’t think about living the rest of my life with this and if I kiss anyone else they will get it :(

  • Jasmine

    You guys with depression don’t understand. The cold sores you get on your mouth are NOT a sexually transmitted disease. That’s is hsv2 not 1!! You do not have an STD rather a virus that over 90% of the population has. It does not affect your love life unless there is an outbreak and you can not kiss.

  • Tamik

    My mother and 3 of my sisters have had fever blisters/cold sores – whatever you want to call them, from the earliest time I can recall. I got my first one when I was 44 and my mother moved in with me. I started researching and trying everything I could, like everyone else here.

    I found something that has worked for ALL of us! It’s a homeopathic kit by Boiron. The kit contains 3 remedies to be taken at different stages of a breakout. We have all found that we rarely get breakouts now, and when we do, they don’t have a chance to erupt. They’re easily “nipped in the bud”. I buy ours at Puget Consumer’s Co-op in Seattle, but it’s all available on-line, or at health food stores.

    Here’s the info. from the Boiron website:

    Take 5 pellets of Apis mellifica 30C 3 times a day until stinging at the pre-blister stage is relieved (max 7 days).
    Take 5 pellets of Mezereum 6C morning and afternoon until symptoms of the crust stage are relieved (max 7 days).
    Take 5 pellets of Rhus toxicodendron 6C 3 times a day until pain at the blister stage is relieved (max 7 days).

    None of use have to refill anything but the first stage pellets, now, and they are only about $6 a bottle. The whole “kit” is $11-$12 dollars, and comes in a little plastic case.

    This has worked for us, at <$15 it's worth a try!

  • wanting a cure

    Jasmine please inform me then,
    I know there is a difference between the two. Trust me in the past 2 days it has changed my love life with someone who is very special to me. I had to tell him, he is now making an appointment to get tested as well. We trust eachother very much and we both were clear at our last exam. If he do not have it then I got it from im sure drinking off one of my girlfrinds. we both being in a committed relationship drink and eat off eachother all the time and never 2cd guess it, not to mention oral sex. From what I’ve read in the past few days is that HSV-1 can still be passed to the genitals as well!? How could we ever have a love life then?? i will give it to him on the genitals then when if we ever have sex i will get it on mine (right??)…(this is why I equate it the same way)

    He has been great, asking questions about it but he said the same thing you did…that it’s not a STD. if he do not have it then I just feel that he will maybe decide to end our relationship (im just saying) he would be taking a risk with me, considering if im right about me passing it to the gentials…

    You are right I do not fully understand it yet, and can’t imagine what you are going through…

    I’m trying to find out all I can find out about this? We havn’t kissed at all in the past 2days, I know he wants to, I know I want to, we just havn’t..

    Pls Inform….
    HSV 1 also has about an 60-80 pop rate…..i don’t understand for something to be soooooo common even HSV 2 y is there no cure besides the fact that it is a virus?

    you all are inspiration to me and I admire your srength

  • wanting a cure

    thanks for the info Tamik!

  • legit?

    is this website legit??? it seems hard to believe, if anyone can verify it would be great and i’ll jump on this treatment right away!!

  • Aries

    I am 26 now and I have lived with hsv-1 (cold sores), since I was 8. I got it from a friend of mine by sharing her drink. But I feel that when ever I go out into public that I am judged for not being responsible. I just wish most people knew that hsv-1 is not a sexually transmitted virus, it can be easily caught just as the common cold/flu in the same ways. I really do hope there is a cure. And I often do wonder if I will pass it on to my children, does anyone know about that?

    I am currently taking L-Lysine 3,000mg per day and it really does seem to make the cold sore heal faster. Unfortunately, every time I find a treatment that works, the virus finds away around it.


  • John

    i just found out i have HSV2 and this is very scary. this disease has een around for years and there is no cure. even those tht do not have it should eb scared cause you can catch it from just about anything no matter how safe you are. i was using a condom and when the female adjusted her position on me i felt her hands rub against my skin which caused some small breaks in my skin and next thing i know i had an outbreak. i went to the doctor and he thought it was syphilis and just so happen to get blood work for other stuff such as hsv and found out i have it in my system. words cannot explain how i feel i have read so much stuff on the net that suppose to cure it but the only thing that keeps hope alive for me is the research that was done at Duke. i plan to try to find out how far they have advanced with their research which was only 8 months ago. i will be a test dummy for humans. we all need to do some of the thing like they are doing to fund breast cancer research. we need the cure we cant let corporate greed take our lives away we have to take a stand. we can do it even if we have to go back to college and major in microbiology and medicine.

  • Tracydee123

    We are talking about herpes simplex 1 – that is fever blisters/cold sores on or around your mouth. I have had hsv1 since I was about 10 years old – probably from my father and I am now 48. I have tried the lysine, the zovirx, acyclovir, abreva, homeopathic, you name it! Anonymous of 9-28-08 has it right. Once you get on a regiman, then the virus seems to adapt and then morph to a different nerve ending. My outbreaks in my 20’s were horrendous – enlarged lymph glands in my neck, broken blood vessels in my gums, HUGE sores that took weeks to heal. I have scars on my lips from such frequent and repetative sores. Once I learned my triggers (sun burning)and feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities (causes you to completely shut down). Discover your triggers and you can at least get it down to twice a year, which is where I am now with no medications. I guess I wouldn’t recommend dabbing ether on your lip. An orange pekoe tea bag, boiled and held to your lip when hot at the very beginning of the sore seems to be my standard home remedy. Use suncreen, eat fresh fruits & vegatables, sleep well, reduce or eliminate alcohol/drug/tobacco/caffine intake, exercise regularly and hsv1 will reduce itself along with many other ailments. This message is especially for those of you who are just getting use to having this insane, recurrent affliction. Know thy body!

  • Andrew

    I’m a 28 year old male and had cold sores as my whole life. Apparently when I was still in a pram, my Grandmother gave me a big wet smoocher on the lips and I’ve been infected ever since.

    I’ve must say; hearing some of your comments on this website is quite disturbing. It’s not like you have AIDs or some life threatening illness for gods sake. You have a virus which causes you to get a blister once in a while.

    Yeh sure, I’d like to see a cure ( I wouldn’t be on this site otherwise)but hearing how this has “destroyed” peoples lives and forces people to take time of work is just ridiculous.

    I must have had a hundred people tell me different ways to prevent cold sores but the god’s honest truth is none of them work. What we have is a virus, rubbing creams our mouths is not going to kill it.

    It worries me that some people who have posted are taking drugs that are clinically proven to cause cancer if you go slightly over the dose (and they’re still getting cold sores) and surely high dosages of Vitamin C can’t be too good for you in the long run.

    Anyway, I have just two recommendations for MINIMIZING the frequency of cold sore attacks:

    1) Don’t get run down. After a few nights out on the trot I usually get a cold sore. Do any of you guys find that when you get a head cold it’s a couple of days before a cold sore follows?

    2) Eat healthy. I find I get less cold sores when I eat healthily for sustained periods. I guess eating lots of fruit and Veg is the 1000mg of vit C equivalent.

    Finally, this one’s a little controversial but it works for me. Once you given up trying to fight the little ba*tards and accepted that you are probably going to have to live with them for at least another decade give this a go. Once the blister does surface, get a needle, sterilize it with TCP or something similar and pierce the blister in several places. Make sure you soak up the fluid produced with a tissue or cotton bud so it doesn’t spread. Get some aftershave and dab it over the now drained, flabby blister to dry it out. I usually find after doing this the cold sore will be little more than a blemish within 48 hours.

  • hope

    all people please look into this site. if everyone chips in there’s no telling where this can lead to. many thanks to bella303 for all her efforts and please spread the word about this

  • sue

    according dr. cullen at duke university, they are doing animal trials now and will find out if the cure works and is safe. he estimates that, if it works, it will be 8 – 12 years before the cure is widely available.

  • Seth

    I have had cold sores since I was 3 months old (A well meaning loved one kissed me as a baby, not realizing you can spread cold sores even when you aren’t having an outbreak) and I seem to have a particularly virulent strain or a particularly troublesome lack of resistance. They are so bad that they haven’t contented themselves to staying on my lips, but have also migrated into my nostrils and up the side of my face on to my cheek bone and, even more troubling, near to my eye.
    Sufficient to say I have looked into almost every treatment on the market. The most recent and seemingly effective is to ice the area, which worked incredibly well at first but seems to be loosing it’s effectiveness, and treating the sores themselves with hydrogen peroxide.
    For the sake of my left eye I hope it gets to market fast. I could handle half my face embroiled in one last breakout to finally see the last of them. God bless the researchers that can get a cure to market!

  • ron braithwaite

    cold sores rarely affect me. i get one about every4 maybe 5 years, the latest being in march 2009. so obviously they are not in some sort of time cycle.i dont take any sort of medication and they just seem to appear at random. i and my wife occasionally get a cold sore in the nostril. as far as i know there is no definitive cure for these cold sores.

  • bc

    It would be great if they actually cured this disease. Researcher’s don’t cure diseases anymore they try to come up with treatments to help you live with them.

    Incentive to drug companies. If you cure this one we will belive you when you make us wait 200 years to cure something else. You got to give us a real cure every generation at least otherwise we won’t belive you. Keep up your street cred and cure this disease.

  • anything for a cure

    Ok, I’ve had cold sores since I was baby. As have all my brothers and sisters. My mom suffers often, probably more than the rest of us. All of us have occasional outbreaks. When there are periods of heavy stress it is more common but I personally have noticed a correlation between Bare minerals Buxom lip gloss and my outbreaks in the last few years. I was trying to convince myself it was coincidental but I am wondering if there has been anyone else who has noticed this correlation

    All of you devastated people are sadly misinformed. It is possible that HSV1 can make a jump to other areas but it is unlikely they are the cause for geniltal lesions. That is generally HSV2 and my understanding is that HSV1 will almost always return to the lip/nose area even if the infection site is different. I can tell you my children both had HSV1 as infants one time and have never had another outbreak. They are 18 and 15 currently. My husband had one as a child and one as a teenager but seems to not be terribly susceptible. I am hoping my children have inherited that. This is not transmitted the way you all seem to think. It is highly contagious but not because people are irresponsible or ill intentioned. It is likely you are infected. It is just that not everyone gets active outbreaks. Personally I’d give almost anything to get rid of the painful and inconvenient outbreaks. Mine like to show up on vacation where there is a lack of sleep, sometimes behavior like more alcohol consumption or sugar consumption that may lower immunity, the stress of air travel and sometimes extra sun. This misinformation just led to a fight between a couple we know who were both accusing the other of cheating. The culprit?? Likely a 15 mo. old they had at the house whose dad suffers with them.

