Finally a candidate we can all get prostrate for

By Phil Plait | October 25, 2005 10:30 pm

Until recently, I was leaning toward Walken. But I’ve seen “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”, and I’ve found a better candidate.

You kinda have to vote for a guy who can do that.


Comments (17)

  1. Thomas Siefert


    This reminds me of a Danish comedian, Jacob Haugård, who entered the Danish election as an independent. He promised bigger Christmas presents, back wind for all cyclists, standardised vacuum bags and more things in that vein.
    To everybody’s surprise, and his, he was voted into the Danish parliament (folketing).
    The Danish parliament consists of 179 seats, that year they were divided so that the left wing had 89 and the same for the right wing.
    This put Jacob in the position were he had the deciding vote on important issues. Suddenly the joke was on him.
    Of course he didn’t keep the promises he made during the election, but who expects that from a politician?

    P.S. I don’t wanna sound queer or anything, but Genral Zod looks good in a dress.

  2. Michelle Rochon

    HA! Great find. I love that. This guy has my vote too!

    Wait… I’m not american. Well with General Zod, that’s most likely to be fixed soon!

    Eye lasers need the respect, of course.

  3. Berkeley

    Even in the Norwegian Storting (the parliament), when electing the president, there are votes for Donald Duck, uncle Scrooge, Batman and guys like that among the more serious votes…

    The president of the Storting has no great power, but he is ranked second after the king.

  4. Bradley

    I was kinda leaning towards Kodos, but now…

  5. The Galaxy Trio

    Berkeley said, “Even in the Norwegian Storting (the parliament), when electing the president, there are votes for Donald Duck, uncle Scrooge, Batman and guys like that among the more serious votes…”

    How is Uncle Scrooge not a serious vote? Huh? He was an outstanding businessman. And Batman would be the basis of a solid law and order ticket. And al least Donald Duck does not butcher the English language as bad as Bush. :)

    You know, at first glance I saw “Sorting” instead of “Storting” and though maybe they used a sorting hat or something.

  6. Zeb Rice

    Uh, oh…too bad…Zod wasn’t born in the United States so he can’t be president. Of course, if we amend the constitution so Arnold gets into office, maybe Zod can too.

  7. TJ

    General Zod! Awesome!

    Thanks for the laugh and for maintaining my lifelong love of and fascination with astronomy. I’m REALLY looking forward to meeting you and Dr. Porco at TAM4. I may have to introduce myself to Dr. Porco beforehand though, since Boulder is a mere 14 miles from where I live.

    Thanks again!

  8. Mark Martin

    The name “General Zod” can, of course, be contracted to just “G’od”.

  9. Michael Hopkins

    Cthulhu for President: Why settle for the lesser evil?

  10. monolithfoo

    huh, An obvious evil dictatorial despot for leader, just as long as there is government health care. Where have I heard that plan before? :)

  11. Cindy

    Gee, I wonder how General Zog will deal with questions about his similarity in looks to a transsexual in Pricilla? ;-)

  12. antipodean

    so sad that our country will be remembered, especially in America, for movies like this, crocodile dundee and the T.V show skippy

  13. antipodean, don’t be sad be proud. “Priscilla, Queen of the Desertâ€? is a great offbeat road movie.

  14. antipodean

    Crickey, you’re right

    Thats not a knife, This is a knife!

  15. Dave Waalkes

    Um – didn’t Nostradamus mention General Zod in his prophetic predictions? Yeah, I am pretty sure! Grab onto something, I think this is it!….


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