Email not working for blog…?

By Phil Plait | February 21, 2007 3:14 pm

I upgraded the blog last night. I was running an old version of WordPress, but now it’s chugging away on the latest and greatest, and everything seems to be working.

However, I have a reader who has complained that the "Email This Post" link at the bottom of every post has never worked for him. I never had a problem with it, and I have a log that shows that lots of people use it. But just in case, I just upgraded that software.

So now, of course, it doesn’t work for me.

Does it work for anyone else? When I use it, the mail doesn’t get sent, and the popup goes to an "Error 404 Not Found" page. I can see from the URL what’s going wrong, but the code is a plugin, something written by an independent coder, and it’s messy. I can’t figure out how to fix it, and the problem is probably with some way I have my permalinks set up. If anyone out there understands this stuff and has a suggestion, I’m listening.

I like the idea of readers being able to send a post to a friend, so I’d like to have this working.

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  1. elgarak

    Just tested it. Works fine for me. Get to the form page, email got send.

    I run current version of Firefox, and the email addresses used were with Yahoo and gmail, in case this is important.

  2. m1eai

    Humm I am using Safari and that is not working. Although that could be a Safari issue.

  3. It worked for me, using Firefox 2.0 and GMail.

  4. Adam

    Works fine for me in Opera 9.10 on XP. *shrug*

  5. Craig

    Long time reader, first time poster…. yadda yadda.

    Just to let you know, I e-mailed the entry about the exo-planets to a friend just now, and it worked fine.

    I’m using IE7 on XP.

  6. gopher65

    I just emailed this post to my other address and it worked fine. I’m using IE7 on XP Home SP2, both fully patched.

  7. PK

    I don’t see the “Email this Post” link at all in this page.

  8. Working fine here as well (Firefox 2.0).

  9. Chris

    Works fine here, both in FF2 and IE7

  10. Melusine

    I tried Firefox first (to satisfy the FF cult), and it worked fine sending it to Yahoo. Then when I tried IE I got: Please wait for 10 Minutes before sending the next article.

    Huh? Wait? For what?

  11. Works for me (Thunderbird 1.5, Mozilla 2.0, XP Pro), but I only see the link on the RSS feed, not on the website.

  12. Weird. It works for me at home, but not work. Weird.

  13. Herman

    Works fine with Opera 9.10 and Win2K

    Funny thing is, I tried it twice. First time no problem, second time I got the same message as Melusine: Please wait for 10 Minutes before sending the next article…

  14. Tensor

    Both FF and IE7 worked fine for me.

  15. Yeah, there is flood control on it to prevent abuse. I’ve reset it to 3 minutes, but you can send a post to multiple people.

  16. Dan H

    Works fine in Safari 2.0.4 on my MacBook Pro.

  17. Dan Gerhards

    I’ve never seen that link before, and it’s not there now. I even did a page search, so it’s not just me being blind. I don’t really mind, because it’s not a feature I usually use, but that’s just weird. (I’m using Firefox 2)

  18. Michelle Rochon

    Works just fine here, just tested it. Firefox

  19. mc2

    I sent myself the link using the email thinks from your RSS feed and it worked, it also worked form the main blog page but i cannot find a link on the permanent page i dunno if this will help you or not

  20. Herman

    As per my earlier post, I get no errors, BUT neither of my 2 emails arrived!?!?

  21. Could those of you using the “e-mail this post” link let us know where you are seeing it? I cannot find it anywhere.

  22. Wu

    It’s at the bottom of each blog entry, Darmok. Just above the comments link. It’s working fine for me and I’m using IE 6

  23. For those coming to individual posts via an RSS aggregator, visit the main page to see the link(s).

  24. Does not work for me, I don’t get any errors but the email never arrives.
    Firefox 2, Windows XP Pro, SP2, UK, Earth, Solar system, Milky Way, Universe.

