Galactic Interactions

By Phil Plait | February 27, 2007 5:11 pm

No, not the collisions, the blog!

My friend Rob Knop has joined the Science Blog collective with Galactic Interactions. He’s an astronomer, and has the bona fides for it (more than I do, too; he’s an actual professor and everything). If you want a taste of what he does, try this essay about gravity on for size. This is a complicated aspect of physics he’s tackled, and he does it really well.

I’ve already added him to my blog reader, and to my blogroll.

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  1. MHC

    Funny, I just found this blog myself a couple hours ago and left a comment on his first post. Glad to have him on board the squid-infested scienceblogs site.

  2. Eric P

    Next time you debate with Joe Rogan regarding the moon hoax theory, ask him how they faked the footage of the hammer and feather dropping to the ground at the same time. Couldn’t do that in a studio in the 60’s (though incredibly easy with CGI these days).

    This video was linked via the link in Rob Knob’s blog entry.

  3. Gary Ansorge

    Unfortunately(devils advocate here) that could be done in a vacuum chamber. It would be a tad harder to fake the approriate acceleration, 9.8 m/sec/sec on earth vs 1.6 m/sec/sec(???) on the moon.

    It’s the equations we used to get there that show it was possible. MAth, like music, doesn’t lie.
    You just have to understand calculus to see how it would work,,,

    He did a great job explaining gravity. Wish I’d had him in high school(ok, so, he probably wasn’t even born then,,,)

    GAry 7

  4. Irishman

    Actually, it would be easy to fake it. Just use a rubber feather. I mean, it’s not like the video quality was particularly good. ūüėČ


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