News Roundup: Why the Sun Lost Its Spots

By Andrew Moseman | March 3, 2011 12:27 pm

Image: NASA

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  • nick

    “We need to become unafraid of risks.” Oh, you mean like the mortgage and financial industries? That went well.

  • Baten

    There is a more detailed article on the topic here for those who are interested:

  • scott

    With all the stuff going on down here….I dont think we should be focusing billions of dollars so rich people can go on a SUB-orbital flight, dumping potentially damaging particles in the upper atmosphere. Why spend trillions when we can use that money to set aside protected areas and clean up pollution messes down here.

    What are we going to do…go back to the moon…and for what? Build a little station for a few dozen people to take deep space snap shots? Gather frost from under the dust? Send another probe off into space for years to reach and suck up some methane on Titan or maybe land on Europa and scrape some ice looking for a microbe-like creature?

    We have this fantasy of flying off and colonizing some Pandora-like world, but it’s not going to happen. We should be focusing most of our scientific might and trillions of getting things in order on this ball. Mass extinctions, toxic pollution, over population, creepy religions and governments that get infected by them, and too many uneducated and unhappy people and if we dont figure out things down here, we wont last long enough to really be able to explore and enjoy space.

    All this colonize new worlds cr*p – where? Do you want to live on the dark cold moon? Or dead Mars? Face it, space travel and most of space is a cold, radioactive void that makes life impossible. Although I think there are other planets like Earth, we are not going to be able to get to them, especially if we allow things to decay here.

  • Jay Fox

    We have two choices: control population here, or find a place to expand. No one seems to be volunteering for sterilization in numbers that would matter. Any attempt to clean things up on the planet run into the same problem: too many of us create too much waste. We create it faster than we can deal with it. There are simply too many of us.

    If we are to abandon research on space travel and colonization, then we’d better get busy on reigning in the out of control population growth. Any plan that only addresses supply issues is doomed to fail. We must reduce consumption.

    If you put too many deer into an enclosure, they still breed. Then they run out of food, and most of them die off. People are the deer, and the globe is the enclosure. We will run out of food and resources, and most will die off.

    If we keep breeding like rabbits, the whole solar system will not be big enough.

  • J. Robinson

    Thank you to Scott and Jay for their comments. Until we learn to create a successful system here on this jewel of a planet, we’ll never succeed elsewhere..even if it were feasible. How about getting all those brilliant scientists who are obsessed with space travel to realize we’ve already arrived at our destination, and this is the result. We need to fix the system here.


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