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By Phil Plait | June 7, 2007 2:12 pm

Having a hard time keeping up with all the space and astronomy news going on in the blogosphere (despite the blogs listed in my blogroll in the right sidebar)?

Then head over to my good friend Fraser Cain’s Universe Today website, where he creates a daily collection of blog posts about the Universe… he calls it The Astrosphere. I read it every day. You should too.

And as a bonus, guess who’s blogging for Wired Science now?

Swoopy and Derek, if you didn’t know, are the Skepticality podcasters. The picture is from last year’s Dragon*Con.

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  1. Frasier’s “Astronomy Cast” is also an excellent podcast.

  2. Gary Ansorge

    Discussions of why we’ve not seen evidence of other advanced civs. is predicated on the assumption that WE are intelligent. Since we have a tendency to eliminate any other life form that might show intelligence, we have sacrificed the ability to make meaningful comparisons. Until we have harnessed the resources of this entire solar system and filled it up with life, we have nothing to brag about. Freeman Dyson was probably right: we’re too immature to really be considered intelligent. After all, we barely utilize the energy resources of a single planet. How dumb is that? Now, using the resources of a solar system,,,that might indicate some kind of meaningful sentience,,,

    GAry 7

  3. Why do I feel the need to hug Phil all the time? (I’m actually semi-serious)

    He’s a great guy in person, funny and cheerful

    He has a real passion for science and astronomy and what he does

    He has a smug-ish slightly-goofball but totally cool sense of humor and manner

    He works hard to take on the woo in the world and show the joy of true discovery to people and seems to love the accomplishment of doing so

    I mean am I the only one who sees Phil and thinks “Wow, I love that guy” (In like a totally non-romantic sort of way.. more like admiration and acknowledgeable that he is an admirable professional figure with a likable personal side)

    I think if I hugged Phil though, it might make him a bit scared… cuz I think I scare him a little bit anyway

  4. OneHotJupiter

    No Drbuzz0 , you aren’t the only one , I love him too.

    I’d rather a handshake to a hug , It’s true the Bad Astronomer is a very interesting person , as well as being a ‘weapon’ for science , he has the best (IMO) Astronomy blog on the web , I just wish some of them were longer!

    FSM bless him.

  5. I’ll check it out, thanks.

  6. Angel

    I listen to and read all of you! I might have to print out that picture and hang it on my office wall!


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