Sylvia Brown is very, very icky

By Phil Plait | January 22, 2007 2:40 pm

But you knew that, right? Sylvia Brown claims to be a psychic, but she is actually a horrifyingly evil person. Think I’m exaggerating?

You’ve heard about the Shawn Hornbeck, the boy who had been kidnapped and then found recently? On the Montel Williams show a few years back, the parents of the boy asked Sylvia Brown about their son. She said the boy was dead, described the kidnapper, and where the boy could be found.

Bzzt. Her claims were all wrong. Worse: she wanted to charge them $700 for a followup 20 minute phone conversation with them.


Coming to the rescue are Robert Lancaster and James Randi… and Anderson Cooper. For once, the mainstream media doesn’t kiss the backsides of psychics, and instead hands it to them. Robert and Randi were on Anderson’s show the other day, and were pretty clear about Sylvia.

See for yourself:

Robert runs the Stop Sylvia Brown website, based on his successful Stop Kaz site.

He’s collected a vast amount of info about this disgusting, vile woman. And of course Randi has as well.

I have to add that Robert was at TAM 5 the other day — last year, he gave an excellent presentation about stopping "psychics". See what you miss when you don’t attend? And I also have to note that in the absence of critical thinking, noisome parasites like Brown thrive. If people actually thought about things, vultures like Brown would find themselves out of a job. The world would be a far, far better place.

Update: Skeptico has more on this, as well as Hey Norton! and Skepchicks.


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  1. skeptigirl

    Having a clip shown of the parents, who have just found their son after 4 years, being told by Sylvia that their missing son was dead and where they should look for the body was the skeptic counter-punch one dreams of.

    The only thing missing was an interview with Montel Williams about his part in using the tragedy of these parents and the false beliefs in psychics to sell a show.

  2. Gerrsun

    Booyah! The Southerners REPRESENTIN! Only 8% of surveyed had called a psychic! :)

    Better BS meters in the south maybe?

  3. Joshua C.

    It’s incredibly aggravating how Montel Williams, who seems like a pretty smart and morally-sound guy, continues to give Brown air time. I certainly hope that this is a end for the woman’s career. But knowing her dedicated fans and apologist supporters in the media, I’m not going to hold my breath.

  4. ioresult

    Isn’t it Sylvia Browne with an “e” at the end?

  5. Gerrsun: actually my intuition would be for competition in the BS market rather than a smaller market. Various forms of BS discount others. In particular, conservative-to-fundamentalist Christianity is dead-set against psychics and divination. I don’t have figures at hand, but it seems plausible to me that if you add up the people who take the Bible literally and use that as their basis for disbelieving psychic’s claims, you might just even those numbers out.

  6. Props to Andersen Cooper for having Randi on his show.

    Boo to Larry King for repeatedly interviewing psychics and other charlatans in order to boost his ratings.

    And boo to CNN for hiring Glen Beck and Nancy Grace.

  7. John from Columbia MD

    That’s the most respectible segment I’ve seen from CNN in some time.

    And, I’m sorry, but “only God’s right 100% of the time”!?! That as a comeback for “mistakenly” telling people, with confidence, that their loved one is alive/dead and having the opposite be true, on more than one occasion? The fact that plenty of people accept that statement as an excuse for why she was wrong, and continue to believe that she’s actually “psychic,” is just embarassing…

  8. Gerrsun

    That’s my story and Im stickin to it!

    Damn Yankee… 😛

  9. Depressed

    Freakin’ Hilarious when I saw the title. I recieve a whole bunch of spam from that vile witch and I’m not happy about it. I’m not happy about her scheming either. Seriously, $700 for a little phone call? Who in there right mind would agree to that? That’s freaky.

    I’m a Conservative, so just watching Anderson Cooper made me go “ARGH!” but I liked the Sylvia Bashing, I really hate people like her. Since I’m conservative I have to point out something wrong with him. He’s not good at talking, seriously, at 5 minuets he called Sylvia a HE. Sorry…

  10. Bob Allee

    Go Randi and BA.

    This is so sad. “Vulture” does not describe her. Vultures follow nature, she follows no natural, moral, ethical or humane path.

  11. Yossarian


    Let’s be fair — it’s a pretty easy mistake to make 😛

  12. I can’t help but wonder how much longer the media will pander to these charlatans. Clearly there’s motivation to milk whatever they feel benefits their ratings, but have they no concept of the harm they do by validating ridiculous paranormal chicanery?

  13. seaducer

    “”Booyah! The Southerners REPRESENTIN! Only 8% of surveyed had called a psychic!

    Better BS meters in the south maybe?””

    I am thinking too many rotary phones that can’t dial 800 numbers and enter your credit card info…

  14. Stuart

    Of course the media “have … no concept of the harm they do” – Like any modern corporate entity, any one media outlet cares exclusively about the money they can make, and seldom, if ever, are they held accountable.

    It may be an exaggeration to say that the Yellow Press of the late 19th century started a war just to sell papers, but it’s not entirely untrue either.


  15. Gerrsun

    “I am thinking too many rotary phones that can’t dial 800 numbers and enter your credit card info… ”

    Nah. Even the guy working at the taxidermist shop and living in a double wide has a cell phone down here.

  16. Zachary Kessin

    Someone should put her in jail for Fraud, what a horrible woman. I will admit that in addition to being a science geek and astronomy buff I’m also an Orthodox Jew, and I take the prohibition on putting a stumbling block in front of the blind pretty strongly. People like this really piss me off.

    I mean if she actually is a psychic I would think she could find some way to make a living better than bilking desperate people out of their money. Come on, if you can see the future tell me something useful, like say this week’s lotto numbers 😉

  17. system test – having posting issues here

  18. Grand Lunar

    I hope this sort of message is spread to as many as possible. This is exactly what is needed; to show people the truth about these “mediums”, and to get them thinking. Skeptics rule!

  19. Terry Smiljanich

    Major kudos to CNN and Anderson Cooper for giving air time to a skeptical viewpoint, instead of pandering to the unfortunate gullability of many. And thank you for helping carry the torch.

  20. I would love to comment, but due to issues with this blog all I am allowed to say is “System Test” 😮

  21. I thought I was pyschic once because I predicted the soup of the day three days in a row (or was it two), but the rules of probability allowed me to be right by chance alone so I was not psychic after all, much to my relief.

  22. Mark Martin

    There’s a reason why here name is Browne. That’s the color of #$*!.

  23. Bluedog

    What’s funny is that at the top of this blog there’s an advertisement for guess who, Sylvia Browne… go figure!

  24. jrkeller

    What’s sad is that she’s still going to be Montel Williams on Wednesday,

  25. CR

    I wonder how quickly she’ll just gloss over her mistake and try to move on to a demonstration to prove her “ability,” since actions speak louder than words and she’ll show everyone, so there! (Or something along those lines.)
    Maybe we’ll all get really lucky, and this will mark the beginning of the end for her. (Hey, I can dream, can’t I?)
    Of course, like the mythical Hydra, for every head cut off, more grow back.

  26. It’s worth noting that Sylvia Browne’s initials, when reversed, are a good indication of where she’s pulling her insights from.

    The website got a mention on Dr. Edell’s national radio program last week.

  27. Gary Ansorge

    Bummer that the clip stopped short just before Randi was going into a description of “cold reading”. I’ve always wondered how they(magicians) do that. The methods for extracting info from a gullible mark are excellant case studies of just how easy it is for us to fool ourselves.

    Well, we’ve found one good thing about conservative Christianity. They are adamantly against psychics. I don’t think we should be burning witchs, etc, but in S. Brownes case,,,,,,???

    Gary 7

  28. There’s a fairly good explanation of Cold Reading in, of all things, a South Park episode.

  29. Ed

    If you guys want to be more depressed check out the comments on anderson’s 360 blog. There are way too many people defending psychics and making excuses. Even given this high profile story with clear evidence that Sylvia Browne was wrong on every aspect of her reading, people still want to believe.

  30. Geoff

    My dark depression over this is only out-weighed by exhilarating schadenfreude.

  31. Keep in mind that people like Sylvia Browne wouldn’t be able to get the publicity they do if it wasn’t for shows like “Montel”. Williams is an obviously intelligent person and I strongly suspect that he has never believed for one minute that Browne is genuine.

    He knows she is a fraud and continues to promote belief in her by not only placing her on TV, but by actively supporting her during his shows. Previous TV clips show how he bails her out when she gets in a tight spot with the audience.

    Williams is as much as fault as Browne and should be held to task for it.

    Amazingly, Sylvia Browne is on the schedule for Montel this Wednesday . It’s not a show I watch, but I will have to check into it tomorrow to see what they do in light of the recent press.


  32. David

    “”Booyah! The Southerners REPRESENTIN! Only 8% of surveyed had called a psychic!

    Better BS meters in the south maybe?””

    We don’t need psychics in the South. We just read the tea leaves ourselves!

  33. tsg

    “I certainly hope that this is a end for the woman’s career. But knowing her dedicated fans and apologist supporters in the media, I’m not going to hold my breath.”

    One thing these charlatans have taught us is that, for those who want to believe, there isn’t much that will change their mind. Much like the Geller fans who constantly say that getting caught cheating once (or a thousand times) doesn’t mean he’s not really psychic, the Browne apologists are already using the “nobody can be right all the time” excuse to defend Sylvia.

  34. James

    “Much like the Geller fans who constantly say that getting caught cheating once (or a thousand times) doesn’t mean he’s not really psychic, the Browne apologists are already using the “nobody can be right all the time” excuse to defend Sylvia.”

    My girlfriend is one of them, unfortunately. She’s smart as a tack and has a better job than I do, but still she’s like, “a small percentage of them have to be real”.

    [insert long, low groan here]

  35. Astrogirl

    Even if she claims to not be right all the time, I don’t think ANYONE is disbelieving the parents of Shawn Hornbeck. Just the fact that she wanted to use their appearance on the Montel show to make at least an extra $700 or more is disgusting. Absolute filth, if you ask me. And so, ethical truth has highlighted the importance of critical analysis in our daily lives.

    Thanks for pointing this video out to us, Phil. I just showed it to a family member at home and am e-mailing it to several friends and family.

  36. Troy

    I have to admit I LOVE to hate her. I don’t mind her being on Larry King as long as there is a skeptic given equal time. James Randi does a great job. What’s funny is that I’m sure there was a reward for the kid and so instead of asking for $700 all she had to do is tell them where he was and she’d get a lot more than that. By asking for a $700 phone consultation it seems obvious she knows she is a fraud. Another point: The best guess is that a missing child is probably dead, it would be the more daring psychic prediction to predict he was alive. This also shows she tends to play the odds.

  37. Troy

    Regarding the U-tube showing Uri Gellar cheating and using trickery. It says it was removed because the copyright holder wished it removed. Actually, criticism is actually a fair use of a copyright, so it was inapropriate that it was removed.

  38. Gary Ansorge Says: “Bummer that the clip stopped short just before Randi was going into a description of “cold reading”. I’ve always wondered how they(magicians) do that.”

    Check out the 1947 film “Nightmare Alley” with Tyrone Power. He plays a carnival sideshow performer who has a natural talent for cold reading. He goes on to be the top “mentalist” on the nightclub circuit but gets greedy along the way.

    They explain cold reading by showing you how it’s done. The film also shows the origin of the word “geek”, and I think you guys (and gals) will be a little more reserved in using it after you find out what it means!

    – Jack

  39. Suzanne

    I was foolish enough to pay her for a consulation after searching for my missing dog with no luck. Get this, you can only have one consultation with her per lifetime. Wonder why that is? Because she won’t be able to remember what she told you before? Yes, I was stupid enough to pay her $700. She told me was once an Indian and a Gypsy. Those are the last types of people I would have thought I would have been. More like princess or something..but I digress.

  40. Irishman

    I’m sure Montel is bright. I don’t know if he believes or not. But bright people can be deceived. Just because you see through something doesn’t mean they do. I know an aerospace engineer who works on rockets who thinks he’s psychic. He doesn’t do “talking with the dead”, but does do readings on people. It’s not traditional cold reading, but relies heavily on the subject providing the context and specific meaning to the general impressions and feelings provided. He is sincere.

    I think it possible that Montel has her on so often because he believes she does good for the audience. Yes, he helps bail her out – it’s his job as host to make his guests look good. But also, I think he could desire to help find the “right” interpretations out of a sincere belief that Sylvia gets some accurate feelings or sensations but sometimes can’t accurately express or interpret them.

    I don’t know if he’s sincere or if he just cares about ratings, but I prefer to be charitable when I don’t know.

    Gary Ansorge, to learn more about cold reading, here are a couple of links:
    Skeptic’s Dictionary description, links at bottom:
    Straight Dope column with description of cold reading technique:
    The Full Facts of Cold Reading, by Ian Rowland, available here:

    I once tried to demonstrate cold reading to a group of about 20 people. I made a fishing statement to a woman, “I’m sensing a J, someone close to you.” I suggested a couple names, nothing connected. I was about to give up because I’m not practiced at it, when the guy sitting next to her raised his hand and said his name was John. A Hit!

  41. LitMissSunshine

    THIS DEVIL SHOULD NOT EARN A SINGLE PENNY GOING FORWARD. (Rather, she should refund all her victims all the money she conned!!!!) All who stand by her side, should know they are condoning her actions. You are letting her continuously hurt/deceive people and you are just at fault! HOW DARE SHE USES GOD’S NAME AND SAYS SHE IS GOD’S INSTRUMENT! CAN GOD BE THIS WRONG???????? Everyone who says you still love her are playing a role in an evil deed because you are the ones who let her continuously deceive people. SHE USES GOD FOR HER MONEY MAKING BUSINESS OVER THE EXPENSE OF GRIEVING SOULS. SHE SHOULD BE PUT OUT OF BUSINESS SO THAT SHE WON’T HURT ANYONE ANYMORE. IMAGINE IF ANYONE (NAIVE AND STUPID) SHOULD TAKE ACTIONS BASED ON HER FALSE PREDICTIONS AND ADVICES. She is a dangerous person. Montel William is not even a human being if he continues to support her just for his ratings. WE SHOULD RUN A CHAMPAGNES TO SHUT HIS SHOW DOWN IF HE CONTINUES TO SUPPORT HER. THAT IS NO DIFFERENT FROM WHAT SHE HERSELF IS DOING WHICH IS SCAMMING PEOPLE OF THEIR HONEST MONEY.

  42. Dear CNN,



  43. A Nony Moose

    What sort of action can be taken in order to stop her, though? I admit, I haven’t investigated the given website, so that might have some related information on it.

    I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but notice this:

    Depressed Says: “[In reference to Anderson Cooper] Since I’m conservative I have to point out something wrong with him. He’s not good at talking, seriously, at 5 minuets he called Sylvia a HE. Sorry…”

    Wouldn’t he have been more winded after having danced, or played, five minuets? Or were you having difficulties typing? Sorry…

    I’m not really a fan of Anderson Cooper, as I rarely watch television, but I felt the need to point out that little bit of irony.

  44. LitMissSunshine

    We should send letters to all of Montel William show’s sponsors and make them force Montel William to drop Silvia Browne or say they will not support him anymore. If people refuse to see the pure evil that she is, splash some water on their faces. There is no black and white. SHE DECEIVED US ALL. It was okay that we were fools when we didn’t know better. BUT it has been proven that she makes up these BS. IF her psychic powers were weak and she couldn’t see anything as some argues, SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE SAID ANYTHING, BUT SHE WAS SO CONVINCING IN TELLING A LIE TO THESE FOLKS THEIR SON WAS BURIED SOMEWHERE!!!!!!!!! SHE DIDN”T EVEN HESITATE. If she was telling the truth about her abilities, then the fact has been proven, finally, THAT SHE IS REALLY BAD AT THAT TOO!!! She should not be giving predictions to people!!! All religion lets us believe in life after death. We don’t need her. SHE HAS NO CAUSES BUT EVILNESS!!!! She is in it to make MONEY! My jaws dropped thinking of the possibility that she has been making up all these things all these years!!!!! MY GOD! WE HAVE TO STOP HER!

    1. Letter sending champaigne – Send letters to all the commercial sponsors of Montel Williams Show and request that they force Montel to withdraw Sylvia or they will drop the sponsorship.
    2 Keep writing Montel William producers, that this is plainly IMMORAL to continue this. And stop watching his show if they keep on bringing her on.
    3. Join together, support and James Randi to be a bigger voice. WE HAVE TO TAKE ACTIONS. Letting things be is not right.

