Electronic Cigarettes Not a Safe Alternative to Conventional Cigs

By Allison Bond | July 23, 2009 2:45 pm

smokingAlthough electronic cigarettes have recently been marketed as a safer alternative to traditional smokes, a new analysis of 19 types of the e-cigarettes revealed that they contain toxic chemicals. The FDA has classified the devices as combination drug/medical devices, prohibiting their import, but hasn’t removed them from American shelves. Opponents of e-cigarettes hope the findings will spur the FDA to take more stringent action against the devices.

The results of the FDA’s new analysis, which were announced yesterday, revealed that although e-cigarettes don’t burn tobacco, the devices contain substances known to be toxic, such as diethylene glycol, a component of antifreeze that proved deadly when it was illegally added to toothpaste. They also contain nitrosamines, known carcinogens found in tobacco smoke. The findings, which were announced on Wednesday, contradict claims by electronic cigarette manufacturers that their products are safe alternatives to tobacco and contain little more than water vapor, nicotine and propylene glycol, which is used to create artificial smoke in theatrical productions. When heated, the liquid produces a vapor that users inhale through the battery-powered device [The New York Times].

Most of the cigarettes are manufactured in China, and the FDA has halted more than 50 shipments into the United States–but that hasn’t made the devices unavailable in the United States. Health advocates note that the devices are sometimes marketed towards children because they come in flavors like bubblegum, chocolate and mint. E-cigarettes could get children hooked on nicotine and serve as a gateway to tobacco, says Jonathan Winickoff, chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Tobacco Consortium… He notes that the products are sold online and at shopping malls, where their marketing videos are seen by children and teens…. [Additionally], seeing adults use them in public places that are normally smoke-free could make kids think that smoking — of any kind — is normal and safe [USA Today].

E-cigarette manufacturer Smoking Everywhere, however, says the FDA lacks the jurisdiction to control the sale of the cigs because they are not marketed as a product to help people quit smoking; the company sued the agency in April in an effort to stop the border seizures. And the Electronic Cigarette Association, an industry trade group, said in a statement that the F.D.A.’s testing was too “narrow to reach any valid and reliable conclusions” and that its members sell and market their products only to adults [The New York Times]. The FDA has not said if, or how, the results of the analysis will affect the agency’s practices and policies toward e-cigarette manufacturers.

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  • http://n/a Raven

    It’s sickening that the FDA allows drugs like chantrix to be sold to stop smoking.It’s already proven itself to be a dangerous substance,people have become suicidal on that drug.
    That same agency wants to stop me from harming myself accoriding to them by stopping my use of a personal fog machine mixed with nicotone,flavorings and propelene glycol.
    If this gets taken away from me I’ll just go back to smoking regular cigarettes.
    Surely with the 400 plus chemicals in those including MAOI inhibitors,arsenic and tar I’m not harming myself.
    The FDA could care less about me,they just want more power to tell me what I can or can’t put in my body.

    Regarding Diethylene Glycol:

    Looking at the Health New Zealand study1, the presence of Diethylene Glycol was not tested for. They seem to have based their tests on manufacturer ingredient lists and known tobacco carcinogens.
    So what is Diethylene Glycol? The MSDS2 shows that chronic exposure to Diethylene Glycol can cause lesions on the liver and kidneys, as well as damage to the same organs. In the case of inhalation, the only first aid recommended is removal from the source to fresh air. The toxicalogical information is as follows:

    Oral rat LD50: 12565 mg/kg. Skin rabbit LD50: 11.89 g/kg Irritation: eye rabbit, standard Draize: 50 mg mild. Investigated as a tumorigen and reproductive effector.
    ——–Cancer Lists——————————————————
    —NTP Carcinogen—
    Ingredient Known Anticipated IARC Category
    ———————————— —– ———– ————-
    Diethylene Glycol (111-46-6) No No None

    This shows that Diethylene Glycol is not a known carcinogen, nor is it expected to be found as one in the future. In addition, the dose required to kill half of the sample of rats tested is 12.565 g/kg and 11.89 g/kg for rabbits. Assuming this can be extended to humans, an average adult male would have to ingest 855.925 g to receive a lethal dose.
    Is Diethylene Glycol the main ingredient in antifreeze? The EPA3 has this to say about antifreeze variations:

    Antifreeze typically contains ethylene glycol as its active ingredient, but some manufacturers market propylene glycol-based antifreeze, which is less toxic to humans and pets. The acute, or short-term, toxicity of propylene glycol, especially in humans, is substantially lower than that of ethylene glycol. Regardless of which active ingredient the spent antifreeze contains, heavy metals contaminate the antifreeze during service. When contaminated, particularly with lead, used antifreeze can be considered hazardous and should be reused, recycled, or disposed of properly.
    Ethylene Glycol is the main ingredient in antifreeze. While straight antifreeze is toxic, the main hazard is from used antifreeze, which absorbs heavy metals.

    What about Nitrosamines? Nitrosamines are carcinogens. Tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) are found in the liquid used by Ruyan in their cartridges. According to the Health New Zealand report1, the amount increases with the amount of nicotine, and the average is 3.928 Ng (or parts per billion [ppb]). The breakdown is as follows:

    0mg – 0.260 Ng (ppb)
    6mg – 3.068 Ng
    11mg – 4.200 Ng
    16mg – 8.183 Ng

    The highest amount found was in 16mg liquid, which had an average of 8.183 Ng. In comparison, Nicorette Gum (which is approved as an NRT) contains about 8 Ng. To put that number into perspective, Swedish moist snuff contains between 1000 and 2400 ppb nitrosamines, and unburned tobacco from cigarettes contains around 1230 ppb.

    Study Links here



  • http://clubneko.net robot makes music

    Smoking *is* normal, it’s just not safe. A large chunk of the human population smokes. That makes it as normal as pretty much anything else we do. Many things of which are not safe. Skydiving – not very safe. Motorcycles – not very safe. Owning guns – not very safe (statistically speaking, anyway).

  • chris

    Smoking is not a natural part of the human life cycle, that is unless it is the end of it.

  • curious

    I just want to know what, if any, effects the diethylene glycol/propylene glycol have on the body when they are inhaled vs. being absorbed the same way it is absorbed in toothpaste? is it worse than cigarette smoke or is it negligable?

  • ChrisSugar

    This is a load of hooey. The FDA used a nicotrol inhaler as the test control. If they compared an e-cig with a normal cig, the results would’ve been totally different.

    I smoked for more than 10 years and now I’ve completely stopped smoking normal cigarettes. I can breathe easier and no longer cough. I’ve tried patches, nicotine gum, you name it! This is the best invention since sliced bread and I’m glad that I purchased a good unit.

  • andrew

    Politics or science?

    They make flavors therefore they are selling to kids? Yeah, I don’t know any adults that like the taste of chocolate! Saying it’s not natural or normal is semantic. If they are safer than regular cigarettes (and how couldn’t they be?) then they should be allowed to be sold.

  • http://www.tobaccosmokersofcanada.ca Steve Hartwell

    The FDA are being very ‘selective’ in what they are saying about Diethylene glycol. Sure, it is used in coolants, such as car anti-freeze. Diethylene glycol is also widely used as a humectant, a moisturizer, for tobacco, which is probably where it came from in the nicotine being used for those Ecigs, and easily eliminated if required to. BUT, it is also used in skin cream and lotions, deodorants, cough syrup, toothpaste, and mouthwash, and to make sweet wines. The nitrosamines come from flu-cured tobacco, and easily eliminated. Yes, nicotine is addictive, as is caffeine, neither of which have been causally linked to any disease. Indeed both are used to treat diseases. Anti-smokers have taken over the FDA and are now waging a similar campaign against Ecigs of obfuscation, misinformation, and outright junk science lies, to deliberately promulgate false fears by implied association in the minds of the public, based on nothing at all. The FDA lies about a lot of other products too.

