What Is Synthetic Pot, and Why's It Causing Heart Attacks in Teenagers?

By Douglas Main | November 18, 2011 8:44 am

What’s The News: Three 16-year-old  teenage boys in Texas had heart attacks shortly after smoking a product called k2, or Spice, according to a study published this month in the journal Pediatrics. The report highlights a growing public health problem: the increased availability and use of synthetic cannabinoids, which when smoked mimic the effects of marijuana but typically can’t be detected in drug tests. While the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency secured an emergency, one-year ban of five synthetic cannabinoids in March of this year, most of the hundreds of such chemicals remain basically legal, widely available, little understood, and potentially harmful.

“Fake Pot” and Synthetic Cannabinoids:

  • “Fake pot” includes any of a number of products (with names like K2, Spice, Blaze, Red X Dawn) that are increasingly popular among young Americans. They usually contain herbs laced with various synthetic cannabinoids, and often marketed as incense.
  • Synthetic cannabinoids function similarly to marijuana’s prime ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC), which causes most of the plant’s well-known effects by partially activating cannabinoid receptors in the brain. (Described in some detail in an earlier post of mine here.)
  • Most of these chemicals bind much more strongly to CB-1 and CB-2 receptors than THC, causing more intense effects than cannabis. K2, for example, can cause intense anxiety, psychotic episodes, hallucinations, and even seizures. As pharmacologist David Kroll writes in an excellent post on his blog Terra Sigillata, THC is a “partial agonist” while many synthetic compounds are often “full agonists” at these receptors.

Chemicals Escape the Lab:

  • Many of the synthetic cannabinoids now used in K2 were developed in the mid-1990s as potential therapeutics by John W. Huffman, a Clemson University chemist. For that reason, many of these chemicals have names beginning with his initials, like JWH-018, one of the chemicals temporarily outlawed by the DEA in March. (Perhaps not the legacy he was aiming for.)
  • In 2008 the drugs were officially found outside the lab, in herbal blends sold in Europe, after which their availability and use spread widely.
  • Huffman has come out strongly against the casual use  and abuse of these chemicals. “Using these things is like playing Russian roulette because, we don’t have toxicity data, we don’t know the metabolites and we don’t know the pharmacokinetics,” Huffman said recently in Chemical and Engineering News.

Serious as a Heart Attack:

  • All three teenagers were seen at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas within three months of one another, after complaining of chest pain for several days. Myocardial infarctions were confirmed with EEG readings and the presence of troponin, a chemical released when heart muscles are damaged. Each was treated and released.
  • Though all three admitted to smoking marijuana in the previous few weeks, their use of K2 occurred just before symptoms of chest pain began. Two tested positive for THC; all tested negative for other drugs of abuse. Only one patient was tested for two synthetic cannabinoids, which weren’t detected. This is likely due to the widely varying blend of cannabinoids used in these products.
  • Very rarely, marijuana use has been linked to heart attacks, thought to arise from THC’s ability to increase heart rate and cardiac output.
  • K2 may cause an increased risk for a heart attack due to a stronger activation of this same pathway, or via another unknown route. Colin Kane, a pediatric cardiologist at UT Southwestern & Children’s Medical Center in Dallas told Reuters he was “certainly suspicious that there was something in the K2 that would have caused these heart attacks.”
  •  No chemical analysis was done on the products the teenagers smoked and is only described in the paper as, “K2, Spice (Dallas, Texas, manufacturer unknown).”

A Clear and Present Danger:

  • There are many reports on blogs and anecdotes from news stories nationwide that used of K2 or Spice has led young people to become mentally ill, become hospitalized, or commit suicide. Several deaths have been linked to synthetic cannabinoids; for example, a coroner’s report blamed JWH-018 (found in K2) for the sudden death of an apparently healthy 19-year-old basketball player in South Carolina.
  • From January through August this year, US Poison Control Centers received 4,421 calls regarding exposure to synthetic marijuana, a 52 percent increase over last year’s total.
  • In May the DEA outlawed five of these compounds. Many states around the country have enacted laws to ban the sale and possession of various synthetic cannabinoids. But the chemists who manufacture these chemicals know which substances can be tested for; by choosing different related compounds, of which there are hundreds, they can stay a few steps ahead of the law.
  • Though the DEA has the ability to prosecute people who manufacture chemicals that are “analogues” of currently banned substances, such action has rarely been taken, and it’s unclear what the exact chemical definition of an “analogue” is.
  • An opinion piece published this month in Nature Medicine argues that testing of these chemicals should be taken up by the Laboratory Response Network. This nationwide group of labs was set up by presidential decree to quickly provide data about novel chemicals associated with biological or chemical terrorism or other  “high priority public health emergencies.” Study author Jeffery Moran notes that Arkansas legislators used the network to produce data to support a ban of various synthetic cannabinoids, and established a testing protocol for detecting K2 products now in use worldwide.

[Read more at Terra Sigillata]

Reference: Arshid Mir, MD, Adebisi Obafemi, MD, Amy Young, MD, Colin Kane, MD. Myocardial Infarction Associated With Use of the Synthetic Cannabinoid K2. Pediatrics. Published online November 7, 2011. DOI: 10.1542/peds.2010-3823

Image credit: U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency 

  • Wes55

    Once again prohibition has created the public health emergency, driving people toward greater danger. Safer herbal cannabis is replaced by K2 made with JWH-18. Then JWH-18 is outlawed, replaced by other synthetics and people start to die. Will we ever learn?

  • Kirk

    It is JWH-118 and is powdered weed. It’s online.

  • Andrew

    End prohibition and make everything safer.

  • Sandra Wherley

    And then it will be another and another and another…..

  • Sandra

    I’m going to smoke a bowl and ponder this issue.

  • Catherine

    I don’t remember when I read it, but there was an article on jimson weed in Discover magazine & the awful side effects sound similar to k2. & yes end the prohibition on the real cannabis

  • rob

    there is nothing that is not bad for you if used in excess. it is impossible to outlawstupidity. When your young it is almost mandatory. People have to be responsible for their own mistakes we cant outlaw everything. Back off big brother.

  • 2crudedudes

    Cannabis is less harmful than a lot of legal drugs and most psychoactive drugs. Yet we waste so much money on its criminalization and push people onto dangerous drugs for a policy not based on science.

    Also, I think the use of the phrase “synthetic marijuana” is misleading. These are 5 synthetic cannabinoids, but cannabis has over 60 different cannabinoids.

  • Dave

    I smoked a product called dime last night 11/18/11 and my pupils were so huge that you saw no color just black and my heart was beating so unbelievably fast that I thought this was it, I’m going to die. These people that make these products don’t care about the effects of their products please figure out a way to ban all these and legalize pot. These synthetic drugs are to dangerous, hell the five chemicals the DEA banned never made me feel the way I did last night, I never felt like I was dying. These new ones though are way to crazy it isn’t safe period and people are going to die if this doesn’t get taken seriously.

  • Dave

    Stop all these smoke shops in washington state from selling these please!!! These chemists are stupid evil human beings who just want to make money. Why is the government letting them make money, when the government can legalize marijuana and hopefully end this recession

  • Aidan

    Hmm, we outlaw natural pot, replace it with lab made chemicals, and people start having heart attacks. This reminds me of what happened with cocaine. Coca leaves > Cocaine > Crack> Deaths.

    Maybe we ought to start regulating natural products instead of outlawing said products or replacing them with far worse substances…On the other hand, the drug war has created a multi-billion dollar industy, and making those drugs legal might be bad for the economy…What a mess our silly governments have made…

  • damiana

    the stuff is bad even without the chems… the main ingredient is Damiana, a shrub… it naturally contains cyanide and several cyanide like compounds. You die of cyanide poisoning, or complications due to cyanide poisoning.

    i was using the stuff, then suddenly i couldnt sleep for 4 days, vomiting colors, yellow, orange, brown…. siezure, and convulsions… it was awful.

  • Karen

    It wouldn’t matter if pot was legal or not. This product would still be on the market. That’s because it is very difficult to dedect in drug tests. There are more than 400 chemicals used to make ‘poison sprayed on leaves’ (aka synthetic marijuana). There are currently tests for 14 by blood and 5 by urine. For that reason, a lot of people smoke it. So, get rid of your argument that if we just legalize marijuana, this stuff wouldn’t be out there. And, do we really want to sell something that causes seizures, hallucinations, paranoid delusions, vomiting, heart attacks, ect next to the bubble gum and candy, like we are doing now? I guess it will be OK with you guys until your friends are the ones dying. I care because my son die after smoking a product called iAroma. It contained JWH 210 and caused him to have paranoid delusions and hallucinations. He drive 100 miles an hour into a house and died. He was not a drug user and had a conversation with his friend, at the mall where the bought it, that it must be safe because it was legal. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I’m contacted daily from people that have horror stories about the “worst experience” of their lives after getting a particularly strong package of this stuff. I also hear from families of the dead. We just had a young man die of a heart attack after smoking this stuff. Yes, people are having heart attacks. This stuff is extremely dangerous. It kills and ruins lives more than you can ever imagine. And, every package has a different potency. You can smoke it 30 times and be fine. The 31st time, may be the end of your life or the “worst experience” of your life. The developer of the original JWH 018 says that it’s like playing “Russian Roulette”. I’m not making this up. It’s that dangerous. I can tell you stories that would make you sick. I hear them everyday.

  • Jim

    Legalize Marijuana. Problem solved.

  • baller

    Karen – That’s terrible about your son, but you’re logic regarding the effect of the legalization of marijuana on the use of these products is flawed. If marijuana is legalized then employers etc. won’t test for marijuana and there will be no reason for people to use marijuana-like substances that can’t be detected by drug tests. I’m not saying these products would disappear completely, but the main reason for their use (as stated by you) would no longer exist. I’m not certain of the employment laws involved, but if legalized, I would assume employers couldn’t test for marijuana, as is the case for other legal drugs (caffeine, alcohol, nicotine).

  • Test

    Karen said “There are currently tests for 14 by blood and 5 by urine. For that reason, a lot of people smoke it. So, get rid of your argument that if we just legalize marijuana, this stuff wouldn’t be out there.”

    If pot was legal….why would they care about test?

    I drink fairly regularly every 5 to 10 days. The only time I care about test for blood alcohol level is if I need to drive some where (which I don’t do IF i’ve been drinking).

  • Jayum

    Karen- Your son is responsiple for his own actions. Firstly, these products specifically say not for human consumption and your son knowingly ingested these compound for hedonistic purpose and couldn’t handle his s***. Should we outlaw airdusters cause people knowingly huff them while driving, blackout and hit other cars.

  • shan diggs

    It’s such a shame people can’t get access to 100% non-lethal and healthful cannabis sativa, enjoyed by man since pre-biblical times, and instead are forced to try this revolting and dangerous chemical substitute. Legalize cannabis and we will see 0% of people wanting to use this nasty stuff. Legal alcohol and nicotine kill millions every year, yet we feel consumption of these is a personal liberty, while 100% non- toxic natural cannabis remains forbidden to good law abiding citizens.. what a stupid and unhealthful policy!

  • jake

    I took one hit of synthetic marijuana and i thought my heart was going to explode. never smoking it again. wish i had read this site before smoking it

  • e man

    I was smoking alot of different synthetic shit for a few months, i really think it almost killed me a few times. I really suggest you don’t do it at all but if you gonna, you HAVE to be careful!
    Don’t think this is not a real drug. Only take a hit or 2 and see if you are ok. ?Besides feeling like i was gonna have a heart attack and being pretty much paralyzed for like 30 mins, I actually forgot who i was completely on it once and have had a near death experience on it too. It is just not worth it honestly. I don’t think the kids reading this won’t try it but please please be as careful as you can, this shit is far from that good old weed we all have grown to love.
    By the way I haven’t used that stuff in like 2 weeks and i am still feeling some effects (pretty bad insomnia)
    Also try to remember that if you are experiencing something scary on it that it only lasts like 2 hours at the most, most blends like 45 mins to an hour.
    but really leave that shit

  • christopher

    I think karen is speaking out of pain and is unfortunate enough to be one of the few who had family die from abusing fake pot. I used it a few times. Its pretty weak. Wish real pot was legal so I wouldn’t have to use this shit to keep my job.

  • Cyndi

    Pot is a gateway drug and has been proven to be so. It has started many on a path of self destruction and those around them, who love them, watch in agony. Or, as some of the previous posts indicate, you just end up plain dumb. Also, even if pot was legalized companies have every right to set their own policies and continue a drug free workplace. They can test and fire according to their policies. They are obligated to maintain a safe work environment by law. Would you want a surgeon operating on you under the influence on any kind of pot, drug, or alcohol? Think about that the next time you or a loved one goes under the knife.

  • http://xenobestore.com Claire

    Sorry to hear that however there are people allergic to THC. I know a few myself that cant smoke any weed or they could end up in the ER. With that said this heart attack thing is debatable. I know a 70 year old women who smokes regularly, has had 3 heart attacks prior to smoking anything(exsisting medical conditions) and has not had a single heart issue from spice yet. Her tests are clean. I know a few people who are elderly on medications that debilitate them and have resorted to synthetic cannabinoids to help with their ailments. There is great medicinal value here but with all this mis information going around they paint this picture like everyone is dying from this stuff and that is simply not true. Why dont people test for lead poisoning. This stuff comes from China so why wouldn’t lead be a factor?
    I am a manufacturer of incense however we manufacture in the U.S. it has chems like all the others but its tested for toxins and its prepared by a licensed chemist. If you do not have a licensed chemist your opening the door for things like this. Lab tests have to be done and additional steps should be taken to ensure the safest possible product. Ive tried blends that made me hallucinate stronger than LSD(hence the reasons people think they are going to die) and i have had some that made me sick. It all comes down to how much do you know about the product your smoking? If you know nothing about it you are gambling with your life. There has been meth amphetamine found in some of these blends, psychedelic mushrooms all kinds of stuff. So to say its synthetic cannabinoids solely is bad journalism.
    If you want good incense than stop buying from basement blenders and go with a reputable supplier.
    Be safe and be smart. There is some great blends out there.