  45. james mcdaniels

    Sylvia Browne IS right so incredibly more times than she is wrong.
    I’ve been tracking Sylvia’s predictions and hearing her answer people’s questions (many are startled at what she knows).

    I think if you want a true analysis, one should start a blog for people that have had questions answered by Sylvia to see how many times Sylvia was accurate or not!

    You quickly say she’s a vile evil women??

    Well let’s see, if Sylvia does have a gift she uses out of love for people, but it’s not always 100% accurate (as Sylvia has repeatedly stated she’s about 85-90% accurate), I don’t see anything evil about that, do you!?

    Of course I didn’t think Jesus was evil either, but you wanted to kill him too..!

  46. james, what exactly do you mean by that last line?

  47. A friend of my step-daughters parents went on her show about their Daughter Michelle O’Keefe & she gave them bad advice & brushed them off. She took them that the murder weapon was in something green that goes up & down & hasn’t been emptied for a long time. Needless to say many police hours & family hours were spent looking for something green. Wow amazes me how she leads families on………………………………. I think this hurts more than it help.

  48. Irishman

    james mcdaniels, if Sylvia is wrong and admits to being wrong, with only an 85 to 90% accuracy, why does she make declarations without any hint that her conclusions are sketchy, or need better interpretation? She states that the daughter was shot. Not that she felt an impact to the chest, not that she felt the heart was involved, but flat out “she was shot”. When the parents are flabbergasted and explain that couldn’t be the case, only then does Sylvia rewrite her statement to allow other leeway. If it was that murky, she shouldn’t have pronounced so declaratively.

    There’s nothing that separates Sylvia’s act from a guessing game.

    > I’ve been tracking Sylvia’s predictions and hearing her answer people’s questions (many are startled at what she knows).

    Good cold readers can be startling. Also, people are primed to believe, and interpret whatever is said to fit what they know.

    > I think if you want a true analysis, one should start a blog for people that have had questions answered by Sylvia to see how many times Sylvia was accurate or not!

    Sorry, that won’t give accurate results. The nature of the process is to get the victims – I mean clients – to provide their own validation. So taking a list of anecdotes after the fact is not scientific.

    > Well let’s see, if Sylvia does have a gift she uses out of love for people, …

    And don’t forget the $750 a phone call for 20 minutes. But yeah, if she really has a gift, then it’s not evil to try to use it to help families. But that’s the point. There’s no evidence she does have a gift, and a lot of evidence she’s making things up. And that is evil, because she takes money and crushes hopes with wild, unsubstantiated guesses, sending police on wild goose chases wasting resources, and instead of helping grieving families find closure, she fosters their psychological dependence upon hanging on to the past. That, and Randi has transcripts of her doling out medical advice.

    And I don’t know what you mean by your last sentence, either.

  49. Maria

    Folks we need to stop Sylvia and have her out of the Montel Show for good. And for shame Montel for allowing this phoney on your shows…I know you have personal interest in this since Sylvia is providing some of her proceeds for her books to his MS foundation. I know that Montel knows Sylvia is a phoney its all for the ratings. I’m ashamed that he allows this to happen. Deceiving people and not being honest and truthful to her clients is not good at all! Please support and write to Montel and say that he should not continue to perprertate a phoney psychic. I will no longer watch her on his show… She’s a con arist.

  50. kristina

    even if she isn’t psychic (who knows) her books offer beautiful prayers and meditations. I found alot of comfort in her message.

  51. Renee

    Right on little miss sunshine. I am going to write to Montel Williams show and say exactly that. Sylvia Brown makes me want to scream wake up fools , she is no different than a phoney palm reader.

  52. FRENCH



  53. chels

    hi my name is chelsey and i think that sylvia brown is a wonderful lady you guys can all say what you want but she helps people in a way that they can cummincate with there loves ones. i watch her show and she is wonderful i wish i could get my mom on her show, my granny has been deid for 7 years now and my mom lost her bestfriend her mom. if sylvia could just tell my mom what she knew that would be wonderful! and the people will know the truth sylvia is just somone in the world trying to do good for people and this world is out of line if you wanan call it! i guess people cant even do good in this world with out somone having to say something bad. lets not hate people for doing good, forgive people for doingh bad and congradulate for doing good … its like pay it forward everyone will end up happy
    i just wanna thanks you sylvia for everything you have done for people and even me i know i read your book and that has even helped me ! thank you soo much for being the wonderfull person you are!

  54. TLMyers

    Psychic abilities are possible.
    I saw some things as a kid which came true in the future, in minute detail.
    I couldn’t control it, it would just happen. I have no idea what caused it, all I know is what I experienced, which in my mind gives me an edge up on everyone who “knows it aint real”..
    What I experienced is a personal thing between me and myself and that’s all anyone needs to know.
    Anyone who would attempt to capitalize on peoples emotions, through lies in an attempt to glorify themselves, are only fooling themselves.
    The woman should do ten years in state prison for all the dashed hope and severe pain she’s caused.
    She’s an irresponsible hack.

  55. Sandy

    What’s even more bizzare to me is that it took this exposure for just only a handful of her faithful followers to pause and think. We already have enough organized religion and there’s already plenty of organized crime and Sylvia found her nitch in these demographics and preyed on those who need blind faith and need to believe beyond any reality that punches them square in the face. SHE’S A CRIMINAL. She has taken advantage of people who have suffered and at their most vulnerable time, she sells them a bill of goods knowing they so desperately need answers and she’s full of those, alright. She never knows the story until it’s told to her and from there, she embellishes. She’s not a psychic….she’s a psycho!!! She’s a fraud, she’s a vulcher who preys on people’s vulnerabilities and she should be imprisoned for extortion.

  56. Ashley

    Yeah yeah yeah. She makes ONE mistake and thats ALL anyone cares about. Sure let’s not compare all the people she HAS helped, with this one incident. Anything out of the ordinary and we all point our fingers saying how ridiculous and fake it is. Let’s face it, none of us KNOW she’s a fake or otherwise, so stop posting stupid crap about how big of a fraud she is. YOU DON’T KNOW.

  57. Sandy

    The fingers were being pointed way before this. She sits on her fat ass on Monteil, and picks her teeth with her fingers and everything out of her mouth is, “you know what I’m saying?”…… and everybody looks up to her like a guru. She’s a nut job but a smart nut job. She capitalized knowing there’s a big audience of easily deceived people. She was just BUSTED for the FRAUD she’s always been. Yea, if I needed to know that my late great, great, great grandfather who I never met loved me and she told me, “yes”, I guess you would consider that she was helping. Help yourself and open your eyes. This woman can’t even see whats under a rock.

  58. blanca


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  60. frankie

    sylvia should predict when she is going to die

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    But that effect would make to discover a true paranormale phenomenon ? I would be enthusiastic. Extraordinary satisfaction would be one. But becomes account? I would pass the life to to study it. Without to count that I would leave endured in order to withdraw Nobel Price..



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    Martino Martini

  66. Kind readers, Scientists, Piero Angela, James Randi,
    uncovered that:… we can act on the matter, I hope that you continued it search (from what you write from 20 years the uncovered phenomenon from me PK. PSYCHOKINESIS CREATIVE is a lot interesting for the scientist in particular the PHYSICIST… you have greater economic possibilities… respect those poor resources that me I made much sacrifice in order to carry forward to acquaintance the EXTRAORDINARY DISCOVERY. I would be a lot interested TO OBSERVE YOURS PK. EXPERIMENTATION PSYCHOKINESIS PORTRAITS

    Martino Martini

  67. Evfimy

    Sylvia says that only God is right 100% of the time. Therefore, implying that she is not right 100% of the time. The logical conclusion to the two preceeding facts is that Sylvia does not work with or for God, because God does not make mistakes. She does. She is getting her information from another source: namely, the devil. Sylvia does everything the Bible forbids: Necromancy (spirit contact), divinination, etc. Her own “church” which she personally founded, denies everyone of the essential doctrines of the biblical and historic Christian faith: the deity of Christ, his virgin birth, his death on the cross, and his bodily resurrection from the dead. No, Sylvia is not of God. She is a tool of the devil. She claims to be a Christian, but the facts prove otherwise.

  68. Seleini


  69. Jessie

    I used to be a beliver and I have jumped ship. I had her books. I am a believer in paranormal. I believe there are things that can’t be explained by logic. However, seeing Sylvia’s recent mistakes gave me pause to think about my beliefs. I still believe in the paranormal, I just don’t believe in HER. It wasn’t just one mistake, it was several. Shawn Hornback (sp??), another guy in TX who was dead and she led his family to believe he was alive. There was the little girl in TX who she said was sold into “white slavery” in the orient. The little girl was dead. There was the daughter who wanted to know where her mom was. Sylvia told her that mom was in a mental institution in FL. Mom was dead and had been since the day she disappeared. The worst part of that story was that HER MURDERER WAS RIGHT THERE IN THE AUDIENCE!!!! If Sylvia was a real psychic, she would have sensed someone so evil as to kill his wife’s mother and sit there in Sylvia’s audience! Sure, she gets things right. She makes good guesses based on what she has read in the news and what she reads in her clients’ faces. These mistakes aren’t “little mistakes”, these stories were MAJOR mistakes. That’s why so many of her believers, like myself, are jumping ship.

  70. Miss Pam

    My question is if you are given a gift of telling the future why would would charge people allot of money for a gift that was given. People need to think bfore falling for these so called psychics!

  71. Mel

    I can’t stand her. How can people believe her? I guess people just want to believe so bad.

  72. Pamela Nieulandt

    OMG – I have been a devout follower of Sylvia Brown and Montel Williiams beause she is onhis show this is very inlightening and sad

  73. Michael

    So explain to me why giving hope to millions of her fans and up lifting them with something to believe in, something far greater that allows one to follow a path of positiveness rather then negativeness and thus helping the world become a better place is so wrong even if it is all based on a lie. And yeah everyone does have there mess ups hers might be major but seriously who’s aren’t?, but she generates way more good then she could ever possibly generate bad. A fake or not don’t be blind to the many people she has helped compared to the very few she has hurt… God love each and everyone of you seriously THOUGH!

  74. Justin

    There’s a sucker born every minute. I couldn’t care less about the MW show and much less about Sylvia Browne. I paused to watched her on the MW show few minutes here and there as I browsed through the different channels on tv and I think Sylvia Browne is a fake. The clueless expression on her face as she answers the audiences’ question says it all. Her face is saying “just say anything because these morons will believe it.” lol. Sticky her nail and finger in her mouth while answering them is disgusting. There are desperate people who would gladly pay $700 for a twenty min reading on the phone with her and that’s alright. It’s their money. I do hope more news will reveal her scams shut down MW show.

    To the person above who wrote about her book on prayers and meditation and gave high marks. Did you ever think that she took those ideas from other sources? There are plenty of books on meditation and prayers.

  75. Laurel

    What a bunch of haters! You suck. Martino Martini…is that a REAL name? or a fraud? Sounds like idiotic babble, not just bad English. You know nothing, and yet proclaim to know just enough to make someone look bad. Wow what an accomplishment. You are really stupid people. I just stumbled across this stupid site…and had to laugh. You all suck. Laurel

  76. Laurel

    Can anybody that responds to this lunatic sitespaell? You all sound like a bunch of foreigners that just love to practice screwing up the English language. I have met Sylvia, and she would put you all to shame. I’m going back to my life…just had to stop in and tell you morons just what I think of you. You are all a bunch of non-believing skeptics, but you all have time on your hands, and something to say. Incredible. You are morons and I mean every one of you bashers. Turn the channel. You are why the world is in such bad shape. Why don’t you just go about your lives without Sylvia’s help, and leave everyone who doesn’t share your opinion alone? Everyone wants to change other people’s way of thinking, rather than to accept their differences. See? You are the negative force we deal with on a daily basis. Morons. Laurel

  77. MADDOG

    Hey Laurel Your mother’s on the phone. She wants to know what time Sylvia’s picking you up.

  78. baryogenesis

    I used to read astrology charts-worked on hundreds by hand (before computers) and sat with people for a couple of more hours for $20. Thought there was something to it, now not so sure. Problem is, people can and do get hurt. Some Sylvia apologists (they seem to be the ones with the worst spelling [education?] aside from our Italian “friend”) say she is being “positive”. I learned that people hang on every word and I had to be extremely careful about what I said….and these were folks with everyday problems or personality concerns….not someone who has had a child go missing! She is not being a responsible human being — that’s all, and that’s ENOUGH!

  79. Kind Laurel,
    What’s the question, the problem, about my discovery that all people are be able to created portraits with the mind in the CLOUDS & VARNISH..
    Why you insulted me…sorry!!! I don’t understand ….for the trickster people.., exist the POLICE….
    Martino Martini

  80. Kind Laurel,
    What’s the question, the problem, about my discovery that all people are be able to created portraits with the mind in the CLOUDS & VARNISH..
    Why you insulted me…sorry!!! I don’t understand ….for the trickster people.., exist the POLICE….
    Martino Martini


    Official Science trough CICAP. CISCOP. ( Commitee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal) Assert: ” the observation completed scientifically of only one 1 authentic Paranormal Phenomenon, would constitute the greatest DISCOVERY than all the times. Fundamental the science like Physic and Chemistry and of continuation all other disciplines that on they based would go rewritten. A conceptual revolution of immense capacity would derive some and all the human knowledege deeply would be modified”




  82. baryogenesis

    OK, Martino, everyone is trying to remain polite, but it has got to the point that someone should speak out. Don’t try to shelter yourself behind your wonderful Italian language/ culture. You are now being a wanker by your obnoxious, persistent, ….well, wankerism. F off or contribute something fresh. Talk about killing ‘spirit”, you are a perfect example of manifesting all that you supposedly preach against… And if you don’t grok that… whatever…go away.

  83. baryogenesis

    Martino—–contribute something “psychically positive,” or GO AWAY!

  84. Kind baryogeneis,
    said:”Martino—–contribute something “psychically positive,” or GO AWAY!”

    I’m trying to answerT to your not understood write..I discover: THE MATTER HAS NOT GENERATED THE MIND * CONSCIENCE..
    This is the real problem..

  85. diana from salinas ca,

    i just have to say get a life and stop ruanning others, if you dont belive in slyvia thats fine, how can you trash someone who helped hundreds of familys. we are HUMAN, everyone makes mistakes, like you don’t ! how many people have you helped in your lifetime???? if its less then hundrends than you have no right to give an opinion. what makes you better than her??? when you point a finger on someone there is always 2 pointing back at you,


  86. shay shay

    People are not perfect and that includes Sylvia Brown, she does her best to be helpful to others. Yes, she deserves to make an income too. She does do a lot of good free things also. Everyone who is eager to bash a great psychic ( because there are a lot of phonies out there) thank heavens never needed to have one. So, believe in what you want , take what you want and leave alone what you don’t. Find a cause that really needs your input..

  87. Kind people,
    I appreciate of denunciation of the swindles in the so-called paranormal phenomena , but nor appreciate when keep silent (17 years) silent on my honest research result ..PSYCHOKINESIS CREATIVE..

    Official Science trough CICAP. CISCOP. ( Commitee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal) Assert: ” the observation completed scientifically of only one 1 authentic Paranormal Phenomenon, would constitute the greatest DISCOVERY than all the times. Fundamental the science like Physic and Chemistry and of continuation all other disciplines that on they based would go rewritten. A conceptual revolution of immense capacity would derive some and all the human knowledege deeply would be modified”

    Martino Martini

  88. baryogenesis

    Someone once said that the easiest thing in the world to be is a “philosopher”. Read up on so-called spiritual philosophy until you can speak the language, practice on hundreds of people and with a bit of talent, you too can write books, give readings and advice, make some money, ego-trip on the adulation, and prey on a substantial following of semi-educated and/or somewhat lost, needy people. How about this as an alternative: never stop studying and learning, read history, the history of philosophy and religion if you must, but don’t stop there. Study science, read about the exciting universe with its many unknowns, but don’t fall into the lazy trap of believing someone who claims that they have The Answer. In fact, question your own conclusions, especially when you believe you are having a profound “eureka moment.” Oh, and you might even learn to spell along the way.

