The Lancet Retracts 1998 Paper That Linked Vaccinations to Autism

By Andrew Moseman | February 2, 2010 11:54 am

vaccine medication220Today the British medical journal The Lancet, which published the 1998 study by Andrew Wakefield implying autism was linked to vaccinations, fully retracted the study in the wake of increasing allegations of misconduct against the lead author.

The 1998 paper, based on a small sample of 12 children, implied a connection between an autism-like disorder and a triple vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella [AFP]. Despite the small sample size, and a commentary published by The Lancet encouraging caution in interpreting the results, the Wakefield paper became one of the chief sources cited by the modern anti-vaccination movement. His assertion caused one of the biggest medical rows in a generation and led to a big fall in the number of vaccinations, prompting a worrying rise in cases of measles [Reuters].

But accusations of malfeasance and misinterpretation have dogged the Wakefield study in the dozen years since its publication. In 2004, many of the lead authors tried to distance themselves from Wakefield’s interpretation of the results. At the same time, The Lancet published a statement (pdf) on the controversy: while defending the publication of the study, they accepted that, in hindsight, they may not have after accusations of a conflict of interest — Dr Wakefield was in the pay of solicitors who were acting for parents who believed their children had been harmed by MMR [BBC News].

The last straw came last week, when Britain’s General Medical Council finally issued a damning statement criticizing not Wakefield’s results, but rather his unethical methods. He was found guilty of conducting tests like spinal taps on children that hadn’t been approved by an ethics committee and that may not have been in the children’s best medical interest; on another occasion he paid children at his son’s birthday party for their blood samples.

The council found him guilty of “callous disregard” for the pain that the children in the study might have suffered, as well as dishonesty and irresponsibility. The GMC has yet to announce whether it will sanction Wakefield or the other two scientists named in the statement, but the report was enough for the The Lancet. The journal’s retraction concludes, “we fully retract this paper from the public record.”

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  • fatkid

    So vaccinate yourselves and your children, the life you save could be my own.

  • Femme Fatale

    I wonder how the antivaxxers will take this? Hmmmmm. Let me grab some popcorn and we’ll find out!

  • wyohan

    If you think about this logically, it is better to have people with autism than people infected with measles.

  • Ryan

    Fortunately the choice isn’t between measles or autism. We could get measles without autism, or we could get no measles without autism. It’s an easy choice.

  • Nicole (Autism Mom)

    I find the comments left on this page highly arrogant and offensive. I’d bet most involved autism parents have done more studying of the science behind vaccines and autism than the narrow minded people making their snide comments.

    So, it’s “better to have people with autism than people infected with measles”? Really? I know people who have been threatened and force by local government officials to institutionalize eight year olds and younger children with autism…police have arrested autistic students who defended themselves when being put in restraints in school…and a family had an ignorant neighbor post a sign in their yard degrading the child publicly. Many with Autism don’t process the concept of danger, and thus put themselves in harms way regularly. Autism families regularly face higher rates of bankruptcy and divorce, further more parents worry themselves sick that their child will not have anyone who can care for the child after they die. By the way, both my brother and sister had measles and were perfectly healthy afterward. Measles?… give me a break! Kids with Autism face so many risks for early death, including abuse by the ignorant. The comments posted demonstrate that there is certainly no shortage of ignorant people.

    One thing that is not often mentioned about vaccines is the use of eggs. The CDC has said that if someone has a severe egg allergy, that person should not get the flu vaccine, yet children are regularly vaccinated with various vaccines that use egg, before anybody knows if the child is allergic. I know quite a few kids with Autism (my daughter included) that are deathly allergic to eggs. Whether it’s eggs, multiple live viruses and/or mercury, the science and the math does not back up a conclusion that vaccines have nothing to do with any of the autism cases.

    However, by all means feel free to mock and ridicule parents who aren’t blindly following the establishment without question. Give us your snottiest comments…we’re tougher than that…we’re autism parents!

  • Ryan

    Nicole, if you’d been following the science, then you would be well aware that vaccines absolutely do not cause autism. You can’t rant your way into being right.

  • fatkid

    Nicole, diseases that were once thought to be a thing of the past could return with horrific consequences if we don’t get ourselves and our children vaccinated. I am hygenic, stay home when sick, and wear protection when on a date. I don’t want to go broke or die getting sick because a small population of mislead people help usher in a new age of old pathogens. How is that “arrogant and offensive”?

