Bizarro Solar Cars Race Across the Australian Outback

By Eliza Strickland | October 27, 2009 2:32 pm

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CATEGORIZED UNDER: Environment, Technology
  • Amtak

    Neat! Where can I buy one?

  • Uncle B

    No Oil their either eh! We need the EV-1 batteries unlocked from patent Hell in the U.S.A., and apparently the only hold-back for the “Shanghai Taxi” Hybrid, road proven in the toughest traffic in the world for over two years now, is patent infringements – else wise Yankee Doodle could do New York in Hybrid style for cheap in a Chinese “Volt’ knock-off even before the damned Volt original gets off of the design board and becomes more than “Vapor-Ware” from GM(America)’s big fat government over-fed ass! Australia would do well to examine closely the Solar powered electric bullet train plans in the U.S.A. and realize that Asian competition with strong “Yuan” makes for very expensive oil in the near future for all Western nations, and watch out for greedy Yankee Doodle to scoop up most of it anyway and at any price! His very survival depends on oil and he is not changing course and heads for collision with the Yuan with a weak dollar, that falls like a stone as we speak! How will Yankee Doodle command 80% of the world’s resources for his survival, if he is broke, no Yuan in hand to compete with? Mind now, Asians plan allowing two children per couple to accommodate their aging population, effectively doubling current population, current oil demand, resource demand, on the world and with a very strong Yuan to compete with! Nothing Bizzaro about Solar cars, they are the way of the future as oil faces Asian demands, and a halving of worlds supplies available to everyone else this Asian way! We will go electric, or walk! goddammit! Climate change not as pressing as this! Bravo for Electric cars and their development!

  • Jennifer Angela

    I´m impressed!


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