  89. brittany1

    I think that if she was real about all this then why she makin people pay money to talk to her.. Its all bull if you ask me.Its very sick for someone to say that about someones child just for the money.

  90. jude

    i don’t understand how she can be on the website with others that seem fairly good. she is so obviously grotesque,she even sounds like an old booze swizzlin,chain smokin old toad.does anyone have any comments about her relationship with louise hay?


    1th. click eyes
    2th. click eyes open
    negative n° 19 – 11



    KIND SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY, WHAT DOES IT MEAN? A JOKE! – Un milione di Euro per un fenomeno paranormale!



  92. Anyone can do extensive research and and interpret it as predictions, and this is what Sylvia Brown does. She is not a psychic, she is knowledgeable, which means she is a FRAUD. She takes people’s money(which is heartless) so she can pay her own damn bills. She has to pay a publicist to promote her and her so called image. Publicists charge approximately 200-500 bucks an hr. So in my opinion, Sylvia is heartless and selfish. I could very easily pull a scam like that and so could anyone else for that matter. The difference between Sylvia and myself is I am not willing to sacrifice anyone’s feelngs and emotions just to be on TELEVISION. Her PUBLICIST has alot to do with who she is because he needs money, too. EVERYONE ON TV ARE ACTORS….EVERYONE!! TRUST ME I AM AN ACTRESS………I AM FINDING OUT THAT’S A SCAM IN ITSELF.

  93. Kelli

    wow. really this is dumb people. If Sylvia Browne stresses anything, it’s that SHE ISNT 100% RIGHT ALL THE TIME. people go to her knowing this so what is the big surprise here? You featured like 2 instances where she was wrong. Do you even watch her on Montel? EVERY episode SOMEONE comes back saying “wow sylvia you were right about me having that illness, i went to the right doctor and got it treated”. like, damn. come on. you’re ignorant and close minded as hell.

  94. Skeptic Psychic Physics Chic

    Too many psychics read things that are not verifiable… Sylvia is often telling folks “stories” about spirits and ghosts and past lives… all of this is non-verifiable information. Isn’t it interesting that something verifiable (alive or dead?) comes up, and Sylvia is “dead” wrong. SO many things in science are currently “non-verifiable” string theory, heim theory, dark matter… bunches of astro-physicists run around looking for axions by building better containment systems and monitors… but face it, for all the equations and postulations, until it is verifiable phenomena… a scientist is no better at describing the nature of reality than a psychic…HOWEVER, a scientist is much more open to/better at accepting criticism for peers! Nobody has a corner on reality…. bad science gets as many grants, large and small, as a bad psychic gets clients!!

  95. henry

    psyschics are frauds simple and clear, people who believe them are fools and are simple.

  96. jason hicks

    If you idiots ever read her books then you would know that she says she is right 90% of the time not 100.She says god! is the only one who is 100% right. So show me proof that she is wrong more than she says.You can’t and frankly if you have not had an individual reading i don’t think you should say she is a fraud

  97. jason hicks

    before you pass judgment you should read up and become better informed you people just kill me.I bet you have never even seen her on montel.And some never heard of her until they made a big deal about her being wrong.STUPID STUPID UNINFORMED PEOPLE

  98. Wes

    hey guys! shame on you guys!!! do you really expect someone to be perfect!!! Sylvia Brown makes one tiny mistake and suddenly the whole united states explodes!!! you guys can say what you want but I believe in psychics and Sylvia Brown just happens to be one of the best!!! I believe we all have psychics powers!!! One reason why I believe her is because in her book PHENOMENON it talks about Astral Catalepsy
    its when you suddy awake for no apparent reason then you may feel the following sensations
    *shortness of breath,often from some oppressive weight on the chest
    *being touched by something or someone lewd or menacing,but invisible
    *an overwhelming vibration
    and more thats you guys would not know because you don’t have the book
    anyway I woke up and could not move for a good ten second and if felt as if a 700 pound man was sitting on my chest

  99. baryogenesis

    Good for you Wes , Jason, et al. You read a book. Don’t stop now. Open YOUR minds to other possibilities. You WANT to believe and a psychic business like Brown’s preys on your vulnerability. She has had lots of practice. Do more research into the nature of these people. So-called “astral catalepsy” is a recognized dream-like state that is more common than you realize. There is a rational explanation and is not proof of psychic phenomena.

  100. Kind readers,

    PK. ESTABLISHED TEST: “Collision on Flake Cloud” – negative n° 5




    In physics, the conservation of energy states that the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant..

    The joule (IPA pronunciation: [dʒuːl] or [dʒaʊl]) (symbol: J) is the SI unit of energy. It was named after James Prescott Joule for his work on the relationship between heat, electricity and mechanical work



  101. baryogenesis

    Martino, you need help…serious help. Please, kind Martino, see the possibility of the necessity of your mind maybe going “off the rails”, a bit more than most of us. Please, kind Martino, it’s not the language problem (well, on second thought, yes it is . You could find help even in your English editing, IF YOU REALLY WANTED TO….. Once again, no one is interested in your cloud/glue/thought/wacko stuff, OK?

  102. Diana

    Everyone has some psychic ability, whether they experience deja vu, have intuition ,knowing when those in your life are getting closer to dying etc.Some have it more than others. But I don’t think there is a psychic whose 100% correct. Only God is 100% right.

  103. Cheryl B.

    If you are a believer in the bible and you follow God’s word, then you would not fall into the trap of Sylvia Browne. God warned about looking to the occult for advice. Mediums and spiritists were outlawed because God was not the source of their information. She is either a fake, or she is in contact with evil spirits, which can be very dangerous!! We don’t need to look to the occult for info about the future, God has given us the Bible so that we may obtain all the info we need. Look it up for yourself in Leviticus 20:6, and Deuteronomy 18:10-13

  104. Megam

    Listen, I have seen this woman in person. I saw the irreperable damage she had done to people. I saw her accuse a woman whose husband had died the WEEK BEFORE of being selfish in her desire to contact him. She knows NOTHING and attempts to use sarcasm and humor to deflect the fact that she is a good for nothing FRAUD. You people talk and talk about her accuracy rating and that she admits she isn’t 100% correct…she isn’t 5% correct idiots! Track her accuracy rating, listen to her ex-husband’s account of her (he’s the one she calls abusive and the deveil but he has been remarried happily for 30 years!) He states that she said “If people believe this crap, they deserve to get screwed.” Go the and get an eyeopener. And, yes, I use to be an avid follower and believed in her philosophies…stupid me. God WILL judge her and good luck not being sent to the hell she doesn’t even believe exists.

  105. Bonnie Grayson

    Has anyone noticed how every week she calls cataplexy, catalepsy?
    I havr no idea what catlepsy is, but I sure know what cataplexy is.

  106. Monica

    slyvia is a pinche puta barata.. she can go suck balls in hell where shes gonna end up going. shes a witch & she sucks satans balls

  107. Darlene

    Let go and let God. I do not have a problem with Sylvia and would hardly call her a vulture. I truly feel she does not set out to use, harm or extort monies from anyone. She offers a service. If you ask for a reading, then that’s what you get. She doesn’t solicit individuals. If you don’t believe in her or her psychic abilities, don’t read her books or tune in to see her on Montel. It’s that simple. I don’t defend or try to disclaim her abilities. It’s not my place.

  108. Saundra

    To Roxanne:
    Is your husband a science teacher? Is your last name Wellington? His name is Steve?

  109. Saundra

    Roxanne, I am curious if I am right, give me a shout at

  110. baryogenesis Says:
    IF YOU REALLY WANTED TO….. Once again, no one is interested in your cloud/glue/thought/wacko stuff, OK

    Kind baryogenesis,

    Official Science trough CICAP. CISCOP. ( Commitee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal) Assert: ” the observation completed scientifically of only one 1 authentic Paranormal Phenomenon, would constitute the greatest DISCOVERY than all the times. Fundamental the science like Physic and Chemistry and of continuation all other disciplines that on they based would go rewritten. A conceptual revolution of immense capacity would derive some and all the human knowledege deeply would be modified”

  111. Treyonce'

    Wow The woman gets 2 or three things wrong and you guys totally lose your faith. She has gotten plenty of things right and anyone who gets ANYTHING right would be totally amazing. And she has just had a recent interview on why she didn’t take the james randi test. You guys really are lost souls. It’s ok though i guess because everyone is skeptical. Sometimes i think she’s a fraud too but i think it was just a test of my faith. Too many weird things have hapened to me for me to not believe. And also alot of her predictons came true like brad a jen breaking up and britney and kevin and the whole florida terrorists thing that happened last year. When we couldn’t take liquids on planes. she predicted all of that back in 1999. Thats all i have to say people. God bless you.

  112. Michelle

    In reguards to the last reply, who didnt see Britney and Kevin and Brad and Jen breaking up?? Its Hollywood. People are married and divorced every other week! The reason she wouldnt take the test is because she is a fraud and she knows it. Why would she purposely out herself? And if anyone is a lost sole it would be you. The bible strictly prohibits speaking to the dead. She claims to be a Christian, but also believes that Jesus is not God. And he did not die on the cross but rather faked his death and ran away with his wife mary magdalin!! BUT WE ARE THE LOST SOLES. If people would trust a little more in their own intuition instead of asking everyone one else to “GUIDE” them or to tell them what to do we would not have these people taking advantage of people in a time of need!!!! And how can you say “God bless you” when you believe in her. For she doesnt believe in God, she believes in many Gods? Think about it.

  113. baryogenesis

    Michelle-You started your posting with some inciteful comments but then wandered into talking about lost fish. Maybe you meant “souls.” You warn people against trusting and paying for a “guide”, especially the type that gets rich by preying on the gullible. Great. But it doesn’t take a belief in a religion to be wary, just some common sense. Martino-You should apply for Randi”s million-dollar prize. Prove to all what you keep endlessly posting….oh wait, I don’t think subjectively interpreting the shape of clouds could be scientifically tested. Ah well, maybe Sylvia will claim the prize.

  114. Monica

    I know first hand that she is a fraud. When then Hollenbeck kid was kidnapped I had a dream that he was in a basement some where. I thought maybe it was the church that was near where he was taken. I put it out of my mind. Well when Ben Ownebe was taken I had a strong supision they were connected. I about died when I saw that they were found. And I lived in the apartment just upstairs from where they were. I lived there about 20 years ago. I feel I have some psychic powers myself but I never know the details till its to late!

  115. DLT

    I had a phone reading with Sylvia in 10/2006. Sorry to those who believe in her but she is a con. My call only lasted 12 minutes & she didnt go into most of the things she has listed on her website. Why, because she isnt psychic, she knows that people are so excited that they will lead the call because you have waited over a year to talk to her. She didnt go into great detail about anything-she was very vague. Most of my questions were regarding the health of my family & I. It’s almost like she picks parts of the body that most people have problems with; stomach, back, legs etc.. She never mentioned anything about my father being diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer this past April-If she would have at the very least have mentioned my dad & cancer I would say she is the real deal. Also my grandmother recently fell & broke her neck- how come Sylvia didnt mention that? I really wanted her to be gifted but the only thing she is gifted in is thievery. I have been following her for years but no longer. I’m glad I spent the $700 to see for myself whether she is authentic-now I no longer have to wonder. I do agree with the person above who said her books are inspirational as they do talk about god, meditation, peacefulness etc. At least she writes about positive rather than negative.

  116. Melody

    It’s hard to believe that people still stand up for Sylvia Browne ( it is with an ‘e’ now, but she used to be ‘Brown’, maybe adding the ‘e’ was more exotic?) after all the mistakes she has made. Some people are writing in “Oh give her a break, one mistake!” They haven’t looked very hard at her history if that’s what they think. She’s been wrong more often, way more often than just once. I used to think she was arrogant but I was impressed with her and thought she had some real talents. I had some doubts and I found more and more that just didn’t sit right with me, I am referring to her Wednesday spots on Montel Williams’ show. I started looking for sites about her and came across ‘Stop Sylvia Browne’ and from there I just found more and more to de-bunk her ‘gifts’ and not only from Mr. Lancaster’s site but from many links as well. According to Mr. Lancaster he has a transcript of an interview with Montel and even he says he doesn’t believe in her but she’s funny, has a stage presence and gets good ratings! How’s that coming from someone who praises her up and down on the show and plugs all of her books shamelessly while she sits smugly by his side and claims she writes all of her books longhand with a pen. With a new book every other week and as she claims, she’s got a stack more at the publisher waiting for publication, helping all of these police all over the country solve unsolved crimes, doing personal interviews and phone interviews, being yapped at by all manner of spirits wanting to get messages across and leaving her body every night in astral projection ,oh and don’t forget the talk shows, Larry King and Montel and others, when does this walking wonder ever rest? Maybe she’s above such an earthly function. I really wanted to believe in her just like these ‘one mistake’ people but, come on reality calls and they’re just not answering. I didn’t even mention the huge fees she charges to share her gifts (phone readings?- phony readings is more like it!) I always wanted to find out what some of the people that she’s read on Montel had to say after they checked out her claims that they need lecithin( isn’t it always lecithin they need or they’re allergic to dairy?) or that ‘John Smith’ was a previous owner of their house(and was killed, died without resolving issues or killed someone there) – “check the records honey”-. Montel has never had a Sylvia Browne follow up show to have any of these guests back to say ‘oh Sylvia you were right on the money’, not that I know of anyway, but I’ve seen lots of other follow ups about other topics, I wonder why? Speaking of Montel, I always thought he was a really stand up guy but not so much any more. It’s a shame that Sylvia is such a hustler, I really wanted to believe too. I think her days are numbered as a top notch psychic, unfortunately she’s caused a lot of people pain and grief and taken a lot of money along the way. She’s heading up there in years, maybe if she takes lecithin or sweet talks one of her angels she’ll get a few extra years before she burns in hell or turns to fairy dust or whatever.

  117. Katie Rigsby

    Sylvia has helped people, I am one of those people. She told me that my grandfather Rob, and she knew his name was Rob, was suffering from a clogged heart vessel. He had been having problems and doctors couldn’t find it. After speaking with Sylvia, he went back to the doctor and had his heart checked, it was a clogged heart vessel. My question to Sylvia was not about my grandfather she just told me those things out of the blue. My question to her was about a broach that had been lost for about 5 years that my great grandmother had given me. I asked her where it was at. She told me that it was in the attic of the house I had moved from several years ago. She was right, I went back to my mothers house where I had lived before and began a search in the attic. I found the broach in a small box within another larger box, just like Sylvia said. So, yes she makes mistakes but she is not a fruad!

  118. ALL psychics take advantage on poor grieving unsuspecting peoplle, it’s horrible they’re like vultures. Sylvia Brown is no worse and no better than any of ’em in my opinion. She might get one right here and there, but people that call off Police searches based on info they get from her are taking a huge risk and they’re responsibile for making that decision. I do agree that these people that play greiving people like this are the scum of the earth but the people that fall for it are adults, they choose to believe in her and take her so-called predicitions as if it were gospel truth. Sylivia Brown, Miss Cleo, John Edward and his ‘Crossing Over’ show; the list goes on; every one of ’em or con artists. If people insist on buying into it they’re going to continue to pay the price for it. The best way to stop it is to not pay any attention to these frauds; but is that going to happen? Heck no!! People eat this stuff up; they watch the TV shows, the buy the magaizines and even pay for psychics, then they want to complain when the psychic rips ’em off. Well you’re damn right you got ripped off what did you expect?

  119. Tamara

    I have to laugh at all the “devil” talk.. If you do your research on the bible and the testiments attatched, you will relize there is no hell. The churches have brainwashed everyone so much. Everyone has there own opinion and their own beliefs. Who is anyone on here to condemn anyone else for what they believe. If you believe in Slyvia, wonderful, as I do. If you don’t, then that is your right. We need to stop criticizing each other and condeming each other for what each believes. There are people that post on here over and over. Isn’t there something more creative you could be doing with your time. Noone is free from sin, because sin is man made… to control the masses…

  120. Patty

    Its people like all of you who have nothing better to do with yourselves than to try to discredit an call names. I’d like to know how many of you no-it-alls have actually talked to Sylvia or are you scared? What makes each one of you so sure shes so fake? I’d like to know how many of you do anything for nothing. People like all of you are the real problems in this world. When I read all these ignorant comments it made me realize even more why me an so many other people actually believe in her an all she stands for. The handful of lonely sad people who are all to quick to criticize an pass judgment must simply be jealous an wish they had been blessed with any kind of special talent. I guess if they got any balls or like to actually back up their on words then the best thing to do is go talk to her but then I guess you’ll have to find someone else to hate.