  25. fyreflye

    Sent this article via Firefox running on Macbook 2.0 to my own gmail address, which was then forwarded to my Eudora address, all of which was completed in less than 5 seconds. Possibly those for whom it’s apparently not working are actually losing the e-mail in a spam filter. Phil’s not getting it at work, for instance, may be due to the SSU server having a powerful spam trap.

  26. Just tried with another email address, same result as before, the mail never arrives.
    It is not in any of the spam filters.

  27. Ed Davies

    Works fine with Firefox 2.0, Thunderbird 1.5, Ubuntu 6.10.

    I too can’t find an “Email This post” link on the page for the blog entry:

    but there is an “Email This Post” link for each entry on the main blog page:

  28. gopher65

    That’s just odd.

  29. icemith

    It worked for me, though it was not on the comments page that I found the “email this post” link, but rather on the main page with the (in this case) 4 different topics, as I normally access the blog in feedblitz. I don’t know if the link is supposed to be in the individual topics as I think that would be cool, if one only wanted to email that particular topic.

    I emailed myself and it’s OK. It sent the whole lot. And I also checked that the topic link worked. It did. But there is no seperate link on the individual page. But the main page that has the link (in blue), only has the words “Email this”; they are after each topic, but it links to the whole main page.

    However I noticed that an ad for various services are not entirely complete – the web address for the third one is overwritten, except for the very top of the letters forming the address, by the body of the blog starting with “26 Responses to …”.

    I’m running Mac Mini, OS X – 10.4.8 and Safari 2.0.4 on ADSL 2+.


  30. icemith

    OOPS, can some of the above. Yes it did work but I was wrong about it sending the whole lot.

    So correction: it did only send that particular link, but it must be activated from the main page, under the item. But there is still a problem with the overwriting of the ads (am I really that concerned?), and I notice it is also happening at the end of the page too, just above the “Leave a Reply” area.

    While I am on a correction kick, please forgive my gross error in the second last paragraph re the “ad for various services”. It should be followed by “is”, not “are”. How could I miss that one?

    Ivan. (I wish it was not my real name).

  31. icemith

    and “separate”!!!


  32. Ivan: “Ivan. (I wish it was not my real name).”

    Why? Are you afraid the Apple is going to start producing cars for commercial transportation and camping?


  33. Ed Bride

    It may have been my message that started this, and it appears that I’m in a very small minority. I access the BA blog through AOL, which uses IE. Whatever the cause, the software upgrade seems to have fixed it on my system. Sorry it busted Phil’s, though.

  34. gopher65

    “Thomas Siefert

    Why? Are you afraid the Apple is going to start producing cars for commercial transportation and camping?”

    ahahahahahahahah. Poor iVan. He is going to be sued by apple now for copyright infringment. Unless he can prove that his last name is Art-Prior anyway.

  35. Bob S

    Worked for me. FF

  36. John Krehbiel

    I’m convinced that the reason H. erectus lived (as a species) 1.5 million years, while we’ve been around about 50,000 years and are on the brink of destruction, is that they had a technology that worked for them and were smart enough not to improve it.

  37. icemith

    Thomas, hi. Yeah well, I’m not sure I should say this, but as the ads seem to be local, and Apple never seem to do any of that advertising, I don’t think they care too much about my disregard for the ads. (I presume your ads may have been placed by Ford or Whatevermobile.)

    And gopher65: If you don’t tell them, I am going to keep quiet too. (Who said about time?)

    Anyway I can’t prove my last name is not what it is. Now, anyway. But I have a case that can be proved what it was before that. And prior to that, it could have been something else again. Thou art confused? Um… so am I.

    Catchyalater guys, I’m outa here.


  38. Darrin Cardani

    Works for me in Safari 2.0.4 on a MacPro.

  39. I only see the “Email” option in the feed, which takes me to a feedburner form. Works for me. OmniWeb/MacBook Pro

  40. I never ever post but this time I will,Thanks alot for the great blog :)


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