Killer monkey angel!

By Phil Plait | July 13, 2007 7:50 pm

I may have to add a pareidolia category. Another day, another angel sighting (with video goodness).

A couple saw this face in the clouds while vacationing in Florida.

“While we were in the elevator, I began to look at my pictures, and I told my wife, I said, ‘Look at these pictures and tell me what you see,'” Glenn Fulton said. “She said, ‘Oh my God, I see a face.”


“They are proof God exists,” Fulton said.

Yes, I suppose it is proof God exists, if God is an evil cloud monkey with disfigured hands ready to wrap around your head and chew off your face.

You know the drill, folks. What do you see?


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  1. Shri

    I see a winking cat. Meow!
    And you thought dog existed? Ha! I scratch cat litter in your general direction!

  2. Michelle

    I see a cat too! That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I seen it.

    Grr. God taunts me. I hate cats!

  3. Mark Martin

    They’ve inadvertently wound up in the “Atmosphere Of The Apes”! The big twist at the end is that it was Earth’s atmosphere all along.

  4. Chris

    Not to get too banal, but I see Mickey Mouse ears. Really!

  5. Christian Burnham

    I see a horsey and a ducky.

  6. Depending on how I squint, I either get Professor Bobo (MST3K) or Bruce Campbell.

  7. Actually, it looks more like a cat to me.

  8. Aaaaaaand, like five people already noticed that. DUH!

  9. I see Dwayne from “What’s Happening!!”

    Hay HAY hay!

  10. Christian Burnham

    I suppose it must be a Cheshire breed. They’re always appearing in the most unexpected places.

  11. I see the bleakness of holding out hope for the ascendancy of rational thought in the face of a race of creatures who, in sufficient numbers to be significant, base their decision-making on fear of the unknown and fantasy projections of powerful supernatural entites with absolute dominion of pretection and punishment, whose ways are seen as mysterious yet who must be worshiped and obeyed without question.

    That, or a monkey. A silly squinting wryly smirking monkey. Hellooo, monkey! Would you like a peanut?

  12. Mark Hansen

    I see… a probability of rain, clearing later. How does that tally with Florida’s met. records for the 4th/5th July?

  13. Well, whatever it is, it’s MAD.

  14. I see…. a smirking monkey. Or a cat with a blunt nose.

    I have to admit, though, this one DOES actually look like something, more so than the others you’ve posted recently.

  15. I see a creationist making false claims in relation to the age of the earth, among other things.

  16. [insert deity of choice here] help me, I swear it’s one of the Thundercats!


  17. Paul R

    I see my faith in humanity spiraling downward.

  18. Robert Madewell

    I see a kitty cat!

  19. RMPink

    Colonel Sanders. May his recipe remain secret until the end of time. *salute*

  20. Well, since religion is all about interpretation, I think, what the couple was saying when they said that “[the angles a.k.a the monkey in the clouds] are proof God exists,” is that because we are able to see these patterns in scenes that evoke a sense of awe, such as sweeping landscapes and cloudy skies, which we can liken to other patterns, such as faces and animals, and as human beings we are able to communicate and express these ideas to other humans that this process as a whole is proof that, being human, we are able to experience cognizant states of emotional thought which many attribute Judao-Christian terminology to in order to describe them.

    This interpretation makes me happy, delusional yes, but happy and dang-nabbit I’d like to be happy for a moment. Yep. There it is. Was. Thanks. I’ll go back to hating humanity now.

  21. JC

    Sigh…why does this always happen to us in Florida. We seem to attract the lions share of idiots, both resident and vacation…

  22. scottmsg

    I see Lion-o from the ThunderCats.

  23. dee


    Anyone watch Larry King tonight on UFOs? Just wow, I was left pulling my hair out.

  24. I see… Mufasa!

    “Look inside yourself Simba. You are more than what you have become. You must take your place in the circle of life.”

  25. At first glance, I see a cloud.

    After seven shots of tequila, I see that creepy guy from Raider of the Lost Ark and for some reason he’s wearing an eyepatch.

  26. Daffy

    I see a monkey that looks like Jesus. I need to up my dosage.

  27. Vincent from the late 80s tv series Beauty and the Beast.

  28. Kel

    Aw, thaumaturge bet me to it – totally Mufasa.

  29. Eric

    I see a piece of toast with a clear image of Jesus in it.


    i see water vapor

    or Mr Tumnus form Narnia

  31. 2.71828ric

    Eric said:
    “I see a piece of toast with a clear image of Jesus in it.”

