As if I didn’t have enough reason to watch Doctor Who…

By Phil Plait | July 3, 2007 2:36 pm

Kylie Minogue will be in the next Christmas special. I miss Rose, but this will help.

Tip o’ the TARDIS to MG1962A.

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  1. I believe it was previously established that the Ninth Doctor (Eccleston) was on the Titanic as well. Unless they’re going against continuity or have somthing weird planned (don’t they always?), this might imply they’re doing another multi-Doctor episode. If that’s true, we’ll have both the first Doctor of the new series back and a not-so-subtle tribute to the first companion.

  2. Dan

    Well, now I have a reason not to kill myself until after Christmas again.

  3. Actually, in ‘Rose’ Clive (the conspiracy theorist) shows Rose a photograph of the 9th Doctor standing next to a family that suddenly and unexpectedly did not sail on the Titanic. In the next episode “The End of the Word” he mentions that he “was on board another ship once. They said that was unsinkable. I ended up clinging to an iceberg, it wasn’t half cold.” Another tie-in is that the 3rd Doctor (Pertwee) said he wasn’t responsible for the disaster.

  4. Astrogeek, I think it was the Fourth Doctor who wasn’t responsible.

  5. Stu

    (yawn) Rose Rose Rose…. yes, I loved Rose at the time too, the cheeky little blonde sparra, and Kylie will be great, I’m sure, but why no mentiopn of Martha, Phil? Martha has been a SUPERB and criminally under-rated companion, always stuck in Rose’s shadow and unable to get out of it. The writers never used to her full potential, but hopefully that will cahnge in the next season as she’s brainier, braver and more mature than the beloved Rose, and looks spectacular in a red leather jacket…

    Glad she’s coming back because Martha has been the victim of a quite pathetic and wicked hate campaign on some of the Dr Who Forums. So yah boo sucks to them, if they’re reading this!

  6. Demented

    I find it a tad bit humorous that we are discussing a Christmas episode and there is a big “Jesus didn’t exist?” banner in the middle of the page.

    All things are possible with Dr. Who I suppose.

  7. If Nine shows up, I bet you it’s a very-brief cameo (getting that picture taken, and/or being stuck else-Titanic while Ten does… whatever he’s doing).

    I just hope it’s an improvement over The Runaway Bride.

  8. I loved The Runaway Bride. Seeing the TARDIS in traffic was a treat.

  9. @TheMatt; yes, you are right, Fourth (Baker) not Third (Pertwee)

    @Stu; I like Freema Agyeman too, but she is not coming back until mid-season :( There will be a new companion for the entire season 4, and Freema is going over to Torchwood in “a starring role”.

  10. TheMatt: Yes, you are correct. I had in my head that it was Pertwee, and said so even when the link I pasted clearly says the Fourth Doctor (Baker). Sorry.

  11. Stu

    Astrogeek/Steve Sutton: there are unconfirmed but pretty persistent reports tonight from “people in the know” that Catherine Tate – Donna in “The Runaway Bride” – is going to be the new companion for the whole of series 4… now, either you loved Donna’s fishwife growlings and shouting, and thought they made her gutsy, or you hated them, and wanted to rip her flailing arms off and beat her to death with the soggy ends. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I am very dedicated to Martha, I think she’s a fantastic character and looking forward to shaking the Torchwood “Scooby Gang” up a bit, but if I was choosing a replacement I’d choose Sally Sparrow from “Blink”.

    But no way she’s look as good in that leather jacket…

  12. Stu, I’ve only seen one Martha episode. I’m watching the older episodes with The Little Astronomer, but I have this book to write, too… we’ll catch up eventually.

    Oh, and folks… PLEASE NO SPOILERS!!!

  13. Stu

    Ah, sorry BA, I just thought that as a dedicated Whovian you’d have been watching the episodes almost live by some cunningly clever means… the whole ‘no spoilers!’ thing is awkward for us Brit readers tho, by the way, because we get all your best shows (Galactica, Heroes, etc) yonks after you see ’em…

    But trust me, you’ll love Martha as she develops. She makes Rose look like a little girl running excitedly around a zoo. Martha’s cool, calm, and… oh, you’ll see! What a treat you and LA have in store!

