Spacefest wrapup

By Phil Plait | September 12, 2007 4:14 pm

Spacefest ended a couple of weeks ago, but I want to cover a couple of things.

I got a copy of my Bad Astronomy book and had it autographed by many of the astronauts (and also astronomers Dan Durda and Carolyn Porco). I presented the book to James Randi on the cruise last week, and he will auction it off to raise money for his educational foundation. I’m very pleased to help out such a worthy cause!

Kim Poor, the artist who organized Spacefest, has put up a lot of pictures from the meeting on Flickr. He also put up a short video on YouTube:

I had a tremendous time at Spacefest, and will continue to go as long as I can!

Tip o’ the lens cap to Richard Saunders for the picture of Randi and me!

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  1. Grand Lunar

    I think I caught a glimpse of you in line, Phil.

    Anyway, excellent to see the living legands still going strong.
    Also interesting to see the shuttle veterans there too. Puts things into perspective that even shuttle astronauts are now getting up in age!

    Keep up the coolness!

  2. hale_bopp

    Yes, it was a great event, but Phil didn’t get to have dinner with one of the astronauts at the banquet :)


  3. Haydn

    Spacefest 2007 was an extraordinary event! All the speakers were excellent. My 2 favorites were Seth Shostak and of course, Phil. Hopefully they have another one in the near future.


  4. hmmm… What’s with all the glowing stuff on randi? Are those angry or happy spirits whirling about him?

  5. KaiYeves

    He’s a magician, drbuzz0, so it must be spare magic. Or maybe a force field so that when a woo-woo touches him, they turn to ashes.


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