    Thats just great, a fresh watery mess all over my formerly dry monitor.
    Actually what I first remembered when I looked at that pic was an old and bad (so very bad) episode of The Next Generation when some alien lifeform captured the Enterprise for experimentation and we saw this huge ridiculous face on the viewscreen, eck…

  32. CR

    I see some generic angry anime face.

    If I looked in a mirror right now, I’d see my own face, looking even more angry that people can be so stupid as to attribute cloud formations to God or any other supernatural cause.

  33. I see a bunch of clouds… 😉

  34. Seriously, Phil, you should’ve seen Mufasa right away. Perfect joke. And you missed it.

  35. Josh

    Humans instinctivly see faces in just about everything. Our brains just love to make random images look like faces.

    With that said, I see that creepy green alien that wanted to kill a bunch of the Enterprise crew in Star Trek. :)

  36. bassmanpete

    I immediately saw a cheetah, but I like cats.

    Michelle said:

    Grr. God taunts me. I hate cats!

    You don’t have to apologise Michelle, we all have our faults :)

  37. Lo'ihi

    I see a gourmand’s dream ice cream, almost overflowing in a clover leaf motif. The cone looks more like a basket befitting his/her appetite. Is that star a gigantic chocolate wafer?

    Alternatively I see a large, westward ship on fire. A humongous smoke is bellowing over the bridge, and the vessel is careening to the starboard.

    And yet, I see the remains of the day, wondering what a spectacular and ephemeral light show the sunset clouds must have orchestrated.

  38. tacitus

    Now it’s not quite fair to ask what people see *after* you have suggested what you think you see, Phil. You should know that once a suggestion has been made, then others will find it harder to see something else. Works for those “hidden” words and messages some people keep saying they find in backwards speech or musical lyrics. Others will find it almost impossible to pick the same words until the words are mentioned to them. Then you can here them easily.

    The power of suggestion.

  39. Tim G

    I see a cast member from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats.

  40. Mia

    Oh, my god, it’s ANDROSS!


  41. Marlayna

    This one does look like a face. More like a cartoon face, though.

  42. spacenaut

    My imagination must be slipping, until I saw the monkey face under the cloud picture I saw nothing but clouds.

  43. Chip

    To offer a heady take via some theoretical psychology: The term Julian Jaynes used for attributing something sacred or holy to a naturally formed pareidolia image or even a natural event formed over time is “spontaneous divination”. People who insist on seeing in a natural forming image of a face, (which our brains are hardwired to recognize); the Virgin Mary, God, Jesus or Zeus, rather than amusing friends or novel conscious images such as Mr. Greenjeans, King Kong, Buddy Hackett or Popeye, are likely seeking what Jaynes termed “authorization”, that is, a symbolically divine justification for actions which he theorized, believers in illusions seek as a non-conscious replacement for the self-awareness characteristics of our modern consciousness which today operates by way of Analogy. (Yes, it is highbrow stuff, but fun.)

    The earlier human mentality operated via sounds and images without introspection, and we seek that remembered authorization through modern analogy and symbolism.

    BTW, to me it looks like a one of the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz. 😉

  44. Impium Orexis

    “John Paradox

    July 13th, 2007 at 9:02 pm
    [insert deity of choice here] help me, I swear it’s one of the Thundercats!


    *Gasp!* He’s right! It’s Panthro!

  45. Morgan

    Like others, my first thought was Nagilum.

  46. Cameron

    A few weeks ago Snopes had another photo purported to be a snap of God in the clouds. The mind boggles…

  47. Bill Bones

    Houm, I see a smirking face, like he was thinking “and now it’s gonna rain before you make it home, freaks…”

  48. Gary Ansorge

    Yeah, looks like another fat, hairy old white guy to me,,,probably wondering who dropped his guitar,,,

    GAry 7

  49. slang

    dee Says: “Anyone watch Larry King tonight on UFOs? Just wow, I was left pulling my hair out.”

    Zapped past, saw a very serious looking “Leading UFO Researcher” or something, laughed, and zapped on to Spongebob.

    I saw a (photo-negative?) image of a Mandrill monkey face, with the huge nose, or maybe a lion. Just for fun I saved the image and used Irfanview to create a negative of it.. The ‘angel’ turns into an evil goat, and the monkey remains, but now with a sad face… how about that, mr. Fulton? :)

  50. Sue Mitchell

    You’re all wrong. It’s YODA! :-)

    Or alternatively, Captain Jack Harkness kissing Doctor Who?


