Giddyap, little velociraptor!

By Phil Plait | July 9, 2007 2:05 pm

Yeah, you’ve seen this by now:

It’s by The Searcher, and his Flickr stuff is amazing. It’s not all funny, but it’s all good. A little disturbing, some of it, but wow.

The image above is not from a real coloring book! But the point is, it could be, because that’s how incredibly ridiculous young Earth creationism is. You really thought it was from an actual coloring book for a second, didn’t you? Admit it!

Sometimes I wonder if simply mocking YECs is the way to go.


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  1. Quiet_Desperation

    I would *totally* buy a Bible with pictures like that.

    Where’d Noah put the brontos?

    Someone call Bioware. I have their next game idea. Velocijesus.

  2. It’s a sad state of affairs when you have to be TOLD that its a joke and not real.

  3. Walt

    You don’t have to be a YEC to be offended by that. That’s just bad taste Phil.

  4. Who says that adult dinosaurs went onto the ark rather than juveniles?

    Anyway the reason given for the extinction is that after the flood the world was changed so much in order to get rid of the flood waters that the Earth could no longer sustain dinosaurs of that size.

    We still have dinosaurs today, they are called birds, allegedly.

  5. Daffy

    “You don’t have to be a YEC to be offended by that. That’s just bad taste Phil.”

    Bad taste? Why? Is that not exactly the sort of thoing they are claiming?

  6. Randall

    The sad thing is, I knew just by looking at it that this was a joke, mainly because the font is from the BlamBot! font foundry, and no coloring book would use their fonts.

  7. tsg

    Sometimes I wonder if simply mocking YECs is the way to go.

    As someone else once told me: “Ridicule is a perfectly valid response to the ridiculous.”

  8. Roy Batty

    I think I recognise that Dinosaur…

  9. Honestly, there are so many Christian breakaway religions that I wouldn’t be all that surprised to see something like that. My wife’s aunt gave us an actual children’s bible that said that the Christmas star was set in the sky by satan, so go figure.

    It’s a free country – free that folks can believe that, and free that I can openly scratch my head over it too.

  10. Yes, I admit it, I was fooled. Would have remained fooled if you hadn’t told us!

    Sometimes I wonder if simply mocking YECs is the way to go.

    Indeed. Sometimes I think ridicule is the only thing that some people will react to.

  11. TheBlackCat

    This reminds me of Poe’s law:

    “Without the use of a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to make a parody of fundamentalism that someone won’t mistake for the real thing.”

  12. Taylor

    Mocking them might actually be the way to go. I mean, you won’t really change their minds ever, but you can help spread the stereotype of them being idiots. It will make others even less willing to take them seriously (and in the process, stop some people from being duped!)

  13. Roy Batty

    On a lighter note, anyone else getting all childhood nostalgic for those water colour (err, sorry, color) books like I am?

  14. Ordinary Radical

    Come on – everyone knows there’s no dinosaurs now because Noah and his family hunted them to extinction – they tasted better than chicken!

    btw – thanks Phil for making the distinction between YEC and other Christians. Not all Christians (or Jews) believe in a young earth.


  15. Grand Lunar

    You know, if paintings showed the Second coming of Jesus like that, THAT would be more inspiring than a horse. At least, to me it would be.

    Oh, my sense of humor must be twisted!

  16. Through an odd bunch of clicks following this image (and the artist’s other work), I came across “Project Pterosaur”. These folks are bound and determined to find themselves living Pterosaurs to bring back and convince all us unbelievers that really, creationism is true.

    (and through this same site, I discovered my new hero; Mr. Gruff, the atheist goat who loves coffee instead of god.)

  17. Dadoo

    I checked out The Searcher’s entire site.


    I’m going to have nightmares for a week, now. His stuff *is* amazing, though.

  18. Breniir

    Eeep, that Project pterosaur site is scary. I did notice a new word though – Theobiology. I jest, but does that mean the study of the evolution of the bible?

  19. Skepterist

    I laughed out loud when I saw the Jesus riding the dinosaur pic (and I’m sure Jesus would laugh at it too, if he were here today). But that link about the “Project Pterosaur” kinda scares me. And they think the “Evolutionists” are liars!?!