  • Regina

    Yes, I agree with Steve Hartwell. The FDA lies about the potency of many of the products that it approves. I don’t understand why Americans quickly acquit the FDA when the FDA supposedly makes “mistakes”.

  • DaBrat

    I will not repeat what Raven said because it was said so well. I will touch on the ‘Candy flavors will get children addicted’ nonsense.

    First of all, ecigarettes are offered in various flavors in order for the smoker to find a niche, not to lure children in from the playground. Secondly, I doubt ANY child, even a working teen has an extra 150.00 to plunk down on an ecigarette starter kit. Unlike regular cigarettes, a parent would not have 199 more (from a carton of 200 tobacco cigarettes) electronic cigarettes lying around to go missing at the hands of a curious teen without notice. As a matter of fact it was my TEEN that found the ecig and introduced me to the concept through an internet search after many fruitless years of trying to quit.

    I find it offensive that everytime our government want to BS the people, they parade the children of the nation out. If the attraction for children is a factor all cigarettes should immediately be removed from all store shelves. When picking my teenaged son up from high school, I see numerous kids’ smoking in the parking lot and in their cars. Most of those cigarettes are just plain old Marlboros, a lot more affordable at 5 bucks a pack than an ecig.

    Kids will do what kids will do to rebel until they find something better to do. Our educational system has drastically cut down on the number of teenaged smokers. IF kids were going to smoke to be cool, I would prefer them to grab an ecig than a tobacco cig, giving them a chance at a longer life.

    FDA I call BS!!! I am grateful for the ecig, going from 2 packs a day of regular cigarettes to zero. My kid is grateful to the ecig, not because he thinks it would be cool to smoke one but because he thinks it might be cool to have his mom around for a few extra years.

    BTW I also found it very cool today to realize that apples do indeed STILL smell like apples. A sign of some of the damage being reversed.

  • Michael Riley

    One simply MUST be wary of the motivation behind the campaign to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes in the United States. Actual foul smelling, cancer-causing paper-wrapped tobacco combustion devices WILL cause the deaths of over 400,000 Americans this year, as they do every year. Why should our government want to prevent the 100,000 of us (so far) who have used the e-cig to completely quit or significantly reduce our smoking habit from choosing a safer way to receive our doses of nicotine?

    If a news reporter would go past the FDA press release and dig into the science of the study, she would find that the actual data shows that the e-cig is orders of magnitude safer than the analog alternative produced by Big Tobacco. In fact, the FDA didn’t compare the safety of the e-cig to an actual cigarette, but to a nicotine inhaler. As it turns out, the facts presented in the study tell us that the two products are equally safe.

    I plan to exercise my certain unalienable Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness by breaking up with Big Tobacco and hooking up with vaporized liquid nicotine. I would appreciate it if Uncle Sam minds his own business.

    The scariest words in the universe – “we are the Government, and we are here to protect you.”

  • http://www.halocigs.com Electronic Cigarette Guru

    The lab report states that they found a chemical (diethylene glycol) at a miniscule amount of less than 1% from 1 specific cartridge from 1 specific flavor from 1 specific brand of Electronic Cigarette. (No other cartridges had any of this chemical), the same brand that is currently SUING the FDA for stealing their shipments without authority – SmokingEverywhere (Jeez i wonder if there is a connection there)…

    Less than 1% was found… WHATS THE MARGIN OF ERROR??

    Secondly the other chemicals found that are apparently toxic are nitrosamine’s… These are nicotine deritives that are already found and known to be in real cigarettes and these were only found in LESS than HALF of the cartridges tested.

    This means that about half of the cartridges tested contained NO TOXIC SUBSTANCES and 99% tested were safer than real cigarettes. Yet they are marketing the conclusion that all ecigs are dangerous? Where does this come from… if you even read the report they specifically point out this is not their conclusion.

    Johnny Blaze

  • Malik

    dont trust the FDA BS. Eciggs are a revolutionary product which every smoker will want to try and this jeopardizes the billion dollar industry. i wonder if the politicians are bought out here… ironic?

  • Mike

    That is so B.S. Cigarettes are better for you than electronic cigarettes? Give me a break- my Smokeless Delite e-cigarette is the best thing i have ever purchased!

  • Andrew M

    It seems that the FDA is focused on stating that the diethylene glycol (DEG) they found in my e-cigarette is found in anti-freeze which is scary, to say the least. But a simple search of DEG on google and I found that tobacco companies use it as a humectant to promote moisture retention in their product. However, I cannot find anything that states the amount of DEG (byproduct?) found in tobacco. I would like to research it a little more but it boils down to me that a regular cigarette is worse than my electronic one AND I can get one with no nicotine. How is that bad?

  • Cole

    As I am sure will be the case in months and years to come with many more smokers, I have only recently come to find out about ecigs. I am trying at length to research more about them as they sound like a miracle product, but I must remain somewhat leery as I am still learning about them. I appreciate the very detailed and educated testimonials on this page and am wondering if anyone could recommend a good product at a good price. Personally, I smoke Camel Lights and am NOT a fan of menthol or flavored cigarettes traditionally. If anyone could recommend a specific brand of ecig and maybe a flavor or two that I might be ok with, it would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks so much :)

  • kirk

    http://www.bluecig.org i love mine. the java flavor’s awesome. well all of em are really

  • brandon

    All I can say is wow why put a poisoness substance in your body to kill you slowly it does not make since to me God did not create your body to suck up toxcins . Wake up people this is rich people getting rich and they don’t care about your health think about your kids your family and God. Check this out what the Bible says: The use of tobacco injures health and defiles the body. “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.” 1 Corinthians 3:16, 17.

    Nicotine is an addictive substance that enslaves people. Romans 6:16 says that we become servants to whomever (or whatever) we yield ourselves. Tobacco users are servants of nicotine. Jesus says, “Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.” Matthew 4:10.

    The tobacco habit is unclean. “Come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.” 2 Corinthians 6:17. It is really preposterous to think of Christ using tobacco in any form, isn’t it?

    The use of tobacco wastes money. “Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread?” Isaiah 55:2. We are God’s stewards of the money given us, and “it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.” 1 Corinthians 4:2.

    The use of tobacco never draws anyone closer to Christ. “Abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul.” 1 Peter 2:11. Tobacco use is a fleshly lust.

    The use of tobacco shortens life. Recent scientific findings confirm the fact that the use of tobacco often shortens the life span by as much as one-third. This breaks God’s command against killing (Exodus 20:13). Even though it is slow murder, it is still murder. One of the best ways to postpone your funeral is to quit using tobacco. If you care about your health please look at this website you will be blessed that God cares about your health take care and God bless. http://www.amazingfacts.org/FreeStuff/BibleStudies/StudyGuides/tabid/105/ctl/ViewMedia/mid/453/IID/2-13/LNG/en/SC/R/Default.aspx?7=God's-Free-Health-Plan

  • Keeepyour bible

    Where do you get off posting clips from the bible. Ok ciggarettes are our crutch and religion is yours.

  • http://www.uniqueamericanteak.com Kent Sjolund

    I just ordered some from the Smoking Everywhere and I will see if it “feeds the monkey.”
    –I fail to see how it can be any worse than regular smoking.

    Here is a key point NOT touched upon:
    Although the government SAYS they want us to quit–They can’t AFFORD for us to quit!
    -The new Kids health program State Childrens Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) (http://www.heritage.org/Research/HealthCare/wm1548.cfm)
    is funded by smokers so (unfortunately) the government has a HUGE incentive to find these “harmful.” Don’t want to get out my “Tin Foil Cap” just yet but…….

  • Anything2quit

    I believe there won’t be enough people converting to electronic cigs to make the government worry too much about the loss in tax dollars. But I do believe that this is a great alternative. I tried one and I am currently waiting for my e-cigs to arrive. I have constant lung problems from smoking. Anything that will reduce the problems even slightly or the smallest fraction you can think of is enough for me to switch,Since I haven’t been able to quit and I have been trying for about 8 years and smoked about 11 years.. Besides no smell really helps alot I hate smoking in the car. Even if it isn’t going to help my lung problems it still will provide a nice way to get nicotine.

