Why it’s fun being me, part ∞

By Phil Plait | August 3, 2006 12:26 pm

I am on my computer, reading a blog. Mrs. Bad Astronomer is in the living room on her computer, doing some online shopping because she is renovating the Little Astronomer’s bathroom.

She shouts at me.

Mrs. BA: Phil! Guess what?

Me: What?

Mrs. BA: I did a Google search on "astronomy shower curtain" and guess whose page came up first?

She knew very well that I knew very well the answer to that.

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  1. Why it’s fun being me, part ∞ | August 3, 2006
  1. Geoff

    I’ll bet all the other Astronomy-shower curtain sites are really jealous!

  2. JerryL
  3. Why do the strains of a certain Carly Simon hit go through my head?

  4. Tim G

    We can help Mrs. Bad Astronomer a little.

    shower curtain

  5. Navneeth

    Hey! My comment didn’t appear in Firefox(SPAM filter blocked it). I try it from Opera and it says it has detected a duplicate. :(

  6. Navneeth

    Anyway, now that I know comments work in Opera, here’s yet another link Astronomy Bathtubs 😆

  7. Damon B.

    Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait… Little Astronomer has her own bathroom? Fascinating! I must visit this mythical land of “California” where the ground moves and every child has her own lavatory!

  8. Tim G

    Well, it turns out those previous links were to ebay items already sold. Here is one curtain

  9. Effendi

    I wonder if The Little Astronomer has to clean her bathroom on her own. It’s very important to take care of your own bathroom, very important. A clean bathroom creates atmosphere for innovative thinking. No doubts there.

  10. George

    If she buys one, I recommend you remove Lenin.

  11. BB

    All of those shower curtains have five-pointed stars! Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Astronomy! Stars don’t have points!

  12. Evolving Squid

    Unfortunately, my friend, you also rate highly on other searches :)


    which may be a good thing… or not.

    Link edited by The Bad Astronomer so it wouldn’t run off the side of the page. :-)

  13. Hahaha!! Boy oh boy, Google is interesting.

  14. Regarding bath room accessories, I always wanted my own Black Hole. :-)

  15. Gp

    you also came first on ‘ghost shower curtain’!

  16. Will.

    Re the “star:”It is a shame that designers repeat the same trite symbols in much of the products designed for sale to the general public. The ubiquitous “star” along with these other symbols even appears in jewelry – earrings, pendants, etc. – studded with expensive diamonds and sold by “celebrity designers” to the rich and famous. Such symbols of kitch like the star, the crescent, the cross, the “smiley” face, the X shape, the “daisy” and the “rose” flower shapes, and so many others are so ingrained in our lexicon of “artistic stuff” that they will probably never disappear or lose appeal. Just look at the tattoos shown on the Discovery Channel’s “Miami Inked” or the variations on the human skeleton which decorate so many “custom” motorcycles. (Of course, many of those symbols are copyright-free.) The technology exists today for putting accurate images of the planets (or anything) on shower curtains – or anything else; but there wouldn’t be much of an interest in such an item – except for a limited few folks, of course. The familiar images would surely prevail. Perhaps, as more and more of the “real” as captured by Hubble and other improved telescopes comes into the public”s focus, folks might abandon these old, overworked images and accept some really new designer fashions – at least in shower curtains.

  17. hehe, and now with this post, you’re the first and second result :)

  18. Troy

    Celestial Shower Curtain would have been a better search input.


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