Scientist Smackdown: French Strike Back Against British G-Spot Study

By Andrew Moseman | January 29, 2010 11:55 am

GAs if soccer, wars of incredible length, and the relative worth of wine vs. beer didn’t account for enough disagreements between Britain and France, add another spat to the pile: whether or not the G-spot really exists.

A few weeks ago, a team of scientists from King’s College London joined the ongoing scientific fray by publishing a new study on the much-debated female erogenous zone. It was the biggest to date, involving 1,800 women – all of whom were pairs of identical or non-identical twins. If the G-spot did exist, it said, then genetically identical twins would have been expected to both report having one. However, no such pattern emerged [The Telegraph]. As a result of the study, coauthor Tim Spector said, the study “shows fairly conclusively that the idea of a G-spot is subjective.”

It didn’t take long, however, for this news to reach the French, who aren’t about to start taking sex advice from across the channel. A group of  gynecologists there convened their own conference in Paris to denounce this assault on female pleasure. Surgeon Pierre Foldes told a “G-Day” conference across La Manche: “The King’s College study shows a lack of respect for what women say. The conclusions were completely erroneous because they were based solely on genetic observations” [The Register].

The angry French gynecologists said they’d found the real problem with their British counterparts: that they’re British. The King’s College study, they said, had fallen victim to an Anglo-Saxon tendency to reduce the mysteries of sexuality to absolutes. This attempt to set clear parameters on something variable and ambiguous, they said, was characteristic of British scientific attitudes to sex [The Guardian].

Gynecologist Odile Buisson went even further in blaming national sex attitudes for supposedly leading the British researchers astray: “I don’t want to stigmatise at all but I think the Protestant, liberal, Anglo-Saxon character means you are very pragmatic. There has to be a cause for everything, a gene for everything,” she said, adding: “I think it’s totalitarian” [The Guardian]. She also told The Telegraph that the G-spot is real for upwards of 60 percent of women, and that saying anything else is “medical machismo.”

No word yet of the British team responding to this challenge to their study (and national pride).

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  • Pat

    We want to hear more about the mating station to go to space. (Or whatever appropriate station it will be named.)

  • NewEnglandBob

    Why is this news? It is quite inane.

  • Femme Fatale

    So, nobody took a quick feel to find out? Honestly, that’s all it takes…

  • Angie

    The British don´t know they have a G-spot? Hehehe. You would expect them to be informed, when you consider their life-style. Maybe all those quickies with all those strangers killed something.

  • Argo

    Did the British scientists come to any conclusions about the existence of the so-called “clitoris”?

  • Dave

    Lolz, the British and the French have to fight over somethin right?

  • Scott

    First of all, do identical twins even report a similar frequency of orgasm? The ability to reach orgasm, like most other variable traits, depends on both physical (and even moreso) psychosocial factors.

    Many women do not even know they have a G-spot until a male shows them. It is very possible that the study was not sensitive enough to pick out these added variables.

  • Shalla

    Perhaps the biggest problem was many of the women in the study had lousy lovers. The spot’s location dictates the angle, thus it becomes a near physical impossibility for some women.

    I strongly suggest that a best physical study be conducted with women volunteers that want to find that perfect spot for orgasm.

    Then study the methodology – gentlemen you stand to make a fortune if you can come up with a formula of movement that help women reach orgasm with a better rate then you seem to current have in Britain.