  • woody17

    Having smoked 40 years , I tried E-ciggs . Tobacco then apple flavor . I take very few ” puffs ” , no more regular cigarettes . I feel better & no tobacco smell !

  • big bill

    im going to give it a try, you dont think the fda would steer us wrong, i mean they dont care about the billions of dollars in tax revenue they receive or the billions of dollars for cancer treatments and cures, yeah right, as far as god goes, i will smoke, molesting alter boys just dont appeal to me as a stop smoking aid

  • lilpup

    I purchased two brands at my local tobacco store: Ehealth and Elektro. I prefer Elecktro ecig out of the two. I am going on two weeks without regular smoking. I love the “no stink” of smoke on me. I found that purchasing online was much cheaper. If you decide to do ecigs in order to quit smoking, make sure to purchase enough cartridges to keep you going. I started with 8 mg, then 4mg and working towards 0 mg. Elektro also has the built in vaporizer in each cartridge so no need to replace or clean. Good luck to all who seek to quit.

  • YaYa

    The FDA is not too concerned with getting the real tobacco cigs off of the market are they? As usual, they are in it for the money and could care less about our health.
    Green Smokes are the e-cigs I have found to be the best. I have been going strong for 2 months and am able to breath and exercise the way I was able to before smoking!

  • Mazarine

    I just got some electronic cigarettes in the mail from England.
    Along with a jar of acai berry pills?!
    I have never smoked, or used acai berries, or signed up to receive such things.

    I find it appalling that the cigarette industry is so desperate that they will resort to junk mail with electronic cigarettes in it.

    There needs to be legislation to stop people from sending drugs in the mail.

  • Chrisa

    I have just read the cough mixture I am taking for the smokers cough that I have and what do you know it has diethylene glycol in it! I just ordered Green Smoke and we are really excited to give them a go! FDA go suck an egg!

  • Brian

    Excuse me Brandon, but why is it you posted that on this site? The comments left are going over the effects of ecigs on a body as oppossed to the effects of real cigs on a body. Many people, as I am, are forced to ponder this. You are correct in that it is preferable to not put any toxins in ones body, but you are not taking into consideration how this product is being used. Some are using it to continue using nicotine without smoking tobacco, and some are using it to ween themselves off of nicotine in general. I use it as a failsafe. I’m in the long process of quitting smoking, and I use this product when I am forced to decide between keeping up not smoking and running to the corner store to get my fix.

    This conversation is secular, why bring ancient monotheism into it? I can relate to your religion. I am a smoker, and I know how it feels to need a “crutch” in life. In other words, I view my disgusting smoking habit similarly to your abhorrent religious condition. Both causes us to needlessly bother others: me in my smoking in public and you with your shoveling ancient myths down the throats of people while having a logic-based discussion. I usually let things like this go by without remark from me. I am not one to push my beliefs on others, but it seems christians have this horrible habit of wanting to save the world (though ironically they want the world to end, just read revelations) and yours was so absurd that I felt the need to remark upon it. You cannot understand my need to put toxins in my body, and I cannot understand your psychological need to follow the traditions of a religion founded by a guy talking to a burning bush. Lets leave it at that.

    From now on, lets keep the topic on gycol and nitrosamines.

  • http://www.electroniccigarettereview.com/ Sparky

    I have just lost total respect for Discover. This article is crap. There are more facts in the first comment than in this entire article.

    All those years of my youth reading their magazine with the dreams of living in a more informed and scientifically enlightened society someday. Gone, hopelessly gone because of this article..

    Look at the facts folks and then use your own logic and common sense.

    Then again maybe I may be biased since I write all the electronic cigarette reviews at http://www.electroniccigarettereview.com.

    Then again, maybe Elvis isn’t dead..

  • Oscar

    Well I have smoke cigarettes off and on for the last 10 years and have decided to try the new electronic device. I think that it seems like a good alternative to smoking real cigarettes. I actually tried one at the local mall today and it was good. I still got my nicotine fix with the same sensation of smoke. I ordered some electronic cigarettes from this website http://www.greensmoke.com/startliving. Well I hope it gives me the opportunity to stop. I will keep you guys posted.

  • Lukas

    yeah, if the FDA cares so much about kids, why do they allow cereals with high fructose corn syrup (which is linked to obesity and diabetes) and a bunch of dyes and crap in it to be sold as healthy. the FDA is really corrupt, watch food inc. it goes into detail about it. i mean look at the alli diet, thats FDA approved and taking a pill that makes you leak out of your ass is protected by them.

  • http://www.myspace.com/thestrawberryjams1 Ray

    Bottom line, if I understand correctly, is that these e-cigarettes seem to, at the very least, not be any worse than regular cigarettes; and quite possibly much healthier for you if you are going to smoke. Is that fairly accurate?

  • http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/PublicHealthFocus/ucm172906.htm Pete

    I just typed a very long reply, but lost it when I hit the back button because I forgot to put in my email address. So in short, I’ve read over the full analysis of e-cigarretes and the transcript to FDA’s media address on this site: http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/PublicHealthFocus/ucm172906.htm.

    There’s mention of “very low levels” of tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) in e-cigarettes. Most of the concern seems to be aimed at the fear that these e-cigarettes are marketed toward kids, and that it’s just another nicotine delivery advice. At no point do they ever compare the health risks of smoking these e-cigarettes to smoking real cigarettes.

    Personally, I’m going to be purchasing an e-cigarette and the data from the FDA hasn’t swayed my decision otherwise. I’m sure e-cigarettes are not without health risks, and I agree with the FDA that it’s not a good idea for kids to start using these products…but I’m also sure that e-cigarettes are safer than the pack-a-day I currently smoke.

  • Bob T.

    One thing unmentioned about the nicotine inhaler, is, that you must use up the whole inhaler in 6 hours. That means you probably get a lot more niocotine in your system if you are a light smoker. If you are a light weighted person, the inhalers are not recommended by physicians. Flavors are also added to liquors,wines and alcohol. But the FDA do not have a problem that children would be attracted to those! E-cigarettes do not smoke while they are at rest, and the exhaled vapor contains only 2 percent of the original nicotine, which is quite low to begin with. Vapor does not travel well. Smoke lingers and floats seemingly forever. Vapor on the other hand disappears almost immediately. There is no comparison. E-cigarettes are 99.9% safe than tobacco cigarettes, and inhalers. I used the gum and lozzenges, and had digestive problems for twenty something years. Then I had to go cold turkey. The stress of going cold turkey was, terrible. Stress damages the brain. So I would say that e-cigarettes are safer than cold turkey too. In all the benifits of nicotine , without the combustion, are healthier than not vaping at all.

  • Bob T.

    Brandon: Where is your research? You sound like a teen who thinks his head is a better source of information than facts. So you don’t bother with research. I’ll tell you a secret. apart from math and literature, the rest of the stuff you are learning is mere theory, and suspect. Most of the teachers I have met are spouting liberalisations based on their brainwaves. with no actual common sense atached to their findings. The only way you will learn anything is by research and an open mind. Teachers do not believe in open minds. That is why they have books to teach from.

  • herbert s vinklesteine

    this is yet another ghastly product for ghastly smokers to inhale, then exhale the toxins into the face of society. I live in england and am starting a campaign to have these deadly devices banned once and for all. I am running campaigns to have many dangerous habits and activities banned such as dangerous sports and dangerous dogs, even so these awful devices are near the top of my list and by pushing for these bans I intend to save your lives, but more importantly the lives of many children in the future. One must understand that these products contain not only nicotene (a dangerous addictive drug) but traces of other toxins which are lethal to humans, these devices of evil should be banned with immediate effect.

