How do you eat a tort with a bent spoon?

By Phil Plait | May 12, 2007 7:31 pm

Heh heh heh. I love it when the bad guys get a little of their own back.

Noted fraud Uri Geller, who made his fortune in the 70s claiming he could bend spoons with his mind (I do it the same way Uri does — my mind says "Bend!", and then my fingers bend the spoon), has a notorious habit of suing everyone who says bad things about him. He and superskeptic James Randi have been at each others’ throats for decades (Randi tends to win).

Anyway, the Rational Response Squad, a group of skeptics,Electronic Freedom Foundation is suing Geller (on behalf of the Rational Response Squad)! The RRS put some vids on YouTube showing how Geller is a fraud. Geller demanded YouTube take the clips down, saying he owns the rights.

Oops. No he doesn’t. So the RRS EFF is suing him.

I will sit back and enjoy the developments of this situation with great amusement and schadenfreude. Geller is a bad man, who does everything he can to intimidate his critics, so I am lovin’ this. Stay tuned to the Rational Response Squad for more info.

Tip o’ the goggles to Rebecca. Note: I mistakenly said originally that the RRS was suing, but it’s the EFF on their behalf. Thanks to commenter David Vanderschel for pointing this out.


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  1. Go for it Rhandi

    We have a file on those so called “faith healer” and could add extra names of charlatans. We argue that scripurally these faith healings were nothing like the recorded healings in Old and New Testaments, and that their time has ceased, but this is outside the scope of this board.

    I suspect Uri uses the writs to frighten people off, even if the skeptics are prepared to stand their ground, corporates like Google, owners of YouTube may be more likely to fold.

  2. it’ll be great to see the RSS take on Geller, especially on the heels of their debate with Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort

  3. Troy

    Speaking of Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort; I’m always amused when he uses a banana as proof against evolution–as it is so well designed (with built in handle and container). But God didn’t create the banana any more than he created the poodle. Domesticated species are the result of artificial selection, we humans have been designing species for thousands of years. Bananas actually are on thin ice as they are all clones and there isn’t too much breeding stock to develop a new variety to take the place if a disease should wipe them all out.

  4. David Vanderschel

    As is explained in the linked article, it is the EFF (Electronic Freedom Foundation), not the RRS, that is bringing the suit. The RRS initially posted the video; and, since Geller’s takedown notice was defective, the EFF is suing Geller on behalf of the RRS. The EFF has lawyers poised to jump on cases like this; and they have brought a number of successful suits. Check out their home page at to get an idea of the wide range of online and IP issues which they have been addressing.

  5. As an Israeli let me go on record as being really embarased by Uri Geller. Really we don’t want him!

  6. Gary Ansorge

    Gee, if Uri was really psychic, why didn’t he know all about the video BEFORE it was shown, so he could pre-emptivly block it’s display?

    Oh, right, his power was on vacation, eh?

    Dang, we unbelievers must be interferring with his vibes,,,

    Gary 7

  7. MKR

    Gary: I think like the latest antagonist on Stargate (o’ri or however it’s spelled), Mr. Geller’s power is directly proportional to the number of people believing in his abilities.

    His slow response may be a sign that sanity is beginning to take back the world from the grip of idiocy.

  8. Jarno

    This is really wellcome news!

    It’s about time Geller got some of his own medicine.

  9. eddie

    Lots of good Randi vids on YouTube, I discovered today. Thanks, BA.

  10. csrster

    Geller writes an occasional column for a local British Jewish newspaper (one of my secret vices) which he often uses to take a shot at evolution or any other manifestation of human rationality he has a problem with. He’s a grade A irrationalist with a history of litigiousness – and you just called him a fraud :-)

  11. I’m with the EFF on this one, even if I’m not with the RRS. The RRS approves the destruction of the Bible. On principle, people who encourage the physical destruction of books are well beyond the pale of my respect.


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