  • Susan

    The DEA does not care about this stuff. My lawyer is a former DEA agent and im telling you they do not have the money the man power or do they give a shit about this new wave of drugs. The only reason they do anything is because the public keeps on them. Otherwise they have stated that they are unable to stop this and they are more concerned about cocaine heroin meth etc. Those kill people everyday. Alcohol kills people everyday. Coffee is responsible for 4500 ER visits every year. People die everyday from peanut allergies. And cigarettes, cmon now they kill 100s of thousands of people but thats ok. These are taxable regulated drugs and therefore are socially acceptable. Why? because the government has made you believe they are some wonderful regulators who are out for your best interests. Why are dumb people attacking Incense? Would you rather your kids smoke crack? Regardless they are going to get high no matter what. And banning these chems is more dangerous than leaving us alone. Every time you ban one we have to use a new one and that opens the door for real issues. Some of these have been tested but now they are banned so we move on to untested chems. The government is hurting you by banning this stuff.
    And with new legislation we are getting away from the chems and will have all natural products. Doesnt mean its safer just means we are on to a whole new scene. Once they ban all synthetics we will issue the natural and then they will never be able to stop it. They are only hurting themselves. Science is smarter than the law will ever be. This is not going to go anywhere ever! Besides I like paying my bills and putting my kids to sleep in a real bed rather than living off the government jobless. Thank you spice for saving my life and my family. This has created thousands of small businesses and even more jobs. Its generating 5.5 billion a year. The government took our jobs and we created new ones. And if the government doesn’t start doing something to fix this nation they we’ll put a ban on them

  • Adrienne

    I to have seen the effects that this sythetic drug is doing. Its is killing young adults. young adults that have never even tried illegal drugs before. the numbers of illness are growing rapidly and it needs to be stopped. I myslef was ignorant enough to try this stuff out. i actually tried it for several months before experiencing horrible side effects from it. It wasnt until a friend of mine overdosed and went to the er with kidney failure that i put all of this together and did my homework on this stuff. We need to raise awareness not just on these blogs. Please those of you that have experienced or weitnessed the horrible side effects from ingesting this synthetic stuff dont be afraid to speak up. call your newspapers call your radio stations the more people that raise awareness the quicker the government will have to do something. Parents dont know that their kids are trying this stuff. Raising awareness is half the battle. im dedicating my time to get this stuff more recognized and talked about in my area and urge you all to do the same. THIS STUFF IS KILLING kids and young adults around the country. Slowly but surely its becoming an epidemic that this generation does not need. please get the word out. if you get sick from it please tell the doctors whats happened lets start changing things and getting this taken care of. the more people who are fighting to get this out there and more public the better.

  • Ali

    In all actuality, what teenage kid is going to go to the convenient store or wherever they pick up their “spice” from and look at every kind then go home and research it before they decide on which one to get? Teenagers now a days, at least where I come from, obviously aren’t looking to research drugs, they want a high which is why they do something as idiotic as smoking K2 or any other “spice.” I say spice quoted because although there may be good there may be bad, it all could lead to harmful side effects; anything that you inhale can have a negative effect on your body, no matter what it is. I watched my best friend have a seizure on my living room floor from smoking Mad Hatter, not because he smoked “too much” and not because he smoked marijuana (because he didn’t) He took a hit, one hit and that’s all it took. It’s not something to mess around with. As much as a lot of the people in the United States want marijuana legalized, it doesn’t give you a right to go sprinkle some incense in a paper and smoke it. In my opinion it shouldn’t be allowed to even be sold in a store.

  • Robert

    The makers of K-2 and other products close to it should have a rope around their neck, CEO and anyone else involved in it. One day there will be the wrong child who dies from it and that parent will hunt them down and well you know the rest. Teenagers or children think if you can buy it at the store it must be safe! Come on people we all know teens do not think first before it is to late. The makers should be put in jail for every child who died from this drug. Adults who smoke it, well they are just Stupid and a waste of society’s time!

  • Ty

    I myself have had 3-5 close heart attacks from the stuff,a couple anxiety attacks,and.1 seizure, and seen many other people trip out pretty bad ,but none of that convinced me to stop until I started having anxiety attacks without being under any influence.now I get them when smoking weed,i can’t enjoy any highs anymore.everyone and anyone reading, stick to weed…or a better solution, stay sober…I’m 18 and been smoking spice for around 2 years and weed for WAY longer.

  • John

    I am also one of the idiotic few that started consuming Mr Nice Guy out of simple convenience of being able to buy at the local gas station. The Potency is definitely a variable and I did almost die on it. I now have a chronic heart condition called Angina and I sure am living it up! To hell with the producers of this stuff and I hope you rot just as you’ve made me. My life will never be the same again.

  • https://twitter.com/andye5894 Elmore

    Baller- your statement about what employers can test for is inaccurate. I know for a fact that companies test for nicotine and don’t hire if you pass the test because companies who do that get a break on employee health insurance rates. A company can test for whatever they like legal or not.

    Anyways my opinion on the stuff:
    I believe my brother is addicted to it. I have never seen him have a seizure but I have seen him sitting in the chair and become completely unresponsive to reality like his brain was just completely turned off then all of a sudden he is back like nothing happened.
    My brother has apparently sold his laptop, ps3 and guitar so he could afford to by this fake weed and it appears to be ruining his life. I just hope he doesn’t die from this stuff.

  • Misty

    Ok… Adults are not a waste of society just because they try it too. Kids are not the only un informed . They don’t tell anyone when they buy it that it can kill you. And… Just because they have a seizure and die does not mean they couldn’t handle their shit. Dumbest comment I’ve heard on here. He’ll be the next to have a seizure.due only to his stupidity.

  • amanda

    All i have to say is i tried this as an alternative and it is the farthest thing from weed completely different high anyway after about a month i quit i was feeling suicidal i almost ended a 5 year relationship and 1 year engagement because i was literally going insane paranoia voices telling me awful things it was horrible and i quit nd in so happy i did i now have seizures that are miserable. Please don’t be an idiot smoke pot or exercise or get adrenaline this shit just sucks

  • Straw Man

    Speaking of dumb comments, Misty, the post referred to by “couldn’t handle their shit” was of a kid smoking, then, due to the intensity of the high, decided to get behind the wheel of a car and drive it 100 mph into a house. I don’t know about you, but if I was scared of how screwed up I was, I would not be compelled to get into a car and drive 100mph in a residential area. And if I happened to be driving during the time of consumption (terrible idea, even more so when you don’t know how you’re going to be affected), I would drive safely as possible until the nearest place to pull over.

  • Chemich

    Can I just say first off, your DOCTOR has to RECOMMEND the use of this drug. People can be ALLERGIC to the contents INSIDE K2 or any other type of synthetic weed.

    If you’re smoking synthetic weed without a prescription without clearance from your doctor, and a valid reasoning along with an analyzation of your medical history and you suffer from heart attacks and whatever else it’s your OWN FAULT. It’s meant to be a PRESCRIPTION drug, not a play toy for stressed out morons. It’s the same problem with kids messing around with heart medication to get a high. First off if you’re the parent and your kid does this stuff, it’s your fault for not parenting him in the first place.

    It’s not the drug, it’s the user. Either your body isn’t supposed to be able to handle it, is allergic to it, or you’re not tuned for having any type of high.

    Sure it may be sold among stores, but it doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Anyone under 18 should not be screwing around with this stuff unless a DOCTOR says it’s okay. I’m sorry parents but it is your fault, and you’re the one accountable if anything does happen to your child. Sure it’s legal, but that doesn’t mean it won’t kill you. You can die from drinking and driving, and alcohol poisoning, but beer is sold in almost every store. You can die from many different types of medicine that’s over the counter, but they don’t illegalize that.

    Just use your common sense and stop being morons. Yes I’ve smoked it before, and I had a good experience with it. Mainly for testing purposes, and I was really stressed out because of the people I have to deal with at my job. Really takes the edge off after every other person has to ask for batteries when it’s right in front of them as soon as they enter the store.

    Also another things, some companies can test for this drug if they want to. Although it is new and it isn’t illegal yet, as Elmore said they can test for whatever they want to if they see fit. If you’ve ever done a certain over the counter medicine, or on the shelf medicine if they didn’t want people using it in their company that’s directive to their consent.

    Crap like this is why every other country hates America, because we all seek to blame others when the problem is right in the mirror.



    Synthetic cannabis is garbage. Clearly no matter what this f*cked up government will push chemical substance bullshi+ on people taking away legality of the natural herbs/pot which at least we know the side effects of over time and under the influence of unlike a research chemical where people are the test subjects of this $hit. And the retard who said its a prescription drug why can anyone go to thestore and buy it? When i had my prescription i needed my insurance card so thats obviously not the case with this crap. As long as prohibition is around people will keep using these chemicals which can sometimes be composed of acetone- an evaporator used for getting water out of gas in your car or other vehicles so consider that as well before trying this trash.

  • Dan

    I recently tried a product called Revalation from Zombie Matter and I made the mistake of taking one whole hit and holding it for 3 seconds. I thought I was going to die, my heart was racing and it was pounding so hard it was affecting my breathing like when you pound on your chest when you talk. I have had panic attacks before and this was the mother of all panic attacks. I have an urgency to walk when im having a panic attack, to me, it helps dissapate the energy like after you run hard it’s good to walk after to slow your heart rate. On this stuff I was pacing in my yard for a half hour hoping that I wouldn’t die. I have been smoking weed for 25 years and had to stop because of drug testing for employment. They NEED to legalize marijuana and put a stop to all this fake crap. Alcohol and cigarettes are legal and they kill thousands every year. No one ever died from marijuana….EVER!!!!!!

    Needless to say I threw the rest in the trash and I will wait till I have a job to smoke the real stuff again. Do yourself a favor and don’t even try it. It’s like the wild west with that stuff, you dont really know whats in it and reports of severe kidney damage are starting to surface. at the end of the day it’s not worth it. Peace and be safe

  • ME

    I just wanted to add to this because I just lost one of my best friends to a massive heart attack at age 29. And another had a heart attack and had a pacemaker put in. This is crazy insane to me why would you intentionally put yourself at risk of having a heart attack. Who’s like hummm, I fell like getting stoned but I can’t smoke real pot because my job so I think I’ll smoke this synthetic crap and put my life at risk. Another thing I cant understand is the government will pay for studies for this crap and not for that of real marijuana. I have tried this synthetic marijuana on several occasions a few years back and found that it taste terrible, my heart rate would greatly increase causing me to have a panic attack, also if I had been drinking and decided to use this I would be almost instantly sick. Maybe there are some of you out there that think this is a great idea and it doesn’t effect you as greatly. However I can tell you this I work in the medical field and the amount of people who come in from heart problems or panic attacks from this crap is a huge number how ever not once have I heard of a patient coming in because he/she had a heart/panic attack from real marijuana. So please do not use this drug.

  • Kyle

    This is all propaganda. Scare tactics. Where is the evidence? The proof? Cite your sources for God’s sake.
    I’m not saying this stuff doesn’t harm people. But honestly, chill the fuck out and go collect some proper evidence before completely dumping all faith into this heap of crap. I get tired of Americans hearing about something and blowing it all to hell. Salvia was criminalized because teenagers would smoke it, flip out and go to the hospital. If people would stop stereotyping and flipping out because some news agency runs their mouth, marijuana (and LSD, for that matter) would still be legal.
    It’s true though. This stuff is ridiculous. There are no studies on many of these compounds. But people are idiots if they don’t do the research first. My best advice is just to go get some real pot.

  • Ted

    The Proof is in the Pudding.

    So many people randomly posting here to say they had negative experience with these synthetics. I won’t even call them synthetic ‘cannabinoids’ because fuck knows what’s in them now days.

    I tried JWH-018 (I think) back in the day, intense but short lasting and didn’t do anything too outrageous. Now they’ve made that chem illegal in Aus, I tried another ‘legal’ one today because I felt like having a smoke.. And OH MY GOD.

    I’ve done a lot of stupid shit and put a lot of chemicals into my body in the name of recreation but never have I got it so far wrong. One little puff was all it took and within the minute my head space was changing rapidly while my heart was racing harder and harder. I felt weak, I felt an impending sense of doom, I thought I could be having a heart attack.

    For the first time in my life I found myself considering calling emergency before sensibly winding up on the floor underneath the shower trying to calm myself down. After about 20-30 minutes it was manageable… but never again. I can’t fucking imagine what I would have been like if I smoked a joint of this. I smoked about 1/3 of a cone. Effects lasted hours.

    Later on I’ve come online to look at the negative side-effects and found ordinary people reporting almost carbon copy symptoms. Marijuana NEVER did anything that crazy. Fuck synthetic pot. Legalise Marijuana.

  • Shane

    I know first hand what this crap is doing. After coming home one night to my wife smoking K2 she was out of here mind, saying all kinds of crazy shit. She was acting like a total dumb ass and trying to make myself and the police believed her bullshit story. Never mind the story look how there body’s act while they are on this crap. I am one that does not smoke pot however they would be better off smoking the real deal then this synthetic shit. Here is… the sad part of it all…. Even after they see things or believed that something happen after the high is gone they still believed it happen to them no matter how ridiculous the story is … NO! NO! NO! NO! BAN THIS SHIT. THIS CRAP CAUSED ME TO LOSE MY WIFE AFTER 11 YEARS not to even bring up the fact that this shit cost about $29.00 for a little pouch. think about that addiction cost every other day. I wish I could have video tape her while she was on this crap and then show her the next day.

