Look at This: More Than 100 Dog Teeth in a Stone-Age Grave

By Veronique Greenwood | July 9, 2012 10:42 am


Archaeologists working near Leipzig, Germany, have unearthed a surprisingly arrangement of more than 100 dog’s teeth in a grave between 4,200 and 4,500 years old. The way the teeth are arrayed suggests that they might have been sewn as decoration onto a piece of leather or textile which has since decayed, prompting the team who found it to call in the remnants of a purse. Taking a closer look has revealed that the teeth come from dozens of different dogs.

The team has already found hundreds of graves at the site, as well as artifacts like an amber necklace, bone buttons, stone tools, and, in one later grave, a pound of gold jewelry. Unfortunately, they have just a few years left to learn what they can from the place: it’s due to become a coal mine in 2015.

[via National Geographic]

Photograph courtesy Klaus Bentele, LDA Halle

  • Greg Yeaman

    So not one dog with 100 teeth then?

  • Dan

    To me, a purse with 100 dog teeth carries a very clear message: HANDS OFF!

  • http://www.drsherriworth.com/ Esthetic dentist

    Its look like a canine teeth in the case of the long relatively pointed fangs engraved showned from the picture. They are often the largest teeth in the mammals mouth. The roots sink deeply into the bones and I guessed they have hard times getting it from dogs.

  • David

    The place is going to be a f***ing coalmine? In Germany, in twenty f***ing fifteen? You know, this is all that needs to be said to the misguided Germans who thought the Atomausstieg was some act of environmental responsibility. Congratulations, Germany! You don’t have atomic energy, you’ve got new coal mines, and several new brown coal powerplants coming online or under construction. And despite the extra soot and the CO2 you will now emit, you have the most expensive electricity in Europe. So you’re not just being planetary assholes, you’re dicking over yourselves as well. What a victory you have won!


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