By Phil Plait | June 18, 2006 1:20 am

So Mrs. Bad, Little Bad, Nephew Bad, and I took a day trip to San Francisco to soak up some cool air (it’s been pretty hot around here the past couple of days) and try an ice cream place I heard about on a travel show. We went to Golden Gate Park to go to a part of it we hadn’t been to before, and at one point I nudge my nephew and say "Doesn’t that woman look like Bjork?" Turns out, it was her (we confirmed later on the internets when we got home). I didn’t talk to her or anything; I figure, let her vacation in peace.

Still, that was cool.

Oh, and the ice cream was good, too. If you’re near the Mission District, try Mitchell’s ice cream. Avoid the purple yam, but the mocha fudge was very yummy.

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  1. Something fun to do in San Francisco: At the AGU Meeting at Moscone Center in December ‘005, I had the opportunity to applaud and challenge Michael Griffin. What we need is leadership: A president willing to say “We choose to go to the Moon,” Eugene Krantz insisting that failure is not an option, or Alan Shepard saying “Let’s get off our asses and light this candle!”
    I admire the “Right Stuff” displayed by fellow space explorers, but we should not treat them like “Spam in the can”.

  2. I is spelled Björk and no non-Scandinavian can pronounce it correctly :-)

  3. AitchJay

    I like the idea of a family of ‘Bads’ stopping for icecreams. There’s something about that image that tickles me..

  4. Karnalis

    My high school marching band played Bjork music my senior year. It was…interesting.

  5. KingNor

    bjork is crazy. stay away.

  6. Darcy

    Might want to give the Pumpkin at Mitchell’s a try, too.

  7. Bad Albert

    I must be getting old. Who the hell is Bjork?

  8. Henrik, Sweden

    Icelandic musician/actress…
    I have only seen her in “Dancer in the Dark”, which I think was a good film, though a bit strange. But odd movies are often good ones too.
    As far as her music goes, it’s quite different… I dont´t listen to it that much…

  9. I thought Bjork was a game..

  10. Ian Menzies

    From Wikipedia: Björk Guðmundsdóttir (IPA: [‘pjÅ“rÌ¥k ‘kvʏðmʏnstoÊŠhtɪr]), (born November 21, 1965 in Reykjavík, Iceland) is an Icelandic singer/songwriter and composer (formerly the lead singer of post-punk band The Sugarcubes), with a great expressive range and an interest in many kinds of music including pop, trip hop, alternative rock, jazz, ambient music, electronica, folk, and classical music.

  11. Oh yeah, now we are talking ice cream, there is no better combination than banana and chocolate….

  12. Hi Phil,
    I’ve met her myself – if the woman was under 5 feet, (she only came up to my sternum, in high heels) then it most likely was her, but there are quite a few Icelanders who look exactly like her. Björk (Birch tree) is a common name in Iceland – the Guðmundsdóttir is not a family name but a patronym derived from her father’s name – a man would be called Guðmundsson. You should have said hello – she is a science fan (Carl Sagan was one of her heros) and would have enjoyed talking to you.



  13. Lettuce

    I ran into Björk in a bookstore in MIlwaukee (Harry W. Schwartz) just after the end of the Sugarcubes. She was looking at the children’s books.

    What a wonderful person she was, autographed my Life’s Too Good CD (don’t ask why I had it with me) and gave me a kiss.

    I haven’t washed that cheek since.

  14. Joe

    Bjork is awesome, but I gotta stand in defense of purple yam (aka “ube”). I’m sure it’s not for everyone, but it’s no more odd than green tea ice cream.

    Now durian on the other hand – by Lapu-Lapu’s kampilan, THERE is a flavor to be shunned.

  15. Bjork is good music, but not exactly my taste. :)

  16. I shared margaritas with Björk and RZA at Dallas BBQ on 8th in Manhattan on a few occasions. Totally awesome people and being a fan of her music since I was young, it was doubly good to boot.

  17. Bad Albert

    Okay. Now I know who Bjork is. Thanks.

    Though I’ll bet if it was Mork he saw, BA would have stopped to talk.

    Nano nano.

  18. Roy Batty

    Mmmmm Björk & Ice cream together at last, in Bloggy goodness. Not to be confused with a certain Swedish chef, Bork Bork Bork!

  19. Lore Sjöberg’s Björk Song is worth a listen. Turns out after a while, it gets pretty hard to find rhymes for “Björk”, even if you pronounce it the American way (that is, incorrectly).

    She’s small and she’s odd, like a lepton or quarkOh Björk, oh Björk, oh Björk

  20. Roy Batty

    Oh thank you for that arensb, that is so good! :)
    ‘Quantum Physics love song’ indeed… it’s even brought science back into this blog entry, sort of 😉

  21. lisa

    i believe saw her monday on mission street in SOMA – i thought it was her (a very short lady) and then i saw a pic of her boyfriend on the news and that was the guy “bjork” was with. hmm…


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