  • brett

    If someone wants to take the risk of dying just like you do skydiving or bungie jumping, let them do it and worry about yourself and your own life

  • Joe

    These compounds are NOT a substitute for marijuana, and that’s exactly why they’ve gotten such a bad rap. People ingest these compounds as if it were marijuana, and the result is people get sky high, anxiety takes over, and soon you’re in a full-blown panic attack which feels like impending death, especially if you’ve never experienced one before.

    This is for sure the source of many claims involving hospitalizations, seizures, strokes, heart attacks, and so on.

    Is it possible these compounds have induced those events in some individuals? Maybe.

    Have these compounds actually killed people? In my opinion that’s debatable, and I wouldn’t believe any such claim unless it was backed up with solid evidence addressing cause of death and not some anecdotal story.

    I have no doubt cannabis is much safer, but I also tend to think a lot of the hysteria surrounding these compounds is due to uneducated users.

  • http://www.castrovillecasa.org/ Terrence Boepple

    I have overall health complications since i was a boy. I usually really want to remain informedwith every little thing with regards to wellness challenges, discover therapies, study about new health conditions. Basically i like searching about every thing regarding health in general.

  • Chooch

    As a whole im against synthetics entirely, but i have dipped my toes
    ive used a couple different spices, varying effects where-in. obv i prefer good ole bud but its not always that easy.
    Ive heard lots of things about potential side effects but havent seen real data other than references to some kids that checked into thier school nurse office a COUPLE YEARS ago… and no notable stories since? if anyone has a legitimate health issue doctumented let them present it.
    Here say speculation is quite foolish, even in the name of public health…(for god sakes people there’s flouride in our water supply, and mercury in our vaccinations!!)(<-research this and flourides connection to the pineal gland *NOT PENILE lol*)

    Now i will say a few things, to understand the effect of the greater amount of available spices, you have to personally know how it feels to be high on thc, and have experienced some sort of hallucination be it shrooms salvia lsd… all of which are chemical variants (both synthetics, and natural growing things) of naturally occurring in our body DMT(<-research this, its what makes us dream, its created in the pineal gland)
    IF YOU HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED THESE THINGS, you cannot be expected to understand the state of mind there in, as you have NO BASIS to comprehend the state of mind. In other words, you claim to know the outcome of an experiment while your only testing the control group. You cant know what being drunk is like til you get drunk. etc.
    Now, these people that are having cardiac issues and panic attacks, this is happening because they THEMSELVES are creating the issue and taking on nervousness because they were unprepared for the experience, or an obvious answer have had far too much. The only key piece of real evidence would be the exsisting TROPONIN in the muscle tissue surrounding the cardial and plural cavities. because after some possibly bingy nights i have had wierd chest pain upon waking… i have attributed this to either my workout or awkward sleep the ?two? times it occured, if i ever experience it again i will personally take a troponin test and provide my results in an open medical journal. ill link the shi+. PS you can sit in a corner and think about shit== that stresses you out and let your body be physically affected like producing adrenalin and writhing around, over contracting muscles etc to the point where you indeed produce troponin. *think of the feeling of heartache*

    I will say that some spices in my experience can be scary. I will single out the blend DEMON because this is the only brand which cause me to have recurring experiences [(being made seem more real and fool me into even physical response or momentary ,fear,pain etc. because of the slight hallucinogenic capabilities (the brand red magic made me full on trip if i had too much)] with the memory of a meat slicer i cut myself on once.. it coming to mind while in this state allowed me to experience the thought too 'real-ie' and for a moment feel the real pain of the situation, then once this had happened i proceded to ponder on what had just happend to me and the nature of the anxiety involved changed, the meat slicer was gone but the thought of being in the pain was almost pressing at times and had to be shooken off, the affect then came back the next time a tried demon and reached the same 'level'. Needless to say i got scurred of it, so i got a G of some bud from a buddy… then… WTF i had the experience again while i was high (it was a clean bowl btw trolls). THEN I REALIZED WHAT HAD HAPPENED. THE EXPERIENCE I FELT WAS ALLOWED TO BE SO STRONG BE MY ALTERED STATE ON DEMON… IT BECAME IMMEDIATELY RECALLABLE LIKE A MEMORY IN ITSELF APART FROM THE ORIGINAL MEAT SLICER ACCIDENT, WHEN HIGH ON THC I IN A SENSE REMINDED MYSELF OF THE INTENSE INSTANCE ON DEMON, WAS ABLE TO RECALL HOW STRONGLY I REACTED AND PROVOKE IT IN MYSELF. LIKE REMEMBERING THINGS FROM YOUR THOUGHT PROCESS WHILE ON A TRIP.

    YOU CANNOT FULLY UNDERSTAND THIS GOOD TRIP BAD TRIP IDEA, AND CENSORING YOUR OWN MIND THROUGH A DRUG INDUCED STATE UNLESS YOU HAVE YOURSELF EXPERIENCED IT. THE LEVEL OF COMPREHENSION IS COMPLETELY ALTERED AND CANNOT BE COMPARED. Any actions by any person affected by most mainstream spices are there own actions, they may simply be letting the substance affect them far too much.
    A man beats his kids because he's drunk, is the drink a factor, likely, is the drink the source of the dark thought process that led the man to beat his kids. no. he is. i can go get drunk and write on the sidewalk with my neice a not be tempted to throw her across the driveway lol. THE ACTIONS WONT MANIFEST IF THE THOUGHT PROCESS DOESNT EXSIST.

    To instances regarding the spacing out of an individual then snapping back to it, its a drug induced day dream you describe… like a thought adventure. They are just pursuing the thoughts in their head to the point that outer stimuli seem lessened, thens its like hah woah i can beleive i just spent two minutes thinking about what it would be like if broccoli came in different colors or literally anything you can imagine… cause its the imagination were talking about here.


  • Sam

    I smoked the synthetics for about two years. I used it because i suffer from chronic pain but my place of employment constantly did random drug tests. I smoked it with many friends. I only saw one person “freak out” after smoking. Yes, he was paranoid. but after being talked to by a friend, he was calm and it was all good. But the statement is true that getting high isn’t for everyone. Anyway, after two years of smoking this stuff the only bad effect i encountered was a sore throat. It took two years of smoking this stuff to get a sore throat and people are talking about taking one hit and feeling like they’re going to die? I find this baffling. You have to know you and know what you’re getting into. That’s all it really comes down to. I’m not saying that the stuff is safe because well, it’s not. What I am saying, is that every person is different. And yes, we are all responsible for our own actions. Everyone wants this stuff to be banned and taken out of stores because people, mainly kids/teenagers are experiencing health problems from it. What about all of the health problems that come from drinking? Smoking cigarettes? Pipe tobacco? How about this…lets ban fast food because it’s causing heart problems, liver disease, obesity(which can then cause asthma), Diabetes…need i go on? And parents are shoving these health risks down their childrens’ throats before they can even say mommy or daddy. Personally, I’d rather do something that could end my life right then and there than consume fast food which could make me live unhappily for the rest of my life. Just Sayin. I’m 25 years old by the way. Just so you people know that this isn’t some uneducated, uninformed kid who just wants to get high. I now have a different job which allows me to smoke real weed and im very happy about this. I would advise everyone to stick to mary jane. but if for some reason you can’t and you have to turn to the alternative, just do your research and take it slow.

  • Justin

    I will NEVER, touch these “spices” again. I’ve smoked pot for a long time, and a lot of it, might I add. Last semester I started smoking some of the various brands and types of “legal herb” with a few of my friends in college. A little didn’t seem to affect me so much, so I kept on smoking it. It was fun, we would get stoned like we would if we were smoking real bud and everything was alright. Christmas break came around and we all went home so we quit smoking it. I had smoked it a few seperate times since then and everything was alright still, until last night(April 21, 2012). I took one huge hit of this shit out of a gravity bong and held it in for a few seconds. I’d done this several time with both real bud and this synthetic crap, so I wasn’t the least bit worried, until about 3-5 minutes later. I started hallucinating so bad that I thought I could feel my body coming ang going from itself while still somehow staying in the same place. I had to pee but while on my way to the restroom I started to feel like throwing up. This high from this stuff made me concentrate on not puking all over the carpet that I completely forgot about having to pee and just pissed my pants uncontrolably and not even knowingly at the time. When I finally got to the bathroom and started to vomit, I was tripping out so bad I thought I was vomiting up blood, and a large amount of it. I had completely lost memory of anything I had eaten that day that could have been red. Crying in fear I screamed relentlessly for my friend to come and tell me what I had eaten and to take me to the hospital. This “legal herb”, made me trip so bad that I thought I was literally vomiting up mass amounts of blood and lung tissue. It was chocolate, and a hamburger that I had eaten for supper. I wasn’t vomitting blood or lung tissue like I had been thinking. After calming down about the vomit, and getting some clothes to change into, I was alone in the bathroom and started looking at the mirror. Still under the effects of the shit that I had so stupidly put into my body, I started tripping again; thinking that somehow I was the person in the mirror looking back at me, and that I was just some being in the bathroom. At this point, I thought I had permafried myself. I literally thought that I had screwed my brain up for the rest of my life. It took me like twenty minutes to calm myself down and get changed to get out of the bathroom. About 5 minutes after, the effects we completely gone.

    Look people, I don’t care what’s going to be put up after this post. I know that there will be people laughing at me and my story, or thinking, “wow, this guy is a fuckin nut case and an idiot.” If you’re on this page looking at this stuff, you obviously had some curiousity of the effects of this stuff and somehwere deep down, a bit of concern about it. So go on and say whatever you want, but I’ve got friends that have done massive amounts of lucy/acid and mushrooms, and they said none of them were ever like this stuff, and I’m talking like several hits of acid at once, or like almost 12 grams of some potent ass shrooms. It fucks up your brain.

    I just want the people out there that do give a shit and are worried about their loved ones or even themselves personaly experimenting with it, this is a first hand experience of what this stuff. Please don’t mess with it, not out of fear for it, but simply the respect of your body and your life. If I hadn’t had my friends there to calm me down, there’s no telling what I might have done. If you wanna get high, hit up your local pot dealer, cause believe me I know there’s one in just about every city, and get you some good ole Mary Jane. Get blazed as fuck, the natural, unharmful way, that it’s been being done for hundreds upon hundreds of years.

  • steve

    well let me start by saying that i have been an on and off user of ‘synthetics’ for about two years. i was introduced to it by my bro and a friend. we were sittin around scrapin rez to smoke due to the lack of real weed in my area when my friiend told me that for 20 bux i could go to the beer distributer and buy this one shit called Flame that was legal and would get us stoned out of our minds. he decribed it as insence and said it was herbs and legal, and therefore must be safe. i actually kida doubted that i would get high at all, i mean come on, its legal.long story short, i bought it, we smoked it and i was wrong. i was indeed high as a motherfucker, complete with the muchies, red eyes,etc.. i didnt notice any ill effects and we continued to use Flame aas a substitute whenever the real thing was unavailable. then the beer distributer stopped selling it….
    this should have been a red flag, but we saw it as a simple inconvenience caused by the prudes in town (anyone from mckees rocks, pa will understand that logic) and since we couldnt get it in town anymore that was prettymuch the end of it for a while.that is until i discovered it was being sold at
    a different store but it was called Barely Legal, and was sold in a pouch instead of a little plastic jar. i opened it and found that there was little blue and red things mixed in with it. i thought to myself ‘Oooo, a piece of candy!’ (family guy episode with james woods haha) i packed a bowl and hit it like a champ 3 or 4 times then got on the bus. about ten min later i noticed a twitchy feeling throughout my whole body. it was infrequent, once or twice every few min, and it felt like my body would jump the way it does when someone scares you. it was accompanied by nausea and faint flashes of light at the same time aas the ‘jump’. it scared me and i threw the rest of it away. i did not want to experience that ever again.
    fast forward 10 months….i hadnt touched any synthetics since the bus ride, just the real deal. then i was put on probation and it wasnt a very good idea to get caught smokin weed so i was again on the hunt for the fake shit. i found it, it was called Smokin Camel. i bought a jar at the gas station and called a friend to come over and burn one. we decided to hit the bar and we packed it up in the car and powersmoked it before we walked in. all was well until we got inside. my friend said he felt weird, i told him just relax and it would be okay. wrong again.
    within minuites he was crying on the bar talkin about i had to help him cuz he was gonna have a heart attack and he was scared because he was gonna die and to call his wife and call 911 and basically was trippin the fuck out. then he fell on the floor and seized, scarin the shit outta everyone. i thought i killed my friend. he sat up and threw up all over himself just as i was being ‘escorted’ out the door. just before he hit the floor he told the barmaid i gave him something to smoke in the parkinglot and she had me removed. i dont blame her, it was my fault. fortunatly, my frind is alive and kickin, and is still my friend.
    that was the last i touched it until about 2 months ago. my little sister (im 26, shes 19…)discovered it in a local smokeshop in her town. she is on probation and like many many others, is using it as a substitute for weed. i agreed to smoke with her, and thats when i had my own horrible experience. we smoked Barely legal, only without the red and blue shit in it. i assumed it was all the same and i rolled a joint cuz i know she can handle it and thought that i knew what to expect. again, i was wrong. notice a pattern yet? we smoked it and i noticed my heartrate was increasing and i was taken back to that day at the bar. in minuites i was sweating and shaking, heartrate was so high i honestly thot to myself ‘so this is how it feels to die’. i started to panic and dialed 911. it went to a fucking answering machine! i hung up and called poison control and spoke with a woman who told me to get to the hospital. we hung up and i went in the bathroom and sat on the toilet cuz i didnt want to shit myself all over my sisters couch when i died. i have never been so scared in my life. 911 called me back and said they had a hangup call from my number and was everyone alright good thing i wasnt really dying kudos, 911… obviously i didnt die but no more fake shit for me or her. i decided to be her big brother instead of her friend and i refuse to let her smoke it. i know she still does sometimes when she goes out with her friends, but i do everything i can to keep it away from her. id rather see her smoke weed, piss dirty, and go to jail than see her smoke that shit.
    i know this is a bit long winded ans im sorry for that, but i want to make it known that this shit is not cool. it should be illegal. im aware thats not gonna stop it but fuck at least dont condone it by selling it legally. im all for gettin high, but keep it natural. there are much better drugs out there than some chemicals created in a lab.
    however, i do agree with some of the comments above that mention the theory that its about state of mind and the person more than the substance being used. take shrooms for example, some people eat a few caps and have the the time of their lives, another person can eat those same caps and never be the same again.
    im no expert and im in no position to tell anyone what to do or not to do. the best i can offer is this little story and the advice to anyone thinkin about smokin that shit to start slow, one or two hits, dont hold it in and definatly dont do it if your prone to anxiety or panic attacks.
    the last thing i want to say is that i really would like to raise awareness about the shit, maybe compile some other peoples stories ans experiences and try to introduce some kind of literature into the public schools or something. anyone with comments, ideas, or suggestions feel free to email me judoublegalo85@gmail.com

  • laponedenver

    Nothing inhaled as far as smoking is no good for you, however a responsible smoker knows not to over do it. Incense are.meant to be casuallly enjoyed by smoking it in a joint small quanities, its not until subjects seek that intense blast and use a aparatus such as pipes and bongs to inhale large quanities of smoke over doing the high causing the heart to strain stress and over work……bottom line..smoke drink and f*ck responsibily.