    There is a known correlation between the arginine lysine balance. I didn’t know that and was taking arginine for help sleeping. Ended up with a bad outbreak. That is why sometimes Lysine helps and other times it does not. The imbalance is ONE of many causes of activation of the latent virus. Arginine is found in nuts and seeds so if I feel a tingle I avoid those foods. If i consume those foods in higher quantities than usual I take Lysine supplements. There is a proven connection between consumption of teas, black or green, though black is more effective, and a reduction of time in the outbreak. USUALLY, though I agree there seems like a bit of an ability to adapt on the part of the virus, if I go get a Giant fresh brewed Iced tea form Wendy’s or anyplace really as soon as I feel a tingle I don’t get a real outbreak. I have used everything mentioned on this web site. The tea is the most effective consistently for me. Last week I started to get one, I used tea, and immune booster (deep defense bey rainbow light), colloidal silver and large doses of C. It never came out and you could see the beginning of the blister when I started treatment. Yesterday morning, it started again. I didn’t have tea at my house and it was afternoon before I got some. I used everything else the same as last week. I have a small blister this time. The biggest problem with the other treatments is that it seems like the longer time I go suppressing outbreaks when one finally gets a foothold it is HORRIBLE. Bigger, spreading for longer. I had an outbreak begin on a transatlantic flight, 10 hours later, no sleep, no tea, no C besides orange juice, no immune support. I was able to get Zovirax and soon as i landed but this time it was up my nose and a collection the length of 3/4 my bottom lip and 1/2 my top. I would have paid thousands of $$ to get that under control. The outbreak phase lasted about 4 days but we were camping in the desert in the heat and sun.
    PLEASE UNDERSTAND HSV1 IS NOT AN STD and has nothing to do with who what when where you are having sex.!!!!

  • Tony from Boston

    I’ve had cold sores since I was a teenager. The first was from a girlfriend and once I started to get it, she told me she had given it to me. Since then (25+ yrs later), I’ve got 2 more. One on my face and another one on the opposite side from the first one. I have an outbreak almost consistently every 3 months. Sometimes I’ll get one, then it heals and I’ll get the other one and then that one heals and the third will appear, leaving with with a few months of OCD (I’m a cronic hand washer and if I even come close to touching any part of my face – I run to wash my hands). I gave up dairy last year to help with seasonal allergy issues and I feel like that increased the frequency. I always get them after being run down by either allergies, colds or exhaustion.
    I’ve used aziclovir, valtrex, abreva, lysine and various topical treatments. My doctor suggested trying Valtrex because of the frequency of outbreaks. The sore tends to be gone within 5 days but since I started taking the product, the tingling goes up into my face and I tend to spread. I become obsessed with cleanliness when I have one. I have a 2 yr old and I’m absolutely terrified of giving it to her and she doesn’t understand why I can’t kiss her for weeks. Are people now saying I can’t ever kiss her because now it’s too late and she hasn’t developed one. Also – I’ve had numerous relationships over the years and I’ve always been very sensitive to the situation but I’ve asked so many of them and none have ever claimed to have received one from me. I had a partner for 5 years and he never had an outbreak.
    I think it’s not a life threatening situation but it certainly calls for a cure. If 90% of the population has been exposed, then there is a huge market. Why can’t a company latch onto that and develop a cure?? They seem to latch onto every other medical condition and they can cure everything from baldness to peeing too much but they can’t cure this. So many valuable points have been made in this blog that it’s been interesting to read but I really don’t get why the capitalist’s haven’t latched on and developed something.
    Please help!

  • Cecily

    HSV-1 can be transmitted genitally. That’s how I have it, and if you get it genitally and you have subsequent outbreaks, they will be genital.

    HSV-1 is nearly an identical virus to hsv-2. If you have “cold sores,” and you perform oral sex on someone, you can give them hsv-1 on their genitals.

  • Beckie

    I was born with HSV-1, and i have suffered from this throughout my life, and still do (i am now 16). When i was younger i frequently had to be taken into hospital to be watched as they said i had the worse cases of HSV-1 attacks they have ever seen. They often coated my lips, throat, inner nose and mouth! I still get these attacks (i have a coldsore right now!), although not as severe as when i was younger), but i have learnt how to make them go quicker. I have found no way to prevent them coming up, but i find that if i sterilse a needle and cut the coldsore open to leak the badness out then it heals remarkably faster. It is extremely painful, but so worth it as i find them very embarassing. I have also found that creams such as Zovirax are pointless and have made no difference to my attacks in the slightest, they have only made them come out faster. So the possibility of a cure for HSV-1 is extremely exciting, i really can’t wait to find out if/when it is possible and available. I’d do anything to have a cure for this, so keep going :)!

    Oh and i’d also like to agree with ‘anything for a cure’, i wish people who stop seeing HSV-1 as an STD, its not!!

  • Lisa

    Some facts about Herpes Transmission:

    Herpes Simplex is generally defined as an STD by location, not type (Because it is possible to have HSV1 or HSV2 affecting either the face or genitals.)

    Whilst most cold sores are likely to be non-sexually transmitted, it is also possible to have a cold sore that is sexually transmitted if you give someone with genital herpes oral sex.

    If you have HSV1 on the mouth, giving someone oral sex whilst the virus is active could result in you giving them genital HSV1 (Genital Herpes) This is important to know, because some people with cold sores think Herpes and cold sores aren’t the same virus and that’s how it spreads (and how I got genital HSV1)

    Having HSV1 protects you from catching HSV1 in future (regardless of location) and gives you approximately 40% protection against HSV2. So partners should get tested, because even if you do not have any symptoms 80% of the population have HSV1 antibodies by adulthood and 20-25% have HSV2.

    Useful link: (Herpes Virus Association and Shingles Support Society, Registered Charity)


    Sorry, the “Useful Link” is not the above link!

  • hope
  • find da cure

    maybe we can talk to President Obama find a way to contact him to push the efforts for a cure.
    After all he seems concerned about the people and seems approachable. If we let him know that this might not be a deadly virus, but it is one that people fear. I mean to know that you can get it just by a touch of , lets say a dirty glass from a diner , or a kiss from a loved one as a child is scary.ITS like its a never ending cycle This is a huge problem that needs to address for good for a healthy future. After all ,fat cats exist in the medical field as well not only AIG. We all suffer from the so called medical experts RX creams and pills that don”t work i”m an AMERICAN not a Ginni pig used for experimenting creams for the $$$$$ benefit. WE NEED CHANGE

  • Mick

    I have HSV1 genitally which I got by receiving oral sex from someone who had a coldsore a week prior but found out they were viral shedding so I got it. I had the first outbreak 2 months ago. I have been told by doctors the chances of having multiple outbreaks in the future with HSV1 genitally are low as HSV1 doesn’t like to live there as it prefers the face… I am not sure how true that is, but i remember hearing that the first outbreak is the worse and lasts weeks, but my first outbreak was 1 sore and lasted 5 days while on Valtrex. I am hoping the second wont be bad.. but unsure as it hasnt happened yet.

    I do hope they find a cure and since reading that they are working on one for HSV1, i hope this will work for people that have HSV1 genitally.

  • Dit

    I’m so devastated

  • Peggy R.

    HUMIC ACID…This is some news worth checking into. I am doing this therapy and it has been wonderful. I don’t have to take Valtrex anymore for outbreaks…and I’m going to get a retest for HSV1 and 2 periodically to see it the virus is still showing up. Take HUMIC ACID. Do your research on it. I did. It’s very interesting. My MD put me on it for HPV and I started researching. You guessed it…It works for HSV also. It is non-pharmacological, so don’t expect to see the FDA talking about it…i.e. unless it threatens someone’s backpocket. I take 33mg a day. Seriously, I couldn’t go without Valtrex. If I missed a dose I would have an outbreak. I had one the first month I stopped Valtrex and none since… 7 months later still no more outbreaks. It appears to prevent the virus from infecting other cells…and eventually can become undetectable. Hope this gives some of you hope. I could not find it in regular vitamin stores, so I order it online. It’s a well kept secret. If you cannot find it, this is the site where I order from my doctor’s source. It is referred to as “FEMIC ACID” instead of HUMIC ACID… but it’s the same thing.

  • Debbie


    I am going to recommend this to everyone.

    Take 2 tablets of red seal zinc, b6 and magnesium.

    The ingredients are as follows per tablet:

    9 mg zinc sulphate
    30 mg magnesium oxide
    25 mg vitamin b6 pyridoxine hydrochloride

    Hope this works for those who read this zinc is the key as herpes does not like it.

  • Yani

    I also got HSV1 from receiving oral sex. Oral to Genital. My first outbreak (on my butt) was typical and now it’s 6 months and I haven’t gotten anymore. Since HSV1 doesn’t like to live down south 40% of people never get another outbreak and most others have one or two outbreaks and then no more. Although you will always have it in your system so will 80-90% of the adult population. Those people that already have it are pretty imune to getting it again (nearly impossable). The hardest part is the social stigma and fear of passing it on which is kinda retarded since so many have it. Just now dealing with telling people but I think most will be cool and we can all be responsible and move on. Yeah it sucks but it won’t kill you like HIV. Here’s to a cure for not only this but lots of STD’s.

  • Lolly

    A cure would be a godsend!!!
    I hate cold sores and suffer frequently, worst still it mutates every few years so I have to keep finding new remedies … not that many left out there :o)
    If you ever need a human guinea pig for your miracle cure – I am you’re girl!
    Good luck
    ps. I do find that having a flu vaccine every year helps reduce the number and severity of outbreaks.

  • Jack

    I have had genital herpes for the last twenty years and it is quite a depressing experience to say the least. Buying chopped licorice roots and making tea out of them has helped a bit by reducing the out breaks. I live in Asia, so buying licorice is inexpensive. Also, when I feel the prodromal symptoms coming on, I take 4 200 mg acyclovir tablets a day for two days, A couple of ibroprophen tablets, apply lemon juice to the skin area and take a few L-lysine tablets. This seems to have helped me abort about 90% of my outbreaks. Albeit, it does nothing to relieve my mind from depression. It is a very depressing disease to have…It makes one feel not free to go any where on the planet without having to need a bag a medicine.


