Where in the World Will the Next Big Earthquake Strike?

By Aline Reynolds | January 22, 2010 9:48 am


In the aftermath of Haiti’s devastating earthquake, nervous citizens can be forgiven for wondering where the next Big One will hit. Major quakes strike with alarming regularity: Earthquakes of magnitude 7 or greater occur approximately 18 times a year worldwide. They usually originate near faults where tectonic plates —tremendous fragments of the earth’s crust—collide or push above or below each other.

Geologists suspect that Haiti’s destructive quake resulted from 250 years of seismic stress that has been building up between the North American and Caribbean tectonic plates. In fact, a group of U.S. geologists presented a study in the Dominican Republic (which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti) in 2008 saying that the region was at risk of an earthquake potentially even bigger than last week’s magnitude 7.0 quake. Part of their presentation is particularly chilling in light of what would happen less than two years later: “This means that the level of built-up stress and energy in the earth could one day be released resulting in an earthquake measuring 7.2 or more on the Richter Scale. This would be an event of catastrophic proportions in a city [Port-au-Prince] with loose building codes, and an abundance of shanty-towns built in ravines and other undesirable locations.”

Earthquakes are still impossible to predict with precision; in the words of one of the geologists who predicted the Haiti quake, “It could have been the next day, it could have been 10 years, it could have been 100… This is not an exact science.” But researchers have identified a handful of seismic zones around the globe that are storing up especial amounts of stress and are particularly hazardous. Browse through the gallery for a world tour of the planet’s most seismically vulnerable regions.

By Aline Reynolds

Image: USGS

  • Lawrence

    It is my understanding that the Richter Scale has not been used by scientists since the late 1970s. The earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January was Magnitude 7.0, not Richter Scale.

  • Claire

    The term “Magnitude” is being used in current contexts in this article. The only time “Richter” is used is when describing the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, which was the scale being utitlized at that time.

  • Frank

    I live just west enough of Chicago to still see the Sears and Trump Towers. Chicago is built on sandy soil by corrupt hands- and nobody knows the inside of a court room better than the crooked building inspectors we have here too. It is hard to comprehend the carnage that will be wrung to the ground as our skyline falls.

    How big would the waves get on Lake Michigan with a magnitude 7 quake? Wonder if boats could be capsized in Canada.

  • Mike

    chicago can be affected by the new madrid fault? or does it have it’s own system? i’ve never heard about any real danger there but will look it up.

  • http://wonwitness.blogspot.com/ just one witness

    I posted this on my blog on Thursday, January 7, 2010
    A great earthquake will hit North America.

    What I am hearing: “The Heavens and Earth will proclaim My glory. I Am preparing My staff for a great blow on this continent–North America.”

    I believe the L-rd has spoken to me that a great earthquake will hit North America. I think the great earthquake may hit in the time August/September of this year or 2011. I am unsure of the time. I must spend more time in prayer and listen.

    However, sometimes the L-rd will confirm the word He gives me by allowing a smaller version of the prophecy to be fulfilled first. I would not be surprised if we saw an earthquake in North America sometime soon as a confirmation, or perhaps even two smaller shakes as confirmations. If this is from the L-rd, He will confirm it and it will come to pass.

  • http://wonwitness.blogspot.com/ just one witness

    After I posted that an earthquake hit Calf and then Haiti.

  • Joseph Ordonez

    I believe the next big earthquake will be in the Philippines….. Indonesia, India, China & California will follow behind.

  • http://yahoo.com.ph talmadge thomas

    making prediction without basis,relying on some supernatural whisper from somewhere,
    pretending to be a god sent angel tasked to forewarn the forth coming disaster is more like the boy story of cry wolf. its kind of nice to remind people of the saying ” never foretell what comes tomorrow for it is not written by your own hands. In fact the only incontrovertible prediction is “NOBODY LIVES FOREVER and that nothing is PERMANENT except TIME – an infinitely indestructible occurrence , nothing takes place without a measure of time.

