No Hansen webcast

By Phil Plait | February 9, 2006 2:32 pm

Just a quick update: Jim Hansen will be speaking Friday in New York about global warming and the recent kerfuffle at NASA. I said it was a press conference; it isn’t, he is instead speaking as part of panel on the recent attacks on science. I wish I could go! The speaker lineup is very impressive. I have also been told it won’t be webcast, which is unfortunate. However, a lot of press will be there, so we’ll be reading about it this weekend.


Comments (6)

  1. +1 for use of the word kerfuffle!

  2. Tara Mobley

    Too bad we won’t be able to hear it. Maybe someone going to it will blog it and we’ll get to read about it.

  3. I am just glad this stuff is finally getting out. Let’s hope this makes some major papers in the United States.

  4. kerfuffle-I saw that, then I saw Jamie beat me to it. NICE! That’ll have to be my “word of tomorrow”.

  5. Tom Epps

    Well, I certainly hope this is the beginning of positive change. But then, I AM a skeptic.

  6. Richard Strout

    FYI, USAF has just revised their giudlines on religion
    ” Denver, The Air Force released new guidelines for religious expression Thursday that no longer caution top officers about promoting their personal religious views.”
    Yet another USG sneaky snake is loosed.


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