    Femme Fatale, want anything to drink while I’m up?

  • TruthStorm1

    Hey, I wonder how the pro vaxers will take this? Were going to need to eat allot a popcorn, waiting for that to sink in? The complete vaccination damage proof package. Welcome to the world you made! Go as well to my page on Andy Wakefield, if you dare!

  • Doug

    Well… Nicole has Femme Fatale’s answer. They’ll handle it the way they always have: blind and dangerous disregarding of the facts coupled with a monstrous sense of deluded self importance

  • Jackie P.

    Well said Nicole! and BTW…had I been so smart as to had been an “anti-vaxer” in the first place, I wouldn’t be here talking about vaccine and Autism!!!!

    Blind and Disregarding the “facts”? Are we talking about the 14 studies funded by Pharma?

    Show me a study that compares vaccinated kids to non vaccinated kids, how about a study that shows the effects of the ENTIRE vaccination schedule, not just a single vaccine. How about a study that follows children for years not weeks? Oh wait, you can’t because they don’t exist!
    1 in 3 children now have either Autism, ADHD, Allergies or Asthma and the rates are climbing. Even former doctors who believed Autism to be purely genetic are now saying, it is impossible! We KNOW it is environmental!
    I have 3 kids, first 2 vaccinated, last one not…wanna take a guess which ones are on the spectrum?!?!?
    Funny thing is, we talk about vaccine boosting the immune system, yet my unvaccinated kid is BY FAR the healthiest! Since stopping vaccines and living healthier, we don’t even NEED to go to a doctor for a cold, because we hardly get them and when we do they are short lived.
    As far as “you” contracting a disease due to us not vaxing, I ask you this: If vaccines work so well, and you are vaccinated, then why are you worried?!?!?!
    Secondly, why in recent local outbreaks where the majority of people vaccinated?

    The Only thing doctor Wakefield is guilty of is suggesting a unpopular theory!
    Thanks to his work and the work of Thoughtful House, my son who spent years being neglected by mainstream AAP doctors who told us medication was his only hope, is now mainstreamed and doing wonderfully. As a matter of fact the local school was so amazed at his progress in just 6 months, they routinely ask me to speak to other parents about how we overcame the ASD label.
    My little girl has a much longer way to go as her insult was much greater, but she is getting there and making huge gains. Right now we are focusing on repairing her immune system that was greatly assaulted.

    And finally, my youngest is thriving. As a matter of fact her school teacher pulled me aside a few weeks ago and asked what we did to her to help her be so healthy. She went on to day most all of her class suffers from allergies, asthma and behavior issues. She also pointed out my kiddo has healthy skin, and doesn’t have circles under here eyes like the other kids did. When I told her we did not vaccinate and instead focused on a healthy live style she smiled and said, “I knew it… in my home country we do not vaccinate like they do in the US and we don’t have Autism and all these illnesses, it really is sad, these kids are so sick.”

    So says what you want, we KNOW what happened to our kids! And we will stop at NOTHING until ALL kids are safe from harm!!!!!!

  • switzerland-neutral

    Jackie, u just said it.

    She also pointed out my kiddo has healthy skin, and doesn’t have circles under here eyes like the other kids did. When I told her we did not vaccinate and instead focused on a healthy live style she smiled


    How many kids parents don’t put their kids to bed early? Don’t get them proper nutrition? You’re seriously saying circles under the eyes is related to vaccines? 0.o Apples and oranges. keep facts focused please.

    I don’t care either way. My kids will be vaccinated, one vaccine at a time. No multiple vaccines at once. But they will get them all. Because I don’t know which side is right, mostly because no one has conclusive evidence that points one way or the other.

    But really. Circles under the eyes.
    Healthy skin. Healthy skin = what? Showers? Eating the appropriate amount of Omega-3 fatty acids? Acne? I mean, just flabbergasted.