  • http://www.myspace.com/marlalk4 Marla

    Residents of CA are assured of safety and building codes – as if these structures are built any better than they were in Haiti. At one time that was true. 50-YR COVER-UP EXPOSED! Cities in the central valley rebuilt on top of a secretly-replaced water system. Homes rebuilt without permits or inspections, now setting on top of clamped sewer and water lines. Public records altered to cover up the evidence. Our chances for surviving the upcoming earthquake have been greatly diminished – the public remains oblivious to the truth. For more information and pictures of how this is taking place, see http://www.myspace.com/marlalk4

  • http://AT&T Ben Stauber

    I feel certain I can predict the next earthquake. Wait patiently and when the ground shakes uncontrollably, you know its then.

  • Jeffrey Roughgarden

    Ben, you ‘da Man!

  • Rich

    The Richter was NOT used in the 1906 earthquake!

    It had not been invented yet!

  • http://- Phil Doran

    How about New Zealand? Remember the Napier earthquake?
    And we’ve got volcanoes to add to the chaos.

  • http://www.Talmo-GA.com Dave Rosselle

    My voter for the next Big One is the New Madrid Fault. Memphis is in BIG trouble!

  • Cecilia

    Have you seen the USGS éarthquake website? Theres a Loop showing the latest eqs. I am sure that they can predict the next one with all the data they have.

  • http://www.agu.org Ines Cifuentes

    Seismologists cannot predict earthquakes. What we can do is identify those places on Earth where earthquakes are likely to occur because of what we know about plate tectonics, past history, and geophysical data. The earthquake warning systems we have now in California and Japan use the first seismic signals (P-wave) to shut off subways, nuclear reactors, etc. before the strong shaking that comes with the later arriving surface waves. In poor countries like Haiti we need to construct buildings that don’t fall down. Check out: http://www.buildchange. org
    for how to do this in a low-cost way.

  • http://noe lorraine

    The strange thing with earthquakes they are getting more frequent. And they are happening in places that have never had them before..

  • http://yahoo.com daniel

    for people who belive in God. God said that the dangers on the earth will become more and more frequent seriously proof is ice bergs melting, more snow, earthquakes all over the world, government becoming more and more like greedy idiots, food an all time high, and above all you have to pay to live ,die, and be born man i hope your ready because itis gonna get worse. the haiti earthquake is just the begining don’t lose faith

  • http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5h-gVo-zrrNc-SCIxXOBX1rTessHg someone

    read this article about the next biggest possible earthquake.


  • mom of three

    Energy Moving Plates South American Plate and Nazca Plate have either moved togeter or apart at the size I would say together. or the African Plate it pushing them all. I think The North American Plate will be Next if it is the African Plate Pushing. The west coast of Canada should be the one affected the most think about a 7.2 … But if it is pulling apart it should affect cocos plate and caribbean plate moving them greatly amount at this time. Many moves and verly large ones to if this is the case…

  • Elina

    Science only one of many way of get knowledge. We as a humanity stuck on Science as ONLY way to get an information about subjects and actions. This why we could not predict or foresee future, but it is possible. Earthquake phenomena has a least three dimensions: energy from the inside of Earth, energy of the cycle of Earth developing and energy from outside of the Earth (cosmic influences). The reason why we are struggling to predict events because we base it on one dimension only : the Energy from the inside of the planet. I would say the earthquake is coming also to Rocky mountains area in 2013.

  • mike

    Funny how none of the “most threatening/ready to pop regions” pages above mentioned Chile…

  • Guru

    Anyway… Definitely The world will be going to end on December 2012

  • Tanzen Pia

    I strongly feel the next big earthquake could be in Turkey.. and.. Earthquakes do not usually kill … man-made ill-built structures do…
    Tsunami is completely different… before 2004, never knew it has such destructive force….

  • anonymous

    Looking at earthquakes history, I believe the next 1 will be around central america and south of north america in a few month’s

  • AJ Sanchez

    These voices that tells of impending doom, more doom and forever doom somewhere is not the spirit that comes from God. The best way to approach this is Psalm 91. Should a devastating cosmic or natural event happen to all of us this year . like what happened in Haiti, or the recent Chile should be a constant reminder to all that We should stand firm and still prevail in prayer hope,love and understanding and as human beings we should never give up and survive.

