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For Kids Under Two, Steer Clear of Screen Time, Pediatricians Say

By Valerie Ross | October 19, 2011 11:15 am

Parents should strictly limit how much children under two years old watch television or videos, says the American Academy of Pediatrics in a new policy statement, since TV time not only doesn’t seem to benefit babies, it may come with developmental drawbacks. (Activities like computer and touchscreen games, where the babies interact with what’s happening on the screen rather than passively watch it, aren’t included in the statement.) The academy issued a similar statement in 1999, discouraging screen time for kids less than 24 months old—and in the intervening decade, there’s been more research to back up that recommendation.

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Google TV Is Coming Soon to a Living Room Near You

By Smriti Rao | March 18, 2010 11:02 am

TVsNot happy with only dominating the Internet, software giant Google is looking to expand into the television business, too. It won’t be producing content, but Google will be creating software in partnership with Sony and Intel that will help bring the Internet to TVs and set-top boxes all over the land.

With the just-announced Google TV, people will be able to access web features like downloadable games, Facebook, and streaming video on their TV as easily as if they were flipping channels. Some existing televisions and set-top boxes [already] offer access to Web content, but the choice of sites is limited. Google intends to open its TV platform, which is based on its Android operating system for smartphones, to software developers. The company hopes the move will spur the same outpouring of creativity that consumers have seen in applications for cellphones [The New York Times]. Google expects that products based on its software may be ready as soon as this summer.

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3D TV Will Kick Off With World Cup Match This Summer

By Aline Reynolds | January 7, 2010 4:39 pm

3D-glassesAvatar‘s success at the box office has 3D technology on everybody’s minds these days. Now, television manufacturers are looking into bringing that same technology to your living room.

Top TV makers including Sony Corp, Panasonic Corp, LC Electronics Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd will feature 3D screen advances at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, hoping the new technology will be as big a boost for the industry as the transition to color TVs from black and white [Reuters]. A few 3D sets are already on the market and retail for around $1,000 for a 42-inch screen (a 42-inch high-definition LCD television costs around $600).

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