Q and BA Episode 6: I Am Your Density

By Phil Plait | March 11, 2007 8:17 pm

Space is a vacuum, right?

Well, not exactly. It’s all pretty empty on a cubic centimeter by cubic centimeter basis, but how empty is it?

Find out in this week’s episode of Q & BA: I Am Your Density.

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Show notes

The Question:

The question was sent in by Walter L. Williams:

When we talk of the vacuum of space, is it a total vacuum or "pretty much" a vacuum? Could you elaborate, perhaps telling us how much matter might be in say a "liter of space"?

Images and Links

The Orion Nebula and Carina cloud images are courtesy of NASA/Hubble/AURA

Barnard 68 is from the European Southern Observatory.

The marshmallow came from my baking drawer. When I was done, I ate it.


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