Randi doing much better

By Phil Plait | March 24, 2006 9:02 pm

Well, I have some good news to share after the bad news of the Space-X launch: James Randi is doing much better. I was just voice-chatting with him over the web, and he’s feeling "better every day". He looks a little thin (he did lose some weight) but he is clearly on the mend. His beard is a little shorter than it was– the doctors had to trim it a bit during his tribulations, but it’s still Randi under all that white hair. We even got in a few barbs at Sylvia Browne’s expense. Speaking of which, he’s still on the job, dogging her and making sure people know what a fraud she is.

We only chatted for about 15 minutes, but it was great to see him, and to see him looking so well after what must have been a frightful experience. Clearly, critical thinking and skepticism do a body good!

But you don’t have to believe me about how well he’s doing– he has a new voice message on his website (and he sounds even better than he did on his last voice message).’


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  1. Geoff

    I was just watching his interview with Penn and Teller on the B******* season one disc. He said he was 75 years old and that was a few years ago. He looks great for his age. I’m happy he is recovering and I wish him well. We need James Randi. We really do.

  2. Christian Burnham

    Pass on the good wishes of us posters.

  3. Great news, and best wishes to Randi for a speedy recovery.

  4. ericnh

    Hope Randi comes back soon, I love reading his commentaries.

    BTW BA, saw on the Coast to Coast AM website that you’re gonna be a guest 3/26 — is it true? I heard Richard Hoagland’s “evidence” of “geometric” (artificial) structures in the test photos just released from the MRO team, and as usual after looking at the photos I don’t see whatever he sees (maybe I should recalibrate my brain’s pareidolia perception). Please smack his arguments with a Noodly Appendage. I’m just waiting for the real photos to trip him up. Good luck!

  5. Troy

    He sounds a bit like Burl Ives. Glad he’s doing better. I don’t understand Indiana Jone’s lost map of Babylon. I like his beard, you can’t really be a conjuror without one. He has been a big influence on my outlook on things. As for Sylvia Browne I can’t believe they can even be mentioned in the same sentence. Sylvia isn’t even competent as a phoney, but the Amazing Randi can be both entertaining and thought provoking. Too bad there is only one!

  6. Chris

    Ugh. Silly me, I started reading some more of Hoagland’s gibberish spouting off about another ancient extraterrestrial race’s ruins on Iapetus. Either he’s entirely clueless about how impact craters affect each other, or he’s a complete loony-toon. I admit, I don’t have a degree in geology or astrophysics, but even I can understand what would cause the supposed “ruins” on Iapetus. Not to mention, he’s put a copyright date on an image he enlarged from an enlargement of an image he got from the Cassini mission. Isn’t that slightly illegal? Unless, of course, that he [i]made[/i] the image in question, which makes it completely bogus- but of course, that won’t stop people from thinking he’s got the right answer, and it won’t stop him from pushing his particular brand of lunacy/idiocy.

  7. Chris

    sorry for getting off-topic there.

    I’m glad Randi’s making a good recovery.

    I, too, read Swift on a weekly basis, after taking a week to catch up on the archives. Let me tell you- that was a LOT of information and good thinking to take in all at once. And I have you to thank for that, Mr. BA.

  8. Sadly Phil is has revealed himself to be nothing more than an agenda filled coward, afraid to see and admit the truth, he continues to remain in total denial of the fraudulent ways of his guru. How scientific is it to not even look at the evidence ?

  9. On Coast to Coast Phil made a big deal about looking at evidence, yet he himself refuses to read sTARBABY by astronomer Dennis Rawlins. If Phil truly had a truth seeking open mind he would read sTARBABY.

  10. Simon

    I also wish Randi a ‘Swift’ recovery! He is an international treasure and we need more of his ilk, and indeed of the BA ilk!
    Which reminds me, several posters on this blog made the uncannily accurate prediction that Hoagland would leap in identifying alien structures from MRO images as soon as they were out, and lo! it was so! Does such an amazing prescience qualify for Randi’s million dollar prize? ūüėČ

  11. Irishman

    No, Simon, those claims were evidence-based.


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