At DragonCon

By Phil Plait | September 1, 2006 6:53 am

Just a quick update: I am at DragonCon in Atlanta! I’m sharing a room with Fraser Cain from Universe Today and I’ve already met up with lots of other cool people, like Derek and Swoopy from Skepticality. I’m going out to breakfast, but I’ll post a little later with updates.


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  1. HI Phil,

    funny, I’n in Atlanta at the moment, although not at the convention, have fun!

    OBTW – everythinng is on Peachtree (way, drive, street, ave)

  2. Will. M

    Ah, BA; hasn’t school started for Sonoma State? How do you find SOOO much time to attend
    all these conferences and stuff like that there? Your department must have a SUPER budget for travel…

  3. Randall

    Phil, are you only going to be at the podcasting seminar thing? Any other chance to meet you?

  4. Randall: I am running around doing lots of stuff, but the places I’ll be over and over again are the podcasting track (4th floor Hilton) and the science track (Summit room Marriott).

    Will M.: I don’t teach, so I get to take vacation when I want. :-)

  5. Randall

    Sounds cool. I’ll be sure to stop by the science track on a regular basis (do the Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow really require a project or a resume?), so hopefully I’ll see you there.

  6. Aerimus

    I live in Atlanta and this will be my first time there (thanks to some friends and my wife, who got my in as a vacation from my newfound “daddy” responsibilities). I’ve also got a friend who is a fan of the site with an Astronomy degree. The two of us will be keeping an eye out for ya, BA!

  7. Mark Martin

    As long as you’re at DragonCon, you should check out the screening of “Dork Of The Rings”. I saw it just last weekend at a special showing in Indianapolis, and it’s hilarious!!

  8. Occams Edge Says: “everythinng is on Peachtree (way, drive, street, ave)”

    I have a photo of me standing under a street sign just north of Atlanta (in Norcross, actually), that was the corner of Peachtree Lane and Peachtree Lane!

    – Jack

  9. Will M.

    Wow, BA, great gig. While I was accused of not teaching (at times), I did enjoy the nearly two months off during June, July and August (not to mention all the other holidays…); I guess I didn’t have it so bad after all…

  10. Phil, it was nice seeing you at Worldcon last week too.

  11. matt

    Universe Today…I hope that has something to do with Babylon 5

  12. RioFrio– we met??? I can’t seem to put together your posts here with people I met at WorldCon. When was it?

  13. Irishman

    Funny story. I flew in to Dragon*Con with a buddy on Thursday. After checking in and getting registered and stuff, we’re wandering through the Hyatt lobby and I spotted Phil from across the room. Never met in person before, so he was a bit puzzled at who was yelling his name from across the room to get his attention. Of course that was before the real crowd hit and you couldn’t walk across the Hyatt lobby, you had to squeeze in line and mingle through all the bodies.

  14. Irishman!

    I lost your phone number! That’s why I didn’t call. I looked around the hotel room for it but I think the cleaning crew may have chucked it. I’m really sorry about that.

    I’m working on a DragonCon blog entry and posting the zillions of pictures I took. :-)

  15. Irishman

    It was pretty hectic. I need to download my pics, too.

    Anthony Daniels (aka C3PO) was a riot. He hosted the Dawn Lookalike contest. That was interesting. Alan Tudyk (aka Wash) and Summer Glau (aka River Tam) from Firefly/Serenity were there, and had some superbly fun Q&A sessions. Nathan Phillion (Malcom Reynolds) called Alan during the middle of one of his panels, so we had him on speakerphone over the PA system.

    But for the group here, you guys missed out on the Mythbusters build team. Tori Bellaci, Kary Byron, and Grant Imahara were all there. Well, Tori was there early, but Kary and Grant were late. They had difficulities with weather, and then their plane caught on fire and they had to make an emergency landing. They assured us that they didn’t cause the fire, but their fellow plane passengers were skeptical. They also shared some excised clips that will never air on Discovery Channel.


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