WorldCon Cleanup

By Phil Plait | August 27, 2006 10:37 pm

Well, I’m home now. It was quite a week! I have so much I’d like to report, but to be honest I’m not feeling well. The last day of the WorldCon, I ate something which decided to poison me. I’m doing a lot better now, but Saturday was touch and go for a while. So I’ll give you some bullets here about the con, as well as other news I couldn’t keep up with due to illness, lack of an AC adapter and internet access the last day, as well as travel on Sunday:

  • The WorldCon ended up being a lot of fun. I gave two talks, one TV interview, one radio interview, and sat on two panels (including one about bloggers being public intellectuals, which was interesting). I met lots of fun, friendly people, sat with authors, and hobnobbed with several Star Trek actors (more about that in a later entry). I also hooked up with Kevin Grazier, who is a scientist and the science advisor for several TV shows, including the new Battlestar Galactica! We wound up having dinner with Richard Hatch, who played Apollo on the original Galactica and has a role in the new one too. The evening was marred somewhat by a touch of food poisoning I got at lunch (two others got it as well!) but we recovered quickly enough.
  • NASA will decide Monday morning how tropical storm (and potential hurricane) Ernesto will affect the Shuttle Atlantis launch. The NASA website will have updated info.
  • At some point over the weekend, Saturday, I think, the BABlog had its one millionth visitor!

That’s it for now, as I’m tired. I’m sure I’ll be feeling better tomorrow, so stay tuned for my BA bloggy goodness!


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  1. Rob

    Hi Phil

    Congratulations on having a million blog readers (or one person logging on a million times?). Hope you recover from the food poisoning soon – never a pleasant experience.

    WorldCon sounds like a lot of fun. Pleased to see Dr Who and Serenity with gongs! Mind you the new Battlestar Galactica continues to impress me too.

    Now, how many emails, etc re Pluto will be awaiting your return?

  2. Bummer about the food poisoning. Please sleep and relax! Hope you feel better soon…

    I just added the new Battlestar Gallactica series to my Netflix queue. I’m really looking forward to it! And, of course, to your next updates about WorldCon!

    1,000,002 hits and counting…

  3. eddie

    It’s a shame you were ill this weekend, BA.

    Because if you weren’t, you could’ve walked outside and seen MARS in the sky.

    Man, it was the size of a full moon! LOL!

    Feel better, purveyor of truth.

  4. George

    A million congrats! Clap, Clap, Clap.

  5. Cheese Hater

    “Because if you weren’t, you could’ve walked outside and seen MARS in the sky.

    Man, it was the size of a full moon! LOL!

    Feel better, purveyor of truth.”

    ………. the human lies……….

    But that’s pretty cool yet sad, I had food poisoning once, it was at a school cafateria. Typical…..
    I can’t wait until Atlantis launches, it’s taking forever! >.0

  6. The Galaxy Trio

    “I also hooked with Kevin Grazier…”

    *blank stare*

    So… how much were you charging?

  7. “The last day of the WorldCon, I ate something which decided to poison me. ”

    Oy! It wasn’t the sushi, was it? That was the only thing in the cafeteria (oops, I mean the “Space Cadet Lounge”) worth eating if you didn’t like fried sandwiches. I had it twice, including yesterday before my seven hour drive home.

    It was great meeting you, and listening to your two sessions. For those of you reading that have never had the pleasure, be sure to take the opportunity if Phil comes to your area. He’s just the regular, up-front guy he appears to be. Either that or he puts on a REALLY convincing act :-)

    – Jack

    PS – Rick Sternbach stopped by my table as well (:-P) and we talked about fictional spaceships for about half an hour (duh!). He said if I ever want to include some Star Trek ships in one of my books, he’s got a few blueprints…

  8. BA Brother

    Hey, Phil –

    Congratulations on making your first million!

  9. icemith

    Was it me, was it me? I think I commented on both Saturday and Sunday, but it may have been Aust. time I’m thinking about, so that may not count.

    By the way, what ever happened to the progressive count that used to show on every comment? That was a useful identifier, especially in the popular blogs where there were hundreds of comments. If a comment was replied to many hours after the original, it would appear way, way down the ‘page’, and could also appear irrelevant to the others immediately surrounding it. At least if one could quote a relevant number, the reader could backtrack to that prior comment.

    Anyway congrats. So, are we working on the second million now, or what?

    Ivan. (PS…. where’s the bubblie?)

  10. EVelyn Plait

    BA Mom says:

    CONGRATULATIONS…A Million TIMES. BA Sister tells me not to use all caps. It looks like I am yelling. Well, I am! “Can you hear me, now?”

  11. Gary Ansorge

    Food poisoning? You mean E coli or salmonella contamination? That’s the usual cause of intestinal discourse,,,

    I’ve only had that happen from salads, since they’re raw veggies, sometimes handled by someone who forgot to wash their hands after preparing contaminated raw chicken.

    Which is why I prefer meat,,,SO, watch out for the salads.

    GAry 7
    The new BAttleStar Galactica rocks!!!


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