    PLEASE DESTROY THE HSV VIRUS! im 17 and it is extremelyyy depressing. I dont like leaving my house at all…or doing anything other then laying in bed because i feel so vulnerable. Jokes that are made on T.V. about herpes and cold sores seem to affect my self esteem about the issue.


  • Will

    I’ve been infected with HSV-1 since I was born. From my understanding, my mother had chickenpox when I was still in the womb. I clearly remember horrible outbreaks as a child. I’m talking about disgracing blisters and puss and what not in between my upper lip and the base of my nostrils. It makes me feel a little better to know that there are others out there who suffer just as I. This stupid virus only erks me 3 to 5 times a year. When it does, it’s only a mild reaction. I try to wear a mustache as to help with the cosmetic side of my anxiety, but I feel embarrassed just knowing that little red knot is going to screw up the next two weeks of my life. Abreva is better than nothing, but one might describe it as a scam. I’m going to try the whole vitamin C nonsense and see if that works for preventing the little month-wreckers. A better diet would help most as well. DUKE, I’LL SEND YOU MONEY IF YOU ASK FOR IT!!!

  • cece

    I sure hope this is the breakthrough that we all are waiting for..For some of us,it’s like the Berlin wall coming down..We can’t get too excited just yet.They still need some more time on animal testing before they go on to humans. .With everyone wanting to give money donations,that is a very good idea.Until there is a real cure,practice good diet and plenty of rest and no stress !!! That is all u can really do at this point.Buying things over the internet is a waste of money and it’s just phony ..Good luck everyone!!!..I would love to finally see a cure .One less thing we all wouldn’t have to worry about.Life is hard enough.Finding a cure for herpes is like winning the lotto…

  • sujaiin

    hi all,
    why don’t you try aloe vera and neem products. especially intake of handfull of fresh neem leaves daily in the morning empty stomach.
    I am sure it will take a year or more but the disease will end forever.

  • http://discover Dean

    Iam 58 and I kinda knew I had it from some outbreaks I had over the years,but I have not had one in at least six years. My first marriage before it ended is where I got it. I have been married 5 times and had other relatonships and never used protection,being ignorant of all the aspects of the virus.I only assumed that if I did not have a outbreak I was safe,like having a cold and not getting around my partner. I finally meet a great lady who I want to marry and we are engaged,with her I have used protection but she insisted I get tested simce it had been awhile. So I went to the doctor,and learned that there is a separate test for herpes and the doctor does not always run it when doing a std check.I was asked if I knew whether I had it and I said I think but its never been confirmed.So I now have it confirmed.Telling my fiance was the next step,as we never had talked about it,I was being safe? wrong thinking. She got tested and showed negative,but has to be retested in 6 weeks. She is mad and upset and now says she can never have sex with me again,as she is afraid of getting it.I feel like a leper and don’t know what to do,even educating her and me ,will not help her feel comfortable. I love so much and she says she loves me but love has nothing to do with it,she is concerned about her health, I told her if the situation was reversed it would not matter I would still want her.She ask me if I could do without sex for ever and be married to her, I said yes as long as she could and have her by my side for the rest of my life.The decision is hers now ,we committed to be with each other before all this came about and I have felt she has been waiting for that one thing that would derail it all,and now it has and I have told her I release her from her promise that this is a deal breaker. My heart is breaking and I prayed for a miracle,which is why I found this site hoping there is a cure on the horizon. So please God bring up a smart scientest to find a cure for all us.

  • Mon

    I am male, 20 this year, i tested positive for hsv1. For how i got it i don’t know i had a brief sexual exposure of unprotected oral (reciever).
    Alot people say you will only get infected if you have touches the infected blister fluid. But mine is orally and how do i get it, i don’t know. =(
    I am 100% sure my mouth did not touch any part of the girl. I have a girlfriend now and i’m very worried i might transmit to her.

    So far, today is my first outbreak no blister yet but have the feeling of it beside my lips.
    How often does this outbreak occur? I really dun wanna have it so frequent =(
    I’m leaving in singapore and i barely saw anyone has outbreak, i dun wanna be the only one everyone will look at me and find me like a strange person with strange disease =(.

    I’m praying hard for the cure to be out asap =(

  • the evil 3 s’s

    Dealt with hsv1 for over 40 years — here is what I know

    (S)un exposure is bad (for many reasons)
    (S)tress is bad all around not just in the case of hsv …. OverthinkING things does NOT HELP
    (S)leep on a regular schedule…. seriously this is very important!!

    my history
    1-10 — monthly outbreaks
    teens I never had one — ever — I call those the golden years
    20’s 3-5 outbreaks a year
    30’s once or twice a year
    40’s 1 so far (im 42)

    Ive gone as many as 8 years without a visible sign —- currently been 14 months and I know >MY10 years

    a cure would be awesome but letting this beat us down gives it more power than it deserves

    p.s.. im not a fan of loading up on anything (l-lysine, vitamin c etc.) as I think the impacts on the kidneys are worse than a cosmetic flaw (for me) and the people I know who have tried those methods get real bad occurences when they stop (or so it seems)

  • HELP D:

    I’ve just found out I have the virus and it makes me suicidal. Not only is it an embarrassing stigma, but it also may improve the chances to get HIV.
    My life was going so well and this torn my world apart.
    More effort should be put into CURING it, not preventing and supressing it!!

  • http://webnd hopeforeacure

    amazing news that finally a cure is on the way. i have always been scared to have a relationship for fear of spreading my cold sores and also fear of them seeing me with an ugly sore on my lip. whenever i get too stressed or lack of sleep they have never failed to show up. i basically do all i can to hide in my room until its gone. what a relief it would be to know i could never have a cold sore again. it would be so great. im hoping for a cure.

  • Whereisthecure

    So does that mean these few sites that offer a permanent cure are all load of Sh!t since every comment states there is no permanent cure? I am so angry that I have found out that I am infected that I am very temped to just try this so called “cures”…It certainly is better than trying to prevent the attacks.

  • Whereisthecure is a link to one site offering a permanent cure…Apparently they don’t target the virus rather build up the immune system in a way that it terminates the virus… Has any one tried similar medications claiming to offer permanent cure?

  • Going2School2Learnhow2Fixit

    I got my first outbreak in August. It was a shock considering I had been in a commited relationship for 11 months with no problems. I am really devestated by the situation and I’ve tried to turn my negative emotion into positive motivational energy to fix this. I recently moved to Boston and started attending school at Harvard so I can learn how to develop a cure. It’s encouraging to see so many are interested in the resolution to this as well.

    I feel for everyone out there sharing this condition, it sucks. I hope by sharing my story people will feel a little better that there are people out there motivated and dedicated to permanent eradication of this issue.

  • lucy

    can anyone tell me if this is a scam ?????

  • LUCY



  • Encouraging

    I have had HSV II for 4 years. I have outbreaks frequently. I have lived with this horrible virus for long enough and I am just plain tired of it. I want my old life back. I want to date whom I chose without worrying, I want to rid myself of this medication, and no longer worry about the expense of it. I get an outbreak every 1-2 months, and psychologically I am exhausted of it. The physical discomfort is also just as obnoxious! This virus has affected me long enough. It has even prevented me from working out at times because I tend to get outbreaks when my body is “stressed” ie any form of regular exercise where I may perspire.

    Please continue working on the cure! Many people would have this burden lifted off their shoulders!

  • Luis

    I just got diagnosed with both HSV1 and II, I am terrified, i believe i got it from my 2nd girlfriend who shown blister once when we have sex.

    My wife also suffer, but she didn’t know it yet. I am planning to tell her, I am sure she has also got infected as there are blister around her genital area.

    I am 35 years old, whenever I see the blister on my wife’s body, I felt really bad,she thought it is just normal bacteria infection. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her, I cried in the midnight everyday, as I don’t her to see.

    I bought her vitamin C,yoghurt, fruits, and health care products, I want her to be HEALTHY, I love her, how i wish the virus only affect me, PLEASE PUNISH ME AND LEAVE MY WIFE ALONE. I want her to be happy… and I want to give her happiness…. but I think i just brought her miserable.


    I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how bad it will go especially on my wife, i really can’t imagine…

    I am willing to pay $50,000 for the treatment to cure it… Please work on the cure, I will do everything for the cure.

    God, I am sinful, you don’t have to cure me, but PLEASE CURE MY WIFE… I love her very much, i don’t want her to suffer like me… take my life if you have to, but PLEASE LET HER GO….

    Folks, apologize for my emotional, this is how i felt now, I have to tell someone, I have to find someone to help…. please help me…. please help me…

  • alison

    hi everyone here is a website will help everyone it is

    go to the forums and go under finding a herpes cure….look for cure coming soon is his user name he knows alot about the research being done for a cure for HSV 1

  • Kayla

    I’m 15 and I got HSV1 genetically from my mom, who also gave it to my dad. I’ve suffered since before I can remember from cold sores, about two or three times a year, and it’s so embarassing. What’s worst is that I thought everyone got them, and I didn’t find out it was herpes until I got teased about it at school, my mom never even told me. Especially in highschool- ignorant kids prance up to me and just ask me outright while staring at my lip if I have herpes. I’m running out of excuses. Of course, I know not to spread it by kissing/sharing drinks, food etc. I have one now and it got infected a couple days ago. I’ve been hiding in my room like quasimodo in the bell tower and getting behind on my schoolwork. I went to the doctor yesterday and had to go in for STD tests (and I’m a virgin) because I have a bad immune system.
    PLEASE FIND A CURE! no one wants to date the herpes girl…

  • olivia

    i didntt know abouut thiis hsv1 thing till i read thiis and i havee had it all my life and i got ut off my dad, but my dad did not ge it as bad as i do . when i was a baby i would havee a mouth full of theem and i had ulsers to. i try to prevent it by alwayss carrrying a tin of vaseleinee to make sure my lips dont get chapped and i also bring coldsaw creaam everywere with me but nothing is strong enough my body has literalllyy built up a ammune to it soo its pointless reaallly.and i am going outt tonightt and i reaallly do noot want theese 2 coldsawas on my lips , sooo thank god for foundationn :) iff youur not going to give a cuure theen at leastt makee a STRONG cream that WILL WORK pleaseee 😀 it will be faaab iff youu can do thaat for all thee unluckkkyy peoplee like mee whoo are cused withh a herpeeees. I amm noooow verry sadd to knoow thaat itss not justss the everyy now and theeen coldsaw which im unluckyy to get more thaan otherss its an actuallly diseaseee :o. sooo i feeeel deeeeply thaaat youu neeeed to makee a treatmentt amediatllyy and send onee too mee :D;) thaankss :)

  • olivia

    Anndd i am only 13 and i havee scars on my lips theey are noot really noticable but ino theey are theree and i have on onee side of my mout i dry patch whicch weneverr i get intoo to thee colld likee nooow will jusst turn intooo A MASSIVE coldsaww :( likee nooow sooo i will havee to smuther it in foundatiooon for thee party im going to tonightt and hope for thee beesstt:D theree is noo curee . youu jusst havee to try and avoiiid theeem. alwayss moisturise and dont go outside at winter.

