Siriusly, Are We Alone?

By Phil Plait | February 26, 2006 10:52 pm

Every month, I do a segment called "Brains on Vacation" on the SETI Institute’s radio show "Are We Alone". The radio program itself deals with the search for extraterrestrial intelligence in general, though once a month they have what they call "Skeptical Sunday" dealing with issues of critical thinking. BoV deals with people just doing silly stuff; we’ve covered star naming, the Virgin Mary underpass, and other slices of silliness.

The show has been airing on independent radio stations across the country, but we have a big announcement: we’re going satellite! We premiere our first show on Discovery Channel radio broadcast on Sirius satellite radio channel 119, on Wednesday, March 1. The episode of AWA is a Skeptical Sunday one called "Psychic Sleuth" and includes a BoV piece about buying star names.

And we’re actually going to be aired three times a week. The premiere of each show is 9:00 a.m. EST Wednesday, with a repeat at 9:00 p.m. EST Wednesday and another repeat at 11:00 p.m. EST Sundays.

The shows will be archived on the AWA site, and will be podcast as well. This will be done on Thursdays, after Discovery has had their first two airings.

So tune in! You may not find out if we are truly alone or not, but with this much larger satellite venue for the show, we’ll know our listeners aren’t alone.


Comments (5)

  1. Awesome! Looks like my Thursdays will no longer be just “the day The Onion comes out”.

  2. geoge

    Congrats. Things are lookin’ up, orbitally up.

    Oddly enough, we only get the first 57 channels “and nothin’s on”, much.

    BTW, if you visit with ISR, ask them what the appreciation value is for the star my wife bought me in the early 80’s. It’s in Sagitarious; it’s the dim white one. ūüėČ

    Happy boxin’ during your Phil-a-bustin’. :)

  3. pumpkinpie

    Hmmm….*that’s* where my Discovery channel went……it left my XM for Sirius! Too bad channels/programs like that have to be on one or the other. At least they are putting it on the web!

  4. P. Edward Murray

    In my last job I worked as a Panasonic Technician for our “Sirius Satellite Radio” boxes. Funny thing is that they spell Sirius correctly but don’t pronounce it correctly.

    At any rate, Panasonic left Sirius for XM.

    The Panasonic Radios didn’t work that well either.


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