Yo yo yo! MC in the house!

By Phil Plait | June 2, 2005 9:20 pm

I get questions about Stephen Hawking quite a bit. This irritates me, for two reasons:

1) His biggest contribution to physics is probably his idea that black holes can leak radiation, a hypothesis that marries General Relativity to Quantum Mechanics, and is therefore nearly impenetrable, and

2) He is smarter than I am, and more famous, so I hate him.

So there you go. But I was surprised, when researching him some years ago, to find out that besides a brilliant scientist, Hawking is actually an accomplished gangsta rapper. This may surprise you too, but as they say, if it’s on the Internets it must be true:

MC Hawking chilling with Coolio while they go over the Theory of Relative Hammer Time

Still don’t believe me? Then check out MC Hawking’s crib.

As Dr. Hawking himself says, "I ain’t Thomas Dolby, science don’t blind me."


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  1. Sam

    That is Hilarious!

  2. Joey

    Did Stephen Hawking really did the rap part? I could never picture him rapping? hehehe

  3. Thomas Siefert

    If the “Crazy Frog” ringtone can top the charts, this will be a classic…..

  4. Heh, no, Hawking didn’t actually do the rapping. It’s just some guy with a machine similar to Hawking’s.

    This is an awesome site though. It’s been around now for at least five years and it never gets old.

  5. Law

    MC Hawking, or the Hawkman, is a classic rapper. Final verse from “You Down with Entropy”:

    Creationists always try to use the second law,
    to disprove evolution, but their theory has a flaw.
    The second law is quite precise about where it applies,
    only in a closed system must the entropy count rise.
    The earth’s not a closed system’ it’s powered by the sun,
    so f the damn creationists, Doomsday get my gun!
    That, in a nutshell, is what entropy’s about,
    you’re now down with a discount.

  6. Christopher Ferro

    OK, so I’m confused. Is that an “official” Stephen Hawking website, or is it just someone using the same name with a skeptical/scientific point of view?



  7. hale_bopp

    Well, I don’t believe that is an official Hawking web site. However, I have heard that Stephen has been to the site and found it quite entertaining himself. So he is not trying to shut it down.

    I first found the site back in either 1999 or 2000. One of my students showed it to me (I taugth this student two years in a row, so its fuzzy when he showed it to me). I haven’t been to the site recently, but they used to have some “radio edits” of songs posted so I could play a couple for my classes without getting in too much trouble.


  8. For those who think it might be real: Disclaimer

    And I have it on good authority that when asked about the site, the real Stephen Hawking’s response was “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” I’ve also heard that Hawking’s response to the classic Onion article “Stephen Hawking Builds Robotic Exoskeleton” was “But if you only knew my real super-powers…then you would see…you would ALL see!” Basically, Hawking is uber-cool and is OK with other people relying on his coolness to make themselves cooler.

  9. Pro Libertate

    “On blind faith they place reliance,
    What we need more of is science.”

    There is an official Hawking web site at http://www.hawking.org.uk/.

    Incidentally, has anyone ever run across a Stephen Hawking voice generator on the web?

  10. Pro Libertate

    Actually, the MC Hawking site refers to a discontinued shareware program called WillowTalk. WillowTalk is a reading program somehow related to whatever software Dr. Hawking uses, so one of its voices is pretty much the same as his. After hunting around a bit, I found a site where the file is still being posted. I’ve already sent a Stephen Hawking congratulations to a friend of mine who just had a baby (it took a little work to figure out how to save a wav file in WillowTalk), and I can think of a whole lot of other fun things for Dr. Hawking to say. He’s currently reading Jimi Hendrix lyrics :)

  11. Michelle Rochon

    Golly, that’s quite a couple here. ūüėõ When are they going to do a show?

  12. Kebsis

    McHawking is the best pimp in the world

  13. Christopher

    Well, it’s only fair that Stephen Hawking does popular music, given Britney Spears’ work in laser physics:

  14. Thomas Siefert

    Qoute Christopher
    “Well, it√Ę‚ā¨‚ĄĘs only fair that Stephen Hawking does popular music, given Britney Spears√Ę‚ā¨‚ĄĘ work in laser physics:”
    He He……..

  15. Hi, I always wonder about Hawkings, maybe he wrote a very good book, but would he have gotten so gol-darn famous, if he had not been so glamoriously laid up in that wheel chair, unable to speak,or do anything, and communicating thru computer means? And hanging onto life with such a strong will? I think it was the disability,and the attendent communication technologies that made him so ghoulishly interesting to everyone. Like, how could anyone “disabled” actaully think as well as EVERYONE ELSE? (I find that to be true of a lot of thinking about the disabled, of all kinds;( “gee,do you actaully think and feel, like us?dudh?”)

    I have some disabilities, myself,and I get so patronized by the agencies’ staff that I have to deal with, that I just want to scream, “hey, stupid, little govt. employees, I have an 140 IQ, and am far more intelligent, (not to count, brilliant,) than you, so stop treating me like a damn 2 yr. old kid!!You’re a govt. employee, you have nothing to feel superior about; you people are a dime a dozen!! Stop patronizing me!!” (Don’t ever talk to any psychiatry people, they are the worst.)

    Thus,I can finally not fault Hawking for working the disability angle as much as he has, and can, cause believe me, it usually gets worked all to the other end, to your disadvantage, no matter how smart or intelligent you are; any disability on someone makes him a leper. So, go,go, go, Hawkings, I’d do it, too, if I could, cause a disability makes people discount anything you do, or are, all the time. Thank God, someone can make it work for him,and still keep his mind intact.

    —-hey, you, stop being envious of Hawkings!!! It’s no fUN being laid up like that, no matter how famous you are, or successful; it’s realy nasty, if you are jealous of him,and hate him for being famous. Get over it. Sorry if I am being mean, but that is a disgusting attitude, to hate someone else for being famous; even if you’re kidding. NOT FUNNY. Hawkings would probably trade places with you, for a functioning body, with all the fame,and success, if he could. I know what it is like, to be stuck not being able to hardly get around(although I am not that bad off, at all,) and it is a Hell of a life. Very, very frustrating. Anyone who is jealous of Hawkings needs to go spend a day in his body, to understand what it’s like. I am not kidding. :(

  16. Kansas

    Perhaps one might see it as a compliment to Dr. Hawkings to be jealous of him–to see past his disability.


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