  • Joshua

    I can’t believe a formal study concluded “the idea of the g-spot was subjective.” Sure, if you just ask people about it. Most women from predominantly Christian nations are so sexually repressed they will scarcely admit to sexual enjoyment let alone the particulars of how they like to be stimulated. Did they bother to show any of these women where it is “alleged” to be or how to properly stimulate it? It’s not exactly front and center. And many women do not if fact know how pleasurable it can be… until they’re shown. Hell I’ve made my sexual living off of this little tucked-away bundle of glands and nerves. I am yet to find a woman who does not respond with intense climaxes, most of them at least slightly ejaculatory. Some profoundly so; explosive even. Just listen to some of my reviews.
    “Magic, absolutely magic”-Recent snowboarder… buddy.
    “What every other orgasm I’ve ever had was missing.”-Second ex-wife
    “I’m the most sexually satisfied woman ever”-miscellaneous stripper. Excuse me, “exotic dancer.”
    “The best one-night-stand of my life” –Same to you babe;) (Also a snowboarder)
    “What? Holy $#!+. I blacked-out for a bit”- Many with this response
    If I were to release the same study, I’m quite sure the result would be starkly different. In fact, my study is done and the results are in. “G-spot confirmed and renamed the J-spot” Even though the results were conclusive, I’ll continue to conduct my informal study to the delight of my partners. –Joshua

  • Rain

    LOL, Joshua. I do agree with your assessment about sexual repression in women. I am a woman, a gay one at that, and it is downright sad the sheer volume of utterly unaware women I have encountered, and I am not even especially promiscuous. It’s a true pity.

    And contrary to popular belief, the blame for it most certainly does not lie with men, it lies with society, culture, religion, and tradition. Stupid things used to pigeon-hole both men and women into roles and functions that not only limit them mentally, but also physically and sexually. This messes up both men and women, who honestly believe that they have to be a certain way in life, and in bed, and that is that. Any deviations are wrong, shameful or just disgusting. Also, it shatters the possibilities for true intimacy, regardless of whatever combination of sexual partners and genders are involved.

    Nice reviews, btw.

    I would be inclined to go with the French opinion on this matter, not the English one. While it is probably so that not all women have g-spots, or at least they do not seem to have reactive ones, to suggest that they do not exist is just stupid. Ask anyone who is not repressed in bed, male or female.

  • Cory

    Lol, the French view is decidely unscientific. Anyway, there’s still a strong possibility that the G-spot does in fact exist, and that it is a physiological phenomenon rather than a physical/genetic one.

  • lou

    Everything to do with sex is subjective, besides… who cares anyway? All these scientists should be trying to do something useful.. like stopping people from dying of various cancers

  • Cory

    False dichotomy, lou.

  • Gloria Steinem’s walking stick

    Women who have a dependance on vibrators have less orgasms because they’ve allowed fantasies to overwhelm their sense of reality. When it comes down to a real partner, there is a disconnect that makes it hard for those women to O vaginally. I still get turned on by the toy box, and some women are empowered by taking pleasure in their own hands. It’s just that he brain is the biggest sexual organ, and you can’t let it diminish the heat of skin to skin contact.

  • Georg

    This was Gräfenbergs goal: with the G-Spot he
    split off entente cordiale after about 50 years.
    Things have improved in Europe a lot since.

  • Dojo

    “If the G-spot did exist, it said, then genetically identical twins would have been expected to both report having one. However, no such pattern emerged”

    Was a ‘Control’ used in this experiment? For conclusive results, the twins would have to share the same partner. If this study has to be revisited with these criteria, please sign me up.

  • Mike Wadzo

    I think the question boils down to the methodology, was it by scientific observations? What rigours were these women made to go through? Were their partners’ lifestyle considered in arriving at the sample? All this has a bearing on the findings and outcome of the research. There is a positive correlation between the amount & quality of foreplay before a woman can reach orgasm, far from the G-Spot being a spot sensitive to touch, I believe it’s coming to the fore involves enough amount of stimulation pre-sex.

    The study perhaps should have concentrated on what makes a woman amenable to feeling the sensitivity of this spot. The clitoris grows in size from stimulation and erotic excitement, is the same not applicable to the G-Spot as well? Like if a woman is aroused enough, and then it becomes activated? I wish I had money to do this research but here in Zimbabwe even doctors would not be bothered to look into something like this when most women ask what is the G-Spot? I’m sure if someone goes to the Middle East and research on the existence of the clitoris, the findings would throw the scientific world into a quagmire.

    Maybe the French can lead the way in further research, the British are still backward maybe when they discover it maybe 2050.

  • Rosette Savageau

    Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog. A great read. I will definitely be back.


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