  • Shannon

    I consider myself to be a rational, left brained, believer in science. I am a helicopter pilot(aerodynamics is my friend) with a degree in psychology and a mother of an autistic toddler.
    Our circumstances were such that our son was vaccinated with the MMR vaccine in Thailand(we are American expats) at 9 months of age and our extremely social, early achiever in every milestone, happy babbler just starting to say MAMA and DADA with real enthusiasm, never rebounded. My husband and I assumed he was just cranky from the shot and the return flight home which explained his not wanting to talk or look anyone in the eye. The crankiness continued along with the loss of fine and gross motor skills. The once mastered ring stacker had become totally alien to him. Odd behaviors sprung up not seen prior to the vaccination, hand flapping, obsessive opening and closing of anything hinged, etc. He was diagnosed with autism the day he turned 14 months and only that late because of having to relocate to civilization for the diagnosis. I certainly believe there is a genetic component (mirror neurons, minicolumns,?) that is the basis for autism but I am also a firm believer in the theory that in certain children environmental factors present a tipping point.
    We lived on an isolated island(resort) and mostly everyone commented upon our return from the 8 day Thailand trip that something had changed in our son. The twinkle in his eyes had been extinguished and he was now grumpy all of the time. Many islanders asked if we came back with the right baby.
    We have him in therapy and are happy to see that his motor skills have caught up to be mostly age appropriate but speech and communication remain a serious problem. He was imitating sound better at 3 months of age than he is now. We have integrated some biomedical treatments into our therapy regimen with success and will continue to do so. The improvements after starting the gluten and casein free diet were nothing short of incredible.
    I think the extreme viewpoints from both ends of the spectrum(no pun intended)demonstrated here in the posts are naive at best.
    I understand the anger that parents feel after watching the dimmer switch being turned down on their once bouncing, joyous baby but we have to realize that only with informed, rational discussion, we will be heard.
    What I don’t understand are people who so easily pass judgment on the families that are in serious pain, struggling to find a voice for their child.
    I would hope that those of you who so harshly criticize parents for going to the ends of the earth to help their child would do the same if you looked into the eyes of your own child and witnessed the sadness, frustration, isolation.
    My child lost his voice overnight and has not rebounded–yet.
    I’m thankful to everyone who keeps autism in the spotlight, researchers, physicians, parents, anyone who contributes to the discussion that will eventually lead to a better understanding and dare I say-cure.

  • Jason

    The popularity or unpopularity of an idea doesn’t correlate to it’s scientific merit.

  • science

    children get better and worse at particular tasks/skills throughout development, its a process of the various processing and memory systems of the brain, and it’s not surprising that a child (with developing autism) who seemed to excel at certain activities, when further developed, not only loses pace with peers but loses ground based on the fact that the higher systems develop to take precedence over the lower

    excelling early on could even be a sign of the higher processes developing irregularly and not competing/interfering with the systems already utilized by the young child

    all that said, anybody with half a brain already knew this study was bunk, and it’s about time the lancet retracted it

  • amphiox

    Nicole. Please be aware that many of the commenters on these threads ARE parents of autistic children. They are over-represented compared to the general population precisely because these topics are of interest to them.

    For you to even imply otherwise demonstrates an appalling level of arrogance.

  • Dave

    As usually, humans can’t float around in the middle with an open mind.

    I personally haven’t had any recent vaccinations, and I’m pretty healthy. As far as I’m concerned natural is still the safer bet. I look at it this way, what are the chances I’m going to die if I just tough it out? Well, as far as the H1N1 goes I’m pretty safe. Chances are I can natrually handle it and let my body do its thing. So, I haven’t vaccinated. And I won’t, and don’t plan to. Also, I grew up on a farm. Hand sanitizer is a JOKE!! The whole idea of vaccines anyways is to expose your body to a weakend form of the virus so it can develope immunity, correct? It’s logically sound really. However, what’s wrong with exposing myself to everday viruses? Why do I need lysol? I mean, I wash my hand’s after using the bathroom, but I don’t get insane about disinfecting everything. And I’m about as healthy as can be. I get pretty heavily sick about once a year to two years. Tough it out for a day or two, then I’m randy dandy. Usually though that’s due to something I eat… light food poisioning?

    However, vaccinations aren’t really a bad idea. I just think people like to rely too heavily on them. Get a dog, let your kid play in the mud, let him exchange germs with other kids… Check maybe for allergies? Don’t run in with disinfectant, there’s reason to believe anyways that you’re only going to make viruses more resistant that way. They adapt to survive too…

    Also, I’m wondering if it may not be just introducing vaccinations at a certain point in a child’s life? Could be, who knows. At that developmental stage any small interference could result in huge problems later on. Could be chemicals too for all we know… Could be houshold cleaners too… could be alot of things….

