Speaking of naming stars…

By Phil Plait | February 16, 2007 1:41 pm

… I appear to have been looking in the wrong direction.

What was I thinking, looking up?

Tip o’ the dew shield to Paolo Amoroso and the Star Generator.

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Comments (10)

  1. Lunatik

    Shows your power for good astronomy.

    They do listen to you.

    Possible science adv. role in future flims????

    Xtra bux and credits…lol


  2. Daniel

    I must have missed that one when I was down there last week. I guess I got too excited when I stumbled across Tony Danza and Big Birds stars.

  3. I’m looking for a generator that does Crop Circle messages. Any help?

  4. Speaking of awards, I think you’ve earned at least two science blogger merit badges. Wear with pride!

  5. Gee, and with the ISR ‘star’, you can look almost any direction!



  6. EVelyn Plait

    A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame….I am soooo proud. Now you have a star named for you Up and Down. [ Tongue lodged in cheek]


  7. Troy

    I have a bad habit of reading comments before I’ve exhausted all the links in the introduction section. Anyway my B.S. detector was going off when I saw that and later confirmed when I saw anyone can make a star. Pretty cool!

  8. keiths

    Well, I already knew that astronomers were rich, so I guess you might as well be famous also.

    Average income figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics website:

    Astronomers $101,360
    Physicists $ 91,480
    Geoscientists, Except Hydrologists and Geographers $ 79,990
    Biochemists and Biophysicists $ 75,320
    Materials Scientists $ 74,350
    Psychologists $ 74,250
    Atmospheric and Space Scientists $ 73,020
    Medical Scientists, Except Epidemiologists $ 69,140
    Hydrologists $ 67,260
    Life Scientists, All Other $ 64,570
    Biological Scientists, All Other $ 63,670
    Chemists $ 63,470
    Microbiologists $ 63,360
    Sociologists $ 61,700
    Soil and Plant Scientists $ 58,040
    Environmental Scientists and Specialists $ 57,470
    Food Scientists and Technologists $ 56,840
    Epidemiologists $ 56,340
    Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists $ 55,280
    Conservation Scientists $ 54,640
    Foresters $ 51,030
    Anthropologists and Archeologists $ 50,060
    Animal Scientists $ 47,600

  9. Ausrick

    a Computer Information Scientist makes $94,030 according to their website… if they are a researcher (actual scientist), If they are like me, and work in a “Verbally-Abuse-a-Technologist-Who’s-Smarter-Than-You” field, it drops to $43,380… Dang still below national average, maybe it’s because I live in Indiana ūüėõ

  10. DiskoVilante

    Ahahhaha, that’s such bad photoshopping. The perspective of the letters doesn’t match the perspective of the sidewalk.


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