Skepticality interview

By Phil Plait | August 30, 2006 12:56 pm

You knew Skepticality, the skeptical podcast, was back, right? Of course you did.

Today they posted a new podcast featuring, ahem, me! You can download it here, or go to the main Skepticality site to see what’s what. We talked about Pluto, and DragonCon, and dark matter, and underpants mice gnomes, and some salacious stuff because I can’t help myself when I talk to Swoopy (mmmm, Swoopy), and somewhere in all that there’s probably something that might be interesting.


Comments (5)

  1. Listening now. . . gotta love the opening music stings.

  2. Damnit to hell, why is it every other post I want to comment on, when I click on the permalink to make a comment, I start typing only to find the page needs to refresh for some javascript to reload – at least 3 more times!?

    Anyhow, I remember in one of their early episodes (sort of), I had just joined their forums and created a poll asking forum members which had a better radio voice. I didn’t know (I guess I missed it) that 90% of their listeners (forum members notwithstanding) are men and of course chose Swoopy.

    I wonder if Swoopy thinks “mmmm, Swoopy” is creepy to hear, especially coming from married bloggers.

  3. Tim G

    As far as commentary on the perpetual motion machine, I defer to Homer Simpson.

  4. Tim G

    One comment on the moon’s recession: The moon’s orbit is slightly eccentric (i.e. its distance from us varies during an orbit). In the distant future, the moon’s apogee (maximum distance from Earth) will result in a barycenter above Earth’s surface while its perigee will result in a barycenter below Earth’s surface. I suppose that Luna would alternate between being a moon and planet before settling on being a planet.

  5. jbz

    Damn it, Phil. You’ve got to get people (like skepticality) to stop calling you the Bad Astronomer. You’re not a bad astronomer (I hope), you discuss bad astronomy. Of course, Derek and Swoopy are just repeating the common usage. You need to nip this in the bud.



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