    Honestly, more good research should be done just in case. Maybe examining the environment an autistic child has been in, and comparing it to a child without autism would be a good idea. I personally don’t want to jump to believe vaccinations are the cuase, simply becuase I don’t directly see how the vaccination would interfere.

    As far as I go, I’m going to get my kid in some dirt, go out and play in the yard. Take him to the farm, and expose him to the world. I may vaccinate too, depends on whether or not the vaccination is going to keep my child from dieing or just keep em from getting as sick. Well, if I ever have kids…

    I understand the parents here too. It’s your baby…

  • Dave

    BTW Shannon seems to be on to something… Although I don’t know if it makes a difference which side of the brain your are using, rather than whether or not you are using it :)

  • Nicole (Autism Mom)

    Ryan, you can’t prove a negative, so your *absolute* assertion that “that vaccines absolutely do not cause autism” is faulty math. No rant…just math.

    fatkid, you find it arrogant that I don’t want my daughter to die of anaphylactic shock due to her egg allergy? If you believe protecting my child’s life is arrogant, then sure, I’ll take ownership of being arrogant. If that’s your criteria for arrogance, then I’m content to be extremely arrogant (in other words, protect my child’s life). By the way, the U.S. Center’s for Disease Control (CDC) and my pediatricians are on my side. The CDC has said, if you have an egg allergy don’t get the flu vaccine because it’s made using eggs. My daughter has a class 6 (the highest level) allergy to eggs. The doctors have told us to always carry an EpiPen Auto-Injector to save her life if she comes in contact with eggs. I’m not having her injected with something made using eggs that could kill her just so you won’t think me arrogant. Her MMR was made using egg…did that cause her autism? I don’t know and neither do you….but it did extreme harm her health, and it won’t happen again.

    amphiox, I was talking about the commenters on this article prior to my comment. If they’re autism parents, I’m shocked, because the degrading tone of their comments was nothing like anything any of the hundreds of autism parents I know would say.
    So to be clear, I was not talking about or implying all commentors, just the one’s making snide comments early in the comment section of this article. You may want to go back and read the first few comments, then if you feel that I was arrogant, I’m sorry to hear that, because in my view, it is not arrogance to defend rights of autism parents to choose what is right for their individual child…it is empowerment.

  • bensmyson

    Shannon, so many of us parents who have a child that has regressed have such similar stories. Of course the fortunate ones, the other 109 out of 110 have kids hitting baseballs, having sleepovers and enjoying the opportunities typical life affords them. All this contempt directed to those of us who have witnessed with our own eyes the devastation caused by vaccines reminds me a time when I was in elementary school. My family was upper-middle class and many in my school were from disadvantaged homes, the polarization between us was caused by some ignorant class hate that had been passed down for generations. As I aged I realized that this hate was fear, we are all motivated by fear to one degree or another, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of death. The hate seen here and in many other blogsites posting such hate directed towards the “anti-vaxxers” is ignorant fear, why else can’t people take our word for what we have experienced? Are they afraid of the measles? Maybe, but I suspect that their fear is that their faith in science, in law, in government is being tested when confronted with such evil as the conspiracy behind vaccines. Nothing could be so frightening, except to find it out when your child is diagnosed with autism. They all forget how trusting and faithful we all were to allow our child to be vaccinated. We were once one of them.

  • crystal

    to everyone …i mean everyone reading this you will be affected by AUTISM in your life time one way or the other …it might not be your could be your grandchild ,neice,nephew, cousin , student or friend…i want you to rememeber that day you hear that word AUTISM.. and think is not going to be all fun anymore that you make of people it becomes your life so good luck with that…

  • Nicole (Autism Mom)

    Well said, Crystal!

  • Ryan

    There isn’t a credible study showing any relationship between vaccines and autism. Since so much study has been done to determine if there is a relationship between the two, it takes an irrational mind to continue believing that the two are related. So you’re right, it isn’t 100% certain, but it’s about as close as it can be. It would be great if we could prevent and better treat autism, and the evidence says that pursuing the autism/vaccine route is almost certainly a waste of resources.