  • http://www.iss.com Martin


    I think it is possible to build a machine to counteract earthquakes and detect them up to 2 weeks to 1 month in advance. Basically, it requires sophisticated sensing equipment that will measure variations in plate techtonic densities. This kind of rf (or neutrino) signal could be bounced from satellites and relayed to a LAN system at NASA (or whatever) and accurately detect fluctuations in surface density of the earth which lead to quakes. I have a design for such apparatus but it is beyond my means to build it (let alone test it!). A 10 – 20 Mhz sound generator could then be used to cause destructive intereference with the quakes signal and render it useless!
    Anyone interested in more information about this can contact me on my E mail address.
    All enquiries welcome.

  • Gilbert

    Earthquake expected on March 19 – 22 2010 .

    I have been predicting on numerous earthquakes and or hurricanes and have been right on target.
    earthquake that happened on Feb. 27, 2010 I mentioned that before it happened and it did
    I text my brother on Tuesday the 23 of Feb. 2010

    Thee economy was also one I predicted 2 yrs. before it happen I mention that to a friend and 2 years later it did I also told them that housing, jobs where going to be lost and it did.

    I just thought I share this little info. with you.

    PS. Mark your Calendar March 19 – 22 2010….

  • Catherine Clark

    The Richter scale was used to judge the magnitude of the 1906 quake initially because it was the only scale in use when they set the magnitude. The Moment-Magnitude scale is used by scientists, while the media still uses the Richter scale. I don’t remember when scientists gauged the magnitude of the 1906 quake, but it was well after 1906; more like in the 1960’s or 70’s, unless my memory is faulty, which it well might be.

  • johnnie w

    12/21/2012 doomsday the only way to predict this event would be to watch the 2012 world series if the chicago cubs win then the probability of a 2012 doomsday is then foreseeable. worst case scenario earthquake new madrid which would most likely close shipping of goods up and down as well as across mississippi river. if you think gas and food prices are high now imagine milk @ 40 dollars a gallon. the new madrid quake may erupt soon if i were to guess i would say between april and june 2010 but thats just a guess. it will erupt by 2015 count on it…

  • johnnie w

    a plane exists that has the technology to cause earthquakes. it looks like a stealth fighter but it has a red light at bottom center and 3 areas that are on all 3 corners of the craft that look like jet engines faceing down also there is a huge engine in rear of craft this plane is 3 times larger than the stealth though. i know you think i am a whack job nut case but you will see in 30 to 60 years when the government releases the information on it…

  • DeliaDeitz

    It’s easy to predict the next one. They happen every second! Thousands a week.. the next BIG one, no one can tell. my “guess” would be Alaska or Japan
    The reasonthey seem more frequent now, is there media, and the interest. If you go though the USGS.gov’s website, historically, they happen every so often, and has always been the case. we are just noticing it more. doomsday fears are a great marketing tool!

    the earth is not going to end in 2012. the mayan calender just starts a new cycle. our calender end every year.. but we do not think the world is coming to an end every dec 31. unless the year was 1999… prince said it best.

  • Maximzodal

    The Richter scale, developed by Charles Richter and Beno Gutenberg of Cal Tech, was originally developed to describe the earth movements resulting from ruptures of the San Andreas fault in southern California. Further more, it was limited to measurements using a specific seismometer (there weren’t many to choose from in those days). For years, Richter and Gutenberg were uncomfortable with its use in describing all earthquakes. The Moment Magnitude Scale was developed to describe the magnitude of any earthquake. “Richer Scale” is still misused, I think, mostly because it rolls off the tongue better than Moment Magnitude.

    Reading some of the comments on this discussion, I am convinced some are entirely in jest. Others demonstrate an astonishing and appalling ignorance of science, even basic science.

  • johnnie w

    at the heart of basic science is the hypothisis. at the heart of every hypothisis is a imaginative outcome until it is proven or disproven. so if we are talking basic science then we are talking about how a 2 year old exams a rock notices a hole on the rock and asks themselves the question what is at the bottom of the hole. imagination is the starting point of all great scientific discoveries. to belittle someone for what they know is apalling and disturbing. we live in a society that is quick to point out an error yet reluctant to correct the error without a snobby coment. i wish one day we could truely learn from one another without sarcastic mockery. thank you all for your postings they made me think and have a little fun with using imaginative thinking lol.