  121. Randy

    I think the advantage that a sceptic has is not involve themselves deeply into an understand of the paranormal, particularly when those sceptic influences comes from a lack of personal experience, or accomplished knowledge.

    Hudini spent much of his life trying to prove paranormal as fraud, but he had a paranormal experience that was the result of saving his life once while he was about to drown searching for a hole in the ice where he could escape.

    Sure there are frauds out there. Scam artist use any means by which to get your money, even love, and the promise of money. When did you quit looking for that?

    If it is religion that supports your understand that psychics are frauds then you may have turned away from the understanding of what a prophet is. Information that comes from spirit experience. And it is these first hand experiences that these prophets have had that have encourage belief of the peoples of that time period. Look even closer and you will find not all of each prophets predictions have had complete fulfillment of those predictions.

    It has been said earlier in these comment statements that only the wrong answers of Sylvia Browne need be considered to prove she is a fraud. But that is not scientific because because it is a bias sample. A sample that is vary small by the way as only two case incidences have been mentioned of gross errors. Sadly these were way off, ( sadly because the information given leads people to look in the wrong directions for the answers they so desperately need). Silvia is only evil in your mind if you do not believe she has any intuition of significance. Everyone makes mistakes, even big ones. The FBI, CIA, Presidents, Police, and you. We have a WAR going on right now because of errors made, maybe lies, and not even being able to interpret real information in this physical reality. Why would any sceptic expect 100% accuracy from the etherial, that is something we can not see well or most of us at all.

    Trying to be the best medium you can is difficult at best. Imagine you are sitting in a radio room on a ship and you are turning your receiver and you pick up a broadcast. You have no way of really verifying 100% of the time if what is being broadcast is truth or not. You get a message of a strong signal influence that a boat is going down and that they need help. Most good people as operators would act on this information hoping that it would bring some help. That is what Sylvia is trying to do.

    Spirits on the other side are just like people here, not all of them speak the truth, not all of them know the truth, many would like to help and so they may try to, but there is no real accounting of the level of accuracy of what is being broadcast.

    Sylvia has a spirit guide, but her guide’s job as she sees it is NOT to make sure Sylvia has the most accurate information, in statement by Sylvia her guide says she will not intervene with regards to the accuracy of Sylvia’s readings, that Sylvia must learn to do develop this skill on her own. So you get what you pay for (or not) “so to speak”. But here is the clincher, she is more right than wrong, she can sometimes give names of people, first and last with regards to crimes and many cases have been solved because the investigators looked more closely and then found the evidence they needed to proceed with the case. If you were to flip a coin for twenty years straight and keep results of your accuracy you might likely find yourself still at 50% right, a predictable average. Sylvia is giving names, and descriptions, and in some cases predictions, the odds of being wrong are astronomical, this is no coin toss. Yet Sylvia Brown has been on Montel for about 16 years. Believe me the sceptics would be out in greater force if she was wrong on 50 or 40 % of her information, even though the odds against her are magnitudes greater than a coin toss.

    One should always be able to question what is and what is not, especially information that Sylvia or anyone else is giving you, but you would be foolish not to consider the element of it’s accuracy as well.

    I think it would be silly if you were hearing a voice and it told you to go Kill your first born son, and you went off to do that. I think that some of the information that is in religion is not accurate, some of it is allegories, some of it is real experiences. Perhaps the best chance of understanding God or the intent of religions is to look close and consider the information they have, some of the information is political influences of the time, not truth or reality as we like to call it. But life in the physical is not really reality, if the time we spend here in the physical is considered along side the concept of eternity. If you want to think you are going to die and then that is it, go ahead. But when you have a real OBE yourself or and experience with the spirit then you will have to understand that the best you can.

    If you have not had spiritual experiences, like hearing a voice, or feeling the touch, or sensing the prophetic event of your own, it does not mean they do not exist, it just means you have not experienced it. If the world only had blind people in it except for just a few, those that could see would have no way of proving, or even sharing the concept of sight to a blind world, colors, shapes would be vary big stumbling concepts for understanding. Some times maybe Silvia see with cartaracts instead of the absolute clear 15/15 vision that was wants or expect her to see with.

    You want to know how difficult it is, try to build the sensitivity on your own, even on a small scale. You will error, I 100% guaranty it, and that is a prediction from me to you.

  122. PSICOCINESI & SCIENZA * …parole ,parole ,parole,…dice giustamente il Prof. Piero Angela….veggenti di là,..Medium di quà…

    Kind readers,
    words, words, words,where are the facts evidence??? EVIDENCE HERE!



    Gentili lettori,

    …parole ,parole ,parole,..soltanto parole….continua a dire il Prof. Piero Angela….veggenti di là,..Medium di quà…Trapoleri..dappertutto..

    Quotidiani contatti con gli UFO..con.. ..presenti… futuri..

    da 20 anni..vanno in TV..RADIO I conferenzieri a raccontare …raccontare..di Paradisi..Inferni..UFO con Teste a forma di pisello… con le testimonianze.. non si fa SCIENZA ….e mostrare.??.mostrare !.??. NIENTE..!!! Si fa scienza con i FATTI…afferma il Prof. Piero Angela..Giusto! Giusto! Coretto!

    CONCLUSIONE …VEDI! non esiste NIENTE/NULLA di PSICOCINESI PK. nel mondo..non c’è! il CICAP. ha 1000 volte ragione.!!..Siamo tutti dei creduloni irrazionali… questa è propaganda..del POTERE .dominante.. non esiste….niente al di fuori della MATERIA.. MATERIA.. MATERIA…PUNTO.!!! Muori .due palate di terra ..e tutte le illusioni finiscono..MENTE.. ANIMA.. DIO..cose per scimmie.. hhaa..hha..o discorsi manicomiali. ..E’ questa la verità??? NO!!! Legga gentile lettore la mia storia nei BLOG iniziata nel 1990; grazie al PC comperato in questi mesi con sacrificio, con corsi accelerati per imparare ad usarlo posso comunicare la mia ricerca PK., la mia storia NORMALE comune probabilmente a tante persone che tacciono per non andare incontro a umiliazioni, violenze, derisione ,scherno, * RITRATTI CREATI NELLE NUVOLE “SGUARDI” ECCO LE PROVE! * sono stato sempre allontanato..o meglio cacciato ..deriso..schernito. umiliato…e altre violenze..chissa se otterrò GIUSTIZIA ..



    La Scienza ufficiale tramite il CICAP. Comitato Italiano per il Controllo delle Affermazioni sul Paranormale AFFERMA:”L’osservazione,compiuta scientificamente,di un, uno 1, autentico fenomeno paranormale,costituirebbe la PIU’ GRANDE SCOPERTA DI TUTTI I TEMPI.
    Le scienze fondamentali come la fisica e la chimica,e di seguito tutte le altre discipline che su di esse si basano,andrebbero riscritte.Ne deriverebbe una rivoluzione concettuale di portata immensa,e tutto il sapere umano sarebbe profondamente modificato”

    Ma che effetto le farebbe scoprire un vero fenomeno paranormale?

    «Ne sarei entusiasta. Sarebbe una soddisfazione straordinaria. Ma si rende conto? Passerei la vita a studiarlo. Senza contare che partirei subito per ritirare il Nobel»

    “Qualunque fisico andrebbe infatti in sollucchero se potesse convincersi dell’esistenza della psicocinesi, se non altro perché farebbe una brillante carriera occupandosi di questo mirabolante fenomeno. Io stesso mi sono più volte offerto di testimoniare questo tipo di fenomeno, beninteso in condizioni di adeguata garanzia, visto che qualcuno e capace di tagliare una donna in quattro pezzi davanti ai vostri occhi e poi… di ricomporla”

    Un milione di Euro per un fenomeno paranormale!A Joke!!



  123. baryogenesis

    Over the past several years,”psychic reader” storefronts have sprouted like weeds in the city where I live. I’m sure this is a familiar story to many of you. Once in awhile the police bust one, usually following complaints of fraud. It’s difficult to pin these “seers” down because the people who have been ripped off usually have invested not only money but emotions in some vague hope of a “spirit” message. Now, when I see fans of S.B. going through contortions to try to explain her “spirit guide” connections, I can only laugh. Can you not see the obvious scamming or at least obfuscation when (to paraphrase) “Sylvia must learn on her own, her spirit guide won’t help her in her accuracy…” wtf? I’d fire the fairy! Hello. Imagine a world where you (or we, as fellow members of this human race) have to rely on our own intellect, emotions, physical strengths, etc, to launch gloriously into life without relying on some imaginative fairy world. It’s truly liberating.

  124. lee

    She is one smart women, but not a talented psychic. She has perfected the art of manipulation! The sad thing is that she is sooo confident about the information that she gives people, it makes me think that she actually believes it her self. I also don’t believe for one second that she writes all of those books her self. Think about the amount of time it takes to write the manuscript, have it edited, make the nessasry corrections and then print it. She would have little time for anything else, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, does it? We see her endless appearences on Montel and she speaks quite often about working with the police so you tell me where she finds the time to write as many full lengh books as she has. Hell even Shephen King would have a hard time keeping up with this women!

  125. marian

    dont we all make mistakes? jeeeze.
    no really, she has been doing this since she was three years old.
    she cant make a couple of mistakes?
    at least the kid was alive. get over it.

    maybe there was another kid with the same name?
    who knows.
    just get over it.

    i believe her.
    and yeah, i live in the east. like the movie clip said!

  126. baryogenesis

    Some of you want to believe so so much that you become blind (“blind faith” –good band, yes, but stupid position to put yourself into…). There are many who have “tried” Sylvia and came away disappointed. Many don’t want to admit they just blew a hefty wad of cash on a fraud (positive spirit world, indeed) so keep on believing anyway, or are simply too embarrassed to own up to the loss. Check out this interview with Randi where he does mention that there ARE people who have tried S.B. and have sent in copies of their tapes:

  127. angie

    i love what she dose and its up to each person if they belive she is a woman doing what she has to in order to take care of her family and self if you do not belive then dont call but stop the hate she should not stop her reading they give hope false or not once again it is up to YOU to belive or disbelive ps let her be who she is and do what she feels

  128. Aurora

    Everyone makes mistakes. Just because she has the strength to admit them doesn’t mean she is wrong every single time. How many times has she helped the police and she has been right. Just because she is a big time psychic doesn’t mean you can make a big deal about what she gets wrong. It’s the same with actors. They make one small mistake and it’s all over the papers. Just let them do what they want (as long as it is within the laws).

    I believe she has the power and all she wants to is help. Maybe she gets things wrong because people set the bar too high. she Great but everyone makes mistakes.

  129. DLT

    As I stated above, I did get a phone reading w/Sylvia- I’d like a refund!! Besides her being a crock, as much as she charges for readings she could at least use CD’s instead of crappy cassette tapes. I wanted to send my tape to the person who runs the Stop Sylvia website but the quality is very poor.

    Anyway, what people need to realize & accept is that she makes a lot of mistakes & thats because she is a fake. If people take the time to read things online about her, especially what people who have received readings have to say, Interviews w/Sylvia etc..-all the pieces will come together & you will see she is a con. Too bad I didnt research her better a long time ago. Listen, if I was psychic, I would be very private with it & if someone really needed help or I had pertinent info. I would somehow divulge it anonymously &/or FREE

  130. Amber

    Sylvia Browne is not evil. She is trying to help people. How many times in your life have you felt that you “died” because of an event that traumatized you so badly that you no longer are the person that you were. I think when Shawn was kidnapped from his family, and put into the circumstances he was in, he probably died inside and that is the reading she was getting. She was looking into the families memory of a bright happy little boy, and his soul changed due to the fact that he was put into a different, and negative lifestyle.
    How many of you making these comments have actually read any of Sylvia’s books? She never claims to be perfect. She also has every right to charge money for her services. The very churches that most of us attend charge money for their services while barely giving an actual cent of it to people in actual need.
    MY boyfriend just died 2 weeks ago, traumatically. And I have been devestated. If not for Sylvia Browne’s books and encouraging words of faith, I might be dead right along with him right now. My suggestion to you all before making all of your snide ignorant comments about this woman who HAS helped THOUSANDS of people is this… pick up a book or 2 of hers and read it. Then you will understand a little more about what the heck you are talking about.

  131. DLT

    ^^Yeah, keep buying her books & faux diamond jewelry-She isnt rich enough right?? BTW if she is psychic, how come she didnt know her jewelry was being made with Cubic Zirconia instead of diamonds? Go ahead, make up yet another excuse for her. I swear, no matter how many mistakes or false readings she gives people will still believe her. She & her family members that play along are set for life by dummies like me who fund(ed) her B.S. Why dont you spend the money to get a phone reading? You will see she is the equivalent of your neighborhood “Fortune teller” but with more notoriety. She tells everyone the same GENERIC stuff. Everytime I read about other peoples readings I feel sick to my stomach for believing in her. Actually, let me give you some idea the crap she spews. During my reading:

    I asked Sylvia if my husband should stay at his job or look for something else- Sylvia said he should stay, he would excel in the company. Well, he recently got his 90 day notice, his company is closing.

    I asked a lot of questions regarding the health of my family. Why is it she didnt “See” my dad would be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 5 months later? She told me he needed to watch his back & legs but he would live a long time. Um, pancreatic cancer is a death sentence & it has nothing to do with legs or back. Also, my grandma fell & broke her neck recently, no mention of that either. These are just a few examples.

  132. Amber

    Maybe it’s because she can’t get a reading from you. Maybe you are blocking her somehow with all the grief and negativity. Maybe your husband will excel at another job.No she spends most of her money on building new churches. Richer than you or I maybe- but not rich like Paris Hilton… I don’t know anything about the reading she gave you, or the jewelery, but I do know this….. she has been right many times. And that’s not even the important thing. The important thing is that she offers hope. she has uncovered a lot of the truths that have been hidden about the bible, she gives us hopeful insight on what’s in store for us once we die, and she helps with grief, especially with people like me who lost someone VERY close to them in a very traumatic unexpected manner. It’s much better for me to read her books than to read about all of the silly angry comments I have seen on this web page. I was coming to this web page to make sure I was not misdirecting my hopes and from all of the blurbs I can see on here.. I can tell I am not… looks like a bunch of people expecting sylvia browne to solve their life problems for them… solve them yourself. Pancreatic cancer does not have to be a death sentence, and maybe it’s your grandfathers time to go… maybe your grandmother was the one who should have watched her legs and back being that she fell… maybe you heard sylvia browne wrong….. I am sorry for the misfortune that has been happening in your family…. I have been going thru hell myself, I recently lost EVERYTHING due to the death of my fiancee…. but I can tell you the angrier I get the more negative energy I pull towards myself and the worse I feel… so no, I have not paid for a reading yet, I am not sure that I will need to… I want to make sure I understand everything by reading the books first, that way there is no cross in communication when I finally do speak with her….

  133. DLT

    ^^I’m sorry for your loss. You did however prove my point by making/trying to find excuses for Sylvia. Do you know the statistics for pancreatic cancer?
    “Pancreatic cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer-related mortality in the United States, with an estimated 30,300 deaths attributable to this disease in 2002. In fact, the annual mortality rate almost approximates the annual incidence rate, which reflects the generally short survival time associated with pancreatic cancer, most often less than one year. On a stage for stage basis, cancer of the pancreas is met with the shortest median survival time out of all cancer types.”

    Another thing, I did not hear Sylvia Browne wrong. I can “Hear” my reading as many times as I want since I have a tape of it. I love how you said my grandma should have been more careful, I guess this applies to your fiance as well.

  134. Cayenne

    Do you want to know what I think is so funny? Everyone single one of you people say that she is a witch and evil. You say that you all are such great Christians and that she isn’t. However, isn’t there a place in the bible that says something about not judging? I think its God’s place to decide what she is, not yours.

  135. DLT

    Never said I was Christian.