    I thought at first that they were serious, until I saw their “Cross in Space” link. They don’t say HOW they are going to get a cross large enough for everyone to see into polar orbit without relying on those pesky Evolutionists to launch it in one of their unholy rocket things. Maybe they’ll launch it with the power of prayer. 😉

  20. Skepterist

    Oh, and I forgot to add: I love the little cartoon with the dad and son looking at the happy pterosaur sitting in his little perch. Did they not SEE Jurassic Park III, where the flying dinos were trying to eat the people?!?

  21. Daffy

    According to the “Project Pterosaur” site, velociraptors are terrorizing Puerto Rican goat herders (and are guarding the remains of Noah’s Ark!) as I type this. There is no possible way these people can believe that…I am left with the only logical conclusion: they are liars of the most despicable sort or insane.

    Truthfully, the more I read this stuff, the more I am becoming convinced that religion really is a mental disorder.

  22. Andrés

    Aw, come on. Nobody could possibly be fooled by that. The text gives it away immediately. What fundie book would include the words “we don’t know” or “probably”? 😉

  23. Phil, phil, phil..
    Man I love your site..I have learned so much…
    I’m not a religious person, so don’t take this wrong..
    When I look to the heavens I see a creation so beautiful, so perfect
    so wonderful and so expansive .i dunno,friggin mind boggling.
    I hope there is a god because only a fool would think something came from nothing..if there was nothing there will always be nothing unless a force comes into play. ( hey isn’t that one of your laws?)
    I’m not buying into man’s religion..Man’s religion is cruel and small-minded.
    I look at our pebble of sand in the great expansion of matter and see a man capable of the greatest of feats and the uglyness of hell..and i wonder. Who creates a mind capable of endless imagination? We can dream of being at a star in the distant universe and our imagination takes us there in microseconds..a product of goo struck by lighting?
    I think not
    Who could create a mind that has no limits..evolution? Really? so fish someday will build telescopes? Right..
    I don’t understand god..i don’t understand the heavens..But i don’t mock him either..I just mock those religious freaks that think they have an unknowable answer to an unanswerable question.
    This play is probably being replayed in numerous places across the universe and in our lifetime we will never see act 3.

  24. Um… Objective Ministries is in fact a parody. Again, Poe’s law comes into play. This same discussion just took place at After the Bar Closes.

  25. chris

    just when you think youve seen everything or the religios establishments coudent get any crazier, then we see this


  26. Patrick

    Jesus? Dinosaurs? That reminds me of this:
    (contains language and probably will offend at least somebody)
    (but it’s funny as hell)

  27. din

    ummm, i hate to bring it your attention, but i doubt that is serious.

    Googling the Expedition Leader/Theobiologist Dr. Richard Paley (Fellowship University, and i see he did Wizards of the Lost Kingdom (1985) and the warrior and the sorceress (1984).

    true, it could be different people. but I’ve got two movies about people going to check out ‘lost kingdom’, and I’ve got a website about a person checking out a ‘lost kingdom’. Andy miller also shows up as an actor in IMDB

    also check out this link

    i wonder if its bad that people think its real ?

  28. Murff

    Project Pterosaur…

    “Velociraptors: Today terrorize the goat herders of Puerto Rico and are rumored to guard the remains of the Ark. They have become vicious since the Fall as the result of the effects of genetic entropy, making them too dangerous for the sort of interactive public experience we have in mind.”

    They can’t honestly believe this…I am continually amazed at the wonders of the human brain!

  29. Sergeant Zim

    Scott, and all, Here’s another sample from I found it through one of their links, it’s part of an article Dr. Paley apparently published:

    “The core of the moon is essentially a large crystal of metallic iron. When the moon is struck by meteorites, the core will reverberate for a period of time — depending on the strength of the impact — much as a tuning fork does. The reason we do not hear the moon reverberating in the sky is that sound waves do not propagate through the vacuum of space between the moon and Earth.

    However, in 1969, Apollo astronauts placed seismic devices on the moon’s surface to measure the reverberations directly1. These devices recorded the impacts of meteorites as expected, but they also picked up a strange, persistent, low-frequency waveform. When the waveform was run through audio processing computers which sped it up and applied various filters to it, it was discovered to be an echoing voice. The voice was speaking in ancient Aramaic!

