Coast to Coast AM interview tonight

By Phil Plait | March 26, 2006 10:37 am

Just a quick note: I will be interviewed for three hours on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory tonight. The show starts at 10:00 11:00 p.m. Pacific time Saturday night, and runs until 2:00 a.m. Saturday night/Sunday morning Sunday night/Monday morning. We’ll be talking about a lot of the topics I’ve written about here: NASA, George Deutsch, Saturn, WMAP, the SpaceX launch failure, Stardust, and certainly the new Mars orbiter– I’ll have a longish blog entry up about that tonight by the time the show airs.

Many radio stations stream the show, so take a look at the affiliate list to see which ones do. I’m pretty sure the Canadian station CFUN does, for example.


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  1. Three hours! Better start doing you vocal cord warm up.

    LALALALALALA ooooo000000OOOOO HEE-HAW HEE-HAW etc. etc.


  2. Hey your smiley thing doesn’t work :-(

  3. You may want to know that Hoagland finally gave a falsifiable hypothesis regarding his Mars beliefs: He stated on C2C the other night that if the new Mars Orbiter images Cydonia and finds nothing he’ll be forced to admit his ideas are erroneous. You might want to check that out with Noory…

  4. RAF

    I asked this on the BAUT, but doesn’t it re-play starting at 2AM?? (it’s the only chance I’ll get to hear it)

  5. Jonathan, that’s funny. The MOC image already shows the face is just a mesa, but Hoagland claimed it was faked, altered, filtered, the face was eroded, and who cares anyway since now he has this other thing over here he can talk about… Feh.

  6. Hoagland’s behavior pattern is classic. Years ago, a friend and I stumbled across a web site which claimed that the Great Pyramid of Giza was a gigantic water pump. That, I think, was my first introduction to the truly dedicated lunatic fringe, complete with spurious number-crunching and metric armloads of denial used to shore up a ludicrous conclusion. (Really, why waste twenty years building the pyramid, when you could just have your slaves carry the frickin’ water — or have your flying saucers ferry it, depending on how you say the pyramid got built.) Moreover, I just know I’ve seen some Hoagland-esque nutball say that the Cydonia face is the same as the Sphinx’s.

    If nobody’s said that yet, I’ve just made a great discovery! Fork over your credit-card numbers and I’ll tell you all about it.

  7. Melusine

    Three hours is a long time–I hope you have your sense of humor all charged up.

    In Houston, C2C is on KTRH at 10:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. and then repeats until the 4 a.m. Same on Saturday night. I know because I had to wake up at 2:30 a.m. this morning and it was about crop circles at that moment. Always UFOs and crop circles!

    Yeah, Hoagland’s Mars page is pretty funny. Reading his book reviews on Amazon is even funnier…”sound science?” It’s geometry all over Mars! [rolls eyes]

    Have a good show.

  8. Have you heard of Neal Adams new theory about expanding planets. He was on C2C a few weeks ago, but I haven’t heard any debate about this theory. He states as the Planets age, they expand in size and he has video which explains how the earth tectonic plates fit like a puzzle. What is your opinion on his theory? I posted his site above.

  9. Does anyone have an mp3 of the interview? :)

  10. Buzz Parsec

    >Have you heard of Neal Adams new theory about expanding planets. He was on >C2C a few weeks ago, but I haven’t heard any debate about this theory. He >states as the Planets age, they expand in size and he has video which explains >how the earth tectonic plates fit like a puzzle. What is your opinion on his >theory? I posted his site above.

    Hey! That’s my theory! He stole it!

    My Theory of Gravity – There’s no such thing. The Universe and everything in
    it is expanding at an accelerating rate, proportional to the mass involved.
    The reason we feel the “force of gravity” is because the expanding Earth is
    pushing against our feet. When you drop something, the Earth, expanding
    outward, soon hits it. (The dropped object expands too, but since it is
    much less massive than the Earth, it expands much less. However, space
    expands as well, distorting the apparent size of the object to make it
    appear to remain the same relative size as the earth.)

    The last bit, about making space (and time) distort so as to make things
    appear to be the same size despite the expansion, is the mathematically
    difficult part of the theory :-)

    (Should I start a pool about how long before someone takes this seriously
    and creates a web site about it? I bet 6 months…)

    P.S. People seem to be able to quote other posts for followups. I tried
    cutting and pasting Vaughn’s comment, but it doesn’t look like it worked
    very well.

  11. Sean

    I sense a bit of jealousy and even fear of Hoagland’s intuition and knowledge at this site.

    And Phil, you need to work on your delivery and not try so hard. You are being counterproductive to your own agenda.

  12. Melusine

    Sean Says:

    March 27th, 2006 at 2:04 am
    I sense a bit of jealousy and even fear of Hoagland’s intuition and knowledge at this site.

    And Phil, you need to work on your delivery and not try so hard. You are being counterproductive to your own agenda.

    I’m listening to Phil right now (C2C plays twice on my station) and your comment just seems so bizarre. Where do you get that? And his delivery? I think Phil has sounded great so far (really, not brown-nosing here), and when George spent some time trying to convince Phil to go on a show with Hoagland, Phil gave good reasons. Fear? Jealousy? Utterly ridiculous. Go look at Hoagland’s Mars page…intuition can often be right, but it can often be quite wrong. Throw out enough hypotheses and sooner or later maybe one will come up right. Intuition isn’t science.