  • frightened Gemologist

    I would like to know how Tanzen Pia predicted Turkey on March 1st. Who are you?

  • Critter69

    firghtened Gemologist:

    Just like a stuck clock, which is correct exactly twice a day, some people can make an occasional lucky guess. Tanzen Pia is a prime example of the latter. It just so happens that Turkey is in a very active seismic zone, Tanzen Pia recognized that fact, and made a stab. To see the extent of earthquake activity in Turkey in the past year, go to http://www.koeri.boun.edu.tr/sismo/map/en/oneyear.gif.

    As to the Mayan ‘end of the world’ stories? My calendar ends on December 31 every year. Then I replace it with a new calendar, and keep on keeping on. No end of Earth to it, just end of that particular calendar, and start with a new calendar. Same with the Mayan calendar. Turn the page, or replace the old one, and keep on keeping on.

  • mymuse

    people think the end of the world is coming because of all these earthquakes…but come on…earthquakes happen everyday everywhere. The reason that ppl think its “the end of days” is because the media are covering earthquake news that happen in a populated region. why didnt they cover the 7.0 or so that happened off the coast of japan a little while ago? because it wasnt a populated area. and about 2012? its just a new solar cycle that will begin…but there will be solar flares heading our way according to nasa. just remember, if you live in an earthquake prone are, always be prepared. :)

  • Tony

    Sun is undergoing inertial motion and acceleration and deacceleration forces due to fact centre gravity of solar system does not stay at centre sun but at times resides about two diameters outside sun. Although sun holds 99% mass of solar system planets hold 98% of its angular momentum this distorts sun and effects earth. To cut a long story short Earth Quakes have a relationship with AP index next danger period is about 6th April 2010, earths magnetic field is aligned with sun still from equinox ensuring maximum transfer energy from suns magnetic field. Probability of earth quake is greater during peaking of AP index.

  • http://redvent.blogspot.com Ken

    Tanzen Pia Says:
    March 1st, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    “I strongly feel the next big earthquake could be in Turkey.”

    7 days later,

    Magnitude 6.1 – EASTERN TURKEY
    2010 March 08 02:32:34 UTC

    Looks like someone can predicts earthquakes, or is it just coincidence?

  • Ted

    This is simply one long string of idiotic babble by uneducated people convinced of the Truth by their own lazy ignorance.

  • dude

    someone needs a hug how hateful can you be to call other people idiots whom are far more educated imaginative thinking than you. get off your high horse and realize its called a guess for a reason. try being nice you will feel better or since your so smart study KARMA.

  • GuruOfChem

    Wow – this one brought the wingnuts out of the woodwork…

  • ustahli gada

    the predictions here are all gloom and doom, never good stuff……………so here is mine……..2010 and 2011 will see the best years of the century.. food crops will be bountiful… wars will end…wonderful intelligent children will be born… george w bush will be prosecuted for war crimes….. the weather will be the finest ever…… pollution will decrease… the air will clear some.. and jesus will not return to punish mankind…………………so it will be. mark my words……. ustahli

  • http://none Fran Lussier

    so the world is clearly changing, something is happening. check out the web bot project. people’ something is happening. what are we going to do about it? put egos aside, forget the government, money is useless. life is coming to an end as we know it. how will we survive…

  • Eli

    Here’s a something everyone might like to look into. Look at the link between weather and natural disaster happening during Venus. Transits and solar climaxs. I’m not saying the world is gonna end as we know it but 2012 is playing host to both solar climax and Venus transit happening. Earth is going through historical geological transition.

  • Eli

    Here’s something everyone might like to look into. Look at the link between extreme weather conditions and natural disaster happening during Venus Transits and solar climaxs. I’m not saying the world is gonna end as we know it but 2012 is playing host to both solar climax and Venus transit. The astrological variants that consitantly occur within are solar system have huge effects on are planet.

