SETI has not yet found aliens

By Phil Plait | October 16, 2006 12:07 pm

I’ve been getting email that SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, will make a big announcement tomorrow, and rumors are flying that they got a detection. I happen to know some folks there, and they assure me that this is not the case. There will be an announcement, but it’s not about aliens. Sorry to disappoint. The announcement is embargoed, meaning they want all news outlets to release the news at the same time, so I can’t talk about it until tomorrow. :-)

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  1. Christian Burnham

    Did they find intelligent life in the White House then?

  2. If they had detected ET, I’d bet you my autographed copies of Earth and Beyond Star Trek that somebody would break the embargo. Just think: you could be known as “the guy who broke the embargo” about the biggest story ever. . . .

  3. Christian Burnham

    Of course, maybe they didn’t find intelligent life. Maybe they found Republicans living on Persei Omicron VIII.

  4. ioresult

    One can only hope they got some significant grant or something like it. (Remembering Foster’s speech about the “Big Picture” in Contact)

  5. Zoot

    Damn. I was hoping for a parasite brain slug invastion. Oh well, there’s always republican talk radio.

  6. We have rumours like that in my company, the “important” message always turns out to be about the lunch boxes people have left and forgotten about in the lunch room fridge.

  7. WoodGuard

    I heard they are going to announce their new major sponsor, “The Discovery Institute”. On the radio show, Skeptical Sundays will change to Mass. Host my the newly ordained Father Shostak.( some people will do anything for money).

    Someone connect with Seti has said “That finding evidence for intelligent signals will be easier by throwing out all the dumb science ideas and just have faith that all signals are intelligent and just go from them.”

  8. The announcement is that they found the WMD stashed on Alpha Centauri beside Jimmy Hoffa.

  9. Maverick

    Is this a political website?

  10. WM

    The aliens are all in my basement. I’ll return them soon, promise.

  11. csrster

    Maybe they’re announcing that aliens have been stealing their lunch boxes?

  12. Navneeth

    Nah…they just installed a new SETI@Home data recorder at Arecibo, which can “look” at 7 positions in the sky simultaneously. 😀

  13. Zachary Kessin

    I keep thinking woundn’t it be ironic if wehn we do find ET they are infact little green men (or bug eyed monsters).

    OK I just wanted an excuse to say “Bug eyed monsters”

  14. Steve

    It can’t be intelligence in the white house. Their equipment is not yet sensitive enough for such weak signals.

  15. chris G

    hmm……. maybe its that they are closing down as its a waste of time using radio waves to detect an advanced civilisation.

  16. gerrsun

    “I think someone switched this page for the one at the DailyKos.”


    “Huh Huh. I think Republicuns are dumb too! Ha Ha!”

    Whichever makes you feel better about yourself.

  17. Gp

    when do we start to panic and ‘RUN FOR OUR LIVES?!”

  18. icemith

    Ready…..Seti….. (Wait for it! Wait for it…) ……Goei.


  19. Gary Ansorge

    Intelligence in the White House? Now, that’s an oxymoron.

    Gary 7

  20. Navneeth

    So is the news out yet?….

  21. aTom

    On Tuesday, October 17, the SETI Institute will unveil a new center to study life in the universe and a fund-raising strategy to counter NASA’s proposed budget cuts for astrobiology research. From 10 to 11 a.m. at the SETI Institute in Mountain View, a distinguished panel of institute trustees and staff will announce the formation of the Carl Sagan Center for the Study of Life in the Universe. The center’s activities will focus on astrobiology and be dedicated to the memory of planetary scientist and astronomer Carl Sagan. The panel will explain a new emphasis on fundraising from private sources to offset a proposed 50 percent budget cut by NASA for astrobiology research.

  22. Could it be “Earth to be hit by ultraviolet pulse beam from higher dimensions!”?

    That was due to happen today. Could it be true? Do I need my tinfoil hat?

  23. Pro Libertate

    Yep, it’s The Carl Sagan Center for the Study of Life in the Universe. Rats. I was hoping that it was aliens, after all :(


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