  14. Rob

    The new season of Doctor Who started here in Australia last Saturday. The Christmas episode “The Runaway Bride” was shown a few days before. We are now also a few episodes into Torchwood so I’m in Whovian bliss. Martha seems to be an excellent character so far, I can’t wait for the rest of the series.

    The Kylie coup will no doubt send the BBC Christmas ratings ballistic based on her popularity there. The Christmas episodes certainly seem to have become an institution very quickly.

  15. As much as I loved Sally Sparrow, the whole point of her story was that she *wasn’t* going to have lots of adventures from then on.

    Now, if the Doctor wanted to go back in time and rescue that cute chick from “The Impossible Planet,” the one who became a poster child for a Neil deGrasse Tyson book, I’d be all for that.

  16. blizno

    I agree that Martha has been the best companion to date of the new Doctor Who. I loved Rose (“It’s like living in a bouncy-castle”) but Martha beats her hands-down. I’ll miss Martha and it hurt to see her leave the Doctor (and to see his pain at losing her) in The Last of the Time Lords. I’m happy to hear that she’ll join Torchwood.

    It seems that Doctors and companions change very fast these days. I grew up with Sarah Jane Smith and Tom Baker. I got used to having one companion and one Doctor for years and years. Oh, and K-9 too.

  17. gopher65

    Stu said:
    “Astrogeek/Steve Sutton: there are unconfirmed but pretty persistent reports tonight from “people in the know” that Catherine Tate – Donna in “The Runaway Bride” – is going to be the new companion for the whole of series 4… now, either you loved Donna’s fishwife growlings and shouting, and thought they made her gutsy, or you hated them, and wanted to rip her flailing arms off and beat her to death with the soggy ends.”

    Oh gods no. I’m from Canada, so I’d never heard of Catherine Tate before (apparently she’s quite famous in the UK?). Therefore I had no preconceptions about her. But after the Christmas special I was indeed ready to rip off her flailing arms and beat her to death with the soggy ends.

    I hate that woman, and I’ve only ever seen her in that one thing! I *ALMOST* stopped watching Doctor Who because of that horrible special. Almost. If I hadn’t already known that a different actress had been cast in the role of the next companion, I wouldn’t have bothered with the 3rd season.

  18. tacitus

    No spoilers, but those of you in the US, be sure to watch the season 3 epsiode, “Blink”. Simply one of the creepiest, best acted, and most tightly plotted episode in the history of Doctor Who.

    BTW: Discussing who is leaving the show and when — them’s spoliers too!!

  19. Oooh yeah “Blink” was great.

  20. Rob: I’m not a big ‘Torchwood’ fan. They didn’t do nearly as good a job with that show as they could have. Hopefully Martha Jones will shake them up a bit.

  21. Blinzo: I think the point for the post Tom Baker doctors was to *not* be the Doctor for as long as he was. He hasn’t done a heck of a lot since then. I think I saw him once as Sherlock Holmes and giggled through the whole thing.

  22. Stu

    Catherine Tate it is.

    She’ll either be brilliant, or (bleep) awful.

    Time will tell. But if I was Freema I’d be feeling very, very let down by this. I’m worried that the whole “guest star” thing is going to ruin the series. :-(

  23. PK

    Martha will be a good reason to watch Torchwood. She’s so much better than Rose. I didn’t understand the first few comments to the contrary, until I realised that you have seen only a few episodes over there.

    But… Tate?!?!? WTF!

  24. Rob

    I look forward to seeing how Martha develops as a companion. So far very promising.

    Astrogeek: I take you comment re Torchwood.I still haven’t decided about it. Part of me is enjoying the Cardiff/Welsh aspect of it but can see that this may end up restricting it. It is certainly different to what I was expecting based on Torchwood in the previous series of Dr Who. The Captain Jack character appears underutilised so far but this is possibly due to the scripts trying to keep a bit of mystery about him so more can be revealed late. I think I will keep watching regardless as it still seems better than most of the rubbish being broadcast.