  136. Raven

    How about taking a look at the media, which, like Montel, promotes anything the CEOs think will sell? Somebody here mentioned actors and publicists. The job of pubicists is to package and “sell” people regardless of talent. Here is a glaring example of 30 years of fraud from Hollywood: Brooke Shields. Not a shred of acting talent, nothing special about her looks, the ultimate emperor with no clothes. Yet magazines keep putting her on their covers, producers give her roles, talk show hosts keep inviting her back AND Princeton University accepted her for the money and notoriety, nothing else. This woman has sold books knowingly lying about herself, such as the one in the 80s where she addressed teens about “what my virginity means to me,” then ten years later admitted she was never a virgin at that time and was in fact “experimenting with her sexuality.” What genuinely talented kid didn’t get into Princeton because she took their place? She doesn’t deserve millions for her empty, vapid performances when lots of great actors are struggling. By her taking roles from people with real talent, she DOES hurt other actors and the craft of acting itself. But the media has shoved her onto center stage for 30 years because they think she sells. The Sylvia Browne thing is no different. The only way to get the media to change is to boycott channels, stations, shows and magazines that keep promoting the agendas of publicists, who are the real vultures here.

  137. Bella

    I think it would be mind opening for every skeptic in the world to Watch 100 hours of John Edward’s, Sylvia Brown and lisa Williams From what I’ve seen and read communicating with the dead is a type of communication that requirer’s translation from Physic’s. And that the spirt world has insight and knowledge to things that we don’t. So image for a moment that Sylvia’s spirit guide knows the Boy that went missing (Talked about above) will be found and safely returned home. However Sylvia’s spirit guide also knows that someone in the audience needs the information that was given precisely at that moment. The point being Sylvia is repeating what she is being told or shown from spirits or spirit guide’s. Could it be possible that we are all hear for a reason and must face the trials and tribulations in life no matter what and certain things are left unsaid for reason’s no one understands. Even if you disagree no one in the world is perfect and always right and some things are better left unsaid. I’m sure many skeptic’s reading this don’t agree with me and it doesn’t matter either way because I’ve I already made up my mind and have great respect for the physic’s that put themselves out there knowing there will be people that will attack them as soon as they get it wrong. As far as Sylvia charging $700.00 an hour for a reading over the phone. I would to if I was working on 250 criminal case’s plus was one the most sought out physic’s. Sylvia has written over 40 books long handed to get all the information she is privileged to out there. She also is an ordained minister of a church she created on the knowledge she has.

  138. Christian

    Sylvia is not a FRAUD!!! You people just need to mind you own business…she was correct when my dad asked her if it was better to move from CA to NC…in a way. But still why harm the frail old lady, she gave them their money back sheesh!

  139. i love sliva brown and yall are all wrong, i hate you guys

  140. Johanna

    I used to believe in that women for a very long time until my sisters and I each spent $1000 to hear her speak and answer questions. She was rude, didn’t want to fully answer any questions and she was wearing the same thing she wore on the Montel show. She is a heartless mean old woman who wants to get revenge on the world for her horrible witch like look by stealing from poor innocent vulnerable people. I don’t blame anyone for believing in her. She is a great manipulator hell she got me and its damn embarrassing! At least now I know I’m not the only one. It’s sites like this however that open people’s minds to the truth. When I asked her if I would ever marry she told me in three years to a man named Brian she also told me I would have 2 girls. NONE OF THAT EVER HAPPENED. She was wrong about everything she told my sisters as well. Stop feeding Sylvia! You are only perpetuating a horrible lie! I can’t believe Montel advocates a scam. I think it’s because his show is so boring.

  141. Karren

    If sylvia has these powers given to her by God then why is she charging people who are in need so much money. If she really wanted to serve God she was keep her self low key. I wouldn’t spend my $700 or anything on her services. I might as well give it to the poor, people who really need it. If I need spirtual healing I’ll take that money I would have spent on that vile old woman and treat myself to a nice small vaction. She attracts people in their most desperate times, when they lose someone. She not only leaves these people confused but also broke or out 1000 dollars! If that’s spiritual healing then I would rather be miserable at least I’ll still have money to pay a bill.

  142. DLT

    OK, I still need to vent. Everytime I search online for other people’s experience with Sylvia Browne’s readings, I get soooo angry. She gives very general information-Sylvia never goes into great detail to where you dont have to think about how what she says applies to you. She pretty much tells people the same things in regards to medical stuff. I noticed a lot people say that their reading only lasted 10-12 minutes just like mine did. She totally skips most everything she lists on her website that she goes over. From her list the only thing she told me was the spirit guides name.
    Ensure that you are “on track”
    See what actions other people might take
    Select the best path among several choices
    Scan for health warnings (see your physician too)
    Explore your Theme, Option Line, and Spirit Guide
    Minimize the severity of unpleasant coming events
    Sylvia and Chris can contact deceased friends and loved ones

    I guess you have to prod her to answer those things. Before my reading ended I asked her if there was pertinent information I need to know/that she could share with me, her answer was no. Of course it was no had she said something it would have been a load of crap! You know, I want to tell everyone I know not waste their money on a reading she is a fraud, but you know what? I want everyone who can pay for a reading & defends her TO GET A READING!! That is the only way this woman is going to get outed. I 100% believe there are psychic people with a wonderful gift-Sylvia is not one of them.

  143. bcgirlt1

    I thought God was the only one who could judge???? So I guess you all must think your God!!!! Get a life losers!!!!!

  144. Sasha

    I’m new to this issue. I guess I stumbled on it in a very delicate emotional condition. My grandmother and father died, very closely to one another. They were my world so I was a mess. I stumbled on John Edwards but found that in many cases, he seemed to be guessing. I s’pose I found it all a little unsatisfactory. Eg Who’s the m name, female. Who’s the J name, male. In other words, who is Mary and John – two very common female and male names. And he seems to go from there. But then I watched Sylvia Browne on the Montel Williams show and she was like, who’s Freddie, the dark haired, fat short guy. And for the aired sections, she seemed to be right on the money. I was astonished so I bought a couple of her books seeking to know more about how she does this stuff. I wasn’t ready for what I got. Her books are more about theology than psychic prediction. Some of it’s nice. God is nice. God is good and forgiving and loves us and by the way there is both a momma and papa God. There is no hell but if we are bad we go to one of two places – The Left Door or the Holding Place. I’m not real sure of the difference but if we say we love God (and again I’m not sure if we have to say we love momma or papa God or both) then we get out. When we die and have avoided “the dark side”, we go to the Other Side to eternal bliss with God(s?) where all our loved ones and family (who’ve already died) is. Okay, great. But we are there for eternity with God. Nothing new there. Even though things are really hunky dory there, we get to come back to life to face new challenges if we choose to – which we write ourselves. Sylvia herself has been reincarnated 50 something times! Bit of eastern mysticism coming in here but hey, more people believe in reincarnation on this planet than don’t so – hey, why not. Here’s my problem. If we die and come back as someone new, who welcomes us on the other side? Our family and loved ones from this life or previous lives? And if it is all of these people, how do they recognise us if we have become different people in this life? And – perhaps just as importantly – if everyone gets to jump on this reincarnation journey (to acquire knowledge for our souls) then what makes Sylvia sure that there will be anyone to greet us at all when we get there? But hey, she has nice things like Angels, spirit guides and more things and people to pray to than you can poke a stick at – so that’s nice. But I still wonder what the necessity for reincarnation is. Why do we need new experiences and knowledge for our souls when all of God’s knowledge and memories are on the other side AND we all are young (apparently we’re all 30) and without ailments or disfigurements of any kind. Anyway, let’s say you accept that for some reason we sign up for another life on earth. We end up as a victim of Jack the Ripper or some equally odius serial killer. What message are we meant to learn from that? Oh and did I mention that Jack the Ripper is reborn straight away when he dies so he can come back as Ted Bundy or someone like him – for some reason that, frankly, aint clear. Anyway, I find it all a bit confusing and I s’pose I don’t understand why she doesn’t just publish psychic stuff. Maybe she hasn’t anything much to say? Still, she does tell some nice stories along the way – so that’s something, yes? Oh, and finally, there was something that really bothered me. She runs this church – Novus Spiritus or something – that runs seminars and study groups and healing sessions etc on all this stuff. Okay. Fair enough. But when she was discussing this stuff in one of her books (If you could see what I see), she referred to something that one of her “followers” said! Hello! One of her followers? I’m not saying this sounds like a cult to me but, hey, if it oinks like a pig and looks like a pig, it probably is a pig! Have a nice day!

  145. Karren

    # bcgirlt1on 30 Dec 2007 at 1:33 pm
    I thought God was the only one who could judge???? So I guess you all must think your God!!!! Get a life losers!!!!!

    You must think you’re god too. You judge us by calling us losers? We are not judging sylvia, we are merely warning others of her actions so that they will not fall victim and lose a bunch of money.


  147. Mary

    I hate Sylvia Browne. please, everyone do research before you believe anything she says.

  148. baryogenesis

    Sadly, it is people like Mr. Barnett (see above) who will naively give their savings to sharks like Sylvia. And of course there are many like her out there trolling for those in desperate situations. Please Mr. Barnett, if you read this, this is not a pro-Sylvia Browne site and I would not encourage you to waste your money. You will be fleeced by these so-called psychics; better to put your money into some sort of investigator. Do your research first or find a relative or trusted friend to help. Hope things work out for you. Again, don’t waste your money.

  149. heidi

    well… a little something from Denmark….

    Please forgive this Silvia Browne. maybe she is evil maybe she is to be trusted…. i dont know but why all this anger. If you dont belive in her, then let her be left alone…. im sure God vil let her know someday that she is doing something wrong… it is not our job.

  150. Francis





  151. Donna

    Well, of course I am going to judge someone who has defrauded me. How about this, why dont you shell out $750 of your hard earned money & get a “Reading” with Sylvia. Come back & let us know about it.

  152. you people are going to sit here saying this and that about silvia and people who believe in her?. And whats makes you think ur right. isnt everybody intitled to their own opinion, so im going to state mine. If you dont like her why bother wasting ur time.It shows how much of a life you have and how much of an angry person you are if your going to sit behind your computer and get angry off of somebody that you dont know and something that you think isnt real mean while u can be wrong. Is it that bad that alot of people on this place you call “earth” have faith in something. why are you going to sit here and try and ruin something for other people. and most of these comments seem like their from trashy bitches

  153. Donna

    ^^You show how much class you have with your cursing, princess. ;/ Yuck. You obviously dont follow your own advise.

  154. Gonzo

    @ Darlene: What other types of fraud are out there that you “don’t have a problem with”?

  155. Cara_Bella

    OMG i cannot believe she wrote a book saying Jesus was married to Mary Magdalen and she was the first apostle. OMG what blasphemy. I think Montel has a few screws loose to keep having this evil weird woman on, i for one will never ever watch his show again.

  156. bobby


  157. Falyne


    Ok, reading all of that (after getting the link from today’s What’s The Harm) post was a good distraction from my differential equations homework, but a bit of a brain-hurting one.

    No. That’s wrong.

    That was quite, quite more than a “bit” of brain-hurty…..

  158. She cant always be right but she does have some type of inside cause I have seen her right on many occassions so instead of bashing her over certain things that she did wrong and remember what she has done that is good all of you need to get a life besides everyone elses. crazy indian

  159. heidi

    patty you are so right…

    God bless you

  160. Don Baker

    I am pretty sure that sometimes Sylvia Brown has correct information to give out. A lot of the time she gives out BAD information such as telling the family of the boy that he was dead. Sometimes she “reads” the person in the audience and figures out what to tell them based on their responses. Is she psychic? No, she responds to quickly to be psychic. She gets her information from her so called, “Spirit guide.” She says spirit guides are from God but the are the opposit and should be shunned. She says a person attends orientation in heaven but the Bible says we understand in a twinkling of the eye. She says she is a Christian Practitioner but she espouses reincarnation in spite of the fact that St. Paul says Christ’s death was once and for all and that we have only one chance/one life to be saved. She says people have sex in heaven but Jesus said there is no marriage or giving in marriage in heaven. She says there are NO devils and demons but the Jesus cast out demons and speaks of the satan/devil. Of course Satan would love for us to believe Sylvia as it would make his work easier. Her beliefs cannot in any way be considered congruent with Christian thought and Biblical teaching. As a Catholic priest I have come face to face with demons. They exist. Montel does not believe in psychics and says he believes she is intuitive and gives advice from that intuition. But as others have stated, what she sometimes shells out is very harmful.

  161. r smith

    Well I can not agree with a lot of was is being said here. I have watched a lot of Sylvia Browne in action on the Montell Williams show and it is not cold readings that gives Sylvia at times, full first and last names on some of the cases she comments on. On occasion these people are recognized by the person being read. Out of protection to the show, the studio will cut the name from the broadcast. As for the Christian comments listed above, there is much in the Bible, but not all of it is the direct word of God. There is much political influence present, Egos of men, and conflicting perspectives. Good luck with your understanding in a twinkling of an eye. The apostles still did not understand the teachings of Jesus even after being with him for 3 years, and Jesus said that he kept much from them, and that he would not share it until they stood with him in the kingdom of Heaven. Which by the way Jesus told you that it was within you. Jesus told you; these things I do you will do an more. In Corinthians you are told of the gifts of the spirit, they are listed. You are told God is the eternal mind, and in James you are told that everything that is, is of God. Some of you believe in possessions, well the knowledge in a twinkling of the eye did not take place here then did it. Some of you have read of visitations by divine messengers in many religious cultures including the bible, so if they exist then there has to be those that understand and those that do not, or you could not have a bad paranormal spirit experiences ….. period. So there is still the potential for misunderstanding in the spirit. This must also mean there are different perspective, and different religious belief structures that exist there also. Therefore, some may know more than others. So in heaven you must still have things to learn, and there is still seeking to do. Until you realize the ego is a self identity, and the false one, you will find you are not able to accept the Christ consciousness as the true mind. Not mine, but thine will be done, that is a long road for many of us walk, but only as long as you make it. When Jesus realize that he and the farther were one, there was no more need for the ego, it was a false idol. You will find on the other side that some know more than you and you may know more than some. Sylvia does not know everything but she has a gift, it is not perfect. It is not perfectly tuned. If there is a will of God than you can bet it is not our will, because there would be perfect harmony amongst us and we all would know exactly what is and what is not. Your interaction with God and the spirit is a personal experience. Those who do not acknowledge the interaction of the spirit in there life proclaim it’s false existence. Those who have had a blessed experience blessed by God can not refuse the truth in it, and when shared it is accepted by some, and others not. Even though we live in a vary selfish world there are those amongst us who give selflessly, it would not be different in a spiritual realm next to ours. You may not yet find perfection but you will find love if you seek that. You reap what you sow, each according to his own likes. You will only find God, when you seeking it only, and above all other things, that nothing else exist but your desire to be one with truth, and the light of life. Choose sides if you want, bark at each other, and claim each other evil. It will not help you on the road to truth. But love can help you on that road. If you can admit to not knowing everything, then you should be able to admit that there is more to learn. A close mind and heart will not make that journey easier. Thou shalt not bare false witness, how shall you know until you walk in Sylvia’s shoes. I do not say she is divine, I do not say that she only speaks, or hears, or sees the truth. I do believe she has a gift as seeing a bit more than I do in some ways. But as difficult as life can be, I can admit to love that comes from God. I have had personal experience with the presence of compassion from the spirit. I have heard once the voice of the spirit. I have known my consciousness outside of my body. So I will not claim it’s existence, false. You, me, Sylvia, and even Sylvia’s spirit guide (if you will) gets things wrong from time to time. If only God is right all the time, then until you are one with God, you will be making mistakes. Why would you expect any different from anyone else.

  162. ki

    you people are all wrong she is for real so what if she messed up a few times. there are plenty of people who bolieve her! im just here to ask if yall people have any respect! you should have better things to do then talk crap about this lady that tries her best and is here only to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and montel has her on his show to help he is a good man not just doing it for attention.

  163. Don Baker

    To R Smith and Ki:
    When we are on the earthly plain we must “learn” in a physical constricting realm. Our bodies and minds must examine things of this world to learn them. But in HEAVEN, not on earth, we are purely spirit and God’s spirit gives us full knowledge. There are no classes needed.
    Ki said Sylvia wants to help people. At 700 dollars for a few minutes talk…very charitable of her. All the charlatans use the gimmick of…”I hear the name Jeffrey…” Audience: “Do you mean Johnny?” Sylvia: “Yes something with Jeffrey/johnny that seems right. Come on, you could do the parlor trick yourself.
    Sylvia feeds on people who have needs and she satisfies for the moment. Ever wonder why Montell’s show doesn’t do follow up except on a few?