    Later during 1971-1972, Apollos 14 through 17 all included in their mission objectives a project called Chapel Bell2, which, although it has been highly classified to this day by the Department of Defense, is well known to have involved the placement of more advanced seismic devices. Note the suggestive project name.”

    Are we SURE these people are not associated with the Onion, or Landover Baptist???

    Please tell me they are….

  30. Skepterist

    According to wikipedia, Objective Ministries is a parody website. Of course, you can ALWAYS believe what you read on wiki. 😉

  31. csrster

    hoosierhoops: there is something called “the argument from personal incredulity”. If it’s good enough for you then fine, but don’t expect to convince anyone else with it.

  32. Moose

    No, I hadn’t seen it before. Yeah, I swallowed. Hook, line, sinker. Possibly the boat.

    It definitely sounds like something Hovind could have done.

  33. CSRSTER:
    OK dude, I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything.. I used the word ‘I’ 14 times and never said ‘you’.
    Those are my thoughts about the universe..You may think you know it all, but you don’t.

  34. peenworm

    > Where’d Noah put the brontos?

    Where Noah put the Brontosauruses on his Ark during the global flood is a silly question, because Brontosaurus didn’t exist!

  35. TheBlackCat

    Hoosier, csrster’s point was that just because you don’t understand how life could have developed on its own doesn’t mean it didn’t. Your hope that there is a God does not make it true. These are all arguments we have heard before, basically that because you want there to be a God, because you can’t understand how things could happen without one, because you think the universe is beautiful, then God must exist. But your opinion and lack of knowledge is not an argument. Generally it is considered a good idea to base our understanding of the universe on what we do know, not what we don’t. What we do not know is constantly shrinking, if that is where you stick your God then he, she, or it constantly diminishes. And considering you seem to have some very serious misunderstandings about the scientific topics you bring up, parroted directly from long-discredited creationist literature no less, does not inspire confidence that your lack of knowledge is a good basis for drawing conclusions.

    If you weren’t trying to convince anyone of anything you wouldn’t have made the comment in the first place. You said it because you want it to be heard. You would not use such a condescending tone and insults if you did not want to change peoples’ minds.

  36. arto7

    Dr. Paley (ontologist). That’s funny.

  37. tsg

    Those are my thoughts about the universe..You may think you know it all, but you don’t.

    And you even less, apparently

  38. Damn… You beat me to it, BlackCat.

    I’ve wondered why some people want to think that there’s a “Creator” (God), when it seems so much more wonderous to me that things are the way they are without one.

    Oh, and look through Phil’s earlier posts, Hoosier. There is nothing in science that says something came from nothing. There’s actually an interesting theory about the Big Bounce.

    No, science, or anyone, does not know everything, that may even be impossible. The biggest difference is that science tries to find the answer, instead of saying “Goddidit”. Ask any fundamentalist, or YEC (maybe even some OECs) about how something started, and see what answer you get.

  39. BH1602

    The “coloring book” page reminds me of the concept one critic pointed out in describing the movie (and the band) Spinal Tap: Like pop music fashion, professional wrestling, and performance art, religious extremism can only be parodied by faithful imitation.

  40. Lurchgs

    y’know, Completely aside, I’m glad the image shows up here in the blog – not one of my computers can get flickr to load.

  41. ok ok ok..Black Cat..I guess i get it..sorry
    Really I’m not parrotting anyones creationist tune.. I don’t go to church
    or buy thier lines..
    I don’t know alot about science, i come here to learn.. i think it’s a cool place.. But my point is..we don’t know if there is a god ( i wonder if he is around, why hide from us? ).so i don’t mock him ( just in case if you know what i mean )
    sorry about my tone…
    now everybody say this together…stupid jock!
    Kind Regards,
    the hoopster

  42. SpikeNut

    FWIW, which is very little, my 8 year old dinosaur expert said that this dinosaur is “definitely not a T-Rex. T-Rex had only two claws. Maybe an Allosaurus.” There is also a “slight chance” that it’s a velociraptor, since they were about the same size as humans and he looks like he might be the same size as Jesus.”

