South Park comes to Vega$ and The Amaz!ng Meeting!

By Phil Plait | January 2, 2007 5:07 pm

Speaking of Skepchicks

For those of you new to the BA Blog (and there are a few; my post about the Top Ten Astronomy Images of 2006 brought in lots of new shiny keyboards), I am an astronomer, so duh, I write about astronomy. But I also comment on politics, religion, and skepticism (and sometimes, yes, animal bones I find in my back yard).

Every year in January, the world-renowned skeptic, conjourer, and debunker of bunk James "The Amazing" Randi holds The Amaz!ng Meeting, a gathering in Las Vegas of scientists, skeptics, magicians, and general all-around fun people (like Julia Sweeney, Penn and Teller, and loads of other great folks). Searching this blog for his name will yield lots of stuff about him. The meeting is in a couple of weeks, so you’ll be reading more about it here as time goes on.

And I have a new announcement! As if The Amaz!ng Meeting weren’t already amazing enough, Randi has just announced that "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are very likely going to attend. We can’t say for sure — this isn’t science, har har — but it does look likely. I can’t wait! After all, John Edwards (the "psychic") is the biggest… well, they described him perfectly.

I’m gonna have myself a time!


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  1. ciderman

    Matt & Trey seem to be very intelligent fellows, I’d love to share a few beers with them.

  2. spacewriter

    Dang Phil, I am jealous! I’ll be at a Science and Society meeting in Boston most of that time; wish I could be with you guys at Vegas.

    Take good notes, y’heah!

  3. Max Fagin

    I’ll be there!

    Your lecture is the first thing I planned to attend (I’m looking forward to your PZ speech,) but I’m also from Colorado, so Trey and Matt will be high on my list.

    See you in Vegas!

  4. Michelle Rochon

    Ah yes, I loved that episode. ūüėõ I’m a big big big big BIG fan of South Park, and I think it’s too bad that some people think of South Park as a bland “just for the heck of being offensive” thing. Most of the episodes are so brilliant.

  5. John Edward the psychic’s name is spelled without an s. You spelled it the way the Presidential canidate is called.

  6. Stupendous Man

    This conference just keeps getting better. This will be my first visit to TAM. My buddy got the TAM4 DVD set for Christmas, and we’ve been watching a lot this weekend.

  7. KingNor

    one of the few shows that just refuses to get stale, trey and matt are smart guys.

  8. Sweet! I can’t wait to see what they do with the hanging of Saddam. They are brutally perceptive.

  9. MO Man

    Whoa! Did Phil just include Penn and Teller in a statement about “other great folks”? Teller, sure. Penn? A great entertainer, but as big a jerk as John Edwards, in his own way, someone who does damage to the skeptic movement by being so rude to even the people who agree with him. This senior citizen has had many a fantasy of slapping him and saying “grow up, you rich brat!” Yes, I know, slapping people isn’t very mature….I said, it was a fantasy. Now, Julia….no question….very nice and worth the trip. But the Amazing Meeting is a bit pricey for folks on social security so it is a little too exclusive for some of us. Go, Phil, and write at length about it.

  10. Will

    Whoa! Did Phil just include Penn and Teller in a statement about √Ę‚ā¨Ňďother great folks√Ę‚ā¨¬Ě?

    Nope, he included them in a statement about “scientists, skeptics, magicians, and general all-around fun people”. I would say Penn and Teller qualify.

  11. PsyberDave

    I’ll miss it this year for the first time. Waaaaaa :-(

    I hope Matt and Trey show up and love it so much that they come back again next year.

  12. Carey

    I am so looking forward to TAM!


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