  164. baryogenesis

    If you are living your life without being able to step back from your emotions and be rational, then of course charlatans like Sylvia will seem to make sense. It’s a matter of perspective. Submerge your brain in that world and it’s difficult to exercise any judgment to determine whether you are being taken advantage of or not. Do some research, just like you should if you were investing in a big-ticket item. You are investing your emotions like you would in big-ticket items. Did you ever consider that you might be investing in fantasy? Oh, and that would be bible, koran, god, jesus, angels, genii, demons, Sylvia, anything someone with an agenda could have concocted or added to the story. And BTW, Don Baker, I was educated by Catholic priests and even though I might not agree with the fantasy and religion, I will say that those priests were *educated*, ie, they were able to construct a sentence and were able to spell.

  165. r smith

    Rational does not really exist any more than common sense can. The basis of most every individuals perception is “experience”, just like ethics, morals, and reasoning. Your knowledge is based on what you learn by experience, what you perceive going on around you, and what you accept from others. Accept, is a huge filter factor here, but experience can force you to again evaluate what you once deemed fact. Licking a snow flake out of the air may have amused you when you were young. Licking a snow flake off of the steel slide rail at 10 bellow zero can result in a much different experience. If you are from the tropics it might take you longer learn this, common sense does not exist, you are not born with it. If Sylvia senses more than you, then you will likely defy until you are faced with personal experience and forced to look again at the structure of things. The Brain is not the soul, but the Mind is. Your mind has an origin, the Mind of God. Because you do not perceive God does not disclaim God’s existence. There are variances in the minds of men as to mans closeness to God, or even the existence of God. You could then say that in the mind of men, some are more closer or more distant from God by perception. It may well be that the creation of distance of ones personal experience of God then is a creation of Man. You reap what you sow. Lacking the body is not lacking the mind, it is lacking the brain which is mostly fat, and ganglion mass. You have when you die the option to understand more than you can perceive now (you have that option everyday really), But you may not be willing to accept it. You may be resistant to infinite truth and perception if you have a solid belief structure at the time of your physical death. If you have free will, then you have free choice. You may chose not to receive or except any new input. Hence the development of levels of perception of existence in the after life as a soul. “In my fathers house there are many mansions”. Only one perception of existence as a soul would mean, Just one House. The Jew has the right to expect a Jews view of an after life, until that soul throws off any concept of duality, and sees God and them as one. The Christian may also have just as solid a perception and devotion to their reality, and will maintain it until they perceive more, or a higher truth. To say that people who believe in their religion, spirituality, is purely emotional, and is purely illogical, is an unexperienced judgement. Rational thought is often supported by personal experience, once having a rational personal experience in spirituality, you are compelled to expand upon your relative understanding of existence. This is not an irrational action. What was common sense in one frame of understanding may not be common sense in an other. One must conclude that common sense is merely a frame work of temporal understanding. It is more rational to judge your own existence then it is to judge someone else’s. Withholding judgement until you have walk in someone else’s shoes is of wisdom.

  166. baryogenesis

    The Scientific Method was developed , not as a religion, but as a means to avoid the pitfalls of personal experience and anecdotal evidence. These have their place, but much more is involved before accepting any evidence based on someone’s word. To assume that you are “attuned” to a “higher vibration”, or that someone like Sylvia is likewise attuned, shows an incredible naivete about the workings of the brain (or mind, if you like). If you immerse yourself in religious, New Age or occult literature, then you choose to live in a fantasy world, as attractive as that can be. There are some of us who have had over fifty years of experience in that world and have heard many tales from people involved in almost all religions and cults, and have had personal “feedback” from the world-at-large which was taken as proof of whatever belief-system needed to be reinforced. Assertions of the reality of souls, other worlds, powers (oh, there are clever mind-games and psychological “powers”), whether from followers of a Hindu mystic, scientology, or a so-called clairvoyant, become rather predictable. There is a history of these things if you do some honest research. And it is *so* predictable for believers to devolve into sectarian disagreements. And the “pedigree” of ancient wisdom just adds to the susceptibility of myth-making; whether bronze-age religious writings or Roswell UFO tales, or more immediate, a story whispered around the dinner table as in a parlor game, the human mind does not record things accurately and tends to confabulation—ask any police officer taking witness statements. It’s up to people making claims to prove them, not for others to try to disprove them! The default position should be reality-based. It’s actually very liberating. But then, people are frightened….and superstition runs deep.

  167. r smith

    I love science, I majored in Biological Sciences. To assume that someone who has had a some sense experience has to be thrown into some group classification of the uninformed is a cheap cop out, and is it not science at. There is more to life and facts then the Mean, Median and Mode, there is also the that information lies closer towards the ends of the Bell shaped curve. To describe the data only in the center of the curve is to ignore valuable statistical data, that is statistically relevant.

    Science though, through it’s development and history, also suffers straying from the ideal practical application of what it strives to be. That’s because people’s heart, and reputation are also under the examination of a biased community. Repeatedly through history observation is not only valid, but contributes the lions share of new idea and outlooks that is the basis for opening new doors to study. Many conceptions of what is excepted as science fact today were turned down under close examination from the acting science community piers of that time. There are many reasons for a science community biases, Money, Power, Clout, Prestige. It is a completion out there for research funding though grants, and it is emotional, and opinion that directs the cash flow. To assume there are no studies, that there is no research going on would be in error. It would be true to say that that type of research does not get the attention of main stream science based on popularity. And it probably does not need the most priority, or attention. But because it is not popular, that it does not exist as bogus.

    Cell, Biochemical and neurological research has picked up in studying the presence of sense information, long after the government stop funding ideas like remote sensing, all that need be done is present a physiological association to achieve grant funding.

    You want to draw a line and claim some kind of superiority because you have faith in science, it’s okay be me. If you wait long enough someone will always come along and prove that the research that you once believed in is flawed and you are pulled back the other way on the wave of new science.

    Science is a tool, for understanding physical properties. It is a useful tool where by in a state of unknowing, one can propose a hypothesis (often based on observation), and set up an experiment testing one application of the hypothesis to see if there is any physical relationship to fact, or if they can prove their own idea wrong. It can take a long time to test all the probable possibilities before the word FACT is valid.

    But what is being described as sensing is not physical by the common understand of the word physical. Math suggest that physical universe can not be described in terms of just a physical reality, but that there have to be multiple dimensions in existence for the math and the physical observations of our universe to work.

    Ether the math is wrong or our understanding of our physical surroundings under the strict interpretation of the physical sciences is a the current time, still greatly limited at the ability to describe who and what we are. When science does finally catch up, if it ever could by just describing our existence through physical properties, the truth will not have just become fact, but have been so from the beginning of what we perceive as time.

    Proof of live after death, or even the sensing of it is not the important picture here. Your not believing in life after death will not change your outcome, any more than you believe that mine could. There are now on record hundreds of thousands of NDE(near death experiences) taken in as records during scientific studies under clinical environments in hospitals around across this country and also around the world. Your choice is not to read that research, or consider it even as valid science.

    This boils down to a limited acceptance on main stream science that the data is present and documented. The statistics alone should be speaking to the probable existence of something we have yet to accept or come to understand.

    The real importance of this is, …. not does it exist, but why it is the way it is, that is where the real enlightenment come into play.

  168. baryogenesis

    r smith: OK, assuming that English might not be your first language (that’s alright), I still sort of could follow the gist of your argument. It is true that there is competition, favoritism, popularity, whatever in science employment (that’s life and sometimes life is crappy or unfair), but the beauty of science is that it is self-correcting and will eventually ride out the merely popular in ideas to eventually get as close as possible to the truth of the matter. You see, if you are a serious professional, there is a system known as peer review, there are publications for all to see (nothing “occult” or secretive here to be held in reverence or awed), and as new evidence is added to the general knowledge of a subject, everyone (or most) are willing to change. It really is an organic system based on input from a community that by definition is willing to adapt to the evidence. In contrast, belief in fairies or myths or sylvias (or her “insights”) are based upon what someone tells you they “see” or “feel” or “hear”, etc. C’mon, I’ve been around and been through it. Feelings *are important in life, no one is denying that, They are a *huge part of life. I think that’s what you’re trying to emphasize. But if you insist on basing your life on emotions, you just might be taken advantage of by “psychics”. NDE experiences are not proof of god or angels, but often of chemical brain changes, oxygen deprivation, etc,; check it out. We don’t have all of the answers. Our brains are just beginning to be understood. We have a lot to learn in many areas. That’s exciting. As soon as there is a gap in human knowledge, there are those who are ready to jump in to fill the gaps with anecdotal evidence, fireside stories or belief in the supernatural. Throughout history. Check out how many unknowns in history used to be given a supernatural explanation until someone did the work that brought the mystery into the real light — the light of knowledge, not some vague mysticism. In other words, the default position should be reality-based. It’s OK to admit we don’t have all of the answers.

  169. I’v been keeping track of sylvia brown for 15 years on and off and she has me wanting to speak with her I think she is doing good things with other peoples life but I don’t think she needs to be charging people $800 though give her a break.

  170. Rad Bellows

    Yeah, I just wanna know my Spirit-Guides Name! But I guess I have to pay 800 dollars to find that out? Two more Montel Shows left…
    She could really be a Fake, but I will say: I went through a very bad time when I just didn’t want to live, and was so upset…If I hadn’t read that dam book of hers, I don’t know how I would have pulled out of the Bottom of Depression Lake? She might just be a Fake! I just can’t decide
    right now… but time will tell…………….. RAD

  171. bazooka jo

    In case you are wondering about the spelling of Sylvia’s last name…here it is…

    She was married to Gary Dufresne from April 1959 until 1972, and is divorced from Kenzil Dalzell Brown. Sylvia acquired the surname Brown during the third of her four marriages, and enhanced it with a final “e” after she was indicted on Security Fraud charges.

    and more…

    Browne says she knows what it is like in heaven. In her book Life on the Other Side, she says the temperature is a constant 78°F (25.6°C), that there are no insects–-unless one wants there to be, that pets go to heaven, and that one can build one’s house wherever one wants unless it obscures the view of a river or some trees, in which case one needs permission. She asserts that the “other side” exists approximately three feet above ground level and at a “higher vibrational level” and so is difficult for humans to perceive. However, like other psychics, she claims to have been born able to perceive a wider range of “vibrational frequencies”. She also claims “everyone in heaven is age 30!”

    Browne declares that she can see angels and that they look similar to depictions in paintings, but have different traits depending on their “phylum”. She has also claimed that they do not speak. Her granddaughter, who is purportedly psychic, claims to have witnessed the angels that Browne states surround humans. She and her granddaughter even saw Elvis while touring Graceland!!! And some people may have been a male form in a previous life, but reincarnate in a female form for a new life, often parenting the children who parented them in a past life!

    In the book she wrote, (Psychic Children), she claims people plan their lives and purposes in great detail before they ever come back to earth. Who would anyone say “I want to come back as a child molester, rapist, or murderer and spend my time on earth in a prison”? Why would anyone want to be hurtful or deceitful, to destroy others in such an evil way???

    In addition, reports about her psychic abilities by independent observers and the press have cast doubts on them. Her first husband, Gary Dufresne, said in a February 10, 2007 interview that he does not think Sylvia has any paranormal abilities, and that she admitted it, saying that the gullible deserve to be taken advantage of.

    That being said, does she get her special abiities from God? You make the call!

    Information taken from the book Psychic Children and the Wikipedia Encyclopedia biography of Sylvia Brown(e)

  172. vanessa

    I think Silvia Brown does indeed have special paranormal ablilities, but she is getting to cocky and money hungery and if God gave her special abilities he is now taking them back because of her greed, she has indeed helped alot of people but like i said she is losing it because of greed!!! You dont charge people seven to nine hundred dollars to help with abilities God has given to you to help people with!!! God bless all of his children

  173. Joshua Robinson

    Wow Its amasing how all these people are so inconsiderate of her trying to see what she sees? as matter of fact her ability to see the unknown is a fact! but not just for every one person, but for our country SHE IS A PROFET OF OUR GOD! she has allready seen the future. For example.. she predicted that skin cancer among children would become really bad!.. And it has look it up.
    she will predict the outcoming of our planet she is ment for that! Not for your desire to know what you should not know but for US ALL OF US TO SHOW US WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO OUR WORLD!

  174. Joshua Robinson

    Wow Its amasing how all these people are so inconsiderate of her trying to see what she sees? as matter of fact her ability to see the unknown is a fact! but not just for every one person, but for our country SHE IS A PROFET OF OUR GOD! she has allready seen the future. For example.. she predicted that skin cancer among children would become really bad!.. And it has look it up.
    she will predict the outcoming of our planet she is ment for that! Not for your desire to know what you should not know but for US ALL OF US TO SHOW US WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO OUR WORLD! sO BE MORE KIND TO OUR KIND!

  175. Joshua Robinson

    Money is evil and everybody knows that. but it is one of our unfortunte needs in this life so who could blame her for being a little corrupt? We all are.

  176. Susan

    It’s like anything else – if you don’t like her, don’t read her books and don’t watch her on TV – it’s that easy. I would much rather watch her than some Evangelist idiot that spouts off about being the right hand man of God!!!….only to be busted down the road to kiddy porn or fraud!!!!
    It’s really easy to change the channel…

  177. Cherie

    Wow! My sister was a huge fan Sylvia’s. Saved up her money and paid for the reading months ahead of time. This guarantees the grace period for refunds is passed. It took a year for the reading. This is before the “montel years”.

    She gets her reading. She’s very excited. My sister wrote down questions she wanted to ask beforehand.

    The reading? Sylvia starts the conversation as a flippant nod in her direction.
    “O.K. lets get started, you dislike the direction your life is in right now?”
    “and you have unanswered questions?”

    Well, duh!!!

    “heres what you need to do” Sylvia
    “get rid of your life now and just do it!”

    Generic? Life shattering? yes

    Sister asks “it’s my career that’s upsetting me”
    Sylvia ” Well you need to invest and go into the medical field”
    Sister says ” I’m on the brink of foreclosure, and the sight of blood makes me pass out”
    Sylvia says ” but you have to invest, the stock market is strong! It’s very strong! and will stay strong!, as for your fear of blood, you just need to get over that!”
    Sister says “umm well I’m an artist, I like drawing portraits of people, and I like to sew and do creative things. I’m not cut out to do medical stuff.
    Sylvia says ” Well the stock market is all it’s about and I would suggest that, and I would seriously look into the medical field”.

    Sister finally realizes that she’s not being heard at all.

    This was a long time ago, and sister is now employed as a graphic artist at an ad agency. She has never invested in a stock market fund and managed to rescue her home from foreclosure.

    So Sylvia, encouraged my sister to leave her “life” hubby and kid.
    Told her to invest in the stock market. My sister is smart but doesn’t do that way and she’s fine now.
    Told her to get involved in the medical field, which is anathema to who my sister is.

    yup she wasted 750.00 dollars on a reading that convinced her that she was o.k. without a psychic, and taught her to rely only on her guidance.
    Tough lesson!

    Preying on the desperate and naive is horrendous. But my sister is thankful.

  178. Daniel

    It gets even scarier when police actually consult these frauds (and yes there are departments that do…”Psychic detectives”).

  179. To say that all who claim to be psychics are fraudulent is to say that all who an MD are quacks, etc etc

    Very simple & logical, no?

  180. baryogenesis

    Bogus premise, Irv. Think about it. I mean really. There is so little valid comparison between a person who has been professionally trained (regardless of his personal religious philosophy) in a scientific discipline and one who, at best, is not even as competent as a brilliant mentalist (such as Banachek or Simon Baker). And these mentalists will admit to cold reading, hot reading, having an extremely good talent for reading people and all that entails—WTF, It’s all a variation on these talents which many of us have more or less. So, someone is talented at reading people…does this mean there’s a whole superstructure of esoteric “truths” that are assumed to be “real”? No, I think that even though there is a certain percentage of doctors who could be called quacks, if they were educated honestly there is no similarity to a self-trained ” mind reader”. The one has studied the current medical knowledge (however incomplete that knowledge is—that’s science); the other believes he/she can pull stuff out of their ass to complete a picture.

