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By Phil Plait | October 23, 2006 3:27 pm

Speaking of the Face, it’s not like I need more ammo to show that Hoagland is totally wrong about his ridiculous Mars claims, but when reality keeps poking its nose into things — especially when that nose is 100 meters across — I have to say something.

The ESA folks have released a 3D "flight simulator" of the face on Mars. This is pretty cool just for being a 3D flight simulator of a place on Mars! But I have to laugh, since it’s just another in a long, long series of nails in the coffin of Hoagland’s claims. It’s hard to believe that there are some people who still think Hoagland is right. Of course, some claim that NASA bombed the face to destroy it.

Yes, seriously. There will always be work to do.


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  1. Gary Ansorge

    Hey, I just realized, that face,,,,IT’S ME!!!
    Dang, I knew my mind was prone to wandering, but clear to MArs???

    GAry 7

  2. Donnie B.

    Is the vertical axis exaggerated in that flythrough, or is the “face” really that steep? I didn’t see any mention of scale, but it wouldn’t be the first time that information was glossed over. I know the well-known Valles Marinaris flythrough used an exaggerated z-axis.

  3. Grand Lunar

    Looks even less like a face when seen like that.

    It’s sad really, knowing that poor old Hoagland bases his claims over what was no more than an optical illusion.

  4. Rodney

    You NASA “shills”!!!

    This obviously an atempt by “THE MAN” to keep us down!

    Clearly this face is to remind us that Science fiction comics, from the 50’s, already knew what NASA was afraid to tell us all along!!!


    It’s a hill that kinda, sorta, looks like a face, at really, really low resolution…

    You decide.

    Is it just a coincedence or is Richard C. “Hyperdimentional” Hoagland right!

    Where do I stand on this “earth shattering issue”?

    Start the revolution WITHOUT me,


    P.S. Oh but, Athena help me, I DO love the kooks. R.C Hoagland is the BEST…

  5. Of course, some claim that NASA bombed the face to destroy it.

    Darkness generated by ignorance… suffocating! No light… at end of tunnell…

  6. Navneeth

    It’s just an animation to fool you, Hoaxland is right!


  7. Wow, that is one cool animation. ESA always seemed to lag behind NASA in terms of communications skills but that is most impressive. Now if they could just release it as scenery for Flight Sim… :)


  8. Ah, but he now has another hobby…

    Anybody see these metal objects found by the apollo astronauts visiting the Moon?


    Quote: “As we scanned the center of Shorty, we noticed a very large and strange looking artifact that strongly resembled a pump mechanism or engine housing. Nicknamed √Ę‚ā¨Ňďthe turkey√Ę‚ā¨¬Ě because of its odd resemblance that terrestrial creature, this object appears to have a series of tubes and mechanical features extending from a geometric, metallic case. There are even what appear to be forged connectors or mounting points on the object.”

    yep, it is *that* ridiculous.

    Found through the great, great http://www.theskepticsguide.org

  9. A.C.

    How can the Apollo astoonauts have found metal artifacts on the moon when everyone knows that the moon landings were a hoax? ūüėČ

    People don’t let the truth get in the way of what they want to believe; I long ago gave up on trying to convince some people that alien abductions were a sleep disorder. They find the sleep disorder explanation “bizarre” but the alien abduction is perfectly rational to them.

  10. Michelle Rochon

    Wow, that animation is great. May not be a face but it’s sure a peculiar and pretty mountain. :)

  11. Anybody can see that is used to be a face but knowing that higher quality camera’s were coming they nuked it. It’s obvious…

  12. mungascr

    Yep, a nice bright nuclear explosion on a planet examined by a lot of amateur astronomers that left no trace afterwards and, of course, was hidden in all the expense accounts and kept perfectly secret by all rocket building & lauching teams ..

    Or just a Martian hill that looks vaguely like a human face at low resolutions …

    Choose your option and don’t forget a certain razor! ūüėČ

  13. roomtemp

    Great page ‘O, Bad One’!

    Nice to see a little reason among all the creative use of photoshop plugins… I’m certainly no doctor, but sometimes a rock is just a rock. And does anybody even remotely familiar with digital images think they’re NOT going to get “rectilinear” artifacts when you blow up a picture to 23 (square or rectangle) pixels… meh

    Me, I know that rock ain’t a pump housing off an inertial compensation cooling unit. But I get a little excited when one of the rovers scrapes on one anyway, just to see what its made of. Most folks aren’t as easily amused I guess, they need some alien intrigue thrown in. Whatever gets us out there is ok with me. The water on mars is a good angle. I guess Hoagland gets a little credit for being early in the mars once had water crowd.

    Speaking of which. Is it just me or does the “face” mountain look a little like an island? Reminds me of topo maps of hawaii with the ocean subtracted. And how about those twin river channels so closely matching aristotles description.

    Clearly we’ve discovered Atlantis…!

    Keep up the great work.

  14. Troy

    We’ve known the face looks like this for years now. I doubt it will hurt Hoagland’s business a bit. He of course will use the original low res image and ignore the new stuff, and those who want to believe will find a way. I guess some people like to pretend. I sometimes wonder if Hoagland believes his own tripe or if he is just making a buck off the gullible.

  15. Chris

    I love Hoagland’s new conspiracy theory that now not only is NASA covering it up, but the Europeans are now covering it up too, but that when China goes to Mars, they’ll blow the roof off the joint by showing us the truth! Yes those dictatorial Americans and Europeans are keeping everything secret, but the People’s Republic of China will tell us all the truth about Mars.

    The android head on the moon is just comedy though. It needs a BA update consisting simply of “hahahahahahahahahahahahah”


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