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By Phil Plait | December 3, 2006 2:05 pm

If you have some time, and feel like kicking back and listening to scientists talk science, then here are some fun podcasts:

  1. For the "Are We Alone" radio show I did an interview about sci-fi monsters with Lori Marino. You can listen to that as an MP3 or as a WMA file.
  2. Also for "Are We Alone", my regular "Brains on Vacation" bit asks the question "Does prayer work?" The answer: nope. MP3, and WMA.
  3. Jill Tarter, also of SETI, and who swears that she is not the basis of the character Ellie Arroway from Sagan’s novel "Contact", was in New Zealand and gave a talk on the search for little green men. I haven’t listened to it yet, but Jill is fun and I expect it’s pretty good.

Comments (4)

  1. Crux Australis

    New Zealand?! Bugger, wish I’d known.

  2. Crux Australis

    Hey, my comment worked without the usual error message!

  3. Rowsdower

    I was listening to the bit about the Alien aliens and a long time ago it occurred to me that the alien was an engineered life form bred for an interplanetary war. The egg is part biological computer which analyzes the target life form to make a face hugger based on its analysis. The face hugger is a second biological computer and genetic laboratory which analyzes the biological functions of the creature it’s been attached to and then using the DNA it analyzes produces a variant of the final alien that can use the host as a growth medium. The final alien’s purpose is nothing more than to wreak havoc on the race on which it has been unleashed. The face hugger has a certain chance of creating a queen to create more eggs to perpetuate the process. This explains why in Alien 3 the alien has some of the physical characteristics of the dog that it infected.

    Just my two cents.

  4. Gary Ansorge

    Ah, cross breeds between humans and other apes. Wonder what the chances are for a gorilla/human hybrid, with the strength of a gorilla and intelligence of a human? Of course, I do believe I’ve met some that were the other way around,,,

    GAry 7


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