  51. It’s proof that clouds exist!!!!

  52. Sergeant Zim

    I see Senator Fred Thompson – *shudder*

    But in other news from that same paper:
    “An Edgewater city councilwoman and her husband face criminal charges after their daughter accused them of battering her during an effort to exorcise “the demons out of her,” according to police.”

    The daughter in question is 18 years old…

  53. Impium Orexis Says:
    July 14th, 2007 at 3:28 am
    *Gasp!* He’s right! It’s Panthro!

    From Google Image Search:


    P.S. I was NOT a fan of ThunderCats, more like Jay Ward’s cartoons, besides WB and such.

  54. Impium Orexis Says:
    July 14th, 2007 at 3:28 am
    *Gasp!* He’s right! It’s Panthro!

    From Google Image Search:


    P.S. I was NOT a fan of ThunderCats, more like Jay Ward’s cartoons, besides WB and such.

  55. TheJerrylander

    Michael Jackson, ca. 1992

  56. MO Man

    I sees one of them there Gee-hovah’s widnesses…wheres my gun?

  57. SpikeNut

    I definitely see a cat. And that makes perfect sense, my God is a cat. I love cats!

  58. I hardly see anything at all.

    I do wonder though. If god is a monkey, does that mean he’ll evolve into us?

  59. CR

    What’s the line in that Devo song? “God made man, but monkeys applied the glue” or something like that. The song’s Jocko Homo, and contains the more famous lines “Are we not men? We are Devo.”

  60. I see an angry monkey god!

  61. I see dumb people.

  62. Sigh…why does this always happen to us in Florida. We seem to attract the lions share of idiots, both resident and vacation…

    Idiocy on a rotating body in a gravitational well tends to move in the direction of rotation and toward areas of less gravitational effect (like toward the equator).

    This tends to cause them to pile up in Florida just like the gunk collects in the trap under your sink.

    In Washington state, you get Microsoft. In Florida you get cloud angels.

  63. giovanni

    That image in the clouds really explains everything to me: God created Adam in his own image, as Genesis tells us, and we evolved from Adam, as Darwin told us.
    Adam was a monkey!

  64. Harald

    What amazes me is that they missed the coolest face in the picture. Right next to the monkey I see a man with a mustasch and a beard. His head is turned slightly to the right.

    Perhaps they saw him but thought he was Satan and therefore decided not to mention him. 😀

  65. Robert Madewell

    Just noticed that the face is winking at me. Maybe god is gay.

  66. aiabx

    I see a cat… with human eyes! Help me, Jeebus, I’m scared!

  67. ed

    I see the virgin mary.What do I win?

  68. Navneeth

    Silver-back Gorilla.

  69. Troy

    I always thought in the Devo song “Joko Homo” it was the Monkey supplied the groom, but it turns out it was supplied the glue. Hilarious.
    I see the ape but with a dogish muzzle. I guess it must be Hanuman the Hindu monkey god.

  70. Brown

    At first, I saw nothing. Then I saw Teddy, the supertoy from “AI,” making the same facial expression he made when he grumbled, “I am NOT a toy!”

    Aw crud, nobody saw that movie.

  71. I see Tony the Tiger, for some reason.

  72. Speaker of the Dead

    It’s a smirking lion, obviously, duh

  73. Zclone

    I see God! …no wait… it’s just George Murdok.

  74. Melusine

    The jury of one (and with cats that’s all that’s needed) watched the video and he says it’s clearly a smirking cat. Or perhaps a disappointed cat in that these folks clearly do not understand who rules the universe. In the video the second image does look like a monkey, and since the cat’s name is Monkey he thinks that this is further proof that he is God or Tac. Won’t humans ever learn? :-/

  75. Rystefn

    Panthro… No, it’s clearly Lion-o. Just look at the eyes, man.

  76. Rystefn

    Panthro… No, it’s clearly Lion-o. Just look at the eyes, man. And the wild spikey hair is a dead giveaway. Panthro’s bald.

  77. DrKC

    I see the Flying Spaghetti Monster, reaching down and touching us with His Noodly Appendage

  78. Chris

    Do you want to touch my monkey?

  79. Michael Preiss

    I see one of the Thundercats. I have no idea what their names were. My younger brother used to watch the show. Really!!

  80. Bolo

    I see Hitler.

    Inside that little light area, there’s a dark patch. That’s hit mustache, and his nose is right above it.

    Clearly, this is proof that God does not exist. 😉

  81. Justin

    That’s def a lion… it’s Mustafa from the Lion King!