    Also, your daughter’s allergy is part of the reason why most kids should receive the MMR vaccine. You’re right that she shouldn’t have gotten the vaccine due to her egg allergy. However, most kids should so that children without vaccines will be protected by herd immunity. Let’s keep going with what the CDC says though, if you don’t have a medical reason not to receive the H1N1 vaccine (such as an allergy) then you should if you’re in a group recommended to receive the vaccine.

  • bensmyson

    Ill try to post this again.

    Ryan said: “There isn’t a credible study showing any relationship between vaccines and autism. Since so much study has been done to determine if there is a relationship between the two, it takes an irrational mind to continue believing that the two are related.’

    The only studies done so far looking at a link between autism and vaccines is studies using the MMR only. No MMR and another vaccine together, no DPaT no nothing, just the MMR. Children usually receive more than one vaccine at a time. Mine had 3 shots, 8 vaccines.

    There have also never been any vaccinated versus unvaccinated studies done even though they are funded and have been called for for years.

    Please remember how big tobacco always said smoking was safe, they even went so far as to say it was good for you.

    But if you think vaccines are safe go ahead, be my guest. I mean what are the odds? A million to one? About the same as getting struck by lightening. Would you put your child in the middle of a field during a thunderstorm?

    And let’s not forget how viruses such as the polio virus have mutated due to vaccines. In Africa vaccines were actually causing a new strain of Polio.

  • Cass

    Ryan–you are wrong. Pull the wool off your eyes. You are 1 in 70 boys away from Autism. Like that number? Try it when you need to recruit men for the armed services. There was a news story recently about the US have a lack of viable applicants due to ADD, ADHD, Asthma and other allergies in the young men applying. I’m a teacher and the number of boys with learning disabilities is OVERWHELMING and burgeoning. REAL WORLD. First it was ADHD, ADD–they increased the vaccine schedule–Autism–yet another increase–more Autism. It’s really simple and yet go with what the CDC says? Really? Well, recently the CDC says there is something environmental and that vaccines haven’t been ruled out.
    There are plenty of valid, peer reviewed studies. You are just discounting them.
    The herd theory doesn’t work well with me. I have been vaccinated with Rubella in 2000, 2004, and most recently in 2009. Each and everytime the nurse in the hospital (after c-section delivery of each of my 3 children) walks in announces I have no Rubella antibodies and they are going to vaccinate me. 6 weeks after, I develop Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This time it was CFS, extreme RA and now I’m allergic to wheat, gluten and soy. 40 years of eating those foods and now if I ingest them I have extreme IBS.
    Lastly, I had the other measles (not Rubella/German Measles) as a kid even though I was vaccinated–I did NOT die. I merely colored in coloring books and cut paper dolls for my week quarantine.
    I’d rather have measles than Autism (not talking about Aspergers-type), CFS, RA, or IBS. Give me the measles any day.
    Ryan how many vaccines did you receive before the age of 4? Was it 36? The answer is NO.

  • fatkid

    Talk about big pharma! While Europe was banning ritalin for anyone under age 18, we were blaming anyone but ourselves for our inactive kids hyperactivity. Parents won’t leave the doc with out meds here. Kids are like terrier puppies, you have to run them or they’ll eat the couch. Of course, it helps to get off the couch yourself, but you can’t be told that in this “not me” society.

    Autism is a catastrophe, and it’s going to get worse. The only horror that tops watching your child descend into the grips of autism is having to add POLIO to his plate. I don’t even know how to spell Rubella, but I bet it leaves a mark too.

  • fatkid

    Hey anti vaxxers, check out Phil’s Bad Science blog. Sunlight is the best vaccine ö

  • d’oh

    That’s Bad Astronomy, not Bad Science.( Sorry about 3 posts in a row)

  • Katharine

    I suggest that the antivaxxers have no memory of a time when these diseases actually ravaged the population because they are entirely too young. Measles, pertussis, and other vaccinated-against disease rates have SURGED because of your ignorance.

    “I personally haven’t had any recent vaccinations, and I’m pretty healthy. As far as I’m concerned natural is still the safer bet. I look at it this way, what are the chances I’m going to die if I just tough it out?”


    If you lived in the early 20th century, you’d be screaming for vaccines.