  • Johnny

    man talk about heart attack … i smoke some and my heart beated so fast i just wanted the high to be over with… its a rollercoaster that makes you wish you had taken the chicken exit.

  • Joe

    I believe I can put alot of this to rest…..Chooch has the effects down to a science. I am 26 I had the attack nearly a year ago. I smoked pot for well over ten years, and have tried just about every drug under the sun at least once. I now have a panic disorder due to the newer chemicals in the incense I smoked. I can no longer smoke anything as it tends to bring the anxiety attack festering back up. I believe the deaths due to this were simply people who could not handle this feeling and may have had heart problems prior to this. People in excellent physical condition have had heart attacks, anxiety, and stress. Theres no doubt that this stuff is extremely dangerous and is easily linked to all the problems listed above. I will probably never be the same due to my own stupidity to believe that this stuff was ok to smoke. Im ok with knowing that im getting just what I deserved for trying it. I still feel the effects of those herbal smokes even now almost a year later, and it may take even years longer for my body to return to normal and flush the chemicals out of my system. I only wish I had researched it before I smoked it so I could just stick with marijuana and been happy. Maybe slightly slow to react and have a horrible memory. But, I would choose that any day over how I feel now. But I thank all of you for your inputs they have helped me alot.

  • Nunya

    My bfs roommate became addicted to this and caused him to kill himself. Side effects can be extreme. Don’t be stupid for a minor buzz to deal with life. It is a psychotic drug and can be seriously bad for some people. Who knew a legal supposed herb could cause such a tragedy and ruin so many peoples lives. Be smart ts called the mad hatter for a reason.

  • Devan

    Spent 180 dollars on One Stop Atomi Spice and dumped it all down the toilet, every bag gone. Glad i did it too because the shit would have killed me, why sell or give to a friend when it could kill them? Toilet is where it belongs. The chinese make these chemicals the send to america it concentrated vials, they take the vials dillute them then use spray to spray on the herbs that are otherwise harmless. They have no real way of telling if the sprayed to much on an area at all. Not to mention anything from the chinese are usually dangerous think about it. My experience from the stuff hase been educating to say the least. I have become so dependent on marijuana that when i when finally whent to get a real job in the oilfield i just had to figure out a way to get the THC type affects. So i tried spice, it held me over. ordered 200 dollars worth on spicychikin.com they need to be sued by the way. smoked some today after 3 days without weed and i almost fucking died. Chest pains evrything on my hands and knees

  • Eileen

    I not only broke up with my incredible boyfriend over K2 but I called the sheriffs office on it. This stuff is crazy. He was having MASSIVE panic attacks, was seen in our small town walking on streets talking to himself, punching in the air like shadowboxing, and rambling on and on about people that were “after” him. He also, uncharactistically, was lying and lying and lying. This is some nasty shit. He had to go to the county mental health department. It destroyed a great relationship. He is not legally allowed to contact me anymore. This shit is crazy. I don’t think he will ever recover.

  • splif

    This stuff is no joke my friend ex. similar symptoms as those listed here but i did notice one that wasent listed he would get the panic attacks/impending doom feeling but as-well as most the stuff listed here but one thing that you don’t hear much about it caused him to burp constantly making him feel as if he couldn’t breath would some times last hours but i have also noticed if u keep to the stuff that has been tested on a chem level and you have exp the smoke b4 you norm wont run into to many problems i personalty use it cause i cant get high on the real herb iv smoked it for far to long just dosent work with me anymore unless i take a super tiny bit of the spice i use and i mean really tiny amount not even enough to do anything alone by itself and add it to the top of some bud doing it this way iv never had a panic attack none of the symptoms mention above and i can finally get high once again been doing this for about 2 years now and not one issue i use the spice called stoopid what ppl need to realize is anything can be bad for you its all about moderation and perpetration of the mind i don’t understand what ppl expect when they are expecting a bad side effect still light it up of coarse your going to feel bad weather it be a bad batch, bad train of thought at the time of your smoke, placebo, or you just stumbled across the holy grail of greedy bastards that care for one thing $$$$ and have no concern about their client base

  • ned

    Elieen sounds like the guy suffered from a psychotic type illness and it was triggered by his use of drugs….and what do you do ? leave him….so much for love and a “great” relationship.

  • Wayde

    Its clear that this stuff is just marijuana’s angry older brother, this information states that it just activates the same receptors in the brain that THC does but does it with a more of a kick. i have personally smoked both pot and k2 and the difference is noticable. but i also came to the obvious conclusion that if a smoker doesnt super smoke that stuff then all these helath issues can be avoided. MOderation will save your life when it comes to the k2.

  • W

    Just as someone who cant handle strong pot and/or has a weak mind intense anxiety, paranoia, disassociation, and ego death are very common. EXPECT THEM. These synths, though, cause your heart to race BEFORE you consciously think about it. Unnatural. Do any actual users here deny chest pains even after discontinued use? Ive smoked pot for 10 years (im 28) and tried the Kush products less than 10 times and can recognize the physical affect of whatever compound is in it or “legal” right now.

    If you arent experienced and very strong minded, and willed, it will defeat you mentally and probably physically because of that. Your mind is more powerful than you think when you elevate your consiousness to such an extreme level. Just use logic – if you still can.

  • Derek

    My buddy just had a heart attack at 31 cause of this stuff. Legalize weed and people will not have to turn to alternatives like synthetic pot. There’s a reason why judges, police officers, military personnel, or anyone who has a job that tests for weed. They all turn to harder drugs that are basically undetectable unless tested within a day or two of use. If they legalized weed then everyone would come back down to their drug of choice. Marijuana!

  • Carlos

    I just did this shit last night. Please read my story. 2 of us where over at a friends house, we all wanted to smoke some weed. The kids house we were at had to stay clean from a drug test the next day (today as im writhing this). He stayed home because he couldnt smoke anyways. We called like 8 people but only this one kid answered. We picked it up from him, he was pinching some out from this shiny bag with the letters “Bob Marley Purple Haze” We went back and I was scared to smoke synth shit but my friend said it was fine. The kids house we were at did it too because the synthetic shit wont show on a dtest. I took to big first hits, felt a little slow, and a while later took one more. That was IT. I was fucked. My friends did more then me and they where fine. I tried laying various places wishing the terrible buzz would leave me alone. I felt like a tuning fork and had this sickening sweet taste in my mouth. It got worse and worse and I thought I was going to die. I pulled out my phone and somehow managed to get it recording. I said my goodbyes to my whole family and apologized many times in the video, it was very emotional but I somehow couldn’t cry. The BUZZ was SO overwhelming. I felt like rollers where rolling through my body (only way to describe this, sorry) only to find it was me rubbing my foot against my leg causing the sensation. At one point I could not move and I was pretty sure I had a seizure. Heres a timeline: Started at 1AM, lasted to about 2AM, and at 7:56PM, yes, 16 hours later, I still feel weird. Anyways, that night was the worst night ever, I almost fucked up and called the ER like 6 different times. I couldn’t focus on anything at all and was just buzzing violently.

    To those of you that say “You dont do it right” and “It had weak effects on me” and “Its fine” ect, WHY THE FUCK DO YOU ASSUME THIS IS ALL THE SAME? Theres so much of this synthetic shit out there and its alll different. I would honestly rather anyone do COCAINE then this stuff because at least with cocaine you have a better chance on knowing whats in it and its actually natural with the long term effects studied. With this synthetic shit, you never know whats in it. This chemical and others like it was just developed in the 90s, and never really used until like 2002, and only really widely used around 2009-now, WE DO NOT KNOW THE LONG TERM EFFECTS ON THIS STUFF. I honestly feel dummer already and I hope it wears off.

    DO NOT DO IT. Do weed, shrooms, lsd, something with KNOWN effects that you can actually contemplate. Please dont do it.

  • smoker

    i have smoked this stuff since it came out and i have had not a thing happen and the other day i smoked some and my chest hert so bad i went to the hospital and the said i was having a bad panic atack and the had to slow my heart down or i was going to have a heart atack my chest is in so much pain and i have to take meds now to help with that but my shits not the same im done with it and you should be too

  • Madeline

    Last night, I was staying at my sisters house. I am 19 years old and I must admit, REAL marijuana is an excellent way to relax. I went to her house and took a shower. By the time I got out, her new roommates were there with a type of synthetic pot called FEMME FATALE. My sister came up to me saying, “Maddie, you should try this it’s crazy.” So, I hit it three times, by the second hit, I was feeling a complete numbness of my body, and I enjoyed it. By the third hit, my sister was screaming for help. I walked into the house and realized I was EXTREMELY DISORIENTED. I could barely speak, and realized I was beginning to HALLUCINATE. I ran into the bathroom where she was standing in freezing cold water and said “TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL.” I sat down on the toilet and my HEART BEGAN TO RACE. I thought I was having a heart attack, and my vision was blurred. My sister said her heart was pounding too. I told her that everything she was experiencing, was happening to me too, therefore I couldn’t drive her to the hospital… I also felt my HEAD WAS TIGHT as if someone put a rubber band around my brain and squeezed. This panic and mania lasted for a good 45 minutes but felt like hours and I had my neighbor come get me at 3 in the morning to take me to my house. I’ve been sleeping with my mom for the past two nights from terrible INSOMNIA and ANXIETY. I woke up realizing I couldn’t find my keys, therefore, I can’t get to work. I have been in an awful anxiety attack for almost 48 hours now, and I am still in a state of paranoia. I don’t know when this will go away but hopefully soon. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT SMOKE SYNTHETIC POT. It is NOTHING LIKE MARIJUANA, and it will cause you to have an awful experience, bad hallucinations, inability to control movement (like walking, and even speaking), and the worst part is because your heart races so incredibly fast, you will feel like you are dying. P.S- I still cannot find my keys. :/ P.S.S- Feel free to reply with any information or feedback. Thank you.

  • http://Informthepeople Matt s

    Blends differ in strength. Being sold as weed alllllll over Vegas. Took 1/2 a 1 hitter of godfather and I thought I was going to die ect.. Being attacked almost attacked someone else… Every bad thing is true… They are overdosing people .. I took a 1/2 1 hitter… How do you go slower after smoking others that are much weaker….was called godfather. Stay the f away at all costs. I’m willing to give
    My real name and address bc I feel it needs to be know that much. 15-16 year old kids get ahold of this. Yes they will be hospitalized. Shot was like dmt bad anxiety ect… Nobody is signing up for that. Not like weed at all.

  • http://Informthepeople Matt s

    Please please
    Please listen to me…. If you had the worst panic attack of your life..mixed with insanity and near death experience….. That’s what I went through…you have to be mentally strong to even hold on and not let your mind take over and lose control ….don’t smoke some weak blend and come running your mouth like you know what’s up…..the stuff is no joke….I can only
    Imagine what woulda happened if I smoked a few quick hits off a j or blunt…I could easily see how people go to the hospital… You are caught totally off guard….I’ll openly admit I’m a drug user and this shot shocked me
    Like no other…stay away from it…even after you come Down from the initial 35 minutes of absolute insanity it leaves you shook up and questioning life itself…all this fro
    Trying to find “weed” on vacation…. Ida brought it but we all know airports these days.. It’s a no go….these research chemical are getting out of control ad something needs to be done….I mean they should Atleast inform you of what may happen as we all know ” it’s not for human consumption”…but like spray paint , it should say what does happen off of how much if you do ingest it.. ect….”trying a hit” is all it takes…. I repeat stay away and beware …its not a joke and I hope these comments Atleast prevent a person or 2 from going through what I did…. Do your part and keep people informed… The more this gets out the quicker it will end…. Stop the insanity

  • mike

    This legal stuff can be dangerous but its not if you use it in moderation ive smoked it for years with no problems the only od ive ever heard of around here was some dumb ass kid thought it would be a good idea to smoke 10 grams of it in one sitting and he j ust got high out of his mind lol idk i rather see this stuff go and real weed legalized it would make alot more sense just my 2 cents

  • http://Yahoo Colton

    I almost died today becuz of that legal shit. My heart was beating about 250 beats per min, thought I was going to die. Here’s a tip people, smoke the real stuff, not that fake shit, this will change me forever

  • W

    Please keep in mind that “blends” are sprayed with the chemical and nuking a bowl on first hit (before your friends) is going to give you the highest dose, not them. Roll it and puff slowly.

