Hi-Tech Archaeology Spots Lost Pyramids From Space, Explores Great Pyramid From Inside

By Valerie Ross | May 27, 2011 2:43 pm

Since before the Great Pyramid of Giza was enumerated as a wonder of the world two millennia ago, people have pored over the mysteries of these vast tombs. Now, modern technology is helping researchers glean new insight into the pyramids, revealing them from far above and exploring them from deep within.

Satellite images have revealed 17 “lost” pyramids and thousands of ancient tombs and settlements in Egypt, according to a BBC News report. Using a new imaging technique, researchers could pick out the outlines of ancient buildings buried under the surface.

Pyramids From Space—How the Heck:

  • The researchers examined hi-res infrared images taken by satellites orbiting at about 435 miles up.
  • Ancient Egyptian building materials, mostly mud bricks, are denser than the soil surrounding them. This density difference shows up on infrared images, exposing the location of shallowly buried structures.
  • The team’s test digs have backed up their imaging findings. So far, they’ve excavated a 3,000-year-old house from the ancient city of Tanis, near today’s San el Hagar in the Nile Delta.

What’s the Context:

  • Archaeologists have used a variety of remote sensing techniques to get a new view of hidden history, from thermal infrared scanning to find thousand-year-old roads in New Mexico to light-sensing LIDAR to map Maya sites in Central America.
  • Some ancient articles have been stolen or destroyed during the recent revolution in Egypt. Trying to revivify the tourism industry, the Egyptian government recently opened seven more tombs to the public. These new finds are likely to be a huge boon for archaeologists, and may increase public interest, as well.
  • If you want to see the new finds for yourself, the discoveries are the subject of an upcoming BBC One documentary, “Egypt’s Lost Cities.”

Composite image of red markings found in the Great Pyramid

Robot Pyramid Explorers—What’s the News: A robot has explored further than ever before into the labyrinthine tunnels of the Great Pyramid at Giza. It has sent back photos of red wall markings that have been hidden from view for 4500 years. The robot’s images may also help archaeologists understand the purpose of some mysterious copper door pins, the only known metal component of the pyramid.

How the Heck:

  • Egyptologists have long puzzled over two eight-inch square shafts that lead from the Queen’s Chamber deep inside the pyramid to vast stone doors: What’s the purpose of the shafts, and what, if any, secret chambers do the doors conceal?
  • A team of engineers, collaborating with the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, designed the robot to crawl through the small shafts, and send back images from a flexible snakelike camera that can peer around corners.
  • The robot made its way down one of the shafts, then poked its camera through a hole in one of the doors. The images it took show the walls of a chamber, sealed since the pyramid was built four-and-a-half millennia ago, painted with red markings.

What’s the Context:

  • Researchers aren’t yet sure what the red symbols mean. Such markings are common at ancient sites in Giza, Egyptologist Peter Der Manuelian told New Scientist. “They are often masons’ or work-gangs’ marks, denoting numbers, dates or even the names of the gangs.” Deciphering these ancient notes could help researchers understand how, and perhaps why, the shafts were built.
  • This isn’t the first robot explorer archaeologists have employed to investigate the shafts. In 1993, a robot made it over 200 feet into one of the shafts, providing the first pictures of the copper pins in the door. In 2002, a second robot drilled the hole in the door that the most recent one peered through.

Images: Flickr / girolame; Djedi Team

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  • Phillip Presswood

    The pyramids are from space!? Wow!

    Or should your title read: “From Space, Archaeology Spots Lost Pyramids, Explores Great Pyramid From Inside”


  • http://discovermagazine.com Iain

    Von Daniken (late 1970’s) proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that spaceborne aliens built the pyramids in his book Chariots of the Gods. This is old news

  • http://www.yourface.tumblr.com your face

    didn’t some chinese dude and his groups of scientists [dudes] discovered the red blotches not the robots ?

  • http://www.yourface.tumblr.com your face

    please answer this questino or else …


  • Bill

    Sqatting around in all that dust gives them pyramoids.

  • Tron

    If highly advanced extraterrestrials built the pyramids, why did they have to use stone? Why not some exotic alloy or other incredibly advanced materials we have never even dreamed about? Further, why not leave behind some incontrovertible evidence for future generations that these edifices were not built by the locals – like, for instance, a time machine or maybe some “plans” for a quantum teletransporter? Too busy, were they?

