In which I am speechless

By Phil Plait | July 31, 2007 3:44 pm

I wasn’t planning on posting about this. Honestly; it was too self-serving, even for me. Not to mention embarrassing. But PZ, that neckless cephalopod, outed me. So here I am.

Before you click on the video below, please bear in mind that I know the guy who made it; we’ve met at Randi’s Amaz!ng Meeting and have talked many times on various boards and such. He’s a good guy… in fact, after watching the video, I would say his greatest flaw is that he’s not Scarlett Johannson.

But if that were the case, then I certainly wouldn’t be posting the video.

I have no further comments.

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Comments (31)

  1. Turn around, bright eyes.

  2. Is “celebrities” spelled “celebirties” in the video?

  3. Jan
  4. gopher65

    haha! That’s awesome!

  5. Beautiful. Just…beautiful.

  6. Chris

    Brings a tear to my wooden eye….


  7. Charlie in Dayton

    Hey…you knew the job was dangerous when you took it…

  8. hale_bopp

    I have a few choice pictures I could send and have added to that…what’s it worth for those pictures to stay private :)


  9. Hale_bopp, I’m calling your bluff. What have you got? From the summer sessions?

  10. RMPink

    Ah… I can feel the “bromance.”

  11. BlondeReb3

    Oh I would love to give Dr. BA a hug. Too bad Colorado and New England are not next to each other. That hinders the “physical contact” thing a bit. Dangnamit.

  12. Which feeling to go with… creeped out or warm and fuzzy……..

  13. Dread Polack

    Haha! I feel like you brought this on by posting about man crushes. I laughed heartily when I saw this over at pharyngula earlier. Thanks to all three of you!

  14. artofwar420

    You do so much good indeed, I would hug you. You are an inspiration for me.

  15. Starhawk99

    That was pretty funny, That one guy that looks like Phil with the red hair, is that Jamie from the TV show Mythbusters?

  16. Willo the Wisp

    Awww, how sweet. I’m feeling the love. Group hug anyone?

  17. DrFlimmer

    Good promotion video for your book, isn’t it?

  18. Cid

    “Jamie from the TV show Mythbusters”

    Yep, it’s him.

    I was literally rolling on the floor laughing, that vid is just too cute.


  19. Cid

    Argh, actually it’s Adam, of course

  20. Jewel

    That was great! Except I have had that d&%* song stuck in my head since I watched the video last night.

  21. I have problems listening to that song now

  22. My previous comment was marked as spam for some reason, any idea what I am doing wrong?

  23. Brian T.

    Ha ha! Someone has a man-crush on you!

  24. CR

    I’ve always, ALWAYS hated that song. Good thing I found the off switch for my speakers. The video is still funny without the music.

  25. bigjohn

    “Honestly; it was too self-serving, even for me.”

    Not possible.

  26. Aramael

    Come on Dr Phil, we’ve all been thinking it! Coincidently, I watched the original (inferior) video for that song last night — did you know that it has both ninjas and a big group of Tarzans? That’s class.

  27. scotth

    I wonder how PZ found out about this little gem?

  28. Lurchgs

    Y’know – I spent 30 minutes trying to get to PZ’s site as a result of this. It wasn’t until I took a closer look at the URL that I realized it wasn’t, but

    I was gonna give the Big Bad Astronomer a Big Bad Astronomer Hug, but Mrs BA became very possessive, and fended me off with a combination of double-probation super secret ninja moves and a very large boat hook (pointy).

    (Disclaimer – ok, yeah, I live in the Denver area, but I don’t know precisely where BA lives, I’ve never met him or his family, nor would I look it up. Poor man needs SOME privacy. On the other hand.. it IS fun to make him squirm a bit)

  29. KaiYeves

    I signed up to sing that song at karioke a few days ago, but the prompter was broken. Why do you and PZ hate each other so much, anyway?


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