  • Vanity Hater

    I have read all these stories.Some people have not only summed up what a negative impact coldsores have on us but also have a point on prevention of flare ups.We are all just very vane and insecure people if we let this VERY common problem get in our heads too.BTW I would’nt hold your breath for the release of a cure.My gut says there probably already is a cure but the selfish people,I use the term ‘people’ very lightly because that would mean that they are also considered human,that make their billions in profit from OTC products will not care for our problems.Eventually someone with the knowledge and the courage will find and share a cure with the world.Not for money but for what is right.

  • In Shock

    vanity Hater, you could’t of said it any better.

  • Anne

    When I read all these stories it gives me comfort and hope that others are willing to fight for a cure and to get rid of these stupid pests. I’m 20 yrs old and have had coldsores all my life. I think I got them from a family member when I was a child. I’m so sick of them and frustrated when things don’t help. Its not that I’m vain, not at all and I don’t care what people think of me but they are so painful and take forever to heal. Granted this is not a life threatening ailment but one that is a definant problem for most people. I usually get them every other month so about six times a year and sometimes its not just one but two on my lip, sometimes in my nose, and sometimes in my mouth. I hate them hate them hate them. I take vitamins like iron, zinc, folic acid, L-lysine, B complex, and a ton of vitamin C. I take flax seed oil when I get the chance because it helps with the healing. They dont prevent breakouts but somewhat lessen the severity and help with healing. Im tired of worrying over them and am soooooooooooo ready for a cure. I would be more than willing to be a test subject for any possible cure. I know what its like guys! Don’t let em get to you. Work for a cure.

  • andrew

    I caught hsv1 2years ago and only realy did research on hsv 2 b4 I caught hsv 1.. All the research I have found is there are more ppl with type 2 than type 1 however thats not what they say… Here in Australia you need a doctor to prescribe valtrex and is only available once when you first contract it for hsv1.. For genital they can get it for outbreaks.. Why is there so much support for hsv 2 when it is not life threatning to the victim when hsv1 is the real killer, im sure just an itch and meningitis for hsv2 is not life threatening to the victim.. They dont care about us or a cure when the government only look at supporting funds for risk of death to newborns (Neonatal) hsv2.. They dont care about us.. I got hsv1 from one kiss and has spread through out my mouth, tried acid and made it go deeper and spread to my throat now i cant eat, I have it all over me and my right eye is lost to hsv retinal detachment due to ulcers ..scars all over me and my fear is encephalitis.. Governments dont even worry about organ transplant failure due to hsv. its cheaper for them to just support a vaccine . Why dont they just give us Cyanide.

  • karisa

    I realize that cold sores are not the end of the world, but it can deal some pretty hard blows to one’s self-esteem and sense of comfort. Just being a mom and not being able to kiss my son goodnite is bad enough. I have been getting them for about 4 years now at least 4-5 times each year I was getting outbreaks. I agree that a healthy well-balanced diet and a good vitamin supplement is a good place to start, but I also thought it would be helpful to mention that I normally don’t eat much meat. I likely suffered from low protein as well as low vitamin C. I have learned to sense when the virus is active well before I even get the tingle sometimes. I have found that when I’m not eating enough, if any, meats and/or citrus fruits I am slightly more prone to breakouts. I have found that it is VERY important to keep your lips moist with some kind of lip balm, especially if you live in very dry regions. If my lips get chapped and cracked I tend to chew off the tags in an effort to smoothe them out. This is not only a BAD habit, it also ensures a breakout! People often are not aware of just how bad it is to the health of the body, especially the skin, to allow yourself to get even slightly dehydrated. So drinking ALOT of fresh water can’t hurt either. So to try the simple stuff first, 1) Drink your 6-8 glasses of fresh water everyday, 2)Don’t let your lips get dry and cracked, keep something on them so you don’t get tempted to chew them.3)take lysine only within the first signs of the sore, otherwise the body will build tolerance and it will no longer be effective if taken too often. 4) consider taking some extra vitamin c supplements, maybe even enterically coated garlic pills which do wonders for boosting the body’s immune system, helping lesson allergy symptoms naturally, and helping aid the digestive tract too.. it’s the least expensive place to start. Hope it helps, it has help me.

  • Vikram

    Cant you ppl understand this as pure cheating..nothing but cheating…the medical field has advanced like hell over the years, and got the latest medical equipment ever known , genetic engineers, researchers,viriologists and their labs hav hell of computerised setup machines that tell every thing abt viruses,deseases…and the researchers know every thing right from their structure to how many protiens,genes a virus consists of…and how it can be killed…they know very well how to kill the virus..but not giving the world a cure..some soup is bieng cooked with billions of dollars accross the world among the learned ppl. why do they want to loose their profit by giving a permanent cure? be human and kindly giv this world a cure..and make this world a happy place to live…the cure is already late!

  • lwest

    Cece’s comment advising suffers of how to be healthy to fight this disease until it can be eliminated from the body is beneficial. Also,Vikram’s comment is what most people overlook. There are so many reasons to be hopeful. The advances in science and research gives reason for us all to cheer on every researcher. A cure is in the near future. Faith and works.

  • Jeff587

    The cure is closer than we think! Dr. Bloom at the University of Florida is the closest at this point. Please read this. Please Help. If we all ban together we can beat this Horrible Disease!

  • J

    Wow just think if we all chipped in as little as $20 each to this research monthly we would all enhance finding a cure!! how many of you do donate?? probably hardly any of us, i have herpes simplex and complex and it comes on my nose what I would do to have it on my lip instead!! no excessive drink, no sunshine!! damn all the fun things i enjoy in life, i have tried everything aswell nothing works, it would b so nice to have my life back

  • Hopeful

    I just found out on Monday that I have HSV-1, which my ex-boyfriend gave to me as a parting gift. HA! He also had HPV, but I’m one of the very few less than 5% of humans who will not acquire HPV, not so lucky with HSV though. I feel that an end will be coming to HSV soon because it is becoming SO prevalent! All of the stuff that I have read in the last few days has mentioned over and over again how 80-90% of the US alone has it! That calls for some action. We have to hold our heads up high, I feel upset by finding out about having it too, but at the same time I refuse to believe that something that is becoming so severe will only be ever be something that can be “treated.” That’s crap! A cure is essential!

  • Jeff587

    The CURE is closer than we think. We all need to help each other! Dr. Bloom is close. Please read:

  • Tingle

    I have suffered with coldsores from age 13 and now at 30 they are much worse and I get them every other week. This time the old coldsore is far from healing before the next one is settling in ! I used to hide away once the swelling got bad but now I have a partner that accepts me as I am I have been out and about and to work with the coldsores. Yes I feel unattractive but I don’t let anything else in my life beat me so I am now taking charge of the coldsores ! I have found similarities with the causes of my coldsore outbreaks and so I have a plan from the information you have shared.
    1) Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day
    2) Only use Lysine at first signs of coldsore
    3) Increase intake of Vitamin C through eating more fruit
    4) Try out garlic pills
    5) Always try and eat healthily
    6) No sugar, alcohol, nuts, seeds, caffeine

    Helping the coldsore to heal
    1) Soften a Lysine tablet and put onto the sore
    2) Lemon Balm capsules (natural remedy)
    3) Stay positive and don’t let it beat you !

  • Jeff587


    Dr. Bloom granted a 1 hour interview to the HCC today and I took the chance to ask him every possible question members have been asking. This interview was a follow up from a few emails over this week explaining the details and people–THEY ARE BIG! Because it is so much information between the emails and interview I am going to be sending out the information in a few stages. Let me give you some teasers as I don’t have time tonight to compile all the notes from the interview.

    If Bloom’s technology works

    It will stop all shedding
    It will stop viral replication (recurring outbreaks)
    It will make it so it is no longer contageous to others
    It will stop the ability of the virus to cause disease
    It will change the lives for Millions

    The HCC has reinvigorated Bloom and because of our donations and support buzz is building again for Bloom’s research at the University of Florida. VCapitalists are just waiting for this next phase of HSV-1 recurrence trials in the Rabbit Model for to work. Then it is going to be a giant rush to fund and move quick to capitalize on this amazing technology! Bloom is very confident these trials will be successful!

    Bloom needs our donations now more than ever. I want to let everyone know that Bloom has stated because we have built so much buzz he stated the sooner he gets the funds–the better.


  • Peter VD

    I am a 14 year teenage boy who has had these cold sores ever since I could remember. To some of you reading this you may not feel that this is a big issue, but for me it couldn’t be worse. When I get into school, instead of being greeted like I usually do every morning, all i get is, “What is that?” while they stare and point at the fat thing hanging off my lip. Most people get them later in life, but I got it from a young age, and this is could wreck my future! I don’t want to have to wake up later in life to look into the mirror and see my lip swollen up like it had been stung by a bee! I have tried many things, mainly lysin cream and cold sore patches, but they don’t stop the persistent buggers from coming back! I desperately want a permanent cure so I can end this horrible nuisance once and for all.


  • Eric

    I have lived with HSV-1 for over 30 years. I have discoverd that there are 4 things that are generally the triggers for my outbreaks.

    1. Poor Sleep
    2. Sun Exposure
    3. High Stress
    4. Certain foods (peanuts, chocolate, and beer).

    When I get an outbreak, 90% of the time, its because I have violated at least 2 of these 4 triggers. For example, sun exposure and alot of beer will almost always do it. 3 hours of sleep and alot of chocolate too. Then next time you get one, think about what you did or ate in that past 24-48 hours. You might find a similar pattern.