  181. Di

    Personally, I tend to be somewhat skeptical of most psychics. I’ve had the odd reading done here and there, and in most cases they were generic and way off mark. I did, however, have a reading done once by a woman – this dates back many years – and she was bang on with just about everything she predicted. This woman did readings out of her home and charged $20.

    And then there’s Sylvia. I’ve been listening to her on the radio every week for well over a year now, where she has a one-hour call-in show. And you know, the more I listen to her, the more I wonder just how gullible people can be to believe that she is a good psychic. If you listen long enough you will hear the pattern…she has a grab-bag of standard answers that she uses on most callers and she repeats them over and over again…and I often wonder how it is that people listening to the show don’t notice. Maybe they don’t want to. I suspect that many are so desperate to hear what they *want* to hear that they tune out to the obvious.

    Here’s a sample of what you will hear in a Sylvia reading on any given program:

    Caller: “Can you tell me what’s wrong with me? I feel achy and tired and the doctors don’t know what it is.”
    Sylvia: “Get your thyroid checked. It’s your thyroid.”
    Caller: “But they tested it already. Twice. They said it’s fine.”
    Sylvia: “Yes, but you have to ask for the T3, T4. Most doctors won’t test that unless you ask for it.”
    Caller: “Are you sure it’s my thyroid? The doctors think it might be something to do with my blood.”
    Sylvia (long sigh): “Oh yes, but doctors don’t know what they’re doing half the time. I’m telling you, it’s your thyroid.”

    Caller: “Sylvia, can you tell me where my career is going?”
    Sylvia: “Oh, you’re going to find something in the medical field.”
    Caller (confused): “Medical? Really? But I don’t even like hospitals.”
    Sylvia: “Yes, but it won’t be in a hospital; you’ll be doing paperwork for the hospital.”

    Caller: “Sylvia, I don’t know what to do; I have no money and the bills are piling up. Can you see what’s going to happen?”
    Sylvia: “Yes…you’ll be getting into real estate.”
    Caller (confused): “Real estate? But I have no money.”
    Sylvia: “That doesn’t matter. You won’t be buying expensive houses, you’ll be buying those cheap places and flipping them.”
    Caller: “But…how would I pay for them?”
    Sylvia: “Oh, you can get those places for a song. I know a woman who bought a house for $3000 and she flipped it and sold it and made a nice profit. That’s what you’ll be doing.”

    These are some answers I’ve heard over and over and over again from Sylvia. Health is either thyroid (that’s the biggest pat answer for her) or reaction to dairy, or she tells the person they don’t get enough protein, and to eat more of it. She’s told people that doctors don’t know what they’re talking about, and then she goes ahead and gives her own medical advice. (In one call I heard, a woman phoned and said her stomach was always in pain and drs hadn’t found the cause…Sylvia advised the woman to lie off the end of her bed every day and do stomach crunches…that would *cure* her.) For people calling about employment, she generally tells them ‘medical field’, ‘data entry’ or – if it’s a man – ‘technical/computer’ work. For relationships, she goes according to what the person has told her and then ‘predicts’ whether they will stay or go by info the person has already given. (e.g., “Our relationship seems like it’s been going downhill for the past year, Sylvia”; “Well, you will be finding someone else soon, you won’t be staying with this guy, he’s a loser anyway.”)

    I must admit I listen to Sylvia on the radio just to get my ire up…it’s kind of refreshing to have one’s emotions riled every so often, and Sylvia does that for me. She has to be the most obvious fake psychic I’ve ever seen, but what’s scary is her ‘advice’. I often wonder how many lives she’s harmed with her so-called predictions, and how many she will continue to harm.

    Oh, and today I heard her son Chris for the first time, on Sylvia’s radio spot. Forty minutes into the show he abandoned ship, leaving the radio host hanging…but before this he did several readings for callers. And what’s scary…he’s hashing up the same pat answers that his mother does. It seems to be genetic. And I’m not referring to psychic abilities.

  182. Roz

    WOW – there is so much hate going on around here . . .have any of you ever actually read ANY of sylvia’s books? she has brough comfort and clarity to my own life…she talks mainly about the purpose of life and the transition from this life to death…this is a good one to start with “The Other Side and Back,” or “Blessings from the Other Side,” just try it out…and stop hating – it is not good for the soul…peace

  183. baryogenesis

    It’s OK Roz, you just continue to believe whatever makes you feel good. That’s what religion is all about: an appeal to the emotions. But there are many people who don’t buy into this appeal. We find emotional satisfaction through other means. It’s just that some of us are trying to point out that this is similar to Sci-Fi and Fantasy. You wouldn’t accept those as “real”, would you? See, there are many who don’t accept The Other Side as real. Aside from that, we don’t appreciate scammers taking advantage of the emotionally vulnerable. Sorry, but just because you read the equivalent of a feel-good fantasy novel does not make it real. Try to sort out the difference. It’s not hateful to warn children and the naive. Cheers.

  184. wtf

    If Sylvia doesn’t have answer to certain things, then she needs to flat out admit it. I’m also furious and disappointed as no doubt God must be too, she’s being way to damn greedy and someone please tell me how’s the pain/anger worth causing among us. There’s also too many books of hers with the same info over and over plus some changes based on previous (errors?) not to mention huge $$ royalties, so why even bother to charge $700 just for some false information!!!!! It makes me sad and I can’t wait to get away from the chaos of “earth life”. I shall be prepared for Eternity and God by doing the best I can to make him and Mother God proud!!

  185. wtf

    Uuuugh!!!!! ;o(

  186. AradiaRayne

    Since Montel Williams was brought up in the post s and comments I would like to comment on him. Last year in Oklahoma there was a bike-a-thon to raise money for MS. As we all know who is a huge part of raising money for MS. My 17 yr old cousin Charlie was a rider in the bike-a-thon and was there for a good cause, to raise money for this debilitating disease. He was run down and ripped apart by an 18 wheeler during the event. My aunt and uncle are not rich people. I thought that the human lives that Montel claims to care about and claims to support were worth more then sweeping the incident under the rug. No flowers. No phone call. No nothing. I guess its true what they say: Birds of a feather flock together, and I hope those “birds” burn in hell.

  187. Getoverit

    Boo-hoo. If you choose to pay $700 for a reading, you deserve to be scammed. Her show, appearances and books are for fun. I enjoy the fact that she provides another way to look at the spiritual side of things. I also would never shell out that kind of money to get a reading. I do believe there are people that have some very real abilities we may never fully understand. But trusting what they say 100%, spending money you don’t have to get their readings and being heartbroken when they’re wrong, is just as bad as people who believe Mary was a virgin and that God (if he exists) actually gives a $hit whether or not you are gay or eat pork. See the bigger picture. If she is a scammer, then bravo to her for figuring out how dumb the rest of world is. The Gypsies have been doing it for centuries.

  188. Kind readers,

    Science: It have discovered and documented the phenomenon Psychokinesis Creative (Test Theme: Established ) repeatable….

    Science: for the first time have discovered and documented the phenomenon Psychokinesis… Creative… ( Test: Theme Established) objective… repeatable… since when man lives on earth…..

    The purpose of the scientific community is this: If there are new phenomena (Paranormal… Miracle….) help to discover….

    I would have never dreamed of making public my discovery and ‘an act of honesty,of love to the truth’,to humanity.. to science … the scientists were looking for a long time such extraordinary paranormal phenomena … why not help them!

  189. Danielle

    As I read only a few of the claims you (the writers) have made and I about threw up! It is amazing what ignorance comes into this room of unbelievable chat. But, I intend to help you understand a little more about God’s people! YES, God’s PEOPLE!
    One yes, Sylvia must charge because 1) she is unable to feed herself off of good deeds, but she does do her share of good deeds for free if you actually know her, you’d know that. 2) there is something needed in this universe called balance. Not sure if you understand what I mean, but there is a must be of give and take. As people give in this world, what goes around comes around right, well those who give an exuberant amount don’t recieve the same in return, to keep a balnace in harmony with the universe, this is a must, and you are able to choose your balance.
    There are many people out there who claim to be good and hurt people instead of help people, but tell me if you can even imagine the good this woman has done, verses the wrong she has committed. You have no idea what happened for sure do you? Were you there? DO you know if what you heard was correct? There are questions that I know for a fact that she has worked on cases here in my state that she has solved. She gives information to those who need it. SO if you don’t want it, don’t need it, don’t care for it, leave her alone. It is not your sole responsibility to slander and call someone an evil person because that is nothing but a claim of rudeness not fact. I would never call a person who has NEVER committed a crime let alone hurt me personally or my family; an evil person. She doesn’t go out and INTENTIONALLY make statements to hurt anybody. IF it does hurt someone, there is either a reason this person needs to go this direction or clearly a miscommunication. If you have ever read any ANY of her books, she backs everything up with facts that you can research herself never leaving her word for it. It is ignorant to just assume anybody is correct, but when you talk to her, there are reasons for everything. If you don’t believe that, then you don’t believe in God. If you don’t believe in God…well than it’s understandable why you wouldn’t believe there are those who can speak to his spirit world. Ignorance is not an excuse to slander. Find out facts either from her or your own research that isn’t just blogging because that is just hear say. God bless you through your adventure.

  190. baryogenesis

    Oh dear, Danielle. Without trying to be too hard on you, it would be wonderful if you spent a few years actually educating yourself in areas other than New Age made-up stuff or reading books other than from the Sylvia Browne library of fantasy. And you’re the one throwing around words like “ignorance”. Whew! Lady, grow up. There’s a great big, wonderful world to discover full of real mystery. Just because someone like Sylvia writes something doesn’t make it true unless they can back it up (and not simply with anecdotes).

  191. Richard

    Maybe Danielle is right and there needs to be some balance. There must be black to white, shadows to light, ugly to beauty. Thus, there must be charlatans and those who expose them.

    The shadows where Browne must be balanced by the light that skeptics shine.

    Or, maybe delusional people like Browne to reality-based people like skeptics.

    Or, not. If Browne does have powers from “God,” then that god isn’t all that powerful since she didn’t know that that one boy was alive, rather than dead, as she had claimed. One should be very wary of associating oneself to the rather weak God of Browne.

    Meanwhile, hey, Browne has a website on something that is the direct product of something useful: science. Sorry, dear, you couldn’t pray, wish, or conjure up the necessary hardware and software needed to run the Internet. Not even Browne’s God is capable of that.


  192. Barry

    Browne, i thought was legit, i still think she maybe, however she suposedly gets her information directly from her spirit guide; now the/her spirit guide is on the other side an should know all. so what bothers me is how can a spirit guide be wrong, how could that be! i still am interested an will look more closely, but thats a big red flag for me. an for browne to say she is in permanent contact with francine her spirit guide an francine is wrong, maybe she is talking to another being who can read minds an trick people. i dont know anymore for sure

  193. Rev. I. P. Freeley

    Deuteronomy 18:10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.

    Exodus 22:18 Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.

  194. Bailey

    I take her w/ a grain of salt. But I was floored when, before the election, she said whoever won the election would die in office of a heart attack and the vice president/newly sworn-in president would lead the USA to the brink of war w/ Korea. Well, this just floored me and I repeated it to many people. Of course everyone thought that would be McCain because of his age but then BO got elected. She was asked about her prediction and she flat out denied every saying it. I nearly screamed at my computer screen. I’m trying to find if the segment in which she made the statement is archived anywhere. I was absolutely floored that she would brazenly deny her prediction. But I’m not the only one, as she made the prediction publically and denied it publically. I’m sure she lost tons of fans in so doing.

  195. Di

    I wanted to clarify something about my previous post. I am not dismissing all who claim to have psychic abilities as fake. Personally I believe that we all have intuitive and psychic abilities – at least to some extent. However, my problem with Sylvia Browne is her rather consistent misleading of people, and more importantly, her telling people that doctors don’t know what they are talking about…and then she goes ahead and dispenses her own medical advice to the person – such as the one I cited previously where she told them to do stomach crunches for their persistent abdominal pain. What bothers me is that this woman CAN do serious harm to people. Many hang off her every word, and follow her advice to the letter. On her talk show she has dispensed a great deal of medical information – erroneous info in many cases, I’m sure…I mean, she tells almost everyone who calls to eat more protein, ‘get off dairy’, and to get their thyroid checked. Rarely does she offer any other suggestions, because those are her standard answers. She has advised people to leave their partners when they’ve called and asked if the marriage will survive; she’s told people to invest what tiny amount of money they have into ‘fix and flip’ houses (and if you don’t know what you’re doing and blindly invest in such ‘deals’, you will most likely not only lose your investment, but will go into serious financial debt), and in one call, where a woman was calling for her sister who was worried about her son – who was in the hospital after an accident…the woman asked if the boy would be getting out of the hospital soon and Sylvia answered, “He’s not getting out”. When the stunned woman asked, “What do you mean?” Sylvia responded, “He’s not going to make it…he’s going to die”. Not only was that woman devastated, breaking down into tears and sobbing, but she was going to pass that psychic info on to her sister, the boy’s mother. To strip away a mother’s hope of her son’s recovery – which, btw, was not what doctors had told her…the boy was in serious condition but they did tell her that he’d recover and be released at some point – that is just such a shameful and heinous thing to do to a person. I’ve heard people call the show, repeat callers, who would tell Sylvia that the previous prediction she had given them did not happen as she’d predicted, and they would go on to ask her when it was going to occur…she would tell them that the timing was off, or that they had somehow affected the prediction time, but it still would happen. One poor woman called her and said that Sylvia had predicted for her almost a year ago that she would be getting back with her ex-husband; she said ‘You told me that we’d get back together by the fall, and that was almost a year ago…now he’s got a girlfriend…Sylvia, when will we get back together?’ And Sylvia said, ‘Oh, it’ll happen, it was just the wrong year, that’s all…be patient and you’ll be with him by next fall’. So instead of this woman moving on with her life, Sylvia is keeping her hanging onto false hope of a reunion.

    What angers me is just how much potential Sylvia Browne has to seriously hurt people. Yes, we should all be responsible for ourselves and not be so gullible, but unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who are hurting, who are looking for answers and who are drawn in to the promises of a woman who claims to give highly accurate readings. I do know of one person – my friend’s cousin – who worshipped Sylvia Browne and believed everything she says. A few years ago she withdrew almost $700 of her personal savings – money she’d been saving up for a very long time – to get a reading done because she believed in her so highly, and that’s when she finally realized that she had been following a scammer. She said that the reading was not just inaccurate…not one thing had been right. Nothing…not predictions, not descriptions of her family, nothing. So she tried contacting Sylvia Browne’s organization to get her money back, as the entire reading had been worthless, only to be told that it was impossible; she’d paid for a reading and that’s what she got.

    If you want a bit of an idea as to how inaccurate Sylvia is, listen to some of her older New Years predictions for the upcoming year ahead. Very rarely is she ever right, on anything. She is what’s known as a ‘cold reader’, and not a very good one at that. Her son Chris is the same.

    And yet the thing is, I do believe there are people who can ‘predict’ some events and some things that might happen with some people…but those who are accurate are very few and far between. I’m not dismissing it all as bunk, but I am saying that Sylvia Browne – in my opinion – is a scammer, and a blatantly obvious one, if you pay attention to her closely enough.

  196. Laurie Ann

    I am a novitiate in the Society of Novus Spiritus and I believe in Sylvia with all my heart because she has opened my eyes to the truth of God and his Love for us. Sure she is wrong sometimes. All Psychics are not 100% and most of them are not even half right. Consider the law of probablity! I wonder about the skeptics sometimes. They have a mission in life to create mayhem I guess. I have attended 3 lectures where Sylvia was speaking and on the last one I was called forward for an answer to a question. My son had committed suicide just a few months earlier and I wanted to know about him. Its a strange feeling to be called before a large audience of a couple of thousand and ask her a question about something so close to your heart. She said he was Bi-polar and I believe she was right and I feel he has been around me many times. I was not close to him in the last part of his life. In fact we had issues. However, I felt his presence when she called me up. It was like a lot of bricks fell off my shoulders. It was worth the $ I spent. I used to belong to another Christian religion and I will never go back. The Bible is not what its cracked up to be. It was written by a bunch of people who put their own ideas and thought into it. I know syl charges too much for her readings, but she has a lot of people to pay with her Novus Groups. I donated $20.00 every month and I dont regreat it. Get a grip people and get a life! If you a dark soul, shame on you!!