    Also we must be aware of the hundreds of different synthetic cannabinoids on the research chemical market. They are not all the same. Some are stronger on the CB1 receptor(mental) and others on CB2 (physical) hell, some “blends” have multiple chemicals and even salvia leaves in them.

    It is imperative that a user actually knows what theyre putting in to their body. Its not a toy its a research chemical. And a few cause cancer in rats. (select few have been lab tested) and a few suppress cancer. They are mostly tested on rats, if at all, and not humans.

  • Heady

    People…were dealing with an ultra potent drug here and many users have no experience w theses types of drugs. Don’t smoke so much at once dummies.

    what you experienced is THE FEAR 😀
    and you made it to the other side now learn from your mistakes, don’t blame the saw you accidentally cut your hand with

  • c green

    even using cannabis can cause increased heart rate, and unofficially, I have been told that certian people will increase their chance of a heart attack nearly 400% IF they have a problem heart history including previous heart attack , but my guess is only if they smoke too much cannabis, too quickly.

    there is plenty of research linking cannabinoid use with dopamine release.

    these synthetic cannabinoids can be tenfold times more potent than THC or related natural cannabinoids. its no wonder people who are willing to take a substance they have not researched on a whim end up in the hospital.

    I wouldnt be suprised if potent cannabinoids have secretly been tested before as a weapon/drug by the CIA. some of the most hair raising, and deadly human drug testing done in the USA was done secretly by CIA operatives. in a few cases, people died because of the mishandling of the drugs by the CIA, and because they tested some of these substances without approval on their VICTIMS

    the problem with controllling these synthetic cannabinoids, is that prohibition is now driving “unapproved” research and developement of these substances.
    meaning that, pharmaceutical and chemistry companies both in the USA and around the world are getting paid now by individuals, and not just approved drug making organizations to create new designer drugs.
    this is not JUST being done in the typical illicit clandestined laboratory set up that most people think of when considering illicit drugs.
    there are perhaps hundreds of thousands of possible synthetic cannabinoid analogs and novel compounds.

    even with laws making ANY potential cannabinoid that are synthetic illegal, even before being created in a lab, there are the natural cannabinoids that are quickly being resourced to supplement the synthetics.

    yes virginia, there are OTHER natural cannabinoids found in nature.
    some semi synthetic cannabinoids that can be created from such hard to source products like, coconut oil, brain oil, peanut oil, and MANY other FOOD oils, are many times less potent than the synthetic “spice” compounds.

    this problem of controlling synthetic cannabinoids will bankrupt tax payers eventually, while creating a huge research and developement push in industry and also obviously clandestined illicit labs.

  • Denise

    I have seen nothing but negative from any of this “fake weed”. I hate it and am angry at our government for not taking it more serious! I dont care what any one persons opinion is on it or their experience with it. I have my own and I HATE IT!!!!
    Signed a loving wife and mother of said smokers!

  • Hope

    I smoked some of this so called synthetic weed. I absolutely thought I was having a heart attack from one hit. My heart felt like itvwas going to explode. I thought I was dead for sure. Its been a week now and I’m making a doctor appointment. Still feeling extreme anxiety and chest pain. This needs outlawed today so noons has to go through what I did and still am.

  • Mike

    I agree a lot with what everyone is saying here. If you all want to end the war on drugs, we must first get money out of politics! Private prisons, religions, farmers, and pharmaceutical co.’s are all lobbying to keep marijuana illegal, meanwhile well-to-do citizens are being thrown in jail, and people needlessly die. Why is hemp still illegal to grow?
    Go to the website below tell everyone you know. This is the only way.


  • Zack

    Let them smoke their fake sh*t. Has anyone heard of Charles Darwin?

  • http://DiscoverMagazine William


  • A Former User

    Good forum with a lot of good information

    So my story….I have been a hardcore marijuana user for 12 years (i’m 25 now)

    Anyway, about 2 years ago my life of drug use finally caught up with me, and I caught a case and ended up on felony probation (sucks ass, avoid it at all costs) I have done just about every drug know to man (at least before the synthetic explosion), but none other than pot more than just occasionlly expect meth (BAD IDEA) which I did for about 5 months.

    Synthetics have been around for many years here (i live in Kansas) and they first started showing up around 2005, but it did take about 3 years for anyone outside the drug user loop to really know about them till one dumb ass store owner decided to sell them to kids and the law in this state was on it immediatly and we have led the nation in bans. We even had a high profile manufacturer charged and convicted for making the stuff (Eric Srack) even before his stuff was illegal, look into this if you want to see a great raping of our rights and liberties (not condoning what this ass did, and he IS a prick)

    So anyway once on probation (started in late 2010) i was introduced to K2 (which I will use as a short for synthetic cannabinoids, not the actual brand). The first ones I tried where a combination of JWH-081 and JWH-250 (never tried 018 or 073 as they were illegal by that time in Kansas and i refused to use K2 while i could smoke the real thing) I must admit, I LOVED it, it was like smoking weed, but stronger and got me higher than I have been in years, but with no more side effects than a sore throat after heavy use. I could smoke several grams of this stuff right from the start with no side effects. To be honest, at first I liked this stuff better than weed. I used this on a daily basis, around a gram a day average for about 4 months. Only two bad experiences, a minor panic attack that lasted literally a matter of seconds, and I did have a fairly bad experience when I mixed it with alcohol. Dont know how to explain it, but it was like I was having concious black outs, and really like being drunk times 10 without the vomit feeling.

    So in february 2011, the above reference “erik” incident happened, and suddenly my supply was cut off. This is when the fun started. I have never been so addicted to anything in my life, EVER. It really felt like I was a crackhead looking for another fix, it was horrible. nighsweats, couldnt sleep, paranoia, anxeity. I was fiending sooo bad after having to quit this stuff that despite the risk for a stay in prison, I started smoking weed again just to calm the withdraw down to managable. It worked, but it did not satisfy me like the K2 did.

    So after about a month of weed use (and a lengthy deal with the PO which lead to me needed to find drug abuse treatment) another type of K2 was avaliable to me, this one made with AM-2201. So i stopped weed and starting using this. Now i think this blend was made weaker than most, so that might have had some affect on this, but this stuff was weak, but if enough was smoked I could almost get to that legendary high I got with the first type of K2 I used. Once again, i could use several grams a day, no side effects other than a sore throat, and a great high, but tolerence to this stuff increased very rapidly, to the point that evntually I couldn’t smoke enough to get high barely at all. Still, better than nothing and weed wasnt an opton anymore.

    Well come June 2011, AM-2201 was illegallized in Kansas and I was once again without K2. And the withdraws started again. much worse this time (which i didn think was possible), I felt like hell, I would have willing traded a herion withdraw for this. I ended up using weed again to manage this, and in July 2011 it caught up and I got thrown in jail for about a month before I was released into a drug court program.

    I was clean for about 4 months (not in 12 years had I gone more than a week clean) when somebody in the program with me convinced me to try a new version of K2. I do not know for sure what chemical was in this, but I believe it was RCS-4 (also known as SR-18). This shit caused problems from the start, and became the biggest mistake of my life. after smoking the first time (one hit) it took about 10 minutes to set in and at first, it was nice to have the cannibinod felling again, but shortly after, I started getting the rapid heart rate, panic issues, stomache pains, racing thoughts, the high itself was just okay, but none of the other stuff had ever happened to my before. so i smoked another hit hoping it would go away, WRONG. this just made it worse, and I basically fell on my couch, unable to move, heart about to pound out of my chest. After about an hour, it went away, but I was instantly fiending for more, horrible feeling.

    I went another month without smoking, then same person convinced me to smoke it again, like the drug addicted idiot I was, i did. Amazingly, this time none of that bad side effects were really that strong, mildly elevated heart rate, minot anxeity, but overall it was enjoyable, but it only lasted about 45 minutes this time, and afterwards I wanted more like a crack addict ready to kill for some, but I could not get any for a few days even if I wanted to, so I had to live through this, and it sucked, and sucked bad.

    About a week later I got some more and found a permenant supplier. For the next couple months I began smoking this on a nearly daily basis, and side effects where minimal but every once in a while I would have a racing heart rate and panic attacks. The thing was, the high would only last 20 minutes at the most, which made me smoke more and more and more. Also, i never get munchies from weed or the other K2, but this shit gave me munchies from hell, i would literally eat so much i got sick, and still want to eat more. there was no such thing as enough food. Eventually, the heart rate and panic attacks become much more common, and the high continued to get shorter and shorter. I began to realize this was bad, and I needed to stop using this shit, but I became so addicted that the physical withdraw was litterally unbearable, not to mention the metal. Still I managed to quite for about two weeks with little relief in the withdraw.

    Finally, it got the btter of me, and I used again, this is when things took a turn for the worse. I smoked barely half a hit, got about 2 minutes of high, then the heart rate and panic attack, set in. This was the worst it had been. Despite this, the withdraw sucked so bad I continued to use for a couple more weeks almost constantly. I got the heart rate and panic attacks every time i used it, and in addition I started having shit in my lungs like never before, i was coughing up blood, large amounts from my lungs, my stomach was always hurting now, sharp knife like pains (even when sober), i started having difficulty breathing, it was a living hell. And the tolerence was also getting worse, a fix would last me about 10 minutes.

    So one day, I smoked (one hit at a time) to my third fix, and this was the one my body said fuck you. My heart rate was so high I could literally feel it failing on me, I lost the ability to breath without conciously doing it. this caused the panic attack from hell, and a literally fell over on the coutch certain I was going to die. The WORST FEELING OF MY LIFE. I laid there for half an hour, not even high, breathing as fast as I could to keep the blood flowing, finally the heart rate came down to high, not super deadly high, and I gained the ability to move again. It took almost 3 hours for a normal heart rate and normal breathing, all over a 10 minutes fix. finally my dumb ass got the message, I CANT DO THIS SHIT ANYMORE.

    I struggled with the withdrawn like nothing before, ever. I really would have taken herion withdraw over this, I wanted to die. Finally, it was too much, and having never actually been caught using this stuff, I still had my 1 use without getting in any real trouble in drug court, so I smoked weed hoping to get relief from the withdraw. This is were the worst thing of the whole situation happened. Almost immediatly after smoking weed, my heart rate was up to very high levels again, the problem was weed doesnt go away in 10 minutes like the last batch of K2, so after about 45 minutes with my heart racing, I finally called 911 and went to the hospital. They determined it was SVT (superventicallar tacyardia) brought on by poisoning. Theu gave me three doeses of Adavn to bring it down, no effect, they tried to electro-shock my heart, no effect, finally about 3 hours after smoking, my heart rate came down.

    In the week following I had a complete check up. The stomach pain was caused by gastritous (probablly from the food gourging), the lung blood went away almost immediatly after quiting the K2. My heart was fine, nothing long term-damaged that we could see, he did put me on a low dose of metoprolol to help get my heart rate back to a normal permanately (yeah. i guess i forgot to mention that i would have random bouts of high heart rate even when not using) which had worked very wll, and after about a month my panic/anxiety issues became controlable, and recently, probablly better than they have been for 10 years. Still, I was sooooo weak phyiscally and mentally afterwards that I was nearly bed-ridden for about a month after quitting.

    as a life-long drug addict, this stuff was krytonite. It lured me in with the strength of the best high I have ever had and the ability to do it without getting in trouble…and led to the greatest hell I have ever had to live through, even for a life-long, sometimes needle using drug user. The original stuff was only so bad, the new stuff is nothing short of pure posion. Drink a bottle of drano, it get you to the point faster and less painfully than this shit.

    Scientifically (learned at the end of all this)….what the deal is is that marijuana has around 70 different cannabinoids working on your body, K2 uses 1 or 2. What happens is in real weed, one of these called canbidinal works to prevent silent Cannabinod receptors in your heart and lungs (and other places for that matter) from reacting to the THC. In synthetics, this stuff does not exist, and it opens up these recepotrs and causes the rapid heart rate and breathing problems. Also, in real weed the chemicals work in perfect balance to keep your anxiety level managable, despite the fact that cannabinod receptor stimulation naturally increases anxiety, so again without K2 having all the canabinoids, it cant prevent this and has the mega panic attack affect. This heart rate increase can cause a heart attack, and the panic attacks can cause many other problem, including seizures. and my theroy is that the first two K2’s i tried didnt have these affects cause it was surrounded so closely by weed use, and that after i had been clean from weed for several months before using K2 is when i started having the bad reactions, and that the weed use at the end caused the problems because those receptors were still open from recent K2 use and hadn’t had a chance to close yet.


    oh, and leagalize marijuana, I am a perfect example of a very smart person that threw my life away because I liked weed, but was already a criminal for using it so I became a professional, and every drug I used other than weed was a result of a mission to find weed.

  • Crispy

    I’ve smoked weed for 20+ years.
    I’ve smoked synthetic weed for 6+ years. (before stores started selling it, before the news heard of it)

    On maybe 4-5 occasions I have had bad effects: heart racing, dizziness, vomiting, panic attack.
    This was specifically due to using a homemade synthetic mix with too high a ratio of cannabanoids to benign carrier material (herbs, flavorings), using in moderation has never caused me any health problems.

