To Eat a Triceratops, Tear It Apart

By Ashley P. Taylor | October 26, 2012 2:29 pm

dinosaur drawing

Paleontologists now think they know how the predatory Tyrannosaur ate the well-protected Triceratops: by ripping its head off.  The carnivore may have forcefully yanked on the bony frills around the neck of its horned prey in order to get to the rich meat beneath. The researchers, who reported their findings at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology’s annual meeting last week, suggested this scenario after examining Triceratops skulls, where they found puncture and pull marks on the neck frills—along with bite marks on the head-neck joint that could only have been made on a severed head.

For a fuller explanation, replete with step-by-step illustrations, visit Nature News.

Drawing courtesy of Nate Carroll via Nature

  • dave chamberlin

    they had terrible table manners

  • James Harmer

    Maybe, but it wasn’t a good idea to complain…

  • Dirk Bakken

    Did our tax s fund this research?

  • Ashley Cakes

    I love the realistic artwork. Really brings the story to life. 😉

  • cassidy

    Wait, so was it too difficult to take a chunk out of Triceratops’ leg or something? I’m not much of a dino expert. . . . .

  • A.r.

    No cassidy, it’s that something like this would’ve provided a quick way to kill the triceratops, especially since triceratops has those horns that would very much be seeking to impale a predator. By the way the t-rex looks to be positioned in the drawing, doing it like that takes it out of range of the horns.

    Then again, this is assuming they’re preying on live triceratops instead of scavenging dead ones. Even still, the article says they’d be getting a lot of good meat behind the neck so it works either way.

  • Erica

    What a nice dinosaur.

  • ZachsMind

    Naturally, the abrahamic god made triceratops specifically with bony frills, so that Tyrannosaurus Rex could pull at it like a handle to open the contents, just like how the abrahamic god made bananas so that they fit into a Man’s palm. It’s elementary, dear Creationists.


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