Japan (Might) Be Using Robotic Help at Fukushima

By Patrick Morgan | March 19, 2011 2:12 pm

What’s the News: Japan has finally called in the robots to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, dispatching this red AKA Monirobo that is equipped with radiation detectors, temperature and humidity sensors, and a 3-D camera.

What’s the Olds:

    Not So Fast: It isn’t clear how much work (if any) the AKA Monirobo is accomplishing thus far.

      Image: Asahi Shimbun

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      • http://bossy-girls.net/ Lila Sovietskaya

        Big companies are managed by fossils. During the Triassic Era, there were no robots, hence the idea of using one did not occur in the mind of the brontosaurs. This is not only tipical of Japan but other countries where companies are managed by living fossils

      • Rabidmob

        Witty Lila…

        How about a robot that could carry in some hoses?

        These plants should be designed for robots so people do not have to consider forfeiting their lives or even dying before they get the job done.

      • http://boweiz.eklablog.com bowei

        Not only is it getting rodents like mice and moles which is good, it’s also getting all manner of birds, anoles, glass lizards, skinks, small snakes, insects, and baby oppossum and squirrels. It’s going to bring down a small deer some day I just know it.

      • Anne

        “What’s the Olds”??

      • http://solareclipsesoddcausialsetup.blogspot.com John Gooch

        The strong walls of the reactors are not easily opened in such a iffy safety time to allow robots to change the situation.
        I suspect that the army tank maybe to make an opening when all else fails.
        This is a serious puzzle to solve for the whole of the Human race that can solve them.
        Its a shame that they didn’t make it floating so that it could be moved on a canal to the sea.
        Too many people see a virtue in making use of uranium from the rocks of our planet before someone else not as careful with safety does but they them selves are evidently also not safe enough.
        I assume Wind power is not stored at night time to make hydrogen gas for the low wind times or for the needs of vehicles because oil would just go to a cheaper price and out price it and then be sold to the less Eco friendly Humans.

      • http://solareclipsesoddcausialsetup.blogspot.com John Gooch

        Jesus is a Lovely, Renewable and Sustainable HOPE – ENJOY!


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