  • noname

    so what all does this mean? how long will it be before there will be a cure for type 2 herpes?

  • Wow

    Ok, there is alot of panic going on here for sure. Having cold sores IS BAD, but not to the extent that it should tear ppl apart bc, if u r in ure 20’s or more, u have already been exposed mannny times. Your body is either a carrier already n just does not show outbreaks, or ure body has the key to fighting the virus.

    You can pass it to your children, but chances are you are passing the antibody on to your children instead, bc when u have cold sores your body does still make antibodies for it, it just isnt successful at erradicating the virus.

    Those of you worried about your numerous partners over the years, perhaps having a cold sore problem can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle of dating without “being with” every person you date. DO NOT kiss during an outbreak, DO NOT share drinks, and let ure signifigant other KNOW u get cold sores.

    I know that it is socially acceptable to be in a relationship, fall out of love, move on to the next and start the whole process over again. But honestly, it is easy to fall in love but hard to stay in love. Having cold sores and knowing you can cause ure partners to have it activate in them should help put the brakes on the pattern. Get to know ure person well. Ppl with cold sores help spread it by having multiple loves during the yrs, we are half the cure.

    Honestly, like I said, everyone has been exposed by the time they are in their mid 20’s, but they might not have had their bodies hit with the virus repeatedly like if they were in a relationship with you, and u can cause them to finally come down with it. Its like a cold, u can pass someone on the street and your body go “Oh no Antibodies Ahoy!” n you wont catch it, but if you then are in a relationship with that person and are having sex and kissing and sharing, you can cause your body to lose the fight.

    So act like you have an std and be MORE responsible than the rest bc u COULD eventually cause the person u care for to catch it, or cause many ppl to come down with it if u have many partners. However, if u are in a relationship, there isnt a need to NOT get married or to break up just bc a cold sore problem exists. It just makes more sense to do what we can not to spread a disease/virus, but we arent leppers and we are entitled to love and happiness. I have been married 10 years, my partner and I do share drinks (happens after so many yrs) and he has never even had one outbreak. As far as we know he has never gotten it, IDK if it’s his body or my actions that have ensured he hasn’t caught it, but fact is we have been in a sexual relationship for ten years and he has NOT caught it (well no blood test to check that but he has NO outbreaks so we figure no virus lol) I will not kiss him during an outbreak n I wont orally do anything and we wont share drinks during an outbreak ( more my preference than his, he doesnt care he would catch anything if it meant being with me, stupid man lol)

    My history, I am uncertain when I first got the virus, but I have had outbreaks since highschool. But my cold sore appears within hours of the tingling, not days as described on medical sites. I will feel a tingle and an hour later the bump is already emerging. Within a day it is completely out and white and saying “Look at me!! She has a cold sore!” lol

    I never use to use any otc for them, IMHO Abreva only makes them live longer, it breeds a nice warm moist area for them to hold onto and they are there just as long (tried it but after coming to that conclusion stopped using it). I do now use Lysine in a tube and apply during an outbreak, timing being cruscial as everyone has mentioned. Lysine works for me.

    Before Lysine tho, I did use a needle to not only open but to find the little white balls that caused the outbreak to last. If u look closely if you are a needle on the lip user, u can find little balls that are firmly stuck into your lip under the blister. If you can use a needle and tweezers to pry those little suckers out, your tingling will end. I would then use peroxide and rubbing alcohol, does sting horribly. I would hold a cotton ball of peroxide on it till it stopped bubbling, then use a cotton ball saturated with alcohol until the stinging ended and keep repeating. In the end my sore was over within a day or two, but my lips would need healing for a week still, just without the blister. I had to keep the lips DRY DRY DRY…any kind of ointment would bring the sore to life again, that is why it would take so long to heal, otherwise some tribiotic ointment would have healed the lips soooo much faster, but seriously, soon as an ointment touched the area, the sore would liven right up.

    So I know rubbing alcohol is actually better to kill it, and keeping it dry was better. I tried the Lysine ointment on a serious bad infection about 4 months ago tho, bc I could not find any white balls and my whole upper lip was affected, the whole upper lip was one big very painful lump. I had work the next day and was desperate. The Lysine ointment IS an ointment so it kept it wet, but it brought the blister down by the next day. I was able to go to work with only a fat lip. That week I constantly applied the ointment, and the sore never looked like a cold sore. Unfortunately, now I get an outbreak every week since. I do not know if it is bc I am no longer doing the alcohol thing (the alcohol worked but I was still embarrassed bc my lips still looked aweful bc of all the “home surgery” I was doing) or if the Lysine is indeed not killing the virus but instead keeping it more or less at bay or if the virus itself has become more agressive or perhaps my triggers are just being triggered more at this time.

    Before with the alcohol treatment I would only get an outbreak maybe 4 times a yr…now like I said its every week. I have one now, which is how I found this site. I do not think the Lysine is at fault tho, I am very stressed, get little sleep, and feel ill alot these days. I have noticed if I dont repeatedly apply a lip gloss or chap stick my lips dry out faster than if I was applying rubbing alcohol, and the dryness causes my lips to crack…if I miss putting on lip gloss/chap stick even one day this happens. It is the subsequent slophing off of the dry skin that causes my lips to outbreak. Gross I know….

    So I do not feel Lysine is at fault. So my advice is Lysine bc it keeps the cold sore contained and my lips dont look affected and at the end of a week it’s gone. I do not take the tablets.

    I drink Green Tea and regular Tea every day also, so I do not see how tea has helped the other repsonder in this site, Im glad it does but perhaps a regular tea drinker can’t be helped that way bc the virus already has learned how not to be affected by tea?

    I don’t feel the alcohol treatment was ever safe, I only wrote that in case Duke could use it for the research. I will also admit that before I went to Lysine I got desperate enough to use old fashioned nail polish remover on the sores also, which of course tasted absolutely awful but worked great all the same….I only include that for Duke I DO NOT RECCOMEND USING ACETONE NAIL POLISH REMOVER I ALREADY KNEW IT WAS UNSAFE I was just soooo desperate. Cold sores are a stigma of unhelathiness and disease, it does cause ppl to look at you n run. It is as sociably awful as having a pink eye….

    Cold sores r bad, they are spreadable, but they are containable and dealable. I look at my cold sores these days as self esteem checkers…like a blemish or bad hair day. Be responsible with this affliction n do your best not to spread it, but do not let it overcome you to the point you don’t live anymore. NO ORAL DURING AN OUTBREAK IT CAN SPREAD, as a matter of fact, no oral for a week after the outbreak either, act like u do have genital herpes, being too careful isn’t the problem lol.

    OCD is devasting also, so to the poster with that, I know you have to be going thru an absolute nightmare, but try not to let it cause you more stress.

    Good luck to all, not only should we look forward to a cure, but until then we should help contain this virus as best as we can by repsonsible actions…we can’t keep it from spreading but we can try to slow it down. Here’s to hope of a cure and hope of having our future generations protected…

  • DRHayward

    Poster 99 (Wow) needs to chill on the relationship speech! I half expected you to throw the bible into the ring and start preaching that as well. Lighten up dude, it’s just a virus and with 90% of the population already infected, it’s pretty unlikely you’re going to give it to your partner by kissing or having sex, unless you’ve got an obvious outbreak or feel one coming. Just be careful, if you feel the tingling or have an obvious outbreak, then don’t kiss for 2 weeks. That’s far better than scaring yourself into celibacy.. I’ve had cold sores since childhood and as I get older the outbreaks become less frequent, a good diet, plenty of sleep and staying active also helps to prevent the outbreaks and reduces the healing time. Don’t tell your partner straight away, that’s just asking to breakup, wait until you feel an outbreak and then mention it, explain you can’t kiss her/him for a couple of weeks just to be safe.. If they love you, it won’t be a problem, seriously, I was dating a girl with Hsv2 and I just wore protection and avoided touching myself or her if I got hand contact with the infected area. I still loved her and would have married her if she hadn’t dumped me for failing uni..

    I feel for those of you who get extreme outbreaks and I also pray for a cure. But please don’t let them ruin your love life or social life. BTW, don’t expect a cure to be cheap, if at all within your budget, as the big pharmaceuticals won’t let it happen if it means they lose billions in profits each year… An economy based society will always be a corrupt one! Money means profit, profit means greed, greed means corruption 😉

  • Wow

    DR, I was responding to those who said their lives were ruined, they would never get married, or wanted to commit suicide…

    I was saying what u just said in ures, but also to help contain the virus as best as possible. I don’t care what % u want to use, common sense says billions more ppl are being born and to help keep the virus from growing or becoming a super virus, some things could HELP keep it in better check.

    It is rude NOT to tell ppl with whom u r in a kissing/sexual relationship with that u have it, it should b that person’s choice to decide if its no big deal or not. U can cause a person who never had an outbreak b4 to start getting them.

    Just an opinion but I think the virus is different in each person and if ure partner’s body is used to the virus one way n ures another, u can cause their body to lose the fight against the virus.

    I would expect the same responsible actions if someone had a cold or the flu or jock itch or ringworm or lice, u dont just pass stuff or take the chance without being conscientious n letting ppl know. U also dont go kissing every person u meet when u have a cold or the flu, n thus the “be more responsible ” parts to my postings.

    It sounds like my post was too long n lengthy n u skimmed it, it was only long for the ones who needed to know it isnt that bad, it wasn’t preaching.

    Offering an opinion on a possibly different way to live with something that is potentially contagious may ring as a moral issue, but it is more on a level of conscientious behavior towards others. Moral issues would be a complete different line of resoning. I know many like to preach what they assume the Bible is or means or force their morals/values onto others, but it doesn’t make the Bible itself bad or anyone showing any moral fiber or conscientious behaviors a holier than tho preacher.

    Thank You for your opinions tho, besides the Bible comment I agree with u.

  • hcr9

    Hello people

    Problem is solved we have now an active Herpes CURE research.

    don’t forget to donate and spread the website —>

    Thank you.

