Satellite Images Show the Extent of Haiti's Devastation

By Eliza Strickland | January 14, 2010 6:30 pm

haiti-pic-1Satellite photos that have just been released reveal the scope of the physical destruction wrought by the 7.0 earthquake that struck the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince on Tuesday. The human toll of  is still unknown–but with much of the city reduced to rubble, experts say tens of thousands of people may be dead.

This image shows roads covered with debris from collapsed structures, and the white-colored National Palace with damage visible along the roof line. The image was taken by the GeoEye-1 satellite from 423 miles up in space on Wednesday morning.

Image: GeoEye

  • Nick

    Poorest country in the western hemisphere.

    This quake has made Port-au-Prince look like the rest of the island.

  • http://none seti

    still an ever sad for the lives lost.

  • Frip

    If Haiti is overpopulated, destitute and deforested, what is the long term solution of essentially perpetuating a welfare system there?
    More people, more poverty, more waste, more corruption. What solutions would present themselves if morality was taken out of the equation?

  • Wong

    Interesting questions.

  • Mike

    Haiti was/is a mess and an example of what the world could be like in the future if populations keep growing, expanding (economic growth and sprawl), stripping recources and polluting the planet all fueled by greed and corruption by powerful men who usually dont know a thing about biology. We can cut down mountain tops, fill the Pacific with plastic, remove all traces of once great rainforest, fill the skies with soots, but at some point, something will happen in nature that will slap us back, it will set a limit as it does for any population of any species that “gets out of hand”. Be it disease, disaster, starvation (even war for resources)…something will happen.

    What saddens me is that so much of our development and “progress” produces things like Wal-Mart, fast food joints and chain stores in malls that sell junk. So much destruction for trinkets and items we don’t need…but peoples egos desire. Add to that poor countries desperate desire to have those options and conveniences….to gulp down fast food and shop in glitzy malls, willing to destroy their resources to get it. It COULD maybe all be done in a smart sustainable manner..but it’s not, and that might be our current lifestyles downfall.

  • http://discover Ron

    what Mike says is right

    But i don’t think that the poor population of the poor countries have a desperate desire themselves to have glitzy malls and junk food, and are willing to destroy the resources to get them–otherwise they wouldnt be living in shanty towns, which are the only things they have the opportunity and can afford to live in.

    Its the old story, if you live on the wrong side of the tracks you work and scramble to suvive.
    If you live on the right side, the money trom the destruction of resources goes there and to the western nations first to sustain the statuesquo.

    As the words of the sog Money Talks

    I feel sorry for the people in Haiti, but as ( “Mike said what saddens me”) this devastation is happening all over the planet and the Planet will have its Revenge

    Unfortunatly the moguls with the gold think they are immune.

    Greed and Corruption won’t change when the world is controlled by- THE NEW WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT – it will only give the Members Combined Survailance and Military power to maintain their own statuesquo.

    Every thing on this Planet is here for a reason–but the Go;d plated Humans are the only inhabitants with the knowledge and power to destroy it—Could it be a Destiny thing ????????

  • Mike

    I could give a sh@t less. People need to die. I’d like to see more.

  • Ed

    Mike, be careful what you wish for. You might be the one to “go” and ease the population burden…which might not bother you, I suspect. The lack of empathy, compassion and concern for others is as appalling to me as the lack of responsibility and protection of our Earth and its resources, including humanity…

  • Dougetit

    The UN reports that Haiti has one of the smallest carbon footprints. More nations should take note of thier targeted future.

  • chris

    Very nice, Mike. Perhaps you should off yourself.

  • TheCritic

    Mike, maybe look into it more. The population of the Earth really is quite low all things considered. There are also plenty of resources to go around. So what’s the problem, then? Us. Government inefficiency. Would you propose that we take overpopulated areas such as these and every family in the US put one person in their backyard and support them? I’ve done the math and don’t really feel the need to go source it, but the population of the Earth could fit roughly into an area the size of Texas with the population density of New York City. That would leave the rest of the world empty. Also, the developed countries of the world produce more than enough food for the rest of it minus their own production. Governments being arrogant is what causes that problem. Governments run by people who think nature is gonna kick our ass. It’s true, too, though. Though human nature will probably kill us far sooner if we don’t watch our own arrogance.

    That being said. If you’re not proposing a solution. You’re not doing telling anyone anything new.

  • Hannity shoulda been in Haiti

    Critic- the population is low all things considered? Do you mean the population of the sea, a mere 10% of what it was little more than 100 years ago? Or maybe of forested land denuded to provide for your “mere” Texas sized human population? As for governments run by those who fear nature, I think you should take your hand from your pants while watching Glen Beck, and reach for your remote.

    Haiti is screwed, we should get out as soon as the rubble clears. America already has a failed system of subsidizing breeders in our own country. Global natural disasters are increasing in frequency and severity, with a ferocious death toll to be paid for our wreckless disregard of Natural laws. Americans shouldn’t be the ones holding the worlds mop when we have our own messes to clean.

  • Chicago liposuction

    Already Haiti was one of the poorest countries in the world and now this earthquake has wretched hell on the people there. It has made about a million people nomadic. Indeed they are paying the price for Man’s disrespect towards nature’s laws.