  82. Quiet Desperation

    I see kitty cat. :)

    >>> Grr. God taunts me. I hate cats!

    God hates cat haters. As well He should.

  83. DenverAstro

    Fi were King of the Foreeeeeest, not Duke, not Prrince….you get the idea :o)

  84. Jarno

    Definitely a monkey-god poised to jump at me and eat my brain. It’s either that, or a regular cloud. Impossible to tell.

  85. wow! proof that clouds exist!

  86. Karnbeln

    I see a steering wheel beneath it. The cat-monkey is driving.

  87. smzarba

    I see dead people.

    btw, I think I might believe in those virgin mary on toast and jesus on tree bark etc miracles! I have my own miracle now!
    I watered a plant on my porch and when the water flowed down the cement, it formed a PERFECT outline of…something. (unfortunately, I can’t mention here as it would be inappropriate for this site)
    I’m now waiting for the multitudes to arrive…..
    -my apologies BA or if anyone reads this far down-

  88. Snazabo

    Hmm, I see…clouds.

    If paradolia is the word for this, what is the word for someone who is paradolia-impaired?

  89. RobG

    They’re coming out of the woodwork now, alrighty! Big Cross in the Sky

  90. Rose

    Looks like a lion to me. Like in “The Lion King”.

  91. Is it more rational to see a monkey in the clouds than it is to see God?

    I think you’re all nuts.

    I see a group of clouds.

  92. Ken

    I see a bunny:

    I didn’t see a monkey until you put it next to the image of an actual monkey.

  93. Darth Robo
  94. alfaniner

    Well… you HAVE seen the images of Kirk, Spock, and Uhura hidden in the comet dust trail in the opening sequence of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, right?

    I have seen a few spectaular cloud formations, big enough and clear enough to be tableaus (tableaux?). Just two weeks ago I saw one that looked like a giant seated lion (yes, I immediately thought of the movie). I try to always keep my camera in my car now, just in case.

    And, they were just clouds, is all…

  95. Irishman

    Rational Zen said:
    > Is it more rational to see a monkey in the clouds than it is to see God?

    Those of us responding in this thread recognize the monkey (or whatever) is not in the clouds, but in our heads. We don’t attribute any meaning to the monkey (or whatever) beyond “Hey, that cloud has an interesting shape!” So yes, it is more rational.

  96. Buzz Parsec

    I have’t read the other posts yet, so let’s see if this is unique… Nigel Bruce (Dr. Watson) wearing a WWI pilot’s hat with the ear flaps sticking out horizontally,
    like Cardinal Biggles of Spanish Inquisition.

  97. Well, Buzz, certainly nobody expected *that* :)

  98. brian

    ok this might be lenghty but bear with me one day i saw a cloud that looked like a three horned cameleon that had horns the cool eye legs etc etc just perfect and i couldnt shake the image for days It led me to a unique understanding of chaos theory if it is possible to see such unlikely images such as homer simpson mikey mouse or your aunt mildred its just because there is a pattern we recocgnise as something in our expeirience now for the un part if you take all the clouds over earth at any given time [add big # here]times number of viewing angles[add super huger goggle sized # here] you can see almost any kind of pattern OKAY this is where it gets thick you may not know the pattern because its outside your experience it would be great hubris to think that all the patterns are just about our miniscoule earth so the next time you are laying around looking at clouds and you see something that almost looks familiar you might be looking at a pattern that matches a extraterrestrial life form i nknow it sounds wacky but if you ponder it for awhile you will see it makes a sick and wacky sense and you will NEVER be able to look at the sky the same way mwa ha ha ha

  99. Mike
  100. KaiYeves

    Ahh! It looks like that embarasing drawing I made of King Tut with the skeptical look on his face three years ago! I thought I gave that away!

  101. Occam

    And just what is your problem with God being an evil cloud monkey with deformed hands? Hmmm? Makes as much sense as the other stories about him.

  102. Ed LaBonte

    I see God doing pushups. The hard kind where you plant your palms fingertips inward to isolate the triceps. Being all-powerful he can do a lot of them…

  103. Ed LaBonte

    Actually I think it looks more like an anime figure than a monkey. Speedracer doing pushups…

  104. Windstorm

    Whether it’s God, a monkey, cat or space alien, it looks evil.

  105. I don’t see any monkey, just beautiful clouds God made.

  106. grace

    Cool!!!:D I saw an evil face of an monkey today!!![ maybe a man]


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