Support Science Education in U.S. Classrooms

By Eliza Strickland | October 5, 2009 2:00 pm

science-classWe all know how crucial scientific literacy is to our society. But in cash-strapped schools across the country, science programs are too often considered a luxury.

We’re asking you to support science education by donating through the web site Donors Choose, which allows you to donate directly to a classroom of your choice. Do you want to help a Louisiana classroom purchase an aquarium so the students can study a riverine ecosystem? Will you help a New York City science teacher buy Bunsen burners and thermometers for her class, so the students can put down their worksheets and have a hands-on science experience for the first time?

We’ll be asking for your help through the month of October, and a link to the 80beats Donors Choose page will remain in the sidebar all month. You can give as little as $5, and contributions are tax deductable. Your gift will have a clear impact, as emphasized by the thank you letter that every donor receives from the grateful teacher.

  • Frank

    Where are these kids going to use their bunson burner training, in front of a Mcdonalds fryer?

    We are in the midst of a jobless recovery, pumping out educated service sector employees isn’t going to do anything but make dissatisfied renters and resentfull restaurant employees.

  • nick

    I think the idea is to encourage kids to like science, then GO TO COLLEGE not work at McD’s.

    I like how science is “a luxury” though everything in our economy is based on the products of science. Hate quantum theory? Wouldn’t have modern computers, lasers, internet etc without that.

    But science loses out, and sports programs get no cuts, despite the fact that most schools have already cut regular PE. Need that football revenue!

  • Frank

    US companies get a tax incentive to move to other countries, while domestic jobs go to foreign workers. Those workers are taking tech jobs, not just restaurant jobs.

    We don’t have as many good paying jobs in this country as we had just five years ago. Not all good paying jobs have come from the tech sector either. We might as well finance trade schools to pump out skilled unemployed construction workers too.


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