There’s a new astronomy podcast…

By Phil Plait | September 20, 2006 10:13 am

… and the podcasters’ names might be familiar to you.

The podcast is called Astronomy Cast, and the hosts are Fraser Cain (from Universe Today and, of course the Bad Astronomy & Universe Today forum) and Pamela Gay, formerly of Slacker Astronomy.

Yes, I said "formerly". Slacker has gone in a different direction, and so Pamela hooked up with Fraser to make Astronomy Cast. The first episode about Pluto went online on September 10, and the second, about searching for extrasolar planets went live on September 19.

You can get the show through iTunes, too. In fact, that’s probably the best way, since that makes it easier fro Fraser and Pamela to measure metrics (how many people are downloading the show, etc.).

You can discuss the episodes in a new section of Bad Astronomy & Universe Today bulletin board. Full disclosure on this: I’m one of two admins on that board; I mean, c’mon: duh, but I feel I should make sure this is as obvious as it an be.

Anyway, give ’em a listen. You’ll find Fraser and Pamela are making a good team. And I might drop in every now and again sometime in the future…

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Comments (3)

  1. Yep, it’s a great ‘cast. I was sad to see “SA” go, but what is in it’s place is good. And a new one – AstronomyCast – to boot!!

    Now an “AC’er”, but always a “Slacker.”

  2. Supernova

    What’s the scoop on Slacker Astronomy?

  3. dude, i’m so not polite, you have too much advertisement on your site, shame…


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