  • http://google Snowhound

    The earth is going through a magnetic reversal and we are heading for a pole shift. This is a natural occurrence which results in great upheavals in the earth – it’s happened before and it’s happening again – just so happens we are now living in the time of the latest one. The world is in for quite a dramatic change with an ice age coming for the northern hemisphere, and many major quakes/volcanic eruptions, floods and violent storms over various parts of the globe. Read Robert Felix’s books “Not by Fire but by Ice” and “Magnetic Reversals & Evolutionary Leaps” – the man is no idiot and I feel a lot of his research is logical & true. Also, many predictions from ancient cultures worldwide, along with the renowned Edgar Cayce predict such things. I believe we are heading, throughout all this upcoming calamity, towards an enlightened new beginning. It is naive of us all to think that much of our civilisation could not be in peril – civilisations before have been destroyed. I am no “doomsdayer” but have done a fair amount of research. It all seems to be a natural geological process but I do feel there is something spiritual about it as well – perhaps a cleansing process. We have been forewarned long enough how to behave and most of us continually ignore Jesus’ teachings. I really do believe that if we all changed for the better so would our world. It’s not religious/spiritual nonsense thinking, but in my opinion, common sense. Perhaps God thinks most of us no longer care about him/eachother/the earth, so what else is He to do to convince us otherwise?

  • Tony

    see entry 38 (march 20th 3:45 am)

    then look at what happened to the ap index (Peaked) and in sumatra at 22:15:02 on 6th april (7.8 earthquake) I can not say where but I can now estimate the higher probability of one in time it is easy.
    This is how, go to space weather anonymous FTC server and one of the sub menus has a 27 day prediction of AP index, this is because it is based on an algorithm of sun spots and the solar wind and because suns rotation is 27 days gives a predicted value ahead of when the sun spot groups arrive back at similiar position. When AP index value peaks then there is a higher probability of a larger earthquake. Particularly for several weeks around equinox as THEMIS satellite system demonstrated that earths magnetic field aligns with sun. Transfer of energy has to go somewhere. Rhodes Fairbridges work put me on to it.

  • Jose A. H.

    California is place where a lot of Earthquakes happen so dont get scared each place has a natural disaster. Like Florida hurricanes happen. Other places with tornadoes , floods , volcano eruptions. Each place has a natural disaster, there’s no escape from the Earth’s punishments, so try to be prepared when those disasters happen.

  • Tony

    Ap index peaks next on 3rd and 4th May therefore next earthquakes over 7 are likely on these two dates, to find this go to Space Weather Prediction Anonymous FTP server and look for 27 day activity report for sun spots solar wind and Ap, look down A and Kp value columns for a peak and there it is 3rd and 4th May. I can not say where but I can estimate heightened risk on these two days. Ap index gives us up to 27 days ahead prediction.

  • http://www.discovermagazine.com omkumar

    Hai, to Every one in this world,

  • Joydeep

    WOW – Seems USA is the leader in Earthquake also and Africa is the poor third world country not blessed with even 1 sesmic spot.

    Are our earthquake analysts biased? or they study their local area and think world was made when Columbus discovered America

  • JustMe

    Ok, now I freely admit to knowing little about the science behind all this. I could care less about Nostradamus/the Mayans/insert-random-doom-sayers-tale-here. But, due to the past few years ‘headline’ death tolls caused by ‘natural events’ I decided to do a litlle research ‘just for kicks’ so to speak.
    After many minutes (well, 4 minutes) of tireless searching I found this page http://www.michaelmandeville.com/earthchanges/gallery/Quakes/
    in particular, the 2 graphs at the top of the page.
    Now, call me paranoid but this worries me a little. I would appreciate others thoughts on this.
    P.s. The one thing I am fairly certain of is that the 1st us poor slobs would know about the end of the world is when we wake up to find ‘nature’ has installed excessive geothermal central heating in the middle of our local tesco.

  • This beautiful earth

    There is nothing that can be done, this is the world we live in. So live the best life possible, make it right with God and people.

  • Markriv

    It seems very obvious to me, not sure why others are not seeing That Global warming is melting the ice caps– The weight of the Earth is changing from the caps to the center as the water melts and is sent to the equator because of centrifugal force– The change in weight places different forces on the plates of the Earth– Therefore, many earth quakes!! Beware the month of October– After a very hot summer there will be many quakes to come- one in CA, one in Mexico, one in IL, one in NJ not to mention a huge hurricane and a volcano eruption of our own– I hope to God I am wrong– But Please do all you can to stop global warming!!