  • Bob. T

    herbert n Finklestien. You live in England? You may find your mouth is a dangerous thing. You are trying to force a dangerous product on people who are giving up tobacco. You are a biased fanatic. Society is better off without your kind. You remind me of the Haredi. Those mindless denisons infesting Israel. Learn to live like a human being or do your self a favor and go live with like minded people, in Gaza.

  • Marlboro Man

    I have smoked Marlboro red shorts for approximately 31 years.I should be their poster boy.At age 45 I feel the effects of smoking 2 packs per day regretfully due to coughing in the morning and shortness of breath.Truth is, I love to smoke.About 5 months ago I tried SmokeTip e-cig. although not the same as a real cigarette,it has helped me cut down on smoking and I almost quit. 2 weeks into it I heard the FDA scare about the toxins in the e-cig and quit using it.I did feel alot better and had more energy not inhaling carbon monoxide from real cigs.Now I’m charging my SmokeTip back up!

  • So, So Grateful

    Just got the electronic cigarette about a month ago. I went from 6 years of smoking a daily pack and a half to one day of smoking 1 cigarette, getting disgusted by it, followed by 29 days days of not smoking at all. I’m done, folks. I have no desire to return to tobacco. I can’t say that the electronic cigarette is completely safe, it’s true. But there’s no way in hell it’s worse for you than smoking tobacco. I am eternally grateful for this invention and feel clean finally disconnecting from Big Tobacco. I was definitely starting to feel the effects of smoking for 6 years, but after only a week I can already breathe easier. I went to the gym yesterday (wtf, right?). I feel great knowing that I don’t have probable cancer or what have you to look forward to in the future.

    Okay, what was going to be two sentences turned into kind of a rant. Anyway, I’d just like to recommend these electronic cigarettes–any brand, I’m not affiliated with any of them–if you want to quit or cut back. They certainly saved me.

  • l33t

    I love the e-cigarrette! I tried one from one of those kiosks in the mall. I walked into starbucks, smoking furiously on this cig and got all kinds of funny looks. It was great! The best part is that it killed my craving for the actual cigarettes that I had in my pocket.

  • Cori

    I love my new e-cig, after trying three different brands the best one for me is blucig. I’m so glad to be able to give up smoking tobacco cigs. I won’t have to smell like them anymore or bother anyone around me with the second hand smoke. Great product. Hope narrow-minded, fanatics don’t find a way to ban such a wonderful possibly life-saving device!

  • ian

    they are amazing products. no way as bad as “natural cigs”. big tobacco is in a panic…

  • Nicole

    my husband tried the Smokefree e cig at a kiosk in the mall. He said it definitely killed the craving for a regular cig. He wasn’t crazy about the feeling of the plastic filter in his mouth but it is probably something to get used to. Out of all the brands…which one does anyone out there feel is the best ,taste wise( he prefers menthol)also , most convenient, longest battery life & fairly priced? He smokes a pack of reg. cigs a day so to him(& me) this would be a much better alternative ( with all the toxins they claim) ,then a regular cancer causing , life shortening pack of Basics. please send your recommendations….

  • mohamad

    They want to keep cigarette companies alive
    without the billions of tax dollars on the cigarette industry there will be a massive fall in economy
    (personal opinion)

  • Bob T.

    Mohamad. With the drop in health care costs, and the losses of hundreds of milli0ns of dollars in man hour losses, the Government will not need that tax money. It means lower taxes, and the ability to provide government assistance to those who can’t afford health care. The government would recoup some of those taxes, through income tax on the hours not lost, through smoking related illnesses. The faster more people get off of cigarettes, and onto this better alternative to smoking, the faster the US will benefit. The FDA should be encouraging the ecig. instead of demonizing it. What the FDA is doing is unamerican. They put their desire for power above the health of the nation. The FDA knows very well the toxins and carcinogens that are in regular cigarettes. They are the ones who had the research done. They also know the amount of toxins and carcinogens in the ecig are 100 times less than regular cigarettes. They had the research done on those also. So Ask yourself. Why would they announce, that ecigs are more dangerous than regular tobacco cigarettes?

  • Bob T.

    So what if a kid gets a hold of an ecig? The most you will get out of a cartridge is the equivilant of maybe ten cigarettes, without the carbon monoxide and the thousands of toxin, and two carcinogens in stead of the sixty five found in tobacco cigarettes. If he steals a pack of cigarettes he gets twenty or twenty-five cigarettes, with all the above mentioned toxins and carcinogens. A parent would be more aware of the loss of the ecig, than the loss of a package from a carton. Plus he would not have to worry, that the kid might burn down the house, trying to hide a lit cigarette. From my research nicotine poisoning of children and pets are from injesting cigarette butts left in ashtrays. With the ecigarette there is no need for ashtrays. Not mentioning, the second hand smoke from the burning of tobacco,the children are better off if their parents take up the ecigarette.

  • http://winstonman@inLife.com David Goerlitz

    It’s time to put these people in their place. I am going to spend my time trying to get the e-cigarette into the hands of every adult smoker that I possibly can. It is the best product available for anyone who CHOOSES to change their smoking patterns. Once a person chooses to use the e-cigarette, the rest is up to that individual as to continue, cutdown on traditional smoking , use it in social and public place, or quit altogether. It is up to him/her. The FDA and Junk science and bulls*** statistics are already being exposed and as the former WinstonMan, a self-appointed tobacco guru, I strongly recommend this innovative alternative device. Surely, we don’t need clinical trials on parachutes to claim they work. Isn’t it obvious, try skydiving without one. There is no “devil in the details” with the e-cig. Every smoker should try one for themself. Lots of bullcrap out there. Use your commonsense, and stop listening to tobacco control liars and egomaniacs who tell you, you are stupid for thinking for yourself. Your in control of your life and stop being “sheeple”.
    (stop bleating a baaaahhhhhhing. ) Fight for your rights dammit. Lots of good posts here.

    [Moderator’s note: Edited the cuss word.]

  • Kay

    I like you Bob T….u tell em. Iv been using my lung buddy ecig for 3 days now and havent even puffed on a normal cig..love it! Oh and Brandon i think it is, im also a christian and i really think that the good Lord above will be happy that im at least trying to quit, what are you doing on this sight anyway..you must be bored..or just a very unhappy person.

  • http://www.quitsmokingelectroniccigarette.net John Barrett

    According to the FDA, they “contain carcinogens such as diethylene glycol — used in antifreeze — and nitrosamines.”

    To his credit, internist Matthew Mintz has been sounding the alarm for awhile. Not only does he point out they are largely unregulated, there are real questions as to whether they help with smoking cessation at all. He writes that, “e-cigarettes were designed to be tobacco cigarette replacement products, not smoking cessation aides. It is also possible that smokers will use e-cigarettes in place of SOME of their tobacco cigarettes. Although this does decrease exposure to known dangerous products, e-cigarettes might therefore actually prolong tobacco cigarette smoking.”

  • Dave

    We live in a country where it is now taxable to enjoy yourself. Soda, fast food, smoking, whatever… If it feels good, do it… but get your wallet out first. Once they work out a tax program for these helpful, wonderful things, they will cost more than regular cigarettes.

  • HarmonyKoruption

    a local republican bought me the cig-not brand e cig.
    i’ve been smoking kool kings for over 15 years now and im 32 years old.
    i say local republican like it even matters…but the point is …f*** it, there is no point.
    i havent smoked a kool in 3 days….i know that is short term. I am amazed that i dont have a craving. I was also a drug user …i’ve been clean for 7 years now. one bummer is a taste i get that resembles freebasing…either way…i went from smoking a pack a day …and im still on my first cartridge…so i consider that about 20$ i’ve saved so far…that i didnt put back in big tobbacco’s hands….and i live in kentucky. i really hope the toxins have little or no effect on my body as a regular cigarette does…and its true the fda allows cigs and alcahol…but they never say its good for you…or safe. but i have to agree that the e-cig seems to be much safer…and if im gonna breathe easier and all that as a result…im thinking it may be a better alternative…i f***in’ hope so. heres to finding out that it actually is safer. the republican who got this for me leaned in last night and says “its great…but here in a month we’ll all have ball cancer or something like that” scary…but s***….deoderant has a ton chemicals in it ….so does alot of things people use in theyre house….i know they dont smoke those things but …aw,hell….i gotta go to bed.