  • Mitch

    12 and 13,

    I swear you two sound like the religious nut Robertson. Let me guess, you blame the earthquake on global warming ala Danny Glover?

    oh mike, let me guess you are qualified to make the judgments on who lives and dies right?

    I bet you guys think you are smarter than the average bear right boo boo?

  • Hannity should take Mitch to Haiti

    Mitch, I don’t feel intelectually superior to many people, but if you think my thread had anything to do with religiosity, you are a fool. We treat the world like a toilet, if we don’t get our sh_t together, Mother Nature is going to flush us!

    It is obvious that there are too many people on this planet, with limited resources to sustain us. Feeding millions of destitute people just enough to get them to breeding age creates a potential horror like Haiti. It will keep on happening, with increasingly horrific outcomes for us and the planet if we can’t live with respect for Nature.

  • Mitch

    My bad…but its kinda hard not to with your response it sounds like you ascribe supernatural connotations by using the terms ‘mother nature’ and ‘nature’ or ‘natural’ and using capitaliztion on those words. I really find it hard to believe that some invisible mother earth spirit is mad at us and is gonna ‘flush us down the toilet.’

    Anyways your best idea is to have more people die? Just get rid of the destitute breeders and the world will be a better place then? Hell why dont we reopen auschwitz while we are at it? Maybe you just get off on poor people dying since it means more resources for you since you seem to think you are more qualified to live than some stupid hatians.

  • Mitch

    [Moderator’s note: this comment has been deleted because it was posted by someone pretending to be Mitch.]

  • Frip

    Is it ethical to incentivize people to not breed? How much would it cost? How much could it save? How much arable land could be restored/ created for people to sustain themselves, if there was an incentive to slow the birth rate?
    It would be nuts to allow people to starve, but perpetuating systems that are known to lead to starvation and famine is worse.

  • Mitch

    Incentives can be positive or negative, so we can reward people or we can punish them not to have children. Positive incentives may be more ethical, but judging by some comments here it wouldnt take much for negative incentives to be used. And by judging from the comments, the negative incentives would be forced on people like those in haiti.

    #17 – you might want to take a few troll classes, that is if you can get your hands out of your pants or take your mitts off.

  • craig

    Tie their tubes and give them nothing.That island was in better shape before ”THEM PEOPLE” got there!

  • Craig’s Mom

    I didn’t raise you that way, craig! You go right now to a mirror and smack yourself in the face for me.

  • craig

    My mom wouldnt say that! she has a (black) toaster,fridge,oven.vaccum,can opener and microwave…because everything that works for us will be BLACK like it should be!

  • John Burton

    I would not go so far as to say, “I don’t give a sh’t” but the problem is bigger a million times than Haiti. As long as we ignore the population explosion there is no future for this earth. The pope is the biggest and most evil and vile of the pack going around telling people in developing nations they will burn in hell if they use condoms; be fruitful and multiply; catch aids; it is better than hell. It is not only the pope but all the mouth breathers under the cloak of divinity. We have spooked the simpletons for thousands of years with the “Big Spook” story and what has it gained us besides emptying a lot of wallets of those least able to afford it ?? It is too silly and laughable.

  • craig

    2012 is real, the earths axis is shifting ,weather is changing,earthquakes are more and more frequent,the ice caps are melting,(there is proof). So stop reproducing if your not smart or rich! Thats why countrys like Haiti need wiped out,there are too many stupid people! If I was hungry, no one would feed me…thats because im white and theres no excuse for me not to eat. Is there a white collage fund? NO? There are no groups dedicated for taking care of white people because they dont need a crutch to stand on their own. Stop feeding them. They dont have anything to give to the world eccept, less food, more worthless people, and more disease.50% of the people in the world with aids live in Africa. Did you know that? If you give a man a fish youve fed him a meal…if you teach a man to fish youve fed him for life! Why dont we teach “them”to read and stop fu$king and spreading diseases. What have “they” invented anyway? Europeans created allmoast all of the worlds technology before “they”were dropped off on that island! Please name a “BLACK” born in Africa before 1800 that did anything usefull without the help or influence from any outsiders? dont mention Egypians because they were not black ,had straight hair and had conplex thinking on their own without Jean mixing. Type in ”African inventers” on google,you will only find African-americans. The Greek were charting the stars,establishing governments,refining metals,building aqua ducts,building ships sailing and mapping the world. All before “they”were slaves. Nobody did anything for Katrina survivers when their was a white president, but lets kiss Haitis ass now that theres a (half black) president in office…Dont worrie about the economy,the banks,car companys,housing,jobs are all going down the tubes, but a couple of bums in one of the poorest countrys in the world needs a shack to live in thats rich…Google earth haiti and look at port au prince ,they lived right next to each other in shotty shacks. what could they possible need? A bucket to sh!t in? Thats how they went anyway.

  • craig

    That shut everybody up for a wile!hehe…

  • craig

    What did everybody forget about the situation in haiti ,or is it not new news anymore? They still need help how many blacks took their hard earned money and drove a boat to the island and helped? On tv I only see white people help. Just like the starving africans that rich white people feed so they can have enough straingth to make more babies and spread aids!


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