Adrianic interlude

By Phil Plait | February 15, 2006 10:08 pm

I’m sitting in my room at Adrian College (wireless! Yay!) and resting. Just resting.

It’s been quite a day. I got here last night, and was picked up at the Detroit airport by three Adrian College professors, all of whom had attended TAM4! That was cool. We had a nice dinner, and they drove through Ann Arbor for me, since I graduated from the U of Michigan almost 20 years ago (yikes). When we got to Adrian, I was taken to my room, the President’s Guest House. Woohoo! I like being treated well, it turns out.

This morning we went to a small diner in Adrian, and I ate essentially a stick of butter for breakfast. California has ruined me for eating breakfast out. Later, in the main auditorium, I gave my “Mars Attacks!” talk (debunking the face on Mars nonsense) to an audience of a couple of hundred people (I think, I didn’t count– but a couple of whom were old friends from grad school who showed up too!), then was whisked off to lunch (talking with students and faculty), then whisked to the planetarium to give a talk about Planet X (yes, really), then rest (for thirty minutes back in my room), then the general Bad Astro talk in the planetarium again (I got one egg to stand up).

I’ve never given three talks in one day before. It was exhilarating, in a way. Fun! But I’m tired now. I scheduled my flight out of here for later in the afternoon, so I get to sleep in tomorrow. Smart, I am sometimes.

So this was a long story to basically say: no astro-blog entry tonight. Mr. Deutsch still lingers in the news, so if I can tomorrow I’ll see what’s next in this soap opera (I got asked about him after two of my talks).

No guarantees on a blog tomorrow since it’s a travel day, but if I get in early enough I’ll try to write something up. The next few days I’ll be at the AAAS meeting in St. Louis, and I’m hoping to do some more moblogging, which is fun.

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Comments (14)

  1. Didn’t planet X destroy earth last year? or was it the year before? I forget.

  2. Laguna2

    Intresting, today no blog entry but 1511 characters written… ūüėČ

  3. Nigel Depledge

    “Smart, I am sometimes.”

    Interesting syntax you use, hmm? Learn from master Yoda did you?

  4. Nigel Depledge

    Thomas, I thought planet X destroyed the whole solar system back in 2000. Or did I dream it?

  5. Dreamt it you must have…. uh-oh… A great tremor in the force I feel… sorry, nothing it is, to the loo I must go…

  6. It’s too bad you had to drive through Ann Arbor. Maybe on the way back they’ll be nice and drive you through Columbus, OH (Home of the Buckeyes)

  7. My sister is an Adrian alum–just curious, how’d you end up talking there, exactly? Do they even have an astronomy department?

  8. hale_bopp

    One of my college roomies lives in Adrain and went to, I believe he said one and a half of your talks (small child in tow). Said he talked to you afterwards…Dave. Small world, huh, Phil?


  9. Olivia

    What’s this about not eating breakfast because of Calif.? I must have missed the salient point way back somewhere… As a Calif. NATIVE, I don’t know how to take the comment.

  10. SFwriter

    Olivia Says:
    February 17th, 2006 at 9:50 pm
    As a Calif. NATIVE, I don√Ę‚ā¨‚ĄĘt know how to take the comment.

    Take it with a stick of butter… :-)

  11. Irishman

    I think he’s saying that after eating breakfast in California, no where else really compares.

  12. No, what I’m saying is that California cuisine lacks the vast amounts of buttter and grease I was used to living on the east coast!

  13. Irishman

    So are you saying that’s a good thing or a bad thing?

    And either way, it doesn’t compare, does it? ūüėČ


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