Amazon Gets the Jump on Apple and Google by Launching Cloud Music Service

By Patrick Morgan | March 29, 2011 12:33 pm

What’s the News: Amazon has launched a fully working music locker and playback system this week. The cloud system allows users to upload digital music to the Web and play it on their computers and Android phones, giving Amazon a decided edge over its rivals. “Amazon has won the race of the big three to deliver a fully cloud-supported music option,” writes Tech Crunch’s MG Siegler.

Why the Hype:

  • Dubbed “Cloud Drive,” Amazon’s cloud storage service not only stores music, but also videos, photographs, and other documents.
  • Users receive the storage space equivalent of 1,200 tracks (5GB), though you can upgrade, paying as much as $1,000 for 1 TB of storage space, enough for about 70 hours of HD video.
  • Amazon provides free storage for every album purchased via Amazon MP3.
  • You’ll also get 20 free gigabytes for a year when you buy an album on Amazon MP3.
  • The playback service is called “Cloud Player,” and according to TechCrunch, “will let people listen to, download and make playlists from the music they store on Cloud Drive from any Web browser or from an app on Android devices.” It also works with Blackberry and Palm mobiles.

What’s the Context:

Not So Fast:

  • Amazon’s cloud service doesn’t stream music to iOS devices, which means you won’t see it on your iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. (You can download music to iOS devices—not nearly as smooth an interface.)
  • Although Cloud Player works on Chrome, Safari IE 8 and above, and Firefox 3.5 and above, it doesn’t work on Opera.
  • It’s only for U.S. users right now.
  • And you can’t use mobile devices to upload music.

Next Up: Amazon may be first, but it’s not going to be the only major company with cloud music storage for long: Both Apple and Google are expected to launch their own locker systems soon.

Image: Amazon

  • Headshots Los Angeles

    Let the cloud be free! Amazon got a jump on Apple but that really means nothing. Who ever makes the cloud easiest to use will win. I have a feeling Apple will create the best cloud experience for Apple products.

  • Notapawn

    Sounds cool… but I’ll stick to my 8track player.

  • G

    Did anyone else think this sounded like a commercial for

    1000$ for a terabyte? Even my craziest early-adopter friends won’t be shelling out that kind of cash for just 1TB.

  • hotels near disneyland

    Let the sky is free! Amazon has got a jump on Apple, but it really means nothing. Who does the cloud of the easiest to win. I feel like Apple makes the best experience of Apple cloud.

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  • karpe100

    Great idea Notapawn! The 8-Track is still a favorite in our house, too! But I do like the idea of cloud computing. It’s only a matter of time!

  • Eric T

    Great, now all we need is truly unlimited data service on cellphones in order to access and listen to our music. Sounds like this could get a lot of teens in trouble with their parents by incurring even more excessive data charges.

  • Chris

    Haha, dumb… Dropbox anyone?

  • Jeff

    Was access to digital music not just fine the way it was? Now we have to bring data plans and internet access into it? No thanks. I’ll just press play on my iphone or computer and not worry about it.

  • Chad Perkins

    With micro-sd cards being as inexpensive and as large as they are now, who cares about streaming your own selections over the web to your phone or other devices. Seems like a major step backwards. I have the whole firefly series, a season of monk, big bang theory, and Psych on my phone and I think my (now outdated) 16g micro-sd still has a good bit of room on it. Looks like another piece of useless tech that when marketed correctly will make people forget they could already do this better without the internet.

    How long before we see 500g Micro-sd cards?

  • berrynews

    unlimited data service on cellphones in order to access and listen to our music

  • Viviana Teitelbaum

    I will be bookmarking this article


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