  • Tony

    A new sun spot group has rotated into view after the sun has had a spotless period of twelve days.

    The Ap index is climbing and should meet the 27 day ahead prediction for a peak on the 4th to 5th May.

    A high stream coronal hole is predicted to rotate into an earth facing position allowing a proton and electron stream from the sun to be directed towards the earth.

    Energy transferred to the Earth’s electric circuit will most likely disturb its magnetic field providing a peak of the A and Kp magnometer readings. Previous peaks in the magnometer readings have co incided with large earth quakes. There should be a large quake around 4th May 2010 Co ordinated Universal Time UTC.


  • Nobody

    For those of you who are not confident in prophesies and what the Bible sais, religious or not..you are a fool to knock down human spirituality. For those of you who believe in this dirty planet as the intelligent form and only form of intelligent life…take a good hard look your world..look at the crime and deceit everywhere. Believe what the media and Government tells you and you will be led astray from what is coming for ALL of us. I dont go to church, I’m not a pastor, but I will tell you this..the world speaks everyday to all of us..just listen and you will hear what it is saying. If you think that our Earth being drained of its natural elements is OK then why do you think we have the earth quakes and tornadoes..because of US! The Earth as we know it is a round sandwich..you take the sandwich contents out everyday in massive amounts and very soon we wont even have bread left…keep up the GREAT work Canadian and American lieing governments..you cant fool everybody. Read this..ridicule me, when you do..but remember I told YOU so. Unfortunately most of us will die..innocent or not, for all of you hardcore athiasts or universe people..good luck with what you think is correct. The beautiful thing is we can express our opinions. I know what I’ve seen and heard, I watch and listen to the Gov lie every day as the rich get rich. History is the truth, we have all hurt each other in the past..killing, raping, stealing, lieing etc..none of us can escape our destiny for it is what it is. Set for us from the beginning until the end comes.

  • Ralph Arnold

    the one we in america along california up to canada have to pay very close detail to is cascadia plate which biggins somewhere in san francisco up to canada. I would rather live more in the fresno region than anything else because they are not effected by earthquakes. the cascadia plate ruppture 300-400 years ago. it produced a sunami a little bit bigger than the chile earthquake. if you take a look at a nova program on megathrust earthquake they will talk about cascadia. which ruppture between 300-1000 years and produces huge sunamis that japan has only little history of from there records of sunamis that occur with out earthquakes. and the last one was during the 1700’s before sizmoligist put in piece of equipment one. the believe rictor scale the cascadia plate will produce is 9.6 or so. that is why earthquake insurance along that region is so high and yet has not seen the worse yet even close. the earthquake that cascadia produces will last between 1min to 5 or maybe 10 min. think about that

  • Ronbo

    Earth will continue to surprise us with earthquakes for years to come. The Cascadia plate will be much too close for my comfort. By the way, how do animals and birds predict earthquakes, even if it is just before they happen and not days/weeks ahead?

  • Chris Mithell

    And the winner is “Phill Moran” with the answer “New Zealand” and it was the same size as haiti.. were still having intence after shocks

  • Tony

    Next peak Ap index 20th September so best guess is on this date there will be big quakes especially as it co incides with equinox when transfer electrons and protons from sun is more easily transferred to earths electric circuit.

  • Cathy

    No one can predict the big one I hate earthquakes there care the crap out of me I just hope when we do get the big on that we survive PLEASE!!!!!

  • Terrie

    [This comment has been deleted for being way off topic.]

  • http://www.urdugalaxy.com Tanveer Ahmad

    Pakistan have faced a very painful time in the earthquake of 2005. You can find the full stories at the website on my name… Click that

  • http://earthquakes.com mr.who?

    i think that the earthquke will not!!!hitt at all thats all a lie im a specialist i know these things i know that its all a myth, and just lies!!!!!!!

  • Aiham

    I In my predictions it will happen inbetween arabian and indian plate.

  • Alicia

    This is a terrifying article. I live right next to the main shock in the puget sound (see page 9).

    And this article was dead-on about the quake in Japan.

  • Frank R.