    [Moderator’s note: edited the cuss words.]

  • http://maurizioit.wordpress.com Maurizio

    I’ve been a smoker for 15 years averaging a pack a day. I switched to e-cigs last week and never looked back. The other day I ran out of cartridges and thought about temporary going back to traditional cigarettes until I got my refills but passed on it. This was the first time that I willingly and effortlessly said no to a regular cigarette. Had I been on a patch, or other similar smoking cessation product, I wouldn’t have thought about it twice to take a break and “temporary” going back to smoking.
    As far as I know, the e-Cigarette I am smoking doesn’t even contain Diethylene Glycol. It contains Propylene Glycol instead, approved by the FDA and used in many food products.
    I wrote about my personal experience at http://maurizioit.wordpress.com if you would like to know more. I will link to this article since it’s alwasy healthy to look at both sides of an issue.

  • Diane _Toronto

    I showed my ecigarette to my Doctor today (I even vaped it in his office… hee hee, he was a little surprised). I took the ecig apart and showed the components. My “Happy Vaper eGo” ecig (I’m not affiliated with them) has a rechargeable, over-oversized all-day battery, separate atomizer which I rinse out every night, and cartridges which I pack with my own polyester-fill (making them last for years) and I drip (and vape) tobacco ‘flavoured’ liquid into them. Why flavoured? Because in Canada where I am, it is illegal to buy or sell nicotine e-cigs (they stop them at the border), hence I have no nicotine e-liquid. Had they had nicotine, I would have bought that. But funny thing is, even without the nicotine, I’ve still reduced my regular cig consumption. I smoked 30 regular cigs a day for decades, and in 2 weeks, I’m down to 7 reg cigs a day and counting down. I enjoy smoking and social smoking, but regular cigs now taste like no taste to me. No more sore throats, coughing, etc. and my esteem has risen. And I vape everywhere, even on a long car trip when I never allowed myself to smoke in the car. After my initial $100 layout for the equivalent of 2 ecigs, it’s costing me less than $50 a month for a back up atty; and bases and flavourings (I want to try them all… so far I like “USA Mix Tobacco Flavour” and the Menthol Flavour). Regular cigs here cost $8.50/25 cigs. The Native Reserve sells them for $22.00/200 and I smoked 6 cartons a month. No more. I keep 1 reg pack around now. I was hoping the manufacturers of the cigs would come out with a Vegetable Glycerine base and this manufacturer has done just that… no harm done! The other liquid base I have the choice of is Propylene Glycol. Diacetyl is not present in 90% of any of the flavours (my own mouthwash flavour might be good!) So my point is that I hope you win your battle for nicotine ecigs. Luckily IMHO nic ecigs are not available to me and I’m glad… I’m doing nicely without the nic. BTW, Green Smoke ecigs and other manufacturers are not for sale in Canada because of the nic. They’ll have to provide flavoured liquid as a choice or not sell any at all. After the US has approved nic ecigs, Canada always follows the US in these matters… so it’s gonna be a looong while yet. We’ll have to change our names from “smokers” to “vapers”.

  • Don

    Well, with the current tax hikes on cigs, and the millions of people living safer lifes smokeing these, what do you expect, uncle sam is losing tax money!


  • http://www.electroniccigaretteburn.com Jason

    Electronic cigarettes are a great tool not only to save money on cigarettes, but to quit smoking. But of course as with everything – the cigarette lobbyist and government are trying to promote them as “unsafe”.

  • andra

    This is SUCH so ridiculous…First of all, dyethylene glycol- the so called “antifreeze” is currently already being used as a humectant in your regular tobacco cigarettes that you can purchase at your nearest GAS STATION OR ” family friendly” GROCERY STORE. The FDA is making it SOOOO apparent that they are making black market money off the pharmaceutical companies that pay them off to “approve” their suicidal smoking “cessation” medicine. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?! WHY IS EVERYTHING ALWYS ABOUT MONEY?! It’s SO sickening!

  • Bob

    I suppose the FDA wants nothing more than to tax E-Cigs, as always, follow the money

  • Jennifer

    My husband and I just purchased the starter ecig kit from our local mall on friday may 14 and as of today we have not had a real cig..which is highly unusal for us because everytime we try to quit we give in and end up smoking a few cigs the same day we decided to quit… so with that said, i am 100% convince that we will quit smoking real cigs now with this ecig.. I think this is absolutely the best and most effective product out on the market to help you quit smoking…my advice is to hurry up and purchase one now because the government will ban this product.. if the product doesn’t become ban then regular tobacco companies will be inventing their own ecigs which will contain some type of addictive chemical and other harmful ingredients.

  • http://www.casaa.org Elaine Keller

    If you want to know the latest information about the FDA’s study, see this article:


    You’ll be very surprised at the information FDA left out of their report.

  • TomballTexas

    I wouldn’t have any concern with any FDA findings since the FDA withdrew those comments already. Keep in mind the FDA is used to regulate taxation on pharmacuticals, as well as gains revenue from them through payment fro mspecific ones to help those companies get a leverage. We are talking millions per statement paid. Get inside the FDA and learn the tactics.

    The FDA is needign away to control E-cigs and the market of them in order to push other companies paying them, mainly big pharamacies, even tho I have loyalty to Pfizer Health Care, I am aware the company paid money to the FDA to regulate E-cigs that will harm their marketing. THis promotion was paid to the FDA in 2007 and pushed in 2008.

    THe FDA will attempt to find away to Tax nictotine use. Why? Because they know nicotine is additive. They want it to be, taxed tobacco earns a large revenue for states and the government. They don’t wan you to have a safer alternative, because it won’t earn the big bucks. They didn’t care in the past till the need for money was there.

    They cna’t place a Nictoine tax. Because that would harm their big spenders and companies. They tax E-Cigs and nicotine then it would have to be applied to patches, gum and any other aid or suppliment. Even though they will attempt to pass a pharmacutical acception, the manufactures are not true medical suppliers to OTC versions.

    As far as teh Bile qouter. Don’t go head to head with me. I have 20+ years religious studies including knowledge of the Torah, CHristian Biblos (bible) and the Quran as well as the religions that created the abrahmaic system. Don’t put so much faith into a system with a history of destruction and personal gain hidden in a message of love. No scripture you qouted had anythign to do with this discussion , those scholars are proven to lack wisdom of this era. We can wist anythign to reflect another, but it still isn’t true. THe odd fact is those early HEbrews used smokign devis and tubes.

  • http://www.cig4u.com Greg

    I operate an electronic cigarette portal and am astonished the the sheer number of comments left by e-cig users who say that electronic cigarettes helped them break their addiction to cigarettes and they have quit smoking tobacco completely. If nicotine replacement therapies had anywhere near as impressive a success rate then there would be far fewer smokers in the world and far fewer people dying of lung cancer. It is ludicrous to even enter a debate about the safety of e-cigs when the product they aim to replace kills so many people yearly and is completely legal. Check the customer comments on any single e-cig manufacturer at http://www.cig4u.com and you’ll find someone who has managed to get off real cigarettes through using an e-cig.