  197. Di

    Laurie Ann,

    First let me express my deepest sympathies to you regarding your son. I cannot begin to imagine what you went through. I do believe that losing a child is one of the hardest things anyone could ever endure. And I’d also like to express that I’m glad you found solace through Sylvia. Even though I do not believe in her abilities, I am glad that you did find a source of comfort.

    I would like to briefly address the last part of your comment. The posts on this thread were expressions of what people believe about Sylvia Browne, nothing more or less…just as the expressions you voiced of your non-belief in the Bible. It is all a matter of personal opinion. Interestingly, it’s curious that you expressed negative belief in the Bible – yet you condemn those who express negative belief in a psychic, calling them dark souls and telling them to ‘get a life’. Voicing your negative opinion of the Bible would most certainly offend those who do follow it faithfully; and you would most likely be labeled by some believers in the Bible as a ‘dark soul’ as well for condemning it. As a matter of record, I personally do not follow the Bible at all, just as you do not; however, I did want to point this out to you. You are accusing people who voice an opinion that differs from yours as ‘dark’, and stating ‘shame on you!’, yet in the same breath you are voicing an opinion that would surely offend a great many.

    I stand by what I stated my beliefs are with regard to Sylvia Browne. However, I will never attack anyone for having an opposite opinion. Everyone is entitled to their personal beliefs, but stating one’s views should not be taken as evil, or dark, or whatever else one wishes to call it.

    In my opinion.

  198. Nicole

    People are humans and humans are NOT perfect, and you know what? Slvia is human and she IS going to make some mistakes in her life, and we shouldn’t judge her for that. For an example if a doctor has 200 patients in a week and ends up making a mistake on 2 of them, does that make him or her a bad doctor? No of course not, then why so much hate and judgement? Sliva’s prices do sound alittle high, but do you know what eirks me? Is that people call her evil or a fraud because she charges a fee, but no one raises an eye brow when doctors can charge you up the a#% and they are suppose to CARE and SAVE human lives!!
    Also a word of caution to people who always seem to qoute the bible is that humans also wrote and REWROTE the bible. So ALWAYS do your OWN resurch and dont believe everything that is told to you no matter who tells it to you even religious leaders. Thanks! :-)

  199. Una

    I was a disciple of Sylvia’s for many years. I have read most of her books, joined her church Novus Spiritus and took her Hypnosis Training course.
    Her philosophies and teachings were such a comfort to me. To know that there was a good reason for our existence, to experience for God. I truly believed everything she said.
    Then after a 2 year wait, I finally got a reading with her at the princely sum of $850 (now I can say God was I crazy or what?). When you have complete faith in someone, the price really doesn’t matter.
    Well, I have listened to that tape numerous times….complete bollocks! She gave the usual medical assessment – stomach getting a bit acidic – stay off dairy. Back and neck problems – do neck curls while lying on the bed. All the time, I felt she was rushing the reading and certainly not giving me any specifics. She told me the name of my spirit guide, what my themes were and my option line, how many lives I’ve had…all of which could have been made up. She described a man. Lanky, sharp features, dark haired, deep set eyes, high forehead, a little receding. I felt sure she was describing a man I had just met at a wedding and was hoping to go a date with. I asked her if she thought it was the same guy. She said “I know it is – this is going to become permanent”. He is kind, considerate, good sense of humor (all the qualities we want in a partner) and most important he was going to take care of me….the fairytale ending we silly girls dream about! Of course I was thrilled. As the reading progressed, she kept referring back to this man, saying how this would begin a whole new chapter in my life..blah blah..
    Anyway, I did date this man (after 3 months only because I got in touch with him). Complete disaster. He was arrogant and egocentric and practically married (living with someone for 16 years, separate beds…yeah right!). My fairytale ending ripped in shreds!
    To say that I have had a wake-up call is an understatement. I watch Sylvia Browne’s webcasts and she has an enormous responsibility in that people take her word as gospel and will take her advice and live their lives according to what she has to say. She obviously has no regard for those lining her pockets. “God loves you, I do”. Sure you do Sylvia. The thing is, her books share a beautiful message. Why can’t she just be happy with the income generated by those books, which must be huge?
    Still, I plan on making a big bonfire with those books and finally banish that woman from my life for good. I feel quite foolish but it has been a learning experience and one that I will grow from. I was searching for a mentor in my life, one who would teach me about spirituality and God and life after death. I thought it was Sylvia Browne – How very wrong was I?

  200. myra

    wow…am I ever glad I read this email….I wanted to see her in our city tomorrow night…what a waste of money…..sorry you had to go through that…Myra

  201. Elizabeth

    I’m really glad that I did a google search and looked for other complaints. Mine is not on Sylvia but her son Chris that she refers you to if you don’t want to wait long to get a reading done. He said almost the same routine things – who my spirit guide is, take better care of my health by cardio, that I’ll meet my soulmate and settle down in January – blah, blah blah. I only called them because I was undecided in my career choice of two choices – they told me to go one way – which was wrong and I was unhappy at that job choice, and didn’t meet any soulmate in January and other things didn’t happen that they said would. I totally do not believe in Sylvia or her son – and would tell all my friends not to even go there in calling psychics, and am a little embarrased that I did, but I learned greatly from it. We all make our own futures, and I chose the career I’m in and am dating the man that I made the effort to go find. Thanks for the opportunity to post blogs and make others more informed of their decisions.

  202. Kmax

    What do you know? I guess it is not a question of what you believe. Do you KNOW GOD? Maybe you know nothing exists after death. You know what a witch looks like. You know SB is never ever right. You know that people have not been helped by her. You know she is evil. You know . What is scary to me is not being open to differnt points of view .. SB is a scam. What are gay people or Muslims or black people or Mexicans or poor people. 700 hundred dollars? That’s how much you have to charge to be evil ? If she was wrong for free would it be any better? If she was right all the time would you worship her as God? My life is fine knowing that she isn’t right all the time. Just an old lady.
    I am not saying this to have some more fortunate person tell me they are “real sorry about your luck”. Ihave no health care and I wonder why doctors who care so much and are there to help charge so much? I bet Sylvia Brown did not take the Hypocratic oath. Every gets what’s coming to them. A funny thing I noticed is that the more famous you are the more people “hate on you” . I think it is between her and her God. I wish I had the knowledge to KNOW.
    My writing isn’t the best so anybody out there with a least a 7th grade education I would appreciate the criticism. But the points are clear.

  203. Kmax

    Imagine being I’m charge of a police department and some quacky psychic comes along and solves your case. Who would you tell.

  204. Lee

    Read some of her books but now she sloches on Montel William’s couch. I can’t take her seriously any more


  205. Una

    (not to be printed please) Hello..just wondering if it is possible to remove a comment I submitted before – comment 204. I have changed my views and comments were made in haste… It would be much appreciated if it could be removed. Thank you, Una

  206. Una

    I guess not…ok I suppose I shall have to eat my words. I wrote that comment when I was very angry (mostly at myself).
    As it turns out my reading with Sylvia turned out to accurate to many ways. Already some of what she said has transpired. The guy she said I would end up with, I am now dating and things are going really well. Whether or not it becomes permanent remains to be seen.
    However, I have learned a huge lesson throughout this experience. I had put Sylvia Browne up on a pedestal and took her word as gospel. There is no doubt that she she has an amazing gift. She works tirelessly to sent out the message of God’s unending love and that there is a very good reason for the existence of each and every one of us. To experience and learn for Mother and Father God and the progression of our souls.
    Though it seems that she is using this gift for material gain and self promotion…that is debatable.
    What I have learned is that all the answers to my questions are inside me and I do not need to spend $850 of my hard-earned money for 20 mins of her time. It truly is an extortionate sum of money to be charging. But if you are the most famous psychic in America, you can charge what you like if people are willing to pay it. I know I was.
    I will still read her books as there are many valuable messages contained in them. However I am no longer a fan as such but I do respect her work and am very grateful for all she has taught me about life, death and beyond.

  207. I am only 15 and I knew this. I am sort of psychic, and everyone is to a degree. I have dreams and sometimes they come true or they pertain to things that are going to happen in the day. Everyone has dreams like that, so there are no psychics. I HIGHLY beileve taht people who say they can see things freewillingly are liars unless they somehow learned how to control that. I can see inside people when I look at them and when I loko at her ,I see a evil person and even her outsides, it translates to her outsides(to me anyway) she look so so evil and devious and she seems like she doesn’t give a crap aboutanyone but herself or our hapiness let alone her own. She is evil ,very evil and I never beileved any of th ecarp she said anyway. I never understood why Montel Williams gave her air time anyway either(to the person above that said that.)

  208. Aleah

    Nicole, 203: That is absolute crap! Doctors have EIGHT YEARS of education, not to mention the cost of college, overhead of being in practice, and high malpractice insurance costs. Sure, it’s ridiculous that in Europe they have free health care while we, in the USA, have to give up our first born for medical care, but; to compare that to Sylvia’s fee of 850 dollars for 20 minutes of her time, especially when her clients have lost a love one is BEYOND ME!!! Doctors provide a costly service while Sylvia provides people with false hope and an empty pocket book!

  209. Jon

    Celeberty Psychics are the big news today and sell hotter than anything dispite the overwhelming evidence that every single one of them is a fake and con artist. They make themself a brand and therefore are seen as legitimate only by their own success and fame.

    They are all the same Browne, Edwards, JVP as far as the expensive direct access and volumes of books produced, even the creation of a “fan club, community, or church” around them

    JVP is coming to my area at $30 a seat and I am sure many JVP novilties and books will be sold to the marks who cant get enough

    There is no such thing as Psychic power nor do the dead walk the earth or communicate with a select bunch of “sensitive” people.

    No physical proof of “ghosts! exist despite being hunted as we know it today for hundreds of years. People report paranormal activity at alarming rates yet not one shred of evidence can back it up nor have I found one reasonably educated and logical minded person who shares in belief of paranormal ghosts that these carnie act rejects communicate with

    They all start small time with the usual confidence crimes and most have some charges against them and alot of charges that never stuck as they asked the mark to burry thier life savings behind a tree in the backyard and go to bed not realising that the “psychic” will dig it up but police wont be able to charge them as anyone has access to the backyard.. They also tend to farm for identity theft and I dont know how many people have reported major ID theft within 6 to 12 months of seeing a “psychic” for any amount of time.

    I wish everyone would wake up and realize sideshow “cold reading” has been around for centuries and perfected, as you know it today by the Gypsy traveler nations of Western Europe most notably Scotland and rural parts of England circa 1600.

    To me its like lottery and gambling where the majority of money is spent by the poorest people who tend to be less educated, with exception of the mega-rich where lottery, gambling and psychics are an amusement or sport.

    I am logical so for me I would rather spend the $900 bucks silvia charges on the sports package for my next SUV, even if it is a bad added investment as far as return in the long run at least my A$$ gets to enjoy the heated seats rather than just 20 min of hot air!

  210. Jon

    nicole 203 said ” Is that people call her evil or a fraud because she charges a fee, but no one raises an eye brow when doctors can charge you up the a#% and they are suppose to CARE and SAVE human lives!!”

    She becomes a fraud when there is no return, if you go to the doc as you quote you are using a real and physical service. With mrs browne her “predictions” are based on nonemore than the fairtale wishfull tinking of the mark who volunteers more information followed up by an educated guess from many years of con experance and based on information the mark has just provided. It is then disguised as a magical working from the other side by touching her weary head and talking about her guides feelings making it all real in the eyes of the mark but all of it is bogus and phony.

    for example nicole.. If you walk in TV store A and select a 42″ flatscreen and pay for it you now have something to show for your money however if they give you a dummy dispaly model you were conned and that is what you get from browne a dummy dispaly and you were indeed conned not only by browne but by yourself as you have now validated and backed her up as pure and honest truth.

    Simple mistakes are easy to brush off as her guides were not clear or something is not in correct allignment in the solar system or it could even involve magnetic poles and fields from power lines or transformers! Water often throws a Psychic off course and negative energy and wooded areas and large crowds even open fields… SOOOOOOOO when they are wrong it is not the fault of the psychic but the causes listed above and since you buy this rubbish you now belive the “psychic” is infalible

    A group of highly intelligent college students put up against a “psychic” will have the same if not better results than the “psychic” and yes this is proven fact not prediction. This is due to the fact that they were able to study the method of cold reading and using common key words get the mark talking, next using their keen skills of obverservation and identifying body lauange they simply pushing the mark to anwser their own questions and they will use normal human behavior, traits, and expected emotional response to fill in the blanks

    People like browne have practiced this for a long time and have “read” people for many years so they have heard most things about people and have a understading of human nature so they can quickly read someone much like a keen eyed car salesaman can tell by your car, clothes, and movement around a car if your really interested and have the means to buy it.

    Corporations and most fortune 500 companies give lessons in some of the reading devices that “psychics” use in the con that they work however it is their natural charismatic nature that allows them to get inside your mind and manipulate.

    You wont gel with every “psychic” as personalities differ but I assure you if you are “open” to the experance you will find one you like as they know how to adapt like chameleons to be liked by most everyone they come across. Funny enough this is called enchantment or lesser magic in the new age movement

    They also employ religious factors to gain confidence and try to bend tward your religious beliefs the best they can and will simply start by using “God” in the generic terms as most shy away from anything new age and if they find your christian will employ the use of a cross or lords prayer in the reading for example or if your wiccan will bring in a pentagram as they are quite versed on the major religions.

    I hope some of this has made you think about psychic in a new logical way and that the service they provide is noting more than smoke in mirrors by unscrupulous people

  211. Comkat

    Even the best of “psychics” are not 100% correct all the time. There is always going to be changing time lines keep that in mind when judging in the free will zone. I love Sylvia Brown I see her as a helper for those that need it. I use to cut my families hair for free or 500 bucks after I graduated beauty school gahha! It got to the point that everyone was coming for free or cheep haircuts and I was working all the time but not being able to pay my bills. The point is Sylvia Brown has to charge for her services she has bills to pay too. You know the old saying: when you are pointing a finger at someone else there are three fingers pointing back at you.

  212. Rachael


  213. Sarah

    OK first of all your opinion doesnt matter since it is so obviously incorrect. She has proven herself over and over to be an honest to God psychic. And FWI it doesnt come through like a tellaprompter. she cant see anything perfectly. You should be thanking her, though, that she is kind enough to share her gift to help the world. stop being a hater and realize that she is a gift that your tiny mind apparently cannot comprehend. Oh and you all have way to much time on your hands to be sitting around putting someone you dont even know down. get a life!

  214. stop putting her down………..she has always been a respectable person….only god can judge…all you keptics are just scared thats all..if fear keeps you going thats fine,keep it to yourself.but i believe god over anything.edgar casey is a psychic and he proved himself…your just cowards.if you recall JESUS was a prophet,and he was killed becouse the romans feared that they would lose control over theyre boilsdown to CONTROL.

  215. Wow….

    I am taken aback regarding the miss information Mrs. Brown has given out. I was introduced to her Nov. 2008, only after my son was murdered. I had a reading with her son Chris, do to the fact, Sylvia was all booked. The reading was interesting, however, later on I actually got an opportunity to visit Sylvia in Kansas. Prior to the meeting, I purchased several of her book, which were very comforting, LIFE ON THE OTHER SIDE. Unfortunately, Sylvia had given several incorrect predictions. One year later, I visit a forum that was held in Indiana after she had gotten married. It’s very sad to say it’s all about the money. She is old during the Kansas gathering Sylvia would call about 50 names for one questioned asked (answer). Thereafter, she charged $50.00 for each question asked and NONE WAS FREE. Well I paid for the $50.00 question which was interesting.

    I don’t know about her now and I refuses to bash anyone however ACTIONS SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS!

  216. Tyler

    If Sylvia Browne is a fraud then why is she so popular? If someone is that much of a fraud then they wouldn’t be this popular. I don’t know anything about her, nor have I seen her read or anything of that nature. Just curious is all. People would not continue to pay her if she was giving them all false information. It’s possible that the areas she was wrong in that that was what the public decided to focus on and blow up, rather than where she’s been eerily accurate. This is America after all. A country that loves to blow up negativity more than anything else.


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