    By the way I see the BBC has announced Catherine Tate as the new companion for the whole series, reprising her character from the Runaway Bride evidently with Freema coming back half-way through the series. That raises the possibility of some interesting dynamics and plots for the three of them.

  25. Ruth

    Not happy about Catherine Tate. Her character was so totally lacking in any redeeming qualities that the only reason to bring her back would be a humours death in the first episode :o/

  26. Morgan

    Oh, god, no. This may actually stop me watching Who. I’ve not been wild about Tennant in the role and Davies seems to just rub me the wrong way with his every major plot point. Rose was fine because she was enthusiastic and into the whole adventuring thing, Martha dragged terribly because she just mooned after the Doctor more than anything else, Donna… if this is just a huge bluff and she actually gets murdered by every Who villain at once in the first episode, that might be bearable.

  27. Gary Ansorge

    I’m really anticipating Eureka which, for those of you in furrin lands, is about the smartest little town on earth. I’ve wondered why the Dr. Who series is so intent on replacing the lead characters every season. We barely have time to get to know those characters and then they’re gone,,,I think I much prefer the US method, where , if the character interaction and stories warrant, the series continues,,,forever,,,(or ten years, whichever comes first???)
    Then, of course, there’s Heros, Battlestar GAlactica,,,ah, so many cool shows to look forward to,,,

    GAry 7

  28. Stu

    I think the problem Gary is that the actor playing the lead character in Dr Who isn’t replaced, they choose when to leave themselves. It’s hard to explain just what a huge, huge deal being “The Doctor” is here in the UK, I can’t think of a US equivalent (tho I’m sure someone can). There’s enormous pressure on the actor playing The Doctor from Day #1, they’re seen as public property, speculation about how long they’ll Be the Doctor begins even before the ink dries on their contract, and eventually they just decide “Enough is enough” and leave the series, making way for the next guy. Chris Eccleston was a good Doctor, but I think the problem was he is such an intense guy, such a private guy, a real “actor’s actor” that when the tsunami of public interest and acclaim hit him he was spooked and bailed at the first chance. David Tennant is much more audience friendly, a real showman, who loves – but doesn’t get arrogant on – all the media interest and public recognition. But he is a versatile actor too, still playing different roles whilst playing The Doctor, so he can’t be expected to stay in the role forever. I’ll be gutted when he goes, but thankful to him for giving me several years of blisteringly good TV.

    As for Catherine Tait… after a day’s reflection on this I’m in two minds about it now. Either she’ll be mega-annoying, a chav in a Tardis, who makes me want to throttle her within 5 mins of each episode beginning… or, as Tate is actually a VERY good actress when not dressing up as thick schoolgirls or foul mouthed grannies, she might bring something new and exciting to the role… I hated The Runaway Bride intensely, until the last 5 mins, when Donna became quite sensitive and introspective… if that’s the Donna that comes onboard, then maybe we’ll all have a pleasant surprise. We’ll see.

    But I’m looking forward to seeing Martha in Torchwood – she’s got great chemistry with Cap’n Jack – and when she returns to the Tardis to find Donna there I reckon she’ll grow claws that make Wolverine’s look like toothpicks…

  29. Folks–

    Which part of NO SPOILERS got past you?

    In the US, season 3 has not yet started, and you’re spoiling season 4!

  30. tacitus

    Phil, it can’t be helped, I’m afraid. (I did try, in an earlier post!) I have to bail on the scifi part of the Internet during seasons of my favorite scifi shows like Doctor Who or Battlestar Galactica because the tisk of spoilage is just too great.

    Even trailers are hopeless these days–they give away far too much of the plot. If I know I’m going to watch the show, then I don’t watch the trailers, including the ones the BBC sticks on the end of Doctor Who episodes.

  31. In others news, the sci-fi channel starts season three of Doctor Who tomorrow!

  32. Kimpatsu

    So how far along are you, Phil? Just so I know which episodes I can comment on, and which you haven’t yet seen.


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