  • http://www.electroniccigarettereviewsite.net Electronic cigarette review

    FDA just wants the tax money to keep runnig from teh regular cigarettes. Electronic cigaretets are so much safer than analog ones, that’s for sure. No tobacco, tar…

  • http://www.foreversmokes.com George

    Not only are they safer, they also put the power squarely in the hands of the consumer who gets to choose what they are vaporizing and have complete control over what is going inside their bodies. There are even a growing section of e-cig smokers who modify their e-cigarettes and even produce their own nicotine solution. It is always the way when a product gives power back to the consumer, it’s gonna have a bad time from the point of view of government. If you are interested in e-cig mods and making e-juice there are a couple of articles I posted at http://www.foreversmokes.com They were down over the weekend but they should be back up now. Enjoy

  • Sean Smith

    Hi guys,
    No it’s not true that e-cigarettes is not a safe alternative of Conventional Cigs. Because the electronic cigarette contains alone water, propylene glycol, nicotine, an aroma that emulates a tobacco flavor all of which are not adverse to smokers. The nicotine armament has undergone all-encompassing toxicologically testing. It has been assured that none of the capacity account cancer. The nicotine vapor ability account affliction to your aperture or throat initially. However there are no cogent side-effects accepted off. The artifact additionally holds CE & RoHS certifications. This agency that it is mechanically complete and safe for Human use. In allegory to accepted tobacco articles this artifact is an appreciably convalescent option.

  • http://ecig.pk e-cigarettes Pakistan

    I ran across a question on the internet about Electronic Cigarette flavors. It is obvious that a lot of Electronic Cigarette smokers enjoy different flavor Electronic Cigarettes. At one time I thought that smokers would want to stick with the flavor that they became accustomed to when they smoked traditional cigarettes, but obviously I was wrong. Smokers like the fact that Electronic Cigarettes provide them with variety, and choices.

  • James Harman

    It’s awful that there are ads for this on late night TV. Smoking ads for TV banned! These just get by on a technicality.

  • Smith

    Its a good alternative of tobacco cigarettes and safe as well. Its healthier as well because it don’t contain any tobacco which can cause lungs cancer. I am using J&J product from last few months i haven’t feel any thing bad in it. because it contain cartridge, atomization chamber, smart chip controller and lithium battery. When we puff it, it create vapor which is like a smoke but not as harmful as tobacco smoke is. Thanks to the technology who invent this for smokers.

  • susan

    I don’t agree with the admin statement that the e-cigs are not the healthy alternative. It won’t be wrong to say that e-cigs are not the healthier in fact; it’s the healthiest alternative to conventional cigarettes. I live with my friend and we both smoke jasper and jasper e-cigs from couple of months and didn’t found any side effects. Before that we tried gums and patches and neither of them satisfied us. I can say jasper and jasper e-cigs are healthy because it doesn’t contain all those chemicals which are found in paper cig, no smoke is released. All what released is clean vapors which are not harmful. No ash no fear of combustion.

  • http://www.e-cigs-reviews.com Adrian

    The electronic cigarette is a step in the right direction for smokers who, when smoking traditional cigarettes, inhale hundreds of toxic chemicals to get their nicotine fix, not the few that may, or may not be, in an electronic cigarette. I don’t see how the article can put a negative slant on something that is a LOT healthier than a traditional cigarette.The traditional tobacco companies have a hell of a lot of money and will do anything to keep their stranglehold on their “customers”. To the point where they seem to have brainwashed people into the mindset that electronic cigarettes are harmful. I for one am not falling for it and will continue smoking the healthier electronic variety of cigarette. If anyone, like me is not falling for this sinister negative press and is interested in trying an electronic cigarette then check out http://www.e-cigs-reviews.com for reviews and comparisons of the best selling, and safest, electronic cigarettes, many of them with special discount codes.

  • Beck

    Hey Brandon,

    Why would a group of people that readily admit that Jesus spoke in parables not use their brains and consider the idea that the “end of days” might be a parable. What do we ALL know is coming yet can never pinpoint exactly? DEATH!!! What in the WORLD could we all possibly think of when we hear of wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, etc.? Why I do believe that would be our MORTALITY or those of our loved ones!!! Besides He said the END of DAYS would happen in his disciple’s lifetimes. Either Christ was wrong or you and your ignorant friends are full of it. Even the bloody BAPTISTS sing “WORLD WITHOUT END, AMEN” in the Doxology. AND if you eat chicken and turkey you’re already breaking the Jewish law. It’s all or nothing my man.

    Anyway, I wanted to get an honest reckoning of the e-cig because my mother has COPD (probably caused by emphisima(sp?)). BELIEVE me when I say I did not come here to be told off by an ignorant credulous SOB!!! She’s not anywhere near quitting, and I’m quite sure that she’s got the fatalistic approach that it’s too late now. Whether she has hope or not, I wouldn’t mind a sliver or two on her behalf.

  • Beck

    Brandon says:

    “Check this out what the Bible says: The use of tobacco injures health and defiles the body.”

    I say:

    Would that be the book of BS chapter 1 verse 1?

    Thank everyone else for having the class to talk about e-cigs. You’ve been a great help.

  • http://www.lorka-poezia.info/%D0%B8%D0%B7%D0%B1%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%BD%D1%8B%D0%B5-%D1%81%D1%82%D0%B8%D1%85%D0%BE%D1%82%D0%B2%stvisit&ltr=Q&page=3 Branda Vankirk

    Just about all that is on my mind is tobacco. I know i don’t plan to light up and if perhaps anybody offered a hit right now, I will refuse. I am in a really uncomfortable mental condition and have had trouble falling asleep still I do know I should end up being tough. The electronic cigarettes may also be helpful in the long run.

  • http://none Stephen

    Hey everyone, i’ve read all the comment’s and i have to admit, humorous and educating, great combo.. I just wanted to toss my 5 cents in if i could.. I’m 48 and have been smoking since i was 17.. Fortunately, i’m still in good health, i’m muscular, never short of breath but i do hack up the tar, which i’m sick of..

    Ive been researching E-cig’s for over 4 month’s now and i am going to purchase a starter kit this fall.. I think it’s time for a change and money wise, a pack of cigarettes here in NY “The Vampire State” they’re up to just about ten dollars a pack.. The average E-cig will cost me about 3 dollars, if i did my math correctly, so i’m gonna try them. As far as anti-freeze in them, it’s not. It’s the same ingredient they use in food coloring.. Yet another attempt at the cigarette industry and the politician’s who line they’re pocket’s with our tax dollars.. The FDA are so crooked that when they die, they’ll have to be screwed into the ground..


  • http://electroniccigarettereview.tv Josh – E Cigarette Review Writer

    I think the bigger picture is being over looked in this article. We know without a doubt that cigarette smoking and tobacco use causes cancer. We think that maybe one ingredient in Electronic Cigarettes may be linked to some isolated cases of cancer. Yet, we’re trying to remove electronic cigarettes from the market. Do you see the irony I’m trying to suss out here?

    Let’s just label them the same we do as cigarettes and move on with our lives. If it weren’t for the massive gobs of money the tobacco lobby is throwing at this problem, there wouldn’t be so much research into whether or not these cause cancer. Cigarettes Cause cancer. E Cigarettes might cause cancer. If you’re worried about cancer, don’t smoke either.


  • Gigi

    I smoked for 42 years, 30 ciggs a day. The ecigg is the best thing invented since dishwashers. But why do all these people get into such a tizz? Even spouting religion! Just enjoy your ecigg and be free! Isn’t that what Americans always tell the rest of the world?
    Gigi South Africa

  • Orenck

    1. I think one of the most comical things from the FDA’s efforts is the common “what about the children” refrain with regards to sweet flavors. It seems that any product nowadays that gets made with sweet or candy flavors is going to be accused of being marketed to children. Which is funny, because it reflects the utter FAILURE of the FDA as an organization that eating sweet crap and candy is inherently associated with our nation’s youth!

    2. I think most e-cig fans, consumers, and sellers are reasonable people. Reasonable, well targeted laws and regulations with respect to e-cigarettes — well, I don’t think anybody in the community is opposed to those. Regulations like the ones that apply to the patch or nicotine gum. I think it’s fair and prudent to limit the sale to people over 18. I also don’t mind some general guidelines or quality standards with respect to the manufacture of juice and devices, and in particular some light quality control of items imported from China. But instead of taking on its responsibility to implement regulations that actually help and protect the American consumer, the FDA is as usual bumbling about with overreaching and underresearched policy encyclicals, influenced as usual by the interests of big business.

