New Tangled Bank is up

By Phil Plait | March 1, 2006 2:41 pm

The new Tangled Bank is up at Tara Smith’s Aetiology! This is a collection of the best current science blog entries as chosen by the writers themselves. I have one there, too. :-)

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  1. Nice, I haven’t checked Tara’s Blog in a while :mrgreen:

  2. Dwight

    For those of you involved in scientific research and other brain-related activities, there are other countries available to you to live in that ENCOURAGE higher level thinking.

  3. beskeptigal

    Thanks for a nice source.

  4. “In the physics & astronomy category, Phil of the Bad Astronomy Blog discusses new data on the the spiral galaxy M101–it’s bigger and has more stars than previously thought–and as always, shares some incredible pics of the universe around us.”

    Just nitpicking. It’s bigger than a certain BABlogger previously thought. The way it is written it gives the impression that this is some sort of an important recent discovery and there is a risk this will make some headline. There have been reasonable estimates since 1996 using planetary nebula and cepheids to infer distance, yet many sites I’ve seen on the webb give everything wrong, from the size to the number of stars in this galaxy.

  5. Hmm, good point. It’s bigger than I thought, that’s all.


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