    Given my personal history, here are my thoughts:

    1. synthetics are relatively safe when used in moderation, but REAL weed is perfectly safe- you do too much weed, you fall asleep.
    2. Synthetics are the direct result of the prohibition of real marijuana.
    3. Reports of deaths due to these synthetics need to be less vague. I see too many weasel words and causation/correlation (So and so smoked some K2, then he did so and so- yeah and all heroin addicts started on milk) If synthetics are causing death directly through toxicity, then show the medical report- not “Well, I think” or “may have been related to”
    4. Prohibition of any drug does not work, If people want it, they will get it, legal or not.
    The best way to massively reduce synthetics production and use is to simply decriminalize the real, proven safe marijuana.
    5. Viagra has killed over 520 people, these were confirmed by doctors- synthetic weed has killed how many people? Who knows? Where are the medical reports?
    News is manipulated to increase station’s ratings, statistics are manipulated so that a handful of deaths under suspicious circumstances become “raging epidemics”. We need more real data, more confirmation by real doctors and scientists.

    So in short, synthetics are no more/less dangerous than most over the counter drugs, but real marijuana is safer than practically any drug known to man. Legalize the real thing and this “epidemic” stops.

  • Taylor

    Karen…. The point is if its legal it doesnt matter if it shows up on drug tests or not. If pot was legal i wouldnt have to buy my k2 online and worry about if its safe or not. We know pot is more healthy than the chemicals in k2/spice.

  • Lindsey

    dear peeps that are considering doing spice,

    my name is lindsey and earlier this i over dosed on spice it was very trippy and very scary. it was an experience i would NEVER do again. even though marijuana is illegal spice is waaaayy worse than weed. soif you guys are really considering in getting high for the first time i would recommend you not do spice. spice is so dangerous for you and your life trust me i almost lost mine…

  • Justin

    I wish they would get rid of this fake stuff and legalize the real. I do not smoke cigarettes nor marijuana. But I am sitting idly by and watching this stuff destroy my grown adult parents. They are in their late fourties, and so far gone on this stuff it’s destroying them. They never come out of their room, they never cook, clean, go anywhere hardly. They do nothing but sit around and smoke this stupid sht. My mother had a job making 120k a year. Now we have no food, no drinks, nothing. I lost my job due to economic reasons. My mother QUIT her job just to sit around with my piece of sht father and smoke this crap. I am 100% embarrassed of my family, I hate to be around them when they smoke this stuff. My dad can’t hold his head up or speak hardly, and my mom acts so ignorant it’s not even funny. I am currently searching for a job, so I can get out and away from these pathetic people. I should add, that they were also addicted to the “bath salts”, but they are no longer sold here in Tennessee. Sorry for the long post, I just had to let it out.

  • Claire

    If only I had read these posts earlier. Last night I had the worst experience of my life. There is definitely something wrong with this stuff, and there needs to be more warning of the possible effects. This stuff isn’t like weed where if you have a bit of anxiety you can normally put on some cartoons and forget about it, it’s not acid where you know all the weird thats happening will eventually end because your mates done it before and can reassure you, and it’s not shrooms, you don’t know to wait it out until your trip is over if you’re feeling awful. This is something new and unknown. When something scary does happen, who is there to tell you it’s going to be all okay?

    I’ve smoked weed for years, i’ve been so baked that everything feels a bit too weird and you freak out a little and then soon you forget about it and eat some tasty snacks (you know, when you’ve sunk wayyy too many bongs) and all it ends in is a good nights sleep.
    My boyfriend and I started getting synthetic weed a months or so ago, we’ve moved to a new state and we don’t have a dealer yet so it was easier. We’ve tried two sorts and smoked it on regular occasions and everything has been fine, a very very strong high and sometimes a little trippy, but nothing too weird.
    This was until yesterday, when we bought another bag of Kronic gold and smoked some bongs when we got home. I had my first bong and had a small freak out that subsided pretty quickly and everything was fine. I felt happy and high and we were playing some video games. Later on I had a second bong, and again everything was fine and we watched tv. Once that bong had subsided (maybe 45 mins) I had another bong (this was my third, not strange for me seeing as we smoke quite often). Almost straight away I started feeling really weird, reality slipped away and my heart was pounding. I had this weird sensation in my brain and I lost all reality. I kept saying “I’ve snapped, this is it, I’ve lost my mind”. I can remember it very clearly. The feeling was so intense it took over everything (i’ve never had a panic attack in my life, and this was incredibly scary). I felt like I had entered psychosis and there was no return. I had fried my brain permanently and I was terrified and paranoid. I begged my boyfriend to help me and told him I was going to be sick. He got me a bucket and I vomited more than I ever have in my life. Things started to move in waves, i’d have a wave of anxiety and fear and lose my mind, then everything would slow a little and i’d come back down to earth (not completely but a little better). I had a cold wet towel on my face and just a singlet on yet we are in the middle of winter and it was freezing. I was shaking uncontrollably. I wanted to die, and thought that by dying this would all end. I was mourning my life as I felt it was never coming back. This lasted for about three hours. The scariest part was I truly believed my mind was gone, and that I’d snapped, and maybe I had. I kept telling myself I could come back from this.

    I still don’t feel right today, my boyfriend left for work early this morning and it took all my courage to get out of bed. Maybe i’m having a comedown. I know i’m never touching this shit again, and it will be awhile before I feel like i’m up to smoking weed again.

    Honestly, this stuff is fucked up. You never know when it could make you sick, there is no ‘limit’. It could be your first time smoking it or your last time. Who knows if you’ve got a strong bag, or a laced bag? Seriously, take my advice and don’t risk it. And if you’re going to, please don’t do it alone, you’re going to need someone to help you if you get in this bad trip.

  • Spicetrip

    Yes it is very strong and can cause panic attacks. I was sent to the E.R. after having a panic attack from spice. They did the EKG and a bunch of heart test and all came back negative. The thing that is scaring people is the media. Out of the thousands of people that have smoked it only a very few, about 1-2% of them, get heart related issues but no one see that it might be a allergic reaction. I know a couple of people that had heart attacks on regular weed and it was all because they were allergic too it. What people don’t remember is back in the 20’s the made alcohol illegal because “it has the same effects as arsenic” which we know now it does not. The media is used to scare and control the populace. If a person wants to smoke this stuff they should be able to if they have a bad experiences it is their fault not the chemists. If ya’ll want to blame the chemist for the bad experiences then you should blame the alcohol companies for all the people that die because of alcohol. And remember it does say right on the product ‘”Not for human consumption” . Put blame where blame is do and that is on the people that smoke it. If something bad happens to them because of it , just like with alcohol, it is their own fault plain and simple.

  • Tommy

    Thought I was going to die from the stuff called “Syn Fire” last night off one hit. Before you call me a wimp I’ve smoked the real stuff for years and smoked this fake junk for the past year or so. I never had anything like this happen. Today I feel like I’ve I’ve been given a second chance at life and I’m very greatfull to still be alive and be here for my family. You would have to hold a gun to my head to get me to smoke any ever again.

    The reason weed is a gateway drug is because you have to go through illegal channels to get it and usually those channels


    All I know Is I couldnt move and my heart was racing, I couldnt keep my head up…say my life of how I was going to die and saw the devil fucking me on a bed. I fought it bcos I refused to die and I begin to throw up. Weed has never done me the way that synthetic Purple Haze did…fuck that shit!!! Leagalize marijuana so we don’t have to be trying to kill our self trying to get the effects of weed but am getting something way worse!!!!!


    And this was just all happend yesterday!!

  • Meme

    Gateway drug??? That’s propaganda! I’ve smoked real cannabis for 35 years and I know a lot more people who have smoked it longer than that. I have never felt “want” for harder. Has anyone ever heard of a little thing called self control? In our “more must be better” society, abuse is rampant. It’s past time to start parenting your children and start giving them the tools and the morals they “need” to learn that they have control over their own actions. It seems there are a lot of “so-called” adults with self control issues, all I have to say to them is, Get over yourself, hang up your self importance and try to make a difference in this ate up world.

  • ExSmoker

    I am sick of hearing about how, Pot is a gateway drug. Pot (THC) is a downer. It makes you relax and enjoy your chair twice as much. I’ve smoked it for years along with several other people…
    And never woke up one day and decided… I WANNA SMOKE SOME CRACK!!!!! Thats what you mean, How could they prove it is gateway??? By Statistics you say??? Everyone makes their own choices. We never talk about how smokers might wanna try snuff?? or maybe even try eating dirt?
    Dosent matter. The only reason it isnt legal is because the Democrats can’t figure out a way to place a suffiecent tax on it!!! Or else it would of been legal 50 years ago.
    K2 Is terrible. It put me in the ER for 2 days!! Heart attack.. And walked around with a sore chest for a month or better. Feeling lost. It fucks with your brain. K2 and the new Bath salts…. are NOT made in the USA. ARE from 3rd WORLD COUNTRYS. What if it was an attempted Bio attack? I mean bath salts make humans eat faces off other humans..??? Wasnt that on the news???!
    How would it get much better??!!!? A bio chemical weapon us dumbass americans smoke or snort to get high and even PAY for. Lets see what health problems arise in 20 years in the kids who smoke it today, Including myself! If were alive that long!!! We all are responsible for our own actions, But if our brains are shoved up our asses…. you decide.

  • Adam

    I apologize for the length of this post and any possible spelling or grammar errors, for I am doing this on my phone. Let me start off by saying that I have been an exceptionally strong user for periods of time ON AND OFF for two years. I first tried a synthetic blend thinking it was a mix of natural herbs that somehow potentiated each other in a way that could produce effects. This blend I tried was called Serenity Now. I looked on the back of the package and it listed several herbs as ingredients such as damiana. I knew from prior research that damiana alone has weak effects, so did the dozen or so other ingredients listed. After trying the blend (1 hit) I was more than impressed. After the effects wore off for the most part I took a larger hit and was impressed, but then thoroughly dissapointed. It became very powerful very fast and soon overwhelmed me. I checked my heart rate and it was roughly 140 BPM. This frightened me. I continued sitting in bed trying to remain calm. The experience was frightening and horrible. But let me tell you, I do not blame the store that my friend got it from one bit, nor do.I blame the government for not randomly banning it. It was my fault; the package said basicly NEVER INGEST THIS IN ANY WAY. The next day I tried it again and was again happy, but now more cautious. I researched it and found out that JWH-018 was in it. The only thing that angered me at this point was that the JWH wasnt listed in the ingredients even though ingredients were listed on the package. This is ridiculous. But alas I enjoyed he product and proceeded with my experiments. I later ordered pure JWH-018 and was extremely cautious with it because I had researched it extensively. I did OD a few times but I always kept my head. The pure JWH is potent beyond your wildest expectations. Take too much and you will not have fun. I have since tried many other synthetics in their pure form and have had many bad experiences even using much caution. But I have also had overwhelmingly positive experiences as well. I would never reccomend anyone try a synthetic cannabinoid, they can be overwhelmingly dangerous if used without caution. And while they can be enlightening (they have for me at least), they can also be horrific. My opinion of this is that it should NOT be scheduled… EVER. But it should NOT be sold in covenient stores to be bought blindly. I could not stress highly enough that you should never buy a blend like spice or K2 because you do not know how much of what is in them, but the synhetics themselves ( jwh-xxx, am-xxxx) are not inherently evil. History has shown us that prohibition only makes a situation worse, banning these would be pointless. I am sorry for anyone who has had negative experiences with this chemical, but if you ban one new ones will rise to take its place and hey will be less researched than the ones already available. Don’t believe me, well the government banned JWH-018 (because a similar amount of people had issues with it as with caffeine) and then AM-2201 took its place. The newer chemical is MUCH more potent and dangerous. If it was banned a worse chemical would replace it. We need to understand these chemicals and stop selling unspecified ones randomly in herbs. These chemicals should not be put in herbs
    but rather labeled properly alone. You cannot expect the government to prevent people from harming themselves. If people are going to mess around with this stuff they need to exercise extreme caurion, stay he hell away from blends commercial or home made, and the most difficult of all control yourself. Many of these chemicals ARE addictive. I am writing this as a 17 year old high school senior. I was about fifteen when I tried that poorly labeled Serenity Now shit.

  • Fuck incense

    I smoked incense heavily for the last 3 years it caused me not one but 3 fucking seizures some of myx friends still smoke that shit so u see how ignorant ppl are it took my 3rd seizure that happen while I was driving lucky me my wife was with me and put the truck in park now I’m only 19 and I know how hard head some of us can be so I post this to let ya know it can happen to u or ur loved ones

  • Fuck incense

    I love getting stoned but incense is not the way stick to the all natural and suffer legal wise problems better then having health problems trust me I found out the hard way

  • Jamie2

    Well said Meme and ExSmoker! I have smoked real cannabis for about 19 years and never felt compelled to do “harder” drugs, despite even being exposed to them on several occasions. You are very right when you say it’s all about self control. Due to having to get yet a second job, I have recently quit smoking the real stuff and used the synthetic for about 5 months. Glad to say that I am no longer a user. This synthetic stuff is dangerous. It’s sickening to see people on here question other people’s stories they share about experiencing heart attacks. I was introduced to synthetics from a friend who lost his wife 6 months prior to a “post partum mycardial infarction” After learning more about this stuff, there is no doubt in my mind that she died from using synthetics. You never know what you are going to get in each bag. Even if you DO know exactly what is in each bag, you still have NO way to control how your body will react to it – PLAIN and SIMPLE. I believe one’s mind is powerful in the sense that you can pull yourself out of a panic attack – BUT NO ONE’S MIND, NO MATTER HOW STRONG, CAN CONVINCE THEIR BODIES OUT OF HEART DAMAGE! I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE! If you are reading this and you are a user, I hope that you find the courage to admit that this stuff is bad news and that you make the right choice to quit. Good luck!