  • MParker

    Cigarettes are not FDA approved, E-Cigs are not FDA approved. Who cares right? If it helps us to stop smoking and is less harmful then analogs (regular cigarettes) then by all means do what you must to kick the habit.

    Is smoking a Sin? YES, I’m Religous and a Christian, and the spews of BS that Brandon wrote insult Christians. Yes smoking is a Sin, we are all sinners, any addiction is a sin. I for one have kicked my cigarette habit and switched to ecigs. It’s the best thing I could have ever done. Got my wife and her mom to quit and make the switch also. Along with two co-workers. Am I a sinner? Absolutely, but I work on it every day to become a better person and that’s what it’s about. People like that make us Christians look like judgemental jerks. And we’re not. We are not perfect people, we just do our best to improve ourselves every day.

    And the FDA saying Kids may be attracted to them? What the Hell man, what about those bubble gum cigarettes that blow out flour. They have been around for 40+ years and are still not banned. And any 5 year old can buy them. Give me a break…. http://www.candyfavorites.com/Bubble-Gum-Candy-Cigarettes-pr-239.html?gclid=CP3gnuXvkaUCFUcKKgodFTywNg

    I personally have been on ecigs for 5 weeks, slowly lowering my nicotine levels, plan to be at zero nic level by Christmas and off of ecigs by spring. That’s my goal it may or may not be anyone elses. They are working for me, Period.. But just like anything else you have to want to quit before anything will work for you.

    I tried the nic gum and patches, I can’t keep the damn things lit… lol

    And if your planning on making the switch over be sure to do your homework, there are a lot of junk ecigs on the market. I don’t recommend buying them from 7-eleven or a mall kiosk. Prices are higher and the products are inferior from my experience.

    http://www.revolvercig.com has a great product and their customer service is impeccable but any Joye 510 model is a great choice. And no I’m not affiliated with any ecig company, just a satisfied customer.

  • Jessica

    I have to say that I have smoked for about 17 years and have tried everything to quit. My friend had an e-cig and I tried it. Needless to say I loved it and ordered one of my own. I have not had a cigarette at all and have no side effects that you normally get from quitting smoking (weight gain and irritability). I know that I am inhaling nicotine right now, but plan on lowering the amount everytime I order new cartridges. If I have to “smoke” an e-cig with no nicotine in it for the rest of my life I will do just that. Smoking is a habit, nicotine is addictive so if I can still have my habit without the nicotine why not? What is absolutely lovely is that I am not as tired as usual and I still smell like the perfume that I put on this morning. The e-cig is a wonderful thing. I would suggest it to anyone.

  • Paul

    Avoid Smoking Everywhere at all costs. Smoking Everywhere has an “F” Rating with the BBB.

    I placed a phone order with Smoking Everywhere before I knew about the “F” rating. They did not send me the amount of cartridges that they promised. I asked for a refund and they told me they don’t give refunds. I disputed the charge with the credit card company that I used to make they purchase and they finally got me a refund.

    I tried another brand (name escapes me) and it works OK once I figured out the exact correct amount of “puffing pressure” to use. I use my own nicotine liquid that I ordered and the cartridges seem to work for a really long time. I quit regular cigarettes 8 days ago and I’ll never go back.
    Take Care!

  • Carrie

    There are 4000 chemicals in each regular cigarette and have done some research and there seems to be about 45-50 carcinogenic chemicals (ones that cause cancer) in each one. With the ecig, there appears to be little to none of either of these. Ok Nicotine may not be the best thing, but if it’s relatively safe and there are a lot of products we consume daily that are not, then what is all the ruckus. It certainly seems like a MUCH safer alternative to regular cigarettes. And anyone who chooses to differ probably doesn’t know a damn thing. Regular cigarettes contain rat poisoning, arsenic, carbon monoxide, tobacco, and the list goes on and on and on. The ecigs, however, don’t contain these things. So tell me how the hell they are not safer than regular cigarettes. I personally am waiting right now for my ecig delivery via FedEx. Should be here any moment. And I will be happily vaping.

  • Marcos

    Funny how the tobacco industry and governments from all over the world stronly oposes against the e-cigs, even without knowing exactly the effects.

    They may say e-cigs might not be safe, but is tobacco safe? Everyone knows the answer to this one…

    The fact is, i feel great after a month smoking e-cigs, while i had a hard time breathing when i used to smoke regular smokes.

    E-cigs is the future, and tobacco industry is going down if they don’t take this solution as well.

  • Shane Taylor

    Ahem – I’m sure this might have been called out on them before, but:

    “Health advocates note that the devices are sometimes marketed towards children because they come in flavors like bubblegum, chocolate and mint.”

    They don’t NOTE anything – they assert. And upon what basis do they assert? The basis of that backwards assumption that because something is pleasing to the taste (as opposed to fowl and unpalatable) it must, by default, have a target marketing audience of children.

    This is absurd. They’re not putting up big colorful posters of candy-cane men with E-cigs in their mouth across the street from Nursery rhyme camp or Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory. THAT would be ‘sometimes’ marketing to children – a phraseology which, after making it into the qualifying portion of this sentence, merely betrays the imaginary element of INTENT inserted into most such supposedly scientific analyses.

  • Daniel

    I hate it when they say they have certain flavors just to get children interested. Ummm, adults like them too. And it is not like kids can just buy them, unless they order them online and get to the mail box before their parents. But the e-cig seems a lot safer and I just got mine today.

  • leanne

    i love my ecig,,,,,,,,,and so do my lungs, my blood pressure and my heart rate,,,,,,,dont care what the fda says there aproved by me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,happy vaping

  • Amanda

    Ecigs are an incredible invention. I was smoking a pack of Newport 100s everyday and was hacking up a lung as well. I am now able to breathe and not smell of nasty smoke.
    The downside is the shitty customer service of these Ecig companies. They all suck and do not know how to run a business. They are safe though. I can guarantee that.

  • Scott C

    You have to be completely naive to trusts what the FDA says about anything. It’s just like all the preservatives in our processed food, chemicals in our drugs and other products that are deemed safe for consumption. Doctors are the other half of the evil as they need to collect their inflated paychecks by keeping you in check as you keep coming back for more and more prescriptions.

    The reality is that the government is just upset that they will lose revenue on the sales of tobacco products and ultimately they are just looking for a way to say these are just as unsafe so they can tax the hell out of us like everything else. Technology is constantly bought up and repressed to keep the money flowing.

    Notice how no diseases have been cured unless it kills you too quickly? This is because there is more money to be made treating an illness for a lifetime then there is to cure it once and for all. As I was watching the TV show Shark Tank, an entrepreneur mentioned that a pharmaceutical company rejected his idea to prevent allergies as they said, “Why would we market a product for $1.00 that prevents allergies, when we can treat the allergy with a product for $14.00”

    Our society has regressed in to a greedy modern day dark age and it sickens me. Just like everything else we consume they will slap a side effect warning on the side of the box, tax it and watch their bank accounts grow and grow.

    Sure the E-Cigs are probably not the healthiest thing in the world but they sure as hell have to be better than inhaling real smoke. I just purchased one of these devices instead of a pack of smokes to control my habit and after one day I already feel better and can breath easier, litterally.

  • http://myheartburncure.org/ Heartburn cure

    thanks for shedding some light on this subject, I always though electronic cigs were less toxic.

  • bianco

    Shove your findings up your asshole

  • http://www.squidoo.com/the-diet-solution-review-2 Frederica Acors

    Thanks for this Diet Solution write-up! I was thinking about getting one and your write-up has encouraged me to get a copy.