  • Sharon

    A veternarian gave me the information I needed to get rid of my cold sores quickly and now I very rarely have an outbreak!!! Go to your pharmacy and ask for a product called ” Cure A Sore” Its liquid in a small bottle. As usual, start applying it immediately with the first tingle…hold the q -tip on the sore till the stinging stops and apply it throughout the day, alternately with an ice cube wrapped in a cloth, holding it on the sore as long as possible. The Cure A Sore has a small amount of ether in it which really does the trick. Your sores should be dried up and peel off within the week. Everyone I have shared this with has had great results…Another product to use with this is Lactinex from your pharmacy..It replaces the good bacteria in your digestive tract that is often depleted causing your sores. This recipe is life changing….most of you will have less and less outbreaks. Good luck!!

  • John

    The ether works…you can get at a pharmacy

  • doug

    I had HSV-1 (apparently) when I stepped on a nail at 38 yrs old.I was treated with IV antibiotics which apparently let the virus into my nervous system. I have had chronic pain for 24 years now and am currently taking oral morphine daily.This shit is no joke and a lot worse than cold sores ( potentially)Careful what you take and God help us until a cure is found. It can be a LOT worse than simple oral sores.
    p.s. I was a Dentist when I got sick and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia but I believe HSV-1 is the etiologic source. And yes I have tested with 6x normal hsv levels.

  • ben

    as a sufferer of cold sores for 30 yrs this is encouraging news. however, the drug companies will never let us have the cure because of corporate greed. all im asking is, the universities that finally find an overdue cure…please find a way to do the right thing and have this cure readily available to us who suffer from this virus, instead of just selling this info for peanuts to the drug companies who will find a way to turn this cure into nothing more than a suppressant so they will keep on cashing in. think about it guys…if it has to be about the money,100’s of millions world wide who need this cure times even just $10.00 for the cure makes you a hell of alot more money than selling it to the drug companies…

  • robert

    my name is robert i be haveing this virsis since i was 10 im 15 it suck i have to lie for 2 weeks i allways dream this viris goes away but it dosnt and i hate hideing i feel at a very low when i get a break out i need a cure

  • Margaret

    Im wondering more about this humic acid. Does it really work to stop cold sore outbreaks for good? Do you get more when first starting it? Or do you just not have any anymore? That would be great I will definitely try it if thats the case, I only get about 2-5 cold sores a year but none would definitely be better

  • TruthBeTold

    Humic Acid is going to mess with your stomach. For now, dabbing/drenching in 3%Hydrogen Peroxide seems to be the most effective and harmless treatment.

  • Looney

    where to i sign up for the trials?

  • Rex

    I hate cold sores!!! They are seriously impacting my life negatively!! Since I’m in high school, everyone who sees them is instantly grossed out and thinks I have some horrible disease that they will catch if they touch me at all… So I really hope a surefire cure will be found soon.

  • Kari

    Im 19 years old i have been getting cold sores ever since i was a baby… I recently just had strep throat… and with a fever like that came 8 cold sores all on my lips….. I’m always scared to kiss anyone that, this just might trigger it to go off. Everyone shouldnt have to live there life like this, we need a cure and we need one NOW.

  • Martin

    Please donate to Dr . Bloom, University of Florida and Dr. Cullen at Duke University. Also, write to the National Instiutute of Health and NIAID requesting funding for research.

    A cure is 5 years away but it will take a BIG push from all of us!!!!!

    Lets get er done!@

  • Donnie

    Im 34 I have had cold sores all my life! Sad news is that no over the counter drugs that work! Good news is (for me) that the older I get the less outbreaks I have. I have found that eating healthy definitly helps to minimize the number of outbreaks (I have about 2 a year). I have tried EVERYTHING but the one thing I found that works the best again (for me) is at the first sign of the “tingle” get a q-tip or cotton ball drench it with hydrogen proxide and keep on the “tingling” as long as possible. Your lip may dry out, and look chapped, but it’s better than a HURTING cluster of ugly blisters? I hope this will help someONE?

  • B

    I’m in highschool still but I have cold sores.. and I have never even kissed anyone so I’m not sure how I got it, I guess I managed to get it when I was pretty young somehow. I got my first one when I was 12 and had a fever. I only get them in or on my nose which is weird, (mostly in my nose which is good so people can’t see them!) but thank goodness I don’t get them too often, I only get them when I am stressed or don’t get much sleep. But I hate how people “judge” you for having them, it’s not like some nasty STD, it’s a disease that anyone can get easily and most people have! Like the article said, 90% of adults end up getting the disease but they don’t get outbreaks, and I read somewhere else that only 20% of people who have the virus get outbreaks because of our DNA or something like that. But it still disgusts me having the virus, because it’s “herpes” and it says in your body forever!

  • Marietta Zimmerman

    Flip side to false understanding, liposuction can make your undesirable fat vanish just like that. Undergoing plastic surgery makeover can be an ideal option for many. Of course, that does not mean that if your body is not where you want it to be that there is no hope for you. Your best bet is to gain more knowledge through research.

  • OR

    I, too, am in high school (sophomore) and have been getting cold sores since I was in junior high – about 2 a year. Absolutely mortifying and embarrassing. I haven’t even had my first kiss yet, and probably never will now. Thanks herpes, you’re the best. A cure would literally change my life. I know it’s minor and I’m lucky to not be ailed with something more serious but honestly, it’s a huge nuisance and I think we’d all be happier to have it ERADICATED.

  • T

    I am almost never outbreak-free. This virus has absolutely taken control over my life. I have some stage of a cold sore at least 3 weeks out of 4, any given month. It takes a harsh, harsh toll on the love life, not to mention professional career. A cure for this would change EVERY aspect of my life. I have not touched my own mouth without washing my hands immediately afterwards in about 4 years. I have become a germophobe because of this virus. A cure is needed. It’s long overdue.

  • E

    Im 19, and ive had hsv1 since i was 18 (first time i got checked) i hate this virus, im depressed, stressed, and ashamed of myself. Although i dont know how i got it i still am. I Love this girl very much but i cant ask her out because i dont want to infect her. I know she loves me too but im too afraid to tell her that i have it. we have been friends for about 5 months now and it kills me to not give her a kiss when she gives me signs to do so. I sometimes lie in bed the whole night crying and thinking if this is it for me. How if i ever have a kid im not going to be able to kiss him/her because of this dreaded virus. PLEASE FIND A CURE
    Im strarting to have suicidal thoughts but ive been going to psychologist, it helps a bit but not enough. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIND A CURE

  • zach

    I have had them since i was a child I just read this article and the comments looking for answers. there was one guy who said to use ether or starter fluid on cold sores. I just used some starter fluid on a q tip and it really works within ten minutes the little blisters were completly gone i think it will be healed by he end of the day, i definetly recommend it to all.


    Please, someone! Anyone! We are suffering so much! Stop making money with us and cure us! There is a cure and its out there! Please Help!

  • savahanna

    i would literally pay a thousand dollars for a cure…….i literally get so depressed i feel as if i cant do anything…..whoever does find the cure will honestly change so many lives its just such a horrible thing to have.. w suffer a lot of us just simply like i who drank after someone with a coldsore of course i wouldnt have if i new i wa too young…im starting to realize that i will have it forever and i cant have a boyfriend or anything i am so extremely depressed and just wamt a cure…. u would be a life savior.. i mean im scared to get a job because of coldsores..

  • Brett

    Ive been diagnosed with hsv1. Must have been by sharing a cigerette, drink or kiss.

    I was depresed to find out that i will have this for life with recurent outbreaks.

    No one should have to deal with this in there life there are enough things we have to deal with.
    Iam very hopeful they will find a cure or treatments that eventualy kill the virus.

    I do belive the pills and creams have a conspiracy, they are making a lot of money off this and will continue to if theres no cure. This is something that should not be accepted

  • Hempo

    42, had HSV2 11 years, happily married and have 1 daughter!
    If someone is worth spending the rest of your life with, and they truley love you, there is no better testament to this than them ACCEPTING you for what you may or may not have.
    It is not HIV!
    you can live with it, and health professionals see it EVERYDAY.

    Although i have not tried it, I have read several old medical journals were they claim HEMP oil kills the virus on CONTACT. Propbably the THC content.
    Imagine what the you beaut Hydroponic sh*t you can get today would do!!!!
    Once again we can thank Mr Dupont and the legalisation of tabbaco ( which used to be ILLEGAL) for the demise and outlawing of hemp.

    Just one comment for brett, Mate one pharma company would profit more from a cure than whole bunch of creams and snake oil. Just do the math.

    So next time you bump into the old school mate bong head you hav’ent seen for 10 years, ask him to spare you a couple buds to wipe over you next out break…

    Chill people your still breathing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hampo2

    last comment i have noo clue what you just said

  • need a cure

    Hello all,

    I just spent two hours reading all of these comments and suggestions. I have suffered with hsv1 and 2 possibly as I have outbreaks on face and genitals. I was sexually abused as a child and contracted this virus on my lips and penis. I also noticed that I would have nerve pain that would start at one end of my limbs leg or arm and over the next couple of days work its way to the other end and then go away. I started with blisters on my lips as a teenager and I am now in my forties.
    I would use campho phenique clear liquid which would burn the cold sore but leave a big nasty brown sore on my mouth for a week. I now and for years when I have had an outbreak pierce the sore with a sterilized needle, yes it hurts, use tissue to soak up the fluid drained and then use isopropel alcohol to sterilize the sore by dabbing it on the area affected, (do not do this too much or it will burn the lips just dab 2 or 3 times) then apply carmex lip balm to my entire lip area. The sore will drain for the next hour. Take care to remove fluid again with tissue and reapply carmex. (can be found at any cvs, walgreens, rite aid store) This would seriously limit the noticibility of the cold sore to others while in public.
    I agree that stress, to much sun, dry lips, chocolate, and drinking alcohol can create breakouts. I now use sunblock, carmex regularly, eat dark chocolate only and limit my alochol intake.
    Recently, i found that drinking plenty of water, 1/2 to 1 gallon of water daily as the oxygen in the water keeps the virus at bay. Take care not to drink too much water as this can deplete vitamins from the body. And yes vitamin C is a major help to prevent breakouts, i use emergen C packets also from drug stores, 30 packets for about $12. I take 2000mg or two packets first thing in the morning and 1 or 2 packets at night everyday and have done this for years. I have recently had blood tests done and no signs of kidney damage or liver damage from the vitamin C it is quite safe to use. I also eat alot of fruits and veggies for extra vit C and take multivitamins daily. I believe this has greatly improved my quality of life with this virus and I hope this will help you too.
    Until we are all cured of this terrible virus, good luck and take care.

    p.s. I have been in a loving relationship for many years and my significant other is aware of my virus and has not contracted it. You know when you have an outbreak or one coming on. Avoid contact with the other person for a week until the symptoms are gone. We do not use protected sex as we would like to have children. It is a scary thought though I would not want to pass this on to my children. Waiting for a cure…….