  • scared to death

    i tried some kush and completely lost all sense of reality! I did not know who I was for about 20 min it was like my mind was searching through different phases trying to figure out who I really was, who my family members were! my body felt like it was going in and out of another demention ! I thought I was dying, it was just to scary! has anyone had a similar experience?

  • Jake(openeye)

    Karen is wrong, the legalization of marijuana would obviously lead the masses away from K2 and all other ‘synthetics.’ I smoked weed in college for two years, then had a job that tested for THC, which is when I started smoking ‘LMAO’ ( a brand of synthetic that is supposedly the best). The high is intense, within 30 seconds of inhalation the smoker gains a slight heart-attack sensation. After the heart-attack sensation, the smoker feels pretty fuckin good. It makes you horny as hell (as weed done for me as well), and the munch effect is marginally stronger than weeds’.

  • http://I,sorryforthoseofyouthathavelostsm1 Veteran jones

    I have smoked spice and still do from time to time, it really gets bad when you build a tolerance to is because you smoke more and more I have had close call where I felt my heart was going to jump right out of my chest, that was when I was smoking really strong brans b4 most of it was outlawed, note I’m righting to say spice is a powder that has to b broken down by acetone there are some soft acetones I’m not going into detail because u can make this stuff in your kitchen, anyhow some makers use finger nail polish to desolve the powder and other striping agents, so the next time you smoke or your friends encourage you go smell a bottle of fingernail polish and think of how much more chemicals you are forcing on your lungs and body, and you better hope they cleaned the container the made it in the last time or you might b taking in a quintuple dose bottom line be ready to deal with the aftermath

  • Zack

    I used to smoke K2 all of the time.. I’ve had some pretty good experiences with it, and terrible experiences as well. One time me and one of my buddies packed a full bowl of this stuff- We used a bong. I took seven or eight hits, and within the first few hits I felt the effects. I had crazy thoughts and I was delusional. I felt completely insane and so detached from my body and reality. In lower doses this stuff is similar to weed, in high doses it’s ridiculous.. I felt my face disappear and parts of my head went numb. I was worried that I was stroking out and having a heart attack, my heart was beating fast and pounding hard. I had a panic attack and some bad anxiety.. I experienced shortness of breath, and in my delusional state I thought that I wasn’t even breathing at all. I kept sticking my fingers in my mouth to push down my tongue to breathe. (I thought it was swelling up.) I kept hearing things. This stuff can be fun but it’s definitely not worth using due to the side effects. Even this day I feel I’m a little crazier, and I feel my heart is weaker because of palpitations. I have one friend that got busted for possession of marijuana, and he started smoking this stuff instead because of drug tests.. He’s a complete zombie now. His personality has changed. I’d recommend mushrooms and LSD before this stuff.

  • Ray

    I smoked this stuff once a year ago, it made me high just like weed, a little different, didn’t make me hungry and made me very sleepy. Not once did I feel sick though. Recently after the bans, things were changed, I decided to try this stuff again because I wanted to smoke some pot and I couldn’t get any so I figured I would spend 10 bucks and try it again.

    I put two little fuzzy balls that looked like cotton from the package on top of my weed, and hit it, finished the bowl, there was only one hit of the synthetic shit in my weed. (I already had some weed but like 2 bowl packs, not enough)

    Well I had a fucking panic attack, If I wasn’t an experienced drug user I would have done some crazy things, crazy thoughts were going threw my head, murder, suicide, I started screaming over nothing and at nothing. Thank god I was alone!!! It made me very sick for two days straight, I was in bed all day yesterday 7/22/2012, it is now the 23rd, third day after use and I still feel weird and slightly sick.

    It’s pathetic that this shit is legal because it says “not for human consumption”. You mise well start fucking selling crack at gas stations and labeling it not for human consumption, jesus christ our government is so retarded!!! I nearly died, I feel so sorry for the people that did die, if Marijuana wasn’t illegal and it’s users treated like criminals, many lives would be saved.

    It’s so retarded. Let’s outlaw the safest plant known to man on planet earth, and then have scientists create extremely dangerous synthetic drugs, and sell those in stores. Brilliant, just brilliant.

    After my last experience, I am dedicating my life to making sure this shit is illegal in every state, and I hope people are charged serious fines and thrown in jail for a week so they understand.

    If you are here, curious on this and about to try it, don’t do it for the love of god, if you’re not going to listen, I hope you are an experienced drug user because what is about to happen is crazy and hard to control.

    P.S I’ve done cocaine like 6 times, and I felt better and safer on that shit then I did this shit!!!!

  • Gzilla

    Hey ya, just like many of you i smoked “spice” and other synthetic canniboids off and on for 2 years and when I was using i was using pretty heavy where I would go through some real “hard ” trips where if I already didn’t know how I new how to control my mind I could have had serious side effects lie many of you, and in no way am I trying to say I better or badder just experienced. Any how after smoking this shit heavily for a while I started to get sick like physically sick. I’m a big guy at the time I was 6ft 360 pounds. after smoking this shit I started to loose weight rapidly, and have cramps in my legs when I slept and I had this unquenchable thirst all the time night or day I could literally drink a gallon of water and still be thirsty and the urge to piss was unbearable due to drinking of water also I would get yeast infections on my penis (don’t laugh) and I love my spouse very much and I was not cheating and she didn’t have an infection. anyhow I didn’t have insurance so we decided to get insurance from work before I go to the Dr. so I wouldn’t have to pay much the only thing wrong with that was that it wouldn’t take affect until 2 or three months well in that time I would eat normal and everything but I was loosing weight fast I’m talking 100 pounds in 2 months fat to real thin real fast. That time passed and I dealt with my situation until then still smoking spice as it made me fell better. Finally I was able to go to the Dr. and I explained my situation to the Dr. and immediately took my blood sugar It was at 530 and immediately told me I was diabetic and probably could of died from my blood rate any how I was given pills to regulate it and they did help (they were sample packs) Immediately I stopped using spice but I did not tell the DR. eventually about as long as it takes for weed to get out of ones system (90 days) in my case. I was back to normal. I know what your thinking your over weight and I was diabetic. I only took the sample packs for 2 weeks and didnt take them again and quit smoking spice everythig was great now. So time has passed. And I have a older brother very experienced user as well and very active spice smoker and here recently started to have issue with sweat im talking sweating a bunch all night uncontrollably my sister in-law washed his sheets daily as it would be soaked he started throwing up water all day and lost large amounts of weight where he too took himself to the Dr. and they thought he had cancer (leukemia) for that matter he was all tripping as we all were in the family I called him immediately I told him to get off the spice until the Dr. for sure could diagnose him. Well his white blood cells were at a all time high as if he already had cancer and already killing him. I kept telling him just don’t smoke and all this will blow over well he and all the family didn’t want to worry me about his real bad condition, excesses weight loss, vomiting, unable to eat, dizzy, tired. anyhow its now been (60 days) he hasn’t smoked and today he he went to the Dr. and he has nothing blood cells are normal everything normal and the Dr. don’t know what happened just like my self the Dr. still is scratching her head as to why I was so sick and now everything is normal with no treatments no nothing but some sample packs. I know there are people that are or have smoked spice for so long that you don’t know your sick and or feel sick physically and have no clue its the spice. stay clean for 60-90 days and you will get better. Promise, O yeah don’t forget to pray so that God will help you get cleaned and protect you during this difficult time. I know he spared my brother and I so we can tell people like you and myself who hate Dr. and cant share with them your addiction.

  • http://ushemp.com Arlin Troutt

    John W. Huffman, a retired organic chemistry researcher at Clemson University, first developed SPICE compounds as part of his research sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse in 1993.

    Most kids would not know anything about this stuff except for the publicity the media gives to this poison as a marijuana substitute. These dangerous chemicals are being sold and continually altered to keep ahead of attempts to ban variations of these formulas that are mathematically endless and infinitely dangerous.

    The media are the Pied Pipers that led millions to drug addiction and destruction with their lies about the history, uses, safety and benefits of marijuana. The masses have been confused and misinformed to not question classifying hemp with heroin and confusing our kids about the dangers of true addiction and deadly drugs.

    When George H.W. Bush left the CIA in 1977 he joined the board of directors at Eli Lilly during the time that Merinol and Methadone were made available as marijuana and heroin substitutes. George Bush was responsible for putting the first Methadone clinics in Connecticut as a heroin addiction alternative and the rest is history.

    My only sister and her husband both died of methadone overdoses and my family raised her children. From Methadone to SPICE it is the same story, the same war and the same people that brought this evil to our doorsteps and into our living rooms.

    Arlin Troutt/U.S. Hemp

  • http://www.maryjanecannabian.blogspot.ca MaryJane Cannabian

    I really wish this stuff would stop being called “Fake Pot” or “synthetic Marijuana” because REAL CANNABIS cannot kill unlike this chemical man made crap! All things are measured for toxicity on a LD-50 scale, it is how much of something we can ingest before something can cause death. For a person to overdose on Cannabis they would have to ingest 1500 POUNDS of it to cause a lethal response – an impossibility!

    Cannabis has no lethal dose:

    “No acute lethal overdoses of cannabis are known, in contrast to several of its illegal (for example, cocaine) and legal (for example, alcohol, aspirin, acetaminophen) counterparts.” – Stephen Sidney, M.D., associate director for clinical research at Kaiser Permanente, in an editorial published 9/20/03 in the British Medical Journal (Vol. 327, pp. 635-635)

    “Unlike many of the drugs we prescribe every day, marijuana has never been proven to cause a fatal overdose.” – Joycelyn Elders, M.D., former U.S. Surgeon General, in a 3/26/04 editorial published in Rhode Island’s Providence Journal

    “The estimated lethal human dose of intravenous Marinol is 30 mg/kg (2100 mg/70 kg). Using this estimation of lethal dose, the equivalent inhaled THC would represent the smoking of 240 cannabis cigarettes with total systemic absorption of the average 8.8 mg of THC in each cigarette.

    “Since absorption is much less than 100 percent, the amount of smoked marijuana required to reach lethality is on the order of one to two thousand cigarettes.”

    “The physical impossibility of a fatal overdose using smoked cannabis is obvious.” – Denis Petro, M.D., in his 1997 paper “Pharmacology and Toxicity of Cannabis”, published in the book “Cannabis in Medical Practice – A Legal, Historical and Pharmacological Overview of the Therapeutic Use of Marijuana”, pg 62

    “Marijuana has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years, going back to ancient civilizations in Egypt, India and Africa. In all that time, up to and including the present day, there has never been a report of a fatality directly due to the consumption of marijuana.

    “In contrast, over 1,000 people die annually in the US from an overdose of our most common non-prescription drug, aspirin. In addition, many thousands of deaths result from the legal prescription drugs.

    “After hearing two year’s worth of evidence on the presumed dangers of marijuana, DEA Judge Francis L. Young said this: ‘marijuana is the safest therapeutically active substance known to man … safer than many foods we commonly consume.'” – Bill Zimmerman, Executive Director of Americans for Medical Rights

    “Drugs used in medicine are routinely given what is called an LD-50. The LD-50 rating indicates at what dosage 50% of test animals receiving a drug will die as a result of drug induced toxicity…

    “At present it is estimated that marijuana’s LD-50 is around 1:20,000 or 1:40,000. In layman terms this means in order to induce death, a smoker would have to consume 20,000 to 40,000 times as much marijuana as is contained in one marijuana cigarette.

    “NIDA-supplied marijuana cigarettes weigh approximately 0.9 grams. A smoker would have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana within about 15 minutes to induce a lethal response. In practical terms, marijuana cannot induce a lethal response as a result of drug-related toxicity.” – Judge Francis L. Young wrote in a 1988 decision

    “A commonly used over-the-counter product like aspirin has a therapeutic ratio of around 1:20. Two aspirins are the recommended dose for adult patients. Twenty times this dose, forty aspirins, may cause a lethal reaction in some patients and will almost certainly cause gross injury to the digestive system…

    “By contrast, marijuana’s therapeutic ratio… is impossible to quantify because it is so high.” – Judge Francis L. Young wrote in a 1988 decision

    “No one has ever died of THC [marijuana] poisoning, mostly because a 160-lb. person would have to smoke roughly 900 joints in a sitting to reach a lethal dose.” – Time Magazine in a Nov. 4, 2002 cover story

    “Death by overdose isn’t the only danger that drugs present, but it is one important measure. In fact, a study conducted by Kaiser Permanente from 1979-1985 with a follow-up in 1991 found no correlation between marijuana use and death, evidence that even heavy marijuana use for decades does not appear to be associated with major health risks, whereas heavy alcohol users will develop cirrhosis and other potentially fatal conditions.” – David Borden, Executive Director of The Drug Reform Coordination Network, wrote MedMJpro/con

    “A smoker would theoretically have to consume nearly 1,500 pounds of marijuana within about fifteen minutes to induce a lethal response.”

    “In strict medical terms marijuana is far safer than many foods we commonly consume. For example, eating 10 raw potatoes can result in toxic response. By comparison, it is physically impossible to eat enough cannabis to induce death.”

    “Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.”

    by FRANCIS L YOUNG, Administrative Law Judge
    “Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Decision.” for the United States Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) September 6, 1988

    From http://maryjanecannabian.blogspot.ca/2010/11/harper-stacked-conservative-senate.html

    Teens and adults are using these Spice and K2 abominations because they do not want to get caught or drug tested at work from using the real plant cannabis – this is another tragic side effect of prohibition and the War on (People who use not government approved Big Pharma) Drugs.