  • Thank Goodness

    Thank GOODNESS for these e-cigs. I have really bad Asthma and I’ve been smoking a pack a day since I was 13 years old. Every morning for the past 6 months, I have awakened to hating myself for not being able to quit smoking. I started smoking half cigarettes to cut down. I got down to about 6 cigarettes a day and I couldn’t quit. I would be so angry at myself for smoking. Then I got a Dragonfly (http://www.dragonflyecigs.com/store/) e-cig and it SAVED MY LIFE! I haven’t smoked a real cigarette in days, I can BREATHE AGAIN, and I’m happier. Not to mention I’m saving so much money. Thank GOODNESS I have an e-cig and I no longer have to wake up wheezing. Oh and by the way.. I’m 21 years old.
    BAN regular cigarettes if you’re going to ban anything.. oh and you christian fanatics..
    why don’t you GET A LIFE OF YOUR OWN and STOP LOOKING ON MESSAGE FORUMS TO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU MATTER! IF PEOPLE WANT YOUR STUCK UP HOSTILE OPINIONS THEY WILL GO TO CHURCH AND SIT IN WAIT FOR YOUR JUDGEMENTS IN PERSON.. god! don’t you people ever get laid? oh my tiny little baby jesus fetus.. CHRIST! If I wasn’t an african american gay man living in my prison of sin and different flavored lubricants having premarital sex with multiple partners (all different ethnicities) while BURNING THE BIBLE and SMOKING MY E-CIG, I would come to your church and learn the word of god for myself. HOLY HELL!
    Thank you and goodnight.

  • http://www.electroniccigarettereviewsite.net E Cigarette Reviewer

    It’s unbelievable that FDA is so much against the electronic cigarettes. I’m 100% sure that even the propylene glycol is much less harmful than regular tobacco smoke. E cigarettes are amazing, they should be propagated by the government, they save lives. And btw, some brands like blu have even replaced the propylene glycol with a safer substance.

  • teresa

    Maybe the tobacco companies and farmers are pressuring the FDA. the FDA is well known for being a puppet of those they are supposed to protect us from. I’m sure that once the major tobacco companies catch on and start marketing there own e-cigs, the FDA will all of a sudden decide that their ok.

  • teresa

    I am revising my comment #91. it all has to do with tax revenues. regular cigarettes are highly taxed. this money goes to both state and federal agencies. e-cigs are not taxed in this way. The more people who switch to them the more tax money the state and federal government lose. The
    FDA and other government agency’s will fight e-cig’s until they can gain control of them and tax them the way they do regular cigarettes. It’s not our health they are worried about, it’s the lose of tax revenues.

  • Levy D.

    Regular cigarettes need to be replaced. Electronic cigarettes – although not yet approved by major health organizations – are undoubtedly much better for your health than conventional cigarettes and offers numerous additional benefits. smoke free online

  • http://www.MiamiStyleMe.com MiamiStyle1

    I really cringe when people use the “marketing to kids” excuse. What kid is going to spend $75 on an e-cig just to puff on a chocolate flavored cart? Cigarettes are a lot cheaper. This is just a scare tactic that inflames the passions of the parents out there.

    Even though the FDA found trace elements of the various chemicals, it’s no where near the levels of tobacco.

    Electronic cigarettes are a great alternative to smokers who want to smoke but in a better way. Their use should be encouraged.

  • Trevor Totman

    They seem to have forgotten that the FDA found diethylene glycol in all of two or three of the many products that they tested. They also seem to have forgotten to mention that the FDA found only a couple of carcinogens in ecigs, that also seem to be prevalent in nicotine gum,patches and lozenges. Biased article, dont take it for face value.

  • jack

    I purchaced an e-cig from knockoutvapor over a month ago and haven’t smoked a regular cig. since. I recomend this product as a very effective way to quit smoking. The problem is, it is marketed as a low cost product. I found this to be untrue. With this said I will give you their web address, and recomend you buy an extra battery. You don’t want to be without a “fix” while your battery is charging. http://www.knockoutvapor.com

  • Wil G.

    I just recently plugged into this blog and am amazed at the number of rational people posting. I am a licensed clinical lab scientist (according to the state of CA). Actually I’m an old fashioned lab tech. I have a masters degree in Medical Technologist and a BA in clinical biochemistry. I have been smoking for 50 years without any deliterious effects (according to my last pulmonaly function tests). That said I will probably go to e-cigarettes soon. They deliver the active ingredient desired without the normal effects of breathing in burnt carbonacious material. As hard as they try, the FDA cannot come up with a bad rap for nicotine. They “imply” it’s bad for you, but can’t be specific. If they outlawed nicotinic acid (the active form) they would also have to outlaw many foods such as spinich, calves liver, the liver of any herbivor, and many other leafy green plants. All contain varying amounts of nicotinic acid. By the way the other name for nicotinic acid is Niacin or vitamin B3. Discovered in 1933 as a vitamin and renamed so as not to imply that tobacco might be benificial. Now it’s probably not in it’s normally delivered form, but it is a natural product made by plants to discourage insects.

    To my mind a large part of this whole relatively recent campaign against smoking is to stop a practice that some people absolutely hate, particularly from a religeous level. Always remember the definition of a PURITAN: A person who wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat realizing that somewhere out there someone is enjoying themselves.

  • Vaporize ME

    I have been a smoker most of my life. I started at about 13 and I am closer to 50 than 40. A pack a day or more smoker, for 30 years. (think about how much money I’ve spent and what my lungs must look like). I bought an e-cig last week and have not had a “real” cigarette since. In the past few days, food tastes different, things smell better and I rarely use my asthma inhaler. Pretty bad right? I kept my inhaler NEXT TO my smokes. This is the best 60 bucks I have ever spent.

    The FDA wants to warn us about the dangers of e-cigs?? Really? Aren’t these the same people who let celebrex, chantix and countless money making drugs be force fed to the American populous for years, only to find they caused more harm than good? You have a stomach ache? Here is a pill. Headache? Here is another pill, and wait, here is another pill to help with the side effects of the first two pills. What a cycle.

    Pfizer actually has a prescription nicotine inhaler, Nicotrol. We don’t see warnings about that do we? Of coure not, because the pharmacutical company controls it. If all the ecigs were by prescription, you would hear what a wonderful new cure for smoking they had discovered, not that it may be bad for for you. I will be hoarding cartridges now, just in case the feds try to take this away from us.

    A note to Brandon, and the judgmental, when you decided to preach on the wrong forum, you appeared lost, foolish and unintelligent. Insipid dripple. If you can tell me the name of one christian who has not done something to harm the “temple”, please enlighten me, but isn’t wine and booze bad for you? don’t you drink the blood of christ? Might I suggest you listen to educated debates of Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins before you start preaching folklore to your fellow primates.

    Good luck to all of you on the ecigs, they have changed my life.

  • http://this Jay

    So, if the FDA has not approved this to be safe, are we assuming the FDA HAS approved Cigarettes? I can still smoke Cigarettes, that’s ok, be e-cigs haven’t been subjected to TAXES yet!!!!!!!

  • http://johntrayhorn.com John Trayhorn

    FDA testing only found minuscule amounts of four tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNA’s) in NJOY electronic cigarettes. These TSNA’s were:
    at similar levels to those found in FDA approved nicotine cessation aids at similar levels to those found in many foods thousands of times lower than those found in Marlborough cigarettes We’d compare the ingredients to cigarettes, but one scientist has already done a far better job for you than we can.
    Read Professor Siegel’s detailed comparison of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes at


  • Anna

    I have used the e-cig of J&J for 4 months. It permitted me to quit smoking instantly. Now, I only use it occasionally. Perhaps, because the FDA has not found a way to get a piece of this action, it is putting out a warning. And I can proudly say that E-cig is best and safe alternative of tobacco smoking.

  • Anjelica Carsten

    I haven’t had a cig in 2 months as a consequence of the e cigarette. It truly works. I feel measurably better and now have progressively more stamina. I would recommend that you all check it out.

  • jems

    Electronic cigarette is smokeless and fire-less cigarette compare to regular cigarette available in market. After all to smoke regular cigarette or e cigarette both are harmfull for health.

    e cig refills


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