  • Katharine

    Also, it amuses me how you discount every study just because it comes from ‘Big Pharma’.

    If you’d take the time to learn how the immune system works and learn about current autism research (they’ve actually found genes which occur more frequently in people with autism. GENES, people. It has a GENETIC component.), you’d figure out which of those studies are too flawed and which of those studies aren’t.

    Cripes, I hate people who don’t understand science.

  • bensmyson

    Katharine [sic]

    Suppose you could link us to your genetic breakthrough that everyone has been looking for? Oh wait, you said autism has a “GENETIC component.” Really? Let me guess, you think the only behavior trait that has a genetic component is autism? How about everything has a genetic component .

    The studies looking at genetic influences into autism show a SLIGHT relationship, nearly every expert is now leaning towards the environmental aspects, meaning something external, something outside the body that somehow enters the body, be it air pollution or vaccines.

    I believe vaccines cause autism the same way car crashes cause brain damage. Not all car crashes cause brain damage, not all brain damage is caused by car crashes, but car crashes do cause brain damage and vaccines do cause autism.

  • Zorro

    “In 2000, the United States switched to injected vaccine made from killed virus, which cannot mutate. But oral drops with the live, weakened version of the virus are still used in most poor countries, including those where the disease has never been eliminated: Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.” (from NY Times’ link bensmyson gave) Unfortunately I come form a country that I see belongs to these ‘poor ones’ i.e. Poland, United Europe, The Earth. Children here are still given this old type. You have to sell the old stuff somewhere, right? As a child I was vaccinated with the live polio vaccine. The result was my polio desease. But vaccination is safe, isn’t it? This is a very complicated topic but I don’t see any wise discussion. Nowhere.

  • Katharine

    Enjoy your dead kids, child-killers. Dana McCaffery would have turned 1 today if she didn’t develop pertussis and die.

    If you’re not going to listen to hard data, listen to my own anecdote: I have been vaccinated, according to the traditional vaccine schedule that you love to hate, with everything usually vaccinated for, plus meningococcal vaccine, plus H1N1 vaccine, plus the occasional seasonal flu shot.

    I am not autistic and am, in fact, in the best of health.

  • Katharine

    “Suppose you could link us to your genetic breakthrough that everyone has been looking for? Oh wait, you said autism has a “GENETIC component.” Really? Let me guess, you think the only behavior trait that has a genetic component is autism? How about everything has a genetic component .”

    Now you’re obfuscating. There is, in fact, a continuum of sorts between ‘environmental’ and ‘genetic’, and epigenetic causes are somewhere in between, plus predispositions and such. However,

    “The studies looking at genetic influences into autism show a SLIGHT relationship, nearly every expert is now leaning towards the environmental aspects, meaning something external, something outside the body that somehow enters the body, be it air pollution or vaccines.”

    Hardly. What’s being looked at right now is a polygenetic influence; here are some studies that go into it more in depth: studies 6, 8, 9, 11, 14, 16, and 20 on this list.


    Association of the oxytocin receptor (OXTR) gene polymorphisms with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the Japanese population.

    Liu X, Kawamura Y, Shimada T, Otowa T, Koishi S, Sugiyama T, Nishida H, Hashimoto O, Nakagami R, Tochigi M, Umekage T, Kano Y, Miyagawa T, Kato N, Tokunaga K, Sasaki T.

    J Hum Genet. 2010 Jan 22. [Epub ahead of print]PMID: 20094064 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]Related articles


    The prodrome of autism: early behavioral and biological signs, regression, peri- and post-natal development and genetics.

    Yirmiya N, Charman T.

    J Child Psychol Psychiatry. 2010 Jan 18. [Epub ahead of print]PMID: 20085609 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]Related articles

    A complex chromosome 7q rearrangement identified in a patient with mental retardation, anxiety disorder, and autistic features.

    Dauwerse JG, Ruivenkamp CA, Hansson K, Marijnissen GM, Peters DJ, Breuning MH, Hilhorst-Hofstee Y.

    Am J Med Genet A. 2010 Feb;152A(2):427-33.PMID: 20082467 [PubMed – in process]Related articles


    Evolution in Health and Medicine Sackler Colloquium: Genomic disorders: A window into human gene and genome evolution.

