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By Phil Plait | April 30, 2007 2:17 pm

I’ve dropped Chris Pirillo’s name here on the blog a few times. He was the host of a show on TechTV years ago, and I went on a few times to make fun of bad SF movies. He and I became friends, though he is so busy reinventing the Internets that I hardly get a chance to talk to him.

That’s why I dropped everything and drove downtown to San Francisco a couple of Friday nights ago — he was here to attend some meetings, and had the evening free. It was cool to see him again and hang out. We talked web, we talked web 2.0, we talked about his live streaming adventures.

We also ate ice cream. We went to a place that sold lots of Indian flavors (<Apu>You can really taste the chutney!</Apu>) but also had some stuff I was used to (I got the mint chocolate chip). Chris is more adventurous, and got the sesame seed ice cream, which he claimed tasted like peanut butter. That sounds good, and he offered me a taste, but 1) I didn’t think it would taste good after mint, and 2) the color of his ice cream was… a little off-putting:

As nice as the flavor may have sounded, I can’t bring myself to eat slate-blue-grey ice cream. But Chris is an early adopter, and I’m more of a follower. When all the tragically hip latte-sipping technorati start eating it, then I probably will too.

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