    I think Phil has been an interesting guest–good comments on the Big Bang, the Milky Way, ISS, Sun, etc; lots of good anecdotes. How is he being counterproductive? (Of course you don’t point out specifics.) It’s nice to hear science be interesting and mysterious in its own way instead of odd crop circle people! Provides some balance. BTW, I prefer George Noory to Art Bell–I like his manner.

  13. (sean)

    Oh, did I strike a nerve?

  14. RAF

    Sean…the BA has provided a link to his “hoagland debunking” page…you should read it…

  15. Dear Buzz Parsec, Spacetime Ranger:

    You can find a precedent for your expanding-planet gravity theory in one of Scott Adams’s books. I think it’s The Dilbert Future (HarperCollins, 1997). He attributes this theory to a talking cat. Your bit about distorting space and time is original, as far as I know. Publish! Publish now!

    I do my quoting with HTML tags — <i> and sometimes <blockquote> — which seems to work on lots of blogs and makes my deathless prose look pretty.

  16. The Bad Astronomer says:

    Fear of Hoagland? Are you kidding?

    (insert sound of laughing out loud)

    Good job, BA.

  17. Melusine

    (sean) Says:

    March 27th, 2006 at 4:41 am
    Oh, did I strike a nerve?

    Oh, I’m sure you didn’t strike any nerves…you just sound like the crop circle peoplestrange claims and little evidence. Or as they say, a candle without a wick. :-)

  18. Kaptain K

    Good job BA! :)

    One minor nitpick – It does not help the public perception of professional astronomers that you had to check on-line to answer the question about “the bright light in the eastern sky before dawn (Venus)”!

    OK, two nitpicks – Jupiter is not in the west at that time. It doesn’t reach opposition until May 4th. Most amateur astronomers have this kind of information available off the top of their heads.

  19. Tom Lippman

    Can someone please explain to me how Phil’s original post is dated Sunday Morning, March 26 at 10:37AM and advises that he “will be interviewed for three hours on Coast to Coast tonight starting at 11:00 PM Pacific Time Saturday?” Am I reading about this in the wrong place? Thanks.

  20. I had the wrong info up at first, and I changed it around 10:30 Pacific time last night.

  21. J. D. Mack


    I recorded last night’s show, and I’ve been listening to it in my car today. I just heard you mention that evolution is random. You do realize that Richard Dawkins may b***h-slap you if he ever meets you ; ).

    J. D.

  22. Matt T.

    Someone above mentioned Neal Adams’ expanding world theory. Neal Adams is, of course, one of the premier comic book illustraitors of the ’70s, known prominently for his run on the Avengers for Marvel and his ground-breaking work with Denny O’Neil on the “Hard-Travelling Heroes” arc in Green Arrow/Green Lantern. Great artist, something of a lulu.

    Back in the early ’80s, during the John Byrne run on the Fantastic Four, Johnny “Human Torch” storm was kidnapped by a wannabe-Messiah who wished to use the Torch’s flame-producing powers to “re-ignite the Earth’s core”. The idea was with a “re-ignited core”, the Earth would expand. The guy’s name…Alden Maas. Always wondered what Neal thought about that.

  23. DJ

    I’m afraid of Hoagland. He’s bat-stuff insane.


    Any of you talking heads ever watched any of Neal’s expanding planet videos? Of course not. Why bother, right? – can’t be. I’m embarrassed for you all. Make a giant Pteradactyl fly or 100,000 lb Sauropod stand with gravity as it is today. Do the math. Don’t respond unless you’ve seen the clips – JIMERUG

  25. Maggie

    I’ve seen the clip. I’ve seen the whole lot of videos. And you know what? As someone above succinctly put it, “intuition is not science”. Just because something is “hey, that sounds good to me” doesn’t mean it’s true.

    Now, have YOU done the actual math? And have YOU looked at the voluminous evidence and experiemental data that backs up the science that Neal Adams claims to have negated with a wave of his pen? No. You haven’t. If you had, and have the faculties to grasp it all, which I’ll assume you do/might, you wouldn’t be here saying these things. You’d be saying how crackpot Adams’ ideas are.

    OMG! Bumble bees are falling out of the air as I speak! They must have just read Neal’s site! (this is my not-to-subtle “pterosaurs were quite capable of flight whether you believe it or not” wisecrack – although I’m sure you’ve ‘done the math’.)


    Sorry for the delay — I forgot I had posted. Now, there is no question as to whether or not the Earth is growing as that IS fact. How fast is the only thing that can be questioned. Accumulated space dust and meteorites prove that. How do you explain the fact that no known part of the ocean floor is more than approx. 180 million years old – nowhere? Most of it much younger.
    It would require a heart to provide 30+ PSI of blood pressure to get blood to the head of a huge sauropod. Flesh isn’t capable of producing that kind of blood pressure by a very, very long shot. They would require many hearts at different elevations to act as pumping stations.Lland animals cannot get any more massive than an elephant in todays gravity or they certainly would. Regards, Jim

  27. Patriot USA

    It is absolutly necessary that every American who loves this country as I do, WAKE UP! What is going on behind the scenes is criminal. And, very soon the North American Union will consume us. Please, Please, watch on google video Part 3 of 3 of ZEITGEIST. You will then understand & be awake. PLease don’t brush this off as you won’t know the importance of this untill you see it. I’m just an American doing what I must do to warn as many as possible. You MUST do you part. Please tak a few minutes out of your life and you too will be awake. Thanx, Jim

  28. Bishop

    I found his second interview on CoasttoCoastAM. This one is with Art.

    Here’s part1:


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