    This is all very Dramatic and horrifying. Due to the most Recent Earthquake hundreds of people are deads and hundreds more are missing. Infact with all the dead bugs and animals world wide, then Egypt and other Western countries under civil and Governmental change, this scares me. In the bible it says the world will end when we can see it disasters world wide. Now all u have to do is read the paper, turn on the radio or watch TV to see what is going on. Many people are debating wether this is what the bible was talking about. If this is true, weve only just begun a world wide terror. If not, then we still need to act as one and help eachother regain what we have lost due to natural and unatural disasters.

  • Mark. H

    I think the West Coast of America will be next. California or Oregon…. I’m In New York. I agree with the previous comment from Frank.

  • mdg

    So where was Tony and all the other speculators and predictors with their knowledge of Japan’s earth quake?
    So now you know no one can predict an Earth Quake not even Edgar Cayse, Nostradamus, BOT NET or your Gramma’s Cat!
    Global Warming sure, caused by Man – shut up ! It’s a natural phenomenon. HOT, Cold back and forth…. Okay I’ll agree we can add to the warming but, we live in a Giant terrarium and the Earth will fix it’s self (adjust as it were).
    Do I have the answer, NO!
    Neither do you!
    Neither do they!

    Jeeez people quite looking for answers outside yourself, Man or Woman up.
    Your higher power is YOU!


  • Oberon

    GOD Knows! He is Master of our whole universe, to the far infinite reaches. He IS in control. Don’t play with GOD. He is aware of all that’s happening.

    I personally think California, or somewhere on the west coast of our country will be the next major earthquake….I mean, it’s going to happen eventually! Beware and be ready folks. It’s not if, it’s WHEN? So I hope folks will regard these events seriously and get prepared for the inevitable.

    May the Japan earthquake be your fair warning that you(United States) may be next. There have already been 3 major quakes along the Pacific rim (Chile, New Zealand, Japan) and the northeast quadrant of this area is due a quake. There will be similar effects as seen in Japan happen in the northwest of United States….including Tsunami!!!! Kinda scary, huh? God Bless.

  • Anthony

    Considering that the two tectonic plates that caused the Earthquake in Japan were the N.American land plate and the Pacific sea plates, one could ASSUME that due to a release in pressure between the two plates that the next big Earthquake would most likely NOT be on the west coast of the USA.

    If you look at the patterns of previous big earthquakes Indonesia is due in for another one I believe or maybe even Chile once again as their faults are continuously active.

    Yet, if one were to strike the North American Continent then you could possibly see it happening in the North West, MAYBE northern california, but more likely farther up the coast where the chance of a larger earthquake are more likely.

  • ric

    17th or 18th march 2011 india andaman island nicobar island eartquake 7.9

  • brig

    8.8 in alaksa on or aroung May 17th

  • Davenport

    I think it will happen SOON!!!. There will be a BIG QUAKE!! 8.9!! Maybe larger!
    People get ready, there’s an earthquake that may happen soon. You know what I’m talking about if you live on or near a fault zone/line. Strange things have been happening around your area….I know, because I live on the San Andreas fault & strange happenings are occuring all around us. Most of our neighbors have noticed similar, strange incidents and feel that something in going to happen, soon!!
    Are we prepared? I sure hope we can withstand things to come! There is a lot of unrest on the earth these recent days. Many, many earthquakes. Probably going to see more tornadoes in the United States this spring….watch & see if I’m right. More hurricanes will hit the US this hurrincane season, also!!!!
    This nuclear thing sure is mysterious! What is the truth concerning the vulnerability of these facilities in a big earthquake?

    Your higher power is not you, but is GOD!!!

    Are we witnessing the beginnings of the END of TIME???????????
    Curious…what think ye?

  • Susie G Boyle

    Well, I live in Southern California, so like Japan, the BIG ONE is always on the horizon. It seems like every 20 years or so we get a pretty large quake, so honestly, a big quake really wouldn’t surprise me. Apparently Cal Tech satellites have been monitoring ground stresses on the San Andreas fault lately, and they’re showing sufficient tension at the moment to produce something in the neighborhood of a 7.0 earthquake. Sometime in the next few years we’ll probably get one.

  • rob t.