  • Positive

    Let me make it clear to those that think you will not have regular breakouts if you have HSV1 genitally. I was diagnosed a year and a half ago and for the first year my husband and I both had a breakout nearly every 3mths. Though we only have 1 lesion it doesn’t make me feel any better, Herpes is herpes rather 1 or 2. The virus is very simuliar, if that wasn’t the case then there would be no need for hsv2 sufferers to take the very same medication has hsv1.
    Hoping there’s a cure really soon!

  • Hopeful

    Has anyone tried to contact celebrities for help like oprah to push the issue? Maybe if one would donate there could be a cure faster.

  • Jordan

    I am a 14 year old girl who has dealed with this problem since i was ten. People have jugged me and made fun of me and this cause for me to have a huge decline in self confidence. People call me pimple lips and other mean names i can no longer take the pain and fear of someone seeing me with one of my gross cold sores. I am so happy that research is being done i pray that a cure is found.



  • Coconut Oil

    I’ve gotten cold sores as a child. I recently found that Organic COCONUT OIL, prevented my cold sore from forming. It also speeds up healing in no time with one that has already come up. You can also use it to treat pimples or sores. It heals them really fast. This is from personal experience. It can be found at a whole food store. Make sure its organic though. Works better than all those other expensive balms and you get sooo much more in the jar, it last’s forever. Give it a try you will not regret it at all!

  • Rachel

    Hi All, I am 24 and i am positive for HSV2. like all the people here ,i also felt very sad and depressed when i was diagnosed with this particular disease.I have a boy friend but we never even kissed each other and our relation is since 5 yrs before commiting to him i didnt know that i am suffering with this but 2 yrs back i came to know about HSV2 i am still a virgin. I know i am innocent but i am suffering with this.I cried and cried many days finding some other the other way out but at last i found that there is no cure for this.Then i asked my boy firnd to break up with me but instead of leaving me he cared me alot, he consoled me made me feel happy.It has been 2 yrs that i am having this diease but now i am happy. I can understand all the people feelings in here because i am also one of u. my suggestion is try to be happy…..even though its really difficult.Divert your mind from this and go for regular chek ups.I was so worried that i didnt even tell this to my nearest friends thinking that they would avoid me make fun of me.but i shared with my beloved persns and they maed my world happy. Never loose Hope every door has a key.Be positive. i think may of u felt stressed while writing this comment.God knows what we are so no need to feel regret.We are the choosen and we have to fight with it may be today may be life time dont loose your faith.

  • Rene Williams

    Yes. Cold sores are devastating. And some suffer far more than others. I have had cold sores so I have the virus. But I’ve never had a big cold sore and my outbreaks are 20 years or more apart.

    Here’s the real deal: 90% of the human (not just Americans) are infected with herpes simplex 1, herpes simplex 2, herpes zoster or other type of herpes virus. What varies is the individual’s ability of his immune system to keep the virus in a dormant or latent stage. The fact is that “modern” medicine has no arsenal against viral infection of any kind. The only drug we have is acyclovir and it is meeting resistance against all viruses.

    Until research can deliver a vaccine, we all need to bolster our immune systems. We do this by eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Eat raw foods if at all possible. Juicing helps tremendously. Our immune systems are as inventive, if not more, than any virus out there. By arming the immune system, you are giving yourself the very best chance there is against herpes and any other virus that wants to conquer you.

    So here’s the deal. Go to my website and look at the list of defenses that you can exercise against this very, very nasty virus. Try every single one until you find one that works for you.

    Myth: Herpes simplex 1 is USUALLY the virus that is responsible for cold sores, but it is being found that herpes simplex 2 is found more and more frequently in cold sores; likewise, genital herpes or herpes simplex1, is being found more often in genital herpes. So the distinction is becoming very blurred.

    But in either case, the attack for control is the same: bolster your immune system — it has all the weapons needed to attack this horrible disease.

    Myth #2: You don’t have to have had sex with someone with herpes simplex 2 to contract the virus. You only have to have touched them or had them touch you. Physical contact is all that is needed — not intimate contact. If a person with herpes simplex 1 touched their mouth blister and then touched you, you could contract the virus.

    So don’t get all that blameful. If you were at a foot ball game, you could have been pushed up against someone who had the active virus and rubbed the liquid on their arm which you touched.

    These are facts, folks.

  • Emily

    I have had the virus since i was in my teens, from what started out as a small coldsore in the corner of my lower lip it got to a point where i would get one coldsore on one side of my lower lip and the next would appear on the other side of my lip.

    This carried on for a while until my lower lip now has purpleish scars on them. Recently though my last two outbreaks have seen the coldsores spread from one corner of my lower lip to the other and I look like I have a real bad trout pout and my lower gums become sore as well.

    I have always read that the virus affects the same place so any ideas as to why the sudden spread. I am pretty anal when I have a sore, will not touch my mouth with my hands, always wash my hands after treatment will not even let my boyfriend kiss my cheek just in case and I never let anyone drink from my cup.

    The last two times (including now) my lip is so swollen and sore that talking and eating hurts, any cure will not come quick enough. I guess I just want to know if anyone else seems to have such bad coldsores (never thought I would envy those who just have one sore at a time) :-(

  • laura

    Need signatures for this petition by Nov 1, 2011 for advancement in drugs for treatment and cure for HSV

  • Vegas gives you Herpes

    I got my first and worst outbreak of oral herpes when I was 22… I subsequently have had a cold sore 3-4 times a year since…. I’m now 31. I’m thrilled to say (not) that I’m currently suffering an outbreak similar to my first…. 4-5 blisters on my top AND bottom lip… it totally sucks but I know the reason. I just got home from 5 days in Las Vegas.

    I got a grand total of MAYBE 8-9 hours of sleep the enitre trip…. that includes being up 26 hours the day a left… jet lag…. and one other 24 hour binge while in Vegas…. couple that with being out in the sun on the Strip every day ….. the STUPID amount of alcohol I drank and the intense stress I felt the 6 hours waiting for my reservation to jump off the Stratosphere…. it’s no wonder I look like the incubus for viral plague :) But hey…. I had a hell of a time!!!!

    What suprises me more than some of the appove posters’ equating cold sores with a death sentence is how sure of yourselves some of you are about how you initially got the virus. “sexual abuse when I was child” …. nice coping mechanism but gimme a break!

    I’ll tell you how you got it…. your grandmother kissed you when you were a newborn…. then you shared a pop with a friend in 3rd grade…. you did it again in 6th grade… then you had your first kiss…. then you had your second…. your third…. then you went to college…. etc.

    Point is it’s EVERYWHERE so stop freaking out!!! Know your triggers. Mine are the four S’s: SUN, SLEEP(lessness), STRESS, and getting SAUCED!!!!

    Too much of one and you get a blister…. all four and you look like I do now.

    All four are in abundance in Vegas…. so I guess it’s safe to say “Las Vegas gives you herpes.”

  • RJ

    Are you kidding me jasmine? how insensitive are you? First of all this is all about cold sore treatment. Yes they are both related but this isn’t about genital herpes. Second This about our faces constantly being attacked but grotesque blisters that EVERYONE can see. Unless your always naked or having sex everyday, genital herpes can easily be hidden with any kind of pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, robes, athletic supporters or anything worn around your waste/genitals. We can’t walk around with masks and look like normal people unless our religion dictates to, which mine doesn’t. There was a point as an 8 year old boy that I would get 3-5 penny sized sores around my lips and mouth at once. Constantly burning and I knew that people saw me as a freak. Do you have any idea how that is as an 8 year old child? I didn’t irresponsibly have sex with an infected person. I was 8. I was the victim of some ignorant stupid infected adult slobbering on me. It ruined elementary school. Always in fear of every itch or tingle would mean that some insecure kid would make a joke of me at school. And I’m sure that many other people have experienced this and can relate and agree that youre incredibly inconsiderate of how horrible it is to have this attacking your appearance regularly. Granted I have them much less often due to stress management but I still get them regularly and they always trigger incredible insecurity in me knowing that people can easily see them and that stress only makes them much worse. Just don’t act like you know how its like when you obviously don’t. Ignorantly claiming that we don’t understand.

  • Antoinette

    Please sign the free global petition for a cure. The government should fund a cure, not us. We need at least 1000 signatures or more to be taken seriously. Please sign it and spread the link around for exposure. We need to end this virus now.

  • Bob

    I got my first coldsore when I was 11 .It has been passed down in my fathers genes.If your father gets cold sores then you will as well just before puberty normally.I used to get cold sores about 4 times a year untill I got to 38 and then they became less frequent.I hate them,Surely they could find the dna responsible for it to remove it .Dread the day my 2 kids get a coldsore in 5 0r 6 years time.Zovirax has been a great cream since it came out stopping some small cold sores in a day ,cutting healing time to half and not having a big scab on your face for 2 weeks.But I would pay a couple of grand for an injection that cured me.

  • justjuanman

    35 years ago, I got genital herpes. Each time I had an outbreak I touched the tingling area with a ball of cotton soaked in ether. I had about a half-dozen outbreaks and then, no more. The herpes is caused by a virus, and my understanding is that a virus is a protein shell containing a strand of DNA. The ether effectively dissolves the protein shell destroying the virus. I used starting fluid for cars–it contains ether. That last outbreak was approximately 30 years ago. I took no medication, so believe that it was the ether that eliminated the viruses. Good luck to all.

  • GB

    You can purchase a cold sore medicine called “Curasore” which contains ether. It is available on line. I have been using this for years & rarely have a cold sore anymore.
    I keep it on hand at all times – just in case. If I do get one, I immediately apply the “Curasore” with a Qtip, holding it on the tingly spot for a few minutes & it never develops into a full-blown sore. Be sure to keep the lid tightly closed because it will evaporate. In years past, I was able to purchase ether at the drug store. However, they stopped selling it over the counter & the pharmacist recommended “Curasore” because it is ethyl alcohol and ethyl ether. IT REALLY WORKS!!!

  • Paul Australia

    Can anyone tell me of any updates for a cure for this horrible bloody problem!!!!
    I’m over it, we need a cure
    They can put man on the moon ,but can fix a blister on ya lip???
    Go figure!!!!!!