    Carvalho CM, Zhang F, Lupski JR.

    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Jan 13. [Epub ahead of print]PMID: 20080665 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]Related articles


    SCAMP5, NBEA and AMISYN: three candidate genes for autism involved in secretion of large dense-core vesicles.

    Castermans D, Volders K, Crepel A, Backx L, De Vos R, Freson K, Meulemans S, Vermeesch JR, Schrander-Stumpel CT, De Rijk P, Del-Favero J, Van Geet C, Van De Ven WJ, Steyaert JG, Devriendt K, Creemers JW.

    Hum Mol Genet. 2010 Jan 27. [Epub ahead of print]PMID: 20071347 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]Related articles


    Polymorphism screening of brain-expressed FABP7, 5 and 3 genes and association studies in autism and schizophrenia in Japanese subjects.

    Maekawa M, Iwayama Y, Arai R, Nakamura K, Ohnishi T, Toyota T, Tsujii M, Okazaki Y, Osumi N, Owada Y, Mori N, Yoshikawa T.

    J Hum Genet. 2010 Jan 8. [Epub ahead of print]PMID: 20057506 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]Related articles


    Autism and other neuropsychiatric symptoms are prevalent in individuals with MeCP2 duplication syndrome.

    Ramocki MB, Peters SU, Tavyev YJ, Zhang F, Carvalho CM, Schaaf CP, Richman R, Fang P, Glaze DG, Lupski JR, Zoghbi HY.

    Ann Neurol. 2009 Dec;66(6):771-82.PMID: 20035514 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]Related articles”

    “I believe vaccines cause autism the same way car crashes cause brain damage. Not all car crashes cause brain damage, not all brain damage is caused by car crashes, but car crashes do cause brain damage and vaccines do cause autism.”

    No. No, no, no. Because the evidence is not stacked that way. And your analogy is complete horse puckey.

    You won’t consider that maybe it’s your own genes that are the problem, will you.

  • Susan

    Wow, Katharine, I believe that’s called “flaming.” I was following this discussion with interest and about to comment, but I think silence is the only appropriate response to “babykillers” and “maybe it’s your own genes that are the problem.”

    And in case silence doesn’t get across the message, I’ve asked the Webmaster to remove your posts for misuse of this site.

  • bensmyson

    “Katharine” said : “You won’t consider that maybe it’s your own genes that are the problem, will you.”

    Of course genes play a role in the causation of autism, my son was genetically predisposed to not be able to handle the toxins injected into his body when he was 366 days old. Had he not have been vaccinated on that day Im certain that he would not have autism today.

    Would it stand to reason that if genes were the cause of autism then wouldnt there be autism in Ben’s family tree somewhere? No one has autism in that tree, not a single one. No one has anything like it.

    If autism was caused by genetics then were are he 1 in 110 autistic adults? Where were the hand flapping children of 1960?

  • AutismMan

    As an autistic (diagnosed with aspurgers at 4 specifically) – I would like to say something. Unless you have scientifically backed up evidence of your claims, stop using my disability as a guilt trip. Since the anti-vax movement has started and thiomersal has been removed from vaccines, there has been no reduction in autism (which we should have seen in 8 year old children starting in 2007, theroretically). However, there has been a spike in deaths from diseases that can be vaccinated against. Again – I do not want my disability used as a symbol of this movement.

    #35 – My sister has autism, where my half-sister does not (better evidence – post #33). Calling vaccines a “toxin” doesn’t say anything, and just because there are more autistic children now doesn’t mean vaccines are responsible. The 1960s weren’t when vaccination started, vaccines had existed for over a hundred years prior (this argument becomes more complex if you name a specific vaccine).

  • Autism Researcher

    As an Autism researcher I am on the front lines every day! While I appreciate the patience and dedication it takes to raise an autistic child I must say that current research DOES NOT point to vaccines. A scientific study is not made up of the observations and experiences of one parent and one child! Nor is it based on the observations and experiences of a family with an autistic child. There are currently two long term and extensive studies on autism that will hopefully find the answers we all seek. Please enroll or read about the SEED and EARLI studies.

  • aspiechildinaspen

    See “nursing nightmares” on you tube for a reality check on dangerous, deceptive nurses that work with autistic persons. The mom of this autistic boy kicks ass


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