Remote-Controlled Robot Survives Encounter With Lion; Has Pictures to Prove It

By Sarah Zhang | March 15, 2012 4:55 pm

How does a wildlife photographer survive such a close encounter with a lion’s mouth?

By outsourcing the work to this intrepid little fella. The BeetleCam is an armored, remote-controlled buggy with an a DSLR camera inside.

And armor is necessary because lions aren’t so friendly with strange robots wandering up to them.

U.K. wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas, who built BeetleCam, has released his stunning close-ups on his website. Watch the full introductory video below, which features some naughty lion cubs.

Images via Will &Matt Burrard Lucas

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  • Victor

    I think these things are great. But please, in a scientific magazine don’t refer to them as robots unless they actually have some degree of independent control. In this case, as with so many others, I suspect it’s simply a remote controlled device and nothing more. Hence, NOT a robot.

  • Mike Stamets

    What a fun video! The lions actually try to play with BeetleCam. Cubs are so cute, but I wish there was more. How did BeetleCam right itself once it was turned over by lion and cub?

  • Sylvia’s Recipes

    Amazing how big cats (lions) play like little cats do.

    And so curious too.

    Just a whole lot stronger!


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