  43. Wow, you guys just keep topping yourselves when it comes to being first class jerks.

  44. There is also a “slight chance” that it’s a velociraptor, since they were about the same size as humans and he looks like he might be the same size as Jesus.”

    You may want to check your facts on that one.
    It could be a Utahraptor, though.

  45. mike

    l’m shocked at your lack of historal knowlege Jesus was born in 5bc(or bce) dinosars died out 65000000000years ago so Jesus could not have riden them. by the way I have anew theory for why the dinosaurs became extient the predators form the preadator movies came to earth650000000 years ago and hunted them to exctition (just kidding)

  46. csrster

    Ok, hoosierhoops, I’ll get off your case. But just consider one little possibility. If there _is_ a god, maybe he _likes_ being mocked? Maybe he gets a kick out of it, finds it amusing? Does that sound improbable? Well how we would know? God might be so far beyond our comprehension that we can’t even begin to understand his motivations or what he wants from us. Maybe there _is_ a god but for some reason we can’t even begin to fathom, he only lets atheists into heaven.

  47. Following on from what crster said above, if god really is so unfathomably complex (as surely he/she/it must be) then it is totally pointless and fruitless to argue and speculate about him/her/it and the whys and wherefores of his motives for putting us all here, and maybe we should just get on with figuring out the part of his/her/its creation that we CAN figure out, bit by slow painful but cumulative bit.

    i.e. Science. It gets RESULTS.

  48. SCR /StevoR

    Nice one.

    Problem withparodying Christians is itdoes get so hard to spot the diference bewteuixt what is said /written /posted as tongue-in-cheek humour and what is actually being seriously propsed /precahed / humourlessly believed…

    My favourite fundie joke /serious idea :

    Apparently a bunch of Christians wanted to replace the word “hello” which they considered satanic “Hell-lo(w)!” with “Heaven-o!”

    Serious or parody? I’m not sure now.

    You don’t have to make fundamentalists look silly or stupid – they do that very well by themslves! 😉

  49. SCR /StevoR

    EDITED VERSION : Coz Ican’t correcttypos any otherway .. Sigh, (Hint hint)

    Nice one.

    The problem with parodying Christian fundamentalists is it *does* get so hard to spot the difference betwixt what is said / written / posted as tongue-in-cheek humour and what is actually being seriously proposed / preached / humourlessly believed…

    My favourite fundie joke /serious idea :

    Apparently a bunch of Christians wanted to replace the word “hello” which they considered satanic (ie. “Hell-lo(w)!”) with “Heaven-o!”

    Serious or parody? I’m not sure now. I think serious but … who can tell?

    You don’t have to make fundamentalists look silly or stupid – they do that very well all by themslves!

    That noted, a bit of humour at their absurdities does at least give us a laugh – as do some of their serious comments until you realise how much influence, voting power and damage to individual lives is being done by such rancid baloney.

    If it were just one or two sad nutters we could laugh but that so many are so harmed by it and that a whole nation has been so dominated by people that think like that .. That’s where it stops getting so funny and starts get very sad and very scary.

  50. SpikeNut

    Cairnavon, I showed my little dinosaur expert what you said and showed him the page you referenced. He and I were both shocked. And now we definitely have some velociraptor research to do. About the Utahraptor possibility, he said “Oh yeah, it might!” And a little light bulb went off over his head. Thanks!

  51. You have got to show this to Randall Munroe, creator of xkcd. He has a… thing… about velociraptors.

    Hilarious webcomic, btw. One of the best on the intartubes.

  52. All you can do is mock YECs, since you can’t beat them with facts.

    If it wasn’t so close to the truth, this would be considered a mockery of evolution… The Theory of Evolution is like the fairy tale called The Princess and the Frog Prince. The only difference between the two is, that in The Princess and the Frog Prince, the frog is turned into a man with a kiss. In the Theory of Evolution, the frog is turned into a man by using millions of years.

    Now, instead of mockery, can the evolutionists ever show us one piece of solid evidence that backs up evolution? How about the millions of transitionals that should be running around outside? Where are the millions of transitionals in the fossil record? Where is the “common ancestor” between humans and chimps? Can anything be proven without using drawings, charts, computer graphics and empty words?

  53. Amy

    apparently theyve discovered that raptors actually had feathers. go figure!


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