    Oh, you say they “liked” the local stone quarries and all that heavy lifting? Well, you got me there! After all, why visit from a far off galaxy and whisk around at near light speed on this planet erecting futuristic buildings when you can have a ball dragging around 20 ton rocks with ropes fashioned from grass! That will throw them off the scent! Thanks for the tip. 

  • http://ATLANTIS5.COM wolfstar

    THE reason we used stone is because stone is megalithic or of natural organic material, so when the earth frequency shifts are made,”man made”objects return to their natural element compositions. That is why we never find any signs of former civilizations except for stone artifacts.The bonze age was not old enough, EVERY 26000 YEARS earth cleanses itself by water or fire. But 2012 EARTH IS ASCENDING ALONG WITH ITS BEINGS FOR THE FIRST TME IN COSMIC HISTORY! ALL UNIVERSAL BEINGS ARE EAGERLY WAITING AND WATCHING… WE ARE TEACHING THEM.
    we must live in LOVE THUR the heart center and remember our past divinity.they left us the 13 crystal skulls. Giza pyramid was a time machine,a giant orgone generator.Atlanteans used antigraviy,giza was built from top to bottom in hours….

  • Moses

    I see the pyramid power morons from the 1970’s are still grasping at straws in a vain effort to not be total morons.

  • http://jayarava.blogspot.com Jayarava

    If you look at San Al Hagar on Google Maps you see more or less what is in the IR image supplied with the original BBC story: http://is.gd/V3bySY It’s totally obvious.

  • http://Libertaddemaya.blogspot.com Jnanananda

    The piramids were build to creat a net around the planet to bring a new concious using sacred geometry. The piramid wete contruct in a 4 dimension and the brought down to the third. But is to much information and english is not my first language. If you want to learn about it you can watch the drunvalo melquisedec videos in you tube about tne subject.

  • Ubi Dubium

    Just thought I’d mention, while the article is focusing on the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the photo above is not the Khufu’s pyramid, but Khafre’s.

    Amazing to see how any mention of Pyramids brings out the woo-pushers.

  • MT-LA

    @Ubi – But this is Grade A USDA Certified Woo. Complete with misspellings (piramids) and RANDOM capitalization. You gotta appreciate art when its at the peak of it’s craft!

  • Mark

    That’s woo above and beyond the call of duty. Sounds like Terence Moonseed in Rap News (#8 is out now on YouTube – work of genius).

    I bet every 2012-er laughed at the Rapture bunch.

  • Jack Death

    Everybody interested in this should read “The Giza Power Plant” by Christopher Dunn. Its probably the most comprehensive study of the Great Pyramid to date. There are videos on video.google of presentations (also called “The Giza Power Plant”) Christopher Dunn has given which cover many of the details.

  • TheCritic

    The Pyramids were built by me two years from now. Worship me.

  • Matt B.

    Von Däniken just thought brown people were too dumb to move rocks.

  • Wesley

    I can’t believe I actually read all these comments :( I can actually feel my IQ dropping..

  • http://Idfk?FB? Autumn

    Lmao, I wonder if my science teacher is here.

    HEY MR. A! 😀 I can’t believe you’re making me do this project. :(

    I can feel my IQ rising. DO NOT LIKE. D:

    I BOUGHT TWO BOOKS I COULD BE READING RIGHT NOW, BUT NOOO, I HAVE TO DO THIS DAMN PROJECT. You know what, I don’t like you ‘mmk? Jesusssss, now I have to go back and finish it. :( What is my lifeeeeeeee.

    I don’t even like Science FYI. How do you guys even find this remotely interesting? But hey, I like English class so, who even cares, right?

    P.S I will be giving you much attitude on Monday. This took like three hours to do. H8 U.

    With Love,
    Your Amazing Most Genius Student Ever. Lol, And You’re An Easy Marker. Or Maybe I’m Just Smart. Trollololol.


  • David

    That is NOT the Great Pyramid in that picture! The pyramid that still has some of the casing stones on top is the Pyramid of Khafre!! NOT Khufu!

  • Julian Alien

    I have several problems with this article.You keep calling it a tomb and I have seen no evidence of it being so.You date the construction at 4500 yrs ago and that Khufu built it.I have found no such evidence,in fact the originator of the myth Vyse was a scoundrel trying to make a name for himself.Zawi Hawass is also an International criminal who is desperate to cling on to his job.To me it would be quite simple to have the robot go back in the duct and scrape a piece of wax of the inscriptions,carbon date them and be done.After Zawi Haw ass is safely incarcerated of course.

  • max

    http://adf.ly/2HZk1 secret of the pyramids


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