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By Phil Plait | April 30, 2007 2:17 pm

I’ve dropped Chris Pirillo’s name here on the blog a few times. He was the host of a show on TechTV years ago, and I went on a few times to make fun of bad SF movies. He and I became friends, though he is so busy reinventing the Internets that I hardly get a chance to talk to him.

That’s why I dropped everything and drove downtown to San Francisco a couple of Friday nights ago — he was here to attend some meetings, and had the evening free. It was cool to see him again and hang out. We talked web, we talked web 2.0, we talked about his live streaming adventures.

We also ate ice cream. We went to a place that sold lots of Indian flavors (<Apu>You can really taste the chutney!</Apu>) but also had some stuff I was used to (I got the mint chocolate chip). Chris is more adventurous, and got the sesame seed ice cream, which he claimed tasted like peanut butter. That sounds good, and he offered me a taste, but 1) I didn’t think it would taste good after mint, and 2) the color of his ice cream was… a little off-putting:

As nice as the flavor may have sounded, I can’t bring myself to eat slate-blue-grey ice cream. But Chris is an early adopter, and I’m more of a follower. When all the tragically hip latte-sipping technorati start eating it, then I probably will too.

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  1. I'm typing w/Wii!!

    That ice cream looks freaky! Hah, I would totally eat it!

    Well life as a writer sounds luxorious.

  2. zeb

    Once I mixed some brand of chocolate and vanilla and for some reason it came out that color. It still tasted like chocolate and vanilla.

  3. Sam

    That’s cool. I personally am just fine with vanilla.

    I’m also from India, so I know how sugary some Indian flavors can be.

    I hope you had a great time.

  4. I’ve heard really great things about black sesame, actually – I bet it does taste a lot like peanut butter, and it’s supposed to be really really good for you!

    Reinventing the internets does take away friend-time I suppose. :)

  5. I hope when Chris Pirillo reinvents the Internet he allows us poor wretched souls blogging our bad word deleted by The Bad Astronomer off in the Blogspot ghetto to stay around.

    Only a fool would really still be expecting an apology from him. Still, I hope he realizes how stupid his statement was, how much damage he and all the dittoheads who repeated his “Kill Blogspot already!” / “nothing but a crapfarm” comments did to Blogspot bloggers everywhere. I realize he’s your friend, Phil, but snobbery sucks, as does advocating discrimination against bloggers based on the service they use.

  6. Harold, give it up: – you’re in a minority. I’ll never apologize, especially with hard statistics to back up my statements.

    Phil, sorry for taking up space to address Harold’s unrealistic expectations.

  7. Kyle_Carm

    Wow it only took a few posts then Chris shows up, and he likes ice cream……he really is the Candy Man. Everyone run and hide. :-)

  8. Chris, as I said, I have given it up. I know you won’t apologize. And it’s only out of respect for Phil that I’m holding my tongue.

    Phil, sorry to use this space to address Chis’s offensive statements. If he’s your friend, maybe you can talk some sense into him. Somehow I doubt it.

  9. Bob S.

    Chicago has a few Filipino ice cream stores and a huge number of Mexican ice cream shops. At the former, I’ve enjoyed corn ice cream and kind of shrugged off purple yam ice cream (which was very purple but not very flavorful). At the latter, anything goes; their flavors aren’t as unusual to us as the Filipinos’ are, but still far enough away from Baskin-Robbins to supply a little adventure.

    If you’re into making ice cream and want to try some savory flavors, guy named Bruce Weinstein wrote “The Ultimate Ice Cream Book,” which is.

  10. Harold, whether Chris is my friend or not, it is inapprorpiate of you to hijack my blog to vent — and to use inappropriate language as well. Take it someplace else.

  11. Phil, my apologies. And I also didn’t realize that I had used a bad word!

  12. miller

    I’ve tried it before. It tastes exactly like sesame seeds, which I can’t stand :P. If you like sesame seeds though, you should have tried some.

  13. I lived in Singapore for a while and they had the most bizarre ice cream flavours like Red Bean, Corn and Durian.

  14. Buzz Parsec

    There used to be an ice cream store a couple of miles from my office… we didn’t go there very often, usually just to torment an unsuspecting newbie or customer or other visitor on their birthday, since they had a “special” way of embarassing people on their B-days. But anyway, one time the special flavor of the day was coconut marshmallow chocolate chip, which someone in our group misread as coconut mushroom chocolate chip, and that’s been my favorite disgusting ice cream flavor ever since….

  15. Tim G

    I like blueberry ice cream. It’s not really exotic, although it often comes in the same slate-blue-grey color and is uncommon.

  16. Try some green tea ice cream next time, Phil. It goes well with the sesame seed flavour.

  17. I’m revisiting this page to see how many Diggs it’s received and am absolutely appalled that the counter is stuck at “0.” Maybe I should’ve gone for the Cardamom Rose?

  18. What’s wrong with Blogspot? My blog is there and it works quite nicely for me.

  19. Eric

    Phil, you should have tried the sesame ice cream! When I used to live in Japan I would eat it all the time. I am not sure if that particular store’s ice cream is good, but usually it was quite tasty.

    Also, someone above mentioned the Purple Yam Ice Cream. You may have had some bad ice cream because that was another flavor that I would eat sometimes in Japan. I would have eaten it a lot more often but it was relatively hard to find. It was definitely packed full of flavor.

  20. icemith

    I can’t resist a comment here, given my handle. I am anything but that, in the old-fashioned meaning. Peppermint choc chip and Butterscotch is about as far as I would go from normal Vanilla. As for a “cute” flavor, what holds a candle to a “gherkin and custard” sandwich? Mmmmm, maybe the candle. Now there’s a new flavor for you as well.

    On a semi-related ice cream topic, does anybody remember from the Fifties, the “Icy-Slice” icecream? It was presented in a flat pocket type wafer, about 3 inches square, and about 3/4 inch thick, with one open end into which a special applicator inserted the icecream. I have been searching for years for any sign that they may be available in some market still. It obviously means the industry has to support the Wafer and the Applicator at least. Oh, the flavors available then? Let’s start at Vanilla and ….. Gee. I think that was it.

    But the icecream tasted special in that slice, and so different from the ordinary “run of the mill”, cone variety, even from the sixpenny double cone type we thought as kids was so special, and a privilege if a favorite Aunt indulged us.

    Ah, the memories…..



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