  • mikey

    I will say something on this as well. lastnight i did a dose of this that i will never forget. i had an out of body expereince that was the closest to death i have been and the scariest thing i have expereinced. mind you have done this crap a few times before with no issues but this one almost ended my life. i am very thankful god sent me back to tell this tale. this stuff is def dangerous and they should never be selling it legally. if you keep doing it it will get you and i was just proven this but you may not be so lucky. take this as you will and believe me or dont but god bless you when you hit purgatory and cant return. fair warning i seen some horrible and good things and my heart zapped twice, once when i left and once when i returned. i will never touch this crap again!!!!! i can explain in detail what i saw but thats not important, the important thing is that people need to know what this can do and that it will KILL you. God bless

  • heartbrokengodbewithmyson

    my son has been smoking synthetic weed heavy for at least a year, probably longer. He gave a name of “Mr. Nice Guy.” He stopped smoking approximately 3 weeks ago. He is 24 years old, has a great job for 5 years, As his mom I will tell you that he has always been very responsible and organized and I never had to worry about him, very proud of him. He made the mistake of trying this synthetic weed and liked it and it was undetectable in a drug screen. Where he works, they do random drug screening. Unknown to family members he became addicted to synthetic weed (otherwise known as “SW” for purposes of shortening its name while I type). One and a half weeks ago, family members suspected he was not not acting like himself (paranoid, everyone was setting him up, people were out to hurt our family, he feared his own life, etc.) One week ago, Irealized he was not getting better so I took him to the ER at a hospital. He openly admitted he smoked SW for about a year and stopped smoking it 2 weeks ago. His drug test was negative. He was given some IV meds to relax him and he was admitted to the psych ward for 2 days for observation. He seemed a little better but was transferred to an in-patient rehab facility 30 minutes away. In the middle of the night he left the rehab (he is legally an adult, so in-patient rehabs will let adults leave the program whenever). He managed to find his way back home and in the early morning he got in his car and drove 2 hours away on the highway. A cop pulled him over as he was going 105 mph through a construction work area. He was polite to the officer, the officer started writing him a ticket and he sped off again. The officer chased him down again and my son pulled over. The officer questioned him to find out that my son did not know his name, where he was coming from or where he was going. The officer realized he was not his right mind. The officer took him to the nearest psych ward/rehab crisis center. Thank God the officer did not arrest my son and throw him in jail. At this point and time, it was obvious my son has lost his mind. My son has been at the crisis center for 5 days now. He is trying to put pieces together of what happened. For my son, the beginning of this nightmare started when he stopped smoking SW, the withdrawals are horrific. He has no appetite, he is heavily medicated to calm him down and help with the paranoid feelings he still has. He is not the son I use to know right now. I only hope and pray that we get him back. He has lost his mind and he is desperately trying to get it back. God please help him, he is a wonderful young man who made a very wrong choice to smoke this SW, please bring him back to us. Upon his release I vow not to put him in an in-patient rehab as I fear I could lose him forever if he left the facility again. I plan on taking him to a psychiatrist and monitoring him 24 7, outpatient rehab maybe but family will have to drive him. Right now as it stands I got him on short term disability at work. When we get him home we will not let him drive or go anywhere by himself until we know for sure that he is capable. The family has a long road ahead of us taking care of him but we love him so much and there is no other option. We cannot afford to lose him again. As his mom, this is truly the most stressful, scary thing that I have and still am going through. God help my son and all the other people who are affected by smoking synthetic weed. Please everyone pray for my son and everyone else that has smoked this synthetic stuff. Thank you.

  • Justin

    People just need to stop bashing the synthetic drug and just realize that kids are going to buy things that people tell them not to buy. It’s just like saying,”you better not sneak out tonight”, what’s the kid gonna do? He/she is gonna sneak out tonight. Some people can handle the way that this product makes them feel and some people can’t. For the ones that can handle it, of course they are going to keep buying it. If you feel like it’s gonna make you have a heart attack or go crazy, then simply don’t take or buy the stupid product. If you take huge tokes off of a bong, then of course you would have similar effects that regular weed gives off. I.E…paranoia,anxiety,hallucinations. This legal weed is not made to have bong tokes taken off of it or rolled into fat joints. It’s made to have little puffs taken off it and to relax ones self. Kids feel in there minds that the more you take the higher you feel. Which may be true with other substances, but this substance is not made for those reasons. If you can’t handle it! Stop Bashing it!

  • damnshame

    I came on the website curious to see what i could find out about fake weed….. And its very interesting…. first off im sorry to hear about the loved ones lost due to there use and its effects. I started smoking synthetic a lil over 4 months ago for obvious reasons, little at first to 3 to 4 blunts a day which would equal about 3 g….
    its been just a little amount of time and I have the craziest shit happening to my body which has been said per previous posts….. the rapid heart beating breathing issues throat pains feels like my nerves r shot…. not to mention the pain in the ass insomnia and im pretty sure this smoking is the reason my lymph nodes are swollen head aches and recently sharp pains in my stomach randomly and a crazy reflex like i need to burp to help me breath better but i feel if i do ill throw up…. yea so its fukkd up im done blowing the fake ill wait til i can smoke good ol kush……
    but really i wanted to share a bad trip that was nothing nice…. about a month ago i couldnt find my regular buy so i tried a new “scent” CAUTION: GOLD thats the name (recently there warehouse was shut down) anywho i call myself being a certified smoker thought this gold would be like my reg…..
    NOOOOOO!!!! i was way off it was the worst fuckkd up feeling ever…. i had a outter body experiment DIDNT know who i was where i was who my own boyfriend was. the world wouldnt stop spinnin i thought the world was gonna END over a thousand things raced thru my mind i had a bad thumping in my head just next to a migraine theres more but damn its bad going back down that memory….
    point is i thought i was possessed when i could get a lil of my bearings i hurried and washed my face in cold water that felt like it was on fire for bout ten min to make the world stop spinning and prayed hard to come down and for me not to lose my mind.
    Even tho i went back to my old smoke i still can smell gold and sometimes feel like i might have that same trip its no good and im disapointed i got caught up in that mess it seems like it took a toll on my body…..
    I NEVER HAD ONE BAD EXPERIENCE SMOKING “ILLEGAL” WEED(mayb a pound or two gained from munchies) but this chemical warfare its gonna kill us all “they” are not crazy…. started off w china and the lead they put in our kids toys, the chemicals used in baby bottles and the paint used in various items we purchase for our homes… now they hittin good old wanna have a good job u cant smoke weed america w these crzy fake drugs….

  • Chris

    I smoked synthetic weed for about 4 months and let me tell you its nothing to play around with. Paranoia anxiety is a given when smoking these tree branches or whatever they use to make you think its a plant. I know its contradicting to say this but if u you make the choice to buy this stuff don’t abuse it cause it may very be the last thing you do, and that’s tragic anyway you look at it. THIS IS NOT WEED. Weed is practically harmless this is far from it ! You’re going to do whatever you want to do no matter what I or any other ppl here say, so I’m just trying to help you survive this bunk shit. 1st load only one hitters for you and who you’re smoking with. 2nd don’t hold it in AT ALL ! This just maximizes the effects of all the negative qualities. 3rd if u start to experience rapid heart beats or chest pain, you need to calm yourself back down and realize, these are side effects ( if you only smoked like a bowl you’ll live. If more idk because I knew my limit and that was one hit of this. And I have a very high tolerance level.)
    4th keep water around when smoking this, not only does it bring your heart rate down but also it helps with the anxiety. 5TH Control your breathing that will do wonders for your heart rate. Follow these steps and you’ll be alright. Dont convince yourself that this is the perfect alternative to weed because its not. Weed won’t kill you this just might, and its not worth your life.

  • A

    I read through nearly every comment in this thread, and I swear there is a huge majority of multiple-posters posting the same fictional account of this bad thing happening to this friend, or their son dying, or some other suspicious sounding crap that has little scientific factual evidence on the effects of synthetic.

    Think of it like dog biscuits: Modern dog biscuits have been manufactured to meet the specific dietary requirements of dogs. They have this much protein, this much fibre, etc etc. While the ingredients used might not be the greatest in terms of the dog’s body’s ability to convert them into useable nutrients, they still satiate most of the nutrient need. Thus we have synthetic. Cannabinoids make you feel high. Cannabinoids are in marijuana. Scientists know how to create cannabinoids on an atomic level. Thus we have synthetic. Read the bullshit propaganda they lace marijuana with – its all the same warnings and hospitalisations/chemical helplines (read: amateurs freaking out over their change in consciousness) that they’re now relating to synthetic. Total crap.

    I’m going to end this comment by quoting the comment in this thread that I most relate to (perhaps not in terms of years, but especially in terms of honesty and clear-headed, logical thinking):

    “75.   Crispy Says:
    June 7th, 2012 at 9:54 am
    I’ve smoked weed for 20+ years.
    I’ve smoked synthetic weed for 6+ years. (before stores started selling it, before the news heard of it)
    On maybe 4-5 occasions I have had bad effects: heart racing, dizziness, vomiting, panic attack.
    This was specifically due to using a homemade synthetic mix with too high a ratio of cannabanoids to benign carrier material (herbs, flavorings), using in moderation has never caused me any health problems.
    Given my personal history, here are my thoughts:
    1. synthetics are relatively safe when used in moderation, but REAL weed is perfectly safe- you do too much weed, you fall asleep.
    2. Synthetics are the direct result of the prohibition of real marijuana.
    3. Reports of deaths due to these synthetics need to be less vague. I see too many weasel words and causation/correlation (So and so smoked some K2, then he did so and so- yeah and all heroin addicts started on milk) If synthetics are causing death directly through toxicity, then show the medical report- not “Well, I think” or “may have been related to”
    4. Prohibition of any drug does not work, If people want it, they will get it, legal or not.
    The best way to massively reduce synthetics production and use is to simply decriminalize the real, proven safe marijuana.
    5. Viagra has killed over 520 people, these were confirmed by doctors- synthetic weed has killed how many people? Who knows? Where are the medical reports?
    News is manipulated to increase station’s ratings, statistics are manipulated so that a handful of deaths under suspicious circumstances become “raging epidemics”. We need more real data, more confirmation by real doctors and scientists.
    So in short, synthetics are no more/less dangerous than most over the counter drugs, but real marijuana is safer than practically any drug known to man. Legalize the real thing and this “epidemic” stops.

  • Jonah

    To those who deny this,
    Like I said I’ve never personally had something happen so I can not explain, but I am telling the truth. I am an everyday weed smoker and experimented with synthetic for quite a while so it is quite confusing to me. Especially considering I’ve smoked synthetic lots of times but my friends whom have had bad trips or whatever may have only smoked it a few times . This leads me to believe that a lot of it has to do with the user and not the drug. Can someone with actual knowledge on this subject please shed a little light? I’m open to criticism, for this is nearly a “hypothesis” of sorts only based on my personal accounts.

  • Marc

    Like a G6… i guess that’s why the song said “I like my beat FAST and my bass down low…” hahaha. Is that supposed to be ur heartbeat…
    G6 is kind of like this products right??

  • chewy griff

    due i need to kno were you got it n if i can get some

  • chewy griff

    on some real nigga shizz you need to stop hating cuz ur weak and u had a bad trip. i kno ppl who had bad trips and still smoke it and i kno some psychos who say it helps they’re symptoms so before you go on a rant to stop it think about how much it helps, alcohol kills more ppl a year and our b.s. govt ended tht prohibition how long ago? #gomd

  • sam

    Okay some of these posts I gotta say really people wake up and quit smokin the manja!! I myself have made the fooish mistake of trying this man made not natural synthetic marijuana.my lil brother and his friend were smoking it and I thought it was a joke and was stupid and curious and tried it.well I swear I almost died and had a near death experience and I swear i saw where i was heading at the time and it was HELL literally! My experience has changed my life completely for the better and I urge anyone who is considering to try it and anyone who does smoke it DON’T! I started covulsing shortly after smoking k2 summit and couldn’t breathe and felt my heart beating so incredibly fast but what I saw was soo real and scary its gonna be hard for you to believe but it happened to me.I am a Christian and have strong faith in GOD but during that time in my life i was heading down the wrong path in life and honestly the devil was winning my soul at that point.well it was completely black and there were dark people grabbing at my feet pulling me biting me.pulling me down.it was hell and all I could think about is I’m gonna die and spend eternity in hell and everyones gonna know i died from smoking k2.my husband found me passed out in the bedroom dripping sweat and hyperventiliating and he grabbed my arms and through this experience I was going through i could hear his voice and I told him dont let go of me or I’m gonna die.i started praying to GOD lord if u give me another chance i will change!well then in my experience I really felt it was a fight good against evil for my soul and my husband was pulling my arms up while the dark people were pulling on my legs and finally i was back from hell and was given another chance.a chance at the life I’m supposed to live. a life dedicated to GOD our creater.this is no joke people.just another one of the DEVILS tools.DON’T be his puppet!!

  • Anonymous

    A little late on the post but I smoke both weed and spice regularly and I agree with Jonah that its effects are different from user to user. Either that or what these three kids experienced is what everyone feels on it. You feel like your heart is pounding fast enough to beat out of your chest but in reality if you just feel it its normal. I’ve been smoking spice regularly for about 5 months and haven’t seen any kind of problems

  • Dawggawnit

    What did the doctor say?

    • Symon Magnus

      i had the same feeling. I thought i was going into cardiac arrest. Very scary.

  • Dawggawnit

    I took one hit of some k2 today and I’m still feeling shook up like I can’t sleep I’m afraid to go to sleep due to all of these stories, I just want this feeling to end btw it was my first time. I just want to know when it will end, if I’ll have brain damage or die or whatever I’m terrified and I can’t really tell anyone since I’m a minor I don’t want to get into trouble especially if I’m going to be okay. Please help

  • http://www.facebook.com/melissa.day.779 Melissa Day

    It’s killing my family




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