Missourian interlude

By Phil Plait | February 16, 2006 10:38 pm

So now I’m in St. Louis, and it wasn’t easy. A big winter storm delayed flights across the midwest, and so I spent a lot of time today cooling my heels in various airports. I caught the last seat in a plane here, but I made it.

Did I say I was tired yesterday? I was stupid. I’m exhausted. Tomorrow the science meeting starts, so I may be able to start blogging about it then. Oh– I’ll be on the Paul Harris radio show Friday, probably at 3:00 central time. We’ll be chatting about science and such. Paul is an old friend, so this should be a lot of fun.


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  1. Sam

    Phil, do you ever get to experience that thing we normal folk call “free time.”

  2. cats

    in St. Louis, is it for AAAS annual meeting?

  3. Berkeley

    You know, Phil, once in a while you ought to take some time off. Get a substitute, for example, or simply run reruns…

  4. CousinoMacul


    I followed the Paul Harris link and found the page about the “sideways bike.” That’s awesome! You HAVE to ask him what that’s about.

  5. Welcome to town. Make sure to get some toasted ravioli while your here :-). I’m guessing you are staying downtown. I’d say get someone to take you Charlie Gitto’s. You won’t be dissapointed.

  6. Hey! I can’t believe you’re going to be just 90 miles away and I won’t be able to shake your hand and thank you personally for helping to spread better information, halt misconceptions, and do it all in an entertaining manner.
    Enjoy your stay in St. Louie! (The Anheiser Bush plant gives free samples still if I recall.) *grin*

    Hey JerryL, is that that place that’s a couple blocks up from the Arch, that’s two floors and looks like it used to be an old hotel?
    My sister-in-law took us there once, and they had the best pasta!

  7. Liam,

    Your thinking of the Old Spaghetti Factory. Also a good place, and probably cheaper that Gitto’s. Gitto’s is a smaller place that’s been there for probably 50 years. There are pictures all over the walls with Charlie and the celebrities that have stopped in for a bite. When Tommy Lasorta was still coaching he would always go by when he was in town. He even has a table with his name on it in one corner. It would be cool to see Phil’s picture up on the wall the next time I go in.

  8. Ahh airports, the closest thing you can get to an alternate universe.
    The food is twice the price of everywhere else and the toilets stinks despite being attended by a person who seem to live in there with only his/hers “Wet Floor” signs for company.

  9. Yea, we had one hell of a storm yesterday. I hope you get to enjoy our crazy random weather. It’s 60 degrees today, so it will probably be snowing and 15 degrees tommorrow, and then be 60 again on Sunday. I hope I can catch you on the radio this evening.

    Enjoy St. Louis while you’re here!

  10. Maggie Hettinger

    Hey, welcome to St. Louis. I hope you like it here. I really love your website and blog, I have been reading them forever, and I think that everything you do to fight antiscience is great.

  11. lee

    slightly OT: But as a St. Louisan currently residing in London, it was wonderful to read about all these places I miss. What I wouldn’t give for a proper St. Louis Italian salad or an Imos pizza right now!

  12. FWIW I had toasted ravioli the first night I was here, and it was great! :)


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