  • Allan

    Here is my story and what I know. I acquired cold sores on my lip, in 1966, when I was 14 yrs. old by kissing a young girl. The doctor, back then, said it was from doing things. That was it — no mention of contagiousness or what it was. Since then I have learned that you can transfer the virus to any part of your own body or your partners body and outbreaks are, in many cases, related to the viral load in your body. There is no immunity from further infection just because you already have the virus. The more virus the more outbreaks. . I refused to kiss my wife when she had a cold sore on her lip. She said it was chapped lips. I knew better but she would kiss my neck in the night and I got several cold sores on my neck . I now get repeated outbreaks at those sites. There is no immunity from further infection just because you already have the virus. Further infections means a greater viral load and the likely hood of more frequent outbreaks. Never use another persons towel, especially if they have an active cold sore or if they may have wiped their genitals with the towel. . Use small towels for your face when you have an outbreak and use it for one drying only, then use a clean towel for each subsequent drying.. Eliminate alcohol as it kills your immunities. My wife has transferred the virus to her genitals and since she refuses to recognize what is happening, for the sake of my physical health, I refuse to be intimate with her. I have slept in PJs for over two years and not touched her naked body either. Herpes is not just a minor annoyance. What does that do to your mental health? I am older but still human. What I would give go to sleep at night cuddled up naked to the one I love.

  • Merlin


    Some tough luck that it has reached the extreme that you no longer touch your wife… Wishing you the best.

    Ether has worked for me, and here’s my short story.

    I am 48 years and have always had extreme dry lips as a child. I would wet my lips by licking and then use my finger nails to remove the dry peel off my lips. I would also moisten my lips with Vicks Vapor rub to soften it for easy peel. It became a habit even until today. I permanently keep Vicks Vapor rub handy at home, car and office.

    Sometimes I would peel my lips so severely it would bleed, but then it would heal within a day or two and the dry lips promptly returns. At some point, the healing period started extending to three, four days. Then gradually, maybe 13 years ago I started getting blisters and sores on my lips that would last a week to 10 days. Since I associated my blisters and sores with my peeling habit from childhood, the words HIV1 or Herpes were alien to me. Only four years ago my girlfriend mentioned the word Herpes and I was upset. I told her it was because I was peeling; if only I could get the lips not to dry I would stop peeling and I would get no sore, I told her. My mother had frequently cautioned me as a child to stop peeling the dry lips and use Vaseline.

    Anyway, the sores became more regular in the past ten years, appearing a few times a year, and in some years not appearing at all. It was not until last year when it became more frequent that I read up on it and gradually accepted that I got the herpes virus, lips version. Then this year 2011, the sores started to appear more often. Since September I’ve probably got it four times. I get embarrassed by this stuff on my lips, sometimes I’m forced to work from home. I avoid kissing my girlfriend.

    I was determined to get rid of this virus, so I researched and got to this website where I read all the suggestions. My last outbreak occurred last week and I immediately attacked it with ether. I also purchased Curasore, which I now carry in my laptop bag always as a suitcase missile against cold sore. I applied ether numerous times a day. The sore still appeared, but this time it was much less severe, less visible, and it healed within three days. Maybe I did not apply ether early enough.

    So folks, I can confirm as did others on this forum, that ether does work, at least for me. Just don’t lick your lips or eat/drink at least an hour after application, that is the hard part!

    I’ve got to thank post # 12 – Phil Seymour – and others for suggesting ether. Nothing works better for me so far. I wasted money on expensive Abreva to no avail.

    All my life I’ve tried to keep my finger nails off my dry lips, no success. I do wash hands a lot to avoid getting infection. I know my cold sores would stay away if only I can stop the dry blisters and break the habit of peeling. It is the most abused part of my body – my lips!!!!


  • Tiny

    Hello I have had this for 28 yrs my mother gave it to me as a baby from kissing me and I have suffered some aweful out breaks my lips and face are scars and there are times that my top bottom and chin under my nose and sides of my face are covered in painful ungly sores I have found nothing works for me. I just stay inside untill the finnly heal. I pray that they do find a cure for this nasty life consumming germ. I have tried every remedy there is out there and no help so the only thing I can do is try to dry them up as quickly as I can. This sounds nasty but its free and does help EAR WAX yes I said ear wax. As soon as I feel the tinggly little joker coming up I start and applyin it keeps them down to a min and clears them up 2xs quicker then any of that over the counter junk.for the scaring I apply a 16 to 24 hr wear lip gloss or color but I use a new q-tip each time I apply it. Thank you all fo sharing and like each and everyone here I also feel ur pain and pray they come out with a cure because this is depressing and shameful. Best wishes to you all.

  • Anonymous
  • Merlin


    Two simple things I am doing that works excellently:

    1. I applied Curasore or Ether on my lips immediately I got that tingly feeling. I applied it several times a day with cotton swap. It stopped the sore dead on its tracks, it did not break out. You can Google Curasore or find Ether in auto parts stores, all under $5.00. Do not lick your lips for at least 30 minutes after application.

    2. I swallow 500mg of Olive Leaf Extract supplements daily. Olive leaf extract is 400% more powerful than vitamin C as immune booster. Make sure it has at least 15% of Oleuropein, its active ingredient. I also swallow 1000mg of Lysine daily. Olive leaf extract is way cheaper online than in your local stores. I bought a giant bottle containing 300 pills to last a year, all for $28.00.

    I used to average 1 – 2 breakouts per month, but since I started on Olive leaf extract and Lysine supplements I have been completely free for three months now. Most importantly, I can feel in my body that the ugly sores will never return.

    Read the short book titled “Olive Leaf Extract” by Dr. Morton Walker to discover the power of this supplement as a natural remedy for numerous ailments, including HIV1.

    Good luck folks.


  • http://no herpes patient

    i am not a doctor but my personal experience is too take good diet + good environment
    and increase your diet with vit. C + B complex with Zinc + Zovirax + Lysine + Multivitamins + good sleep & stress free life

    it helps in this f***in disease ……

    appeal : doctors and scientists , help us and find a permanent cure !! plssssssssssssssss

  • le le

    i just started to get cold sore and im absolutely disgusted! i am even more scared about passing it to people and my boyfriend! i wish people would be more careful when they have cold sore, as for me im going to be taking every precaution! PLEASEEEEEEE find a cure please this is so devastating, i didnt deserve to get this nasty f**king virus!! pleassseeee doctors and scientists find a cure, you’d make the suffers life 100% better!!!
    pleasee, i feel so depressed

  • Ocean

    I have tried EVERYTHING for outbreaks above mouth! Diagnosed hsv2 1 year ago. I have purchased every supplement that I read helps: Lysine, red marine algae, kelp, Pau D’arco, echinecea, zinc, probiotic, oregano oil and others the list goes on. So far echinecea, probiotic, oregano oil and mostly red marine algae seems to be the most useful. You can tell because if the tingle is there, taking those ones takes the tingle away a few minutes after consuming.

    I went to Planned Parenthood they wrote me a prescription for Acyclovir 400mg 2x a day.

    But I still have consistant outbreaks. If I don’t take the meds my skin tingles, it’s like having a misquito live on your skin. So I can’t be without meds. I have not been without an outbreak for an entire year now. The outbreaks are tiny and can be completely covered with makeup most of the time, I get one or two at a time. They go away after a week or so. But there’s always atleast one there.
    They are triggered by the sun mostly, eating sugar creates a tingle fast above my lips. I love the sun, torture.

    TOPICALLY I have tried everything I’ve read about: Rubbing alcohol, toothpast (burnt my skin), “Coldsore Begone” not much… Tea Tree oil works great to dry up fast.. then I tried zovirax cream that I ordered on Ebay, came from England where it doesn’t need prescription, that works but mildly. Clearisil acne cream works to bleach out/dry out but leaves really red marks.

    I just recently read these posts and ordered Curasore tried it today and fingers crossed it works for me! Another supplement I found is LAURICIDIN “the original Monolarin” I’ve read that people taking this have stopped outbreaks and stopping meds. Fingers crossed!

  • Jer

    Christ… the virus sucks, yes, but it isn’t debilitating by any means like many of you are stating. I would love mine to go away for good but odds are, like the article says, you’ll have it by the time you are 40.

    Having it doesn’t mean you stop kissing, doesn’t mean you stop going down, doesn’t mean anything except you are just more careful with your bodies and other’s bodies than everyone else!

    By being careful you are safer :) And there is nothing sexier than someone who knows their body and practices safe sex, safe kissing, safe whatever!

    For all those that “Just got it”, sooner or later you’ll get your mojo back and get into the swing of things again. Just be careful!

  • Tom

    Well the first reply to this article was by Sean on 4th July 2008 @ 1:56!
    Has there been any progress in the last 4 years?? Does anyone now any more??

  • Giving Up

    I’ve always had it since I was a child, don’t know for sure when I contracted Hsv1. I remember geting one when I was 11 & didn’t get my next one till I was in my mid 30’s after 1st getting my depo shot. After I noticed that was the trigger to my outbreaks ( as I was getting them like every month there after ) I stopped with the shots. In my mind thinking after the meds from the depo is out of my system things will go back to “normal” ( meaning I would have to have done something drastic to my lip or health for it to reappear. I thought wrong because still I get them frequently. I know my triggers but still there are things I cannot control like getting a fever or a cold. I welcome all the suggestions above about different things to take but the fact is I am tired of putting money into valtrex, Lyisine, abreva & the other things to treat the problem. I want to put my money into a cure so that I can be done with this problem once & for all. I feel cheated, I just can’t believe that there isn’t a cure for this yet. It’s hard & embarressing to go into work with this big ugly thing on your face & people judging you. I know, you should think about or even care what others think about you but it’s just sad that all of you above & myself have to live with this for the rest of our lives. I just wish a cure will come. It has been 4 years since this article was posted. There has to be some news out there on the progress or study of curing this nasty curse. Since my current outbreak I am looking to the net to find out if there is any good news regarding this problem. PLEASE HELP, I AM SO STRESSED I DON”T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THE FREQUENT REOCCURENCES OF MY OUTBREAKS!! I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I FEEL LIKE I WANT TO DIE!!!

  • Seeker

    This would be amazing…I’ve had cold sores since I was 6 months old…heard all the jokes…had all the inconveniences…would love them to be gone for good.


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