    We are due for a polar shift. It’s already begun. Look it up. The poles are already shifting. It’s life. All of life is about change. We r just a big biological clock, moving seperately in our own world yet affecting the outcome of others. From neutrinos to humans to the cosmos, change is constant. We live we die we change. As do every atom in our bodies. We happen to live in a time where we get fo witness front row, an epic change in the earth growth. What choice do we have. Embrace your life and love and dreams. Life as we know it will change, just as it has for eons in the past. I do believe in God and believe he made life work this way. Without loss and change there cannot be love and remorse. And u can’t stop just at human emotions, it goes all thru science, philosophy, religion, its yin and yang, light and dark. Everything has a “point” of change where it cant sustain status quo.When that happens there is dramatic change. In terms of planetary scale, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. We know what’s going to happen, we are just so ingrained in thinking we are the center of the universe that weve become selfish in trying to change even mother nature. I don’t go to church but I do have a six yr old and I’m gonna start going so I can pray she will get the chance to enjoy life as I have. Here’s a thought, if she does make it and grows old, she will live with an appreciation for earth and life that I could never imagine having. And she will do it without an ipod.

  • Wade, WA

    I have been watching earthquake events along the San Andreas Fault (SAF) for a number of years (http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqscanv/). At the malfunction junction (where a crossing ENE-WSW fault interacts with the SAF) just north of LA), there has been virtually no activity for years. No indications of relieving of the strain like you see to in the Northern and Southern sections of SAF. This is where the next big (8+) quake quake will be. Not a matter of if, but when. Basic fact: The longer the SAF in this section goes without relieving the strain, the bigger the quake. Get ready to rock and roll LA. (Says one who just moved to the Seattle region)

  • Jason Paul

    On this site i have seen bible mentioned so many time…. but the right term will Bible’s ( with a S). Coz there are so many bible’s. what happen to our holy book. How can I invite some one in Christianity, when i personally have a question running in my mind HOW THERE CAN BE SO MANY DIFFERENT EDITION’S OF A HOLY BOOK. a holy book should be one and the same if read in any part of the world you..

  • peter fleuren

    you guys wanna know where the next one will be???If you studied the seismic activity you will know that the next is off Fiji.

  • Greg


    i believe this is the big one… the “GOG” earthquake prophised in the bible. This fault will blow along with a second wave of japans quake, haiti’s, and a huge rumble from isreal all at the same time. they will each reach more then 9.7 magnitude. mountains will crushed. i have made a simulation of this huge coming rumble and have estimated that mt.everest will split 3.2 meters apart and the great wall of chinia will crumble to nothing but rubble. this will not be the end of time though. either after or most likely before this quake the rapture might happen. then world peace will be made for 7 years then… the end.

  • Kim

    hey greg i think australia will have a 8 mag. quake in 4 months. scales are showing odd patterns

  • Pete-da-man

    what bout nuclear weapons being shaken lots. hhmmm?

  • cyril bennett

    Lets get one thing straight once and for all,there is no such thing as an earthquake proof building,this is just a myth,even if a Skyscraper was built to certain standards in a major earthquake,the windows would blow out,and the structure would bend over while still standing on its foundation if you are lucky,or it will collapse completely,the force of nature is incomparable to any thing known to man/woman,the worst buildings are buildings that are constructed of brick and mortar,although many building owners are trying to earthquake proof there buildings,it is a fruitless task, the buildings will collapse around the upgrades,if an earth quake begins,during those seconds try and stay away from windows,do not take an elevator,try and find a secure strong area to hide under until it stops,when working in a building map out an area in your mind that you think could be safe,and maybe you will be one
    of the lucky ones to survive.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sepCVlWQD68 tommy kaira shift knob

    Subsequent to all of, just what any very good web page and even revealing items, I should publish inbound website ? save that web-site? L8rs, Visitor.

  • http://wanliny.livejournal.com/ Iluminada Mayoka

    I will be always invstigating on the internet with regard to ideas that may support me personally. Thx!

  • Jon Lester

    I feel this year that China will soon suffer another horrendous earthquake on a huge magnitude, bigger than ever before!
    Skyscrapers will come crashing down and the earth will open like the huge jaws of a whale. It will be felt for hundreds of miles around.
    …..sorry to sound so morbid, but this came to me in a very vivid dream I had today.


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