Glenn Beck: idiot

By Phil Plait | October 26, 2007 12:22 pm

Man, I hate being forced to insult someone. But he brings it on himself: Glenn Beck is an idiot.

He is a right-wing blowhard who talks endlessly about stuff he doesn’t have a clue about. A web search on him will yield endless idiotic rants where he is precisely wrong (his penultimate latest was claiming that people who hate America — meaning progressives — were getting their houses burnt in California. That dope doesn’t even know how conservative San Diego county is, let alone understand just how truly offensive such a statement is on its own merits).

So now he is pontificating on global warming and the SoCal fires. And what does this brain trust have to say?

BECK: We’ll tell you the truth. We’ll tell you the things that are politically incorrect. I’ll go on and I’ll tell you the fires have very little to do with global warming, if anything. The globe was the hottest in 19 — was it 1934, Stu [executive producer Steve “Stu” Burguiere], or ’37? — ’34, 1934 was the hottest year. A stat, by the way, that was, I believe, intentionally distorted by the guy the left holds up as the scientist on global warming. America’s temperature peaked in 1934. Since 1934, the hottest year on record was 1998. It has not gotten warmer since 1998. That’s a fact.

Now, why are these fires burning out of control? Al Gore and everybody else will have you believe that it is all about global warming. Well, really? A one-degree temperature change that happened at the first part of the century, not in the last part of the century, at least most of it, and a temperature change that hasn’t changed since 1998 is causing superfires in California and only California? Only America? It’s in the American borders. How is that possible?

His first statement is wrong, right off the bat: it’s nowhere near the truth.

First, 1934 was the hottest year in the US, not globally. Second, as I discussed extensively on this very blog, 1934 was just barely hotter than 1998, the second hottest year on record (again, in the US, not in the world). The difference is so miniscule that they can be considered to be tied.

Third, that stat was not intentionally distorted by James Hansen (the scientist he mentions obliquely). There was some recalibration done on the temperatures, and the numbers get shuffled around a bit. Not terribly much, in fact, and the overall conclusions on global warming don’t change.

Fourth, the fluctuations in temperature year-to-year are large, so you can’t simply state that it hasn’t gotten hotter since 1998. That’s meaningless. You need to look at longer trends.

Fifth, while the one degree rise in Fahrenheit has been going on for the past century, in fact the temperature has spiked upward since about 1980. That’s obvious from this graph (x-axis is years since 1880):

So in fact, Beck is wrong again: the majority of the rise in temperatures in the US has been over the past few decades.

Sixth, no real scientist is saying that global warming is causing these fires. What it’s doing is setting up conditions where things like this are more likely. Global warming affects global weather patterns, and it’s the Santa Ana winds that turned these fires from a nuisance into a killer. I’m not saying that GW is the trigger here; I’m saying that things will get wonkier from here on out. Count on it.

Glenn Beck has an astonishing record of saying astonishingly stupid things. He said this particular garbage on his radio show. I’m not surprised; AM radio is loaded with talk shows that spew nothing but hate, lies, distortions, and intolerance (I am only intolerant of willful ignorance and willful distortion of reality). But he also has an hour-long program on CNN every day! Why the heck does CNN give him any air at all?

I don’t like to call people names, but Beck is given a national audience, and his intellectual capacity is clearly such that he shouldn’t even be allowed to rant in public parks to passing squirrels. I’ve had enough of such idiocy, especially on matters of what is in fact and in deed life and death.


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  1. jrkeller

    I suspect that Glenn Beck is responding to the comments made by Harry Reid that Global Warming is responsible for the fires in California. Some were arson. Reid is no scientist either.

    Reids comments,

    One only needs to watch the first 30 seconds.

    James Hansen was here in Houston on Tuesday and stated that the recent fires were not due to global warming.

  2. Why the heck does CNN give him any air at all?

    I might be painting a rosy picture of the past but it seems to me that, up until a few years ago, CNN was fairly level headed as far as American news organizations go. Sure, they had Crossfire but nobody actually took it seriously. Crossfire was just Jerry Springer for people who can read.

    Recently, though, CNN has become almost as bad as Faux News, chagrining real news for vacuous gossip and mindless would-be commentary. I’m bothered by Glenn Beck but I’m more bothered by Lou Dobbs. Everyone knows that Beck is a blowhard but Dobbs used to have a reputation as a legitimate journalist and if you watch his bits on CNN International, he still comes across as one. On domestic CNN, however, he’s an isolationist and an alarmist who spouts endlessly in indignant tones about the “immigration crisis,” “the war on the middle class” and the “red star rising” without ever stopping to objectively analyze whether any of this is as big a deal as he seems to think it is.

    I might get sued for writing this. I’m sure that all three of those phrases are copyrighted. Oh, and don’t even get me started on Wolf Blitzer. Can that man stop yelling for thirty seconds. I have the TV on mute and he still woke up my neighbor’s dog.

    Anyway, CNN, can we go back to getting real, 24 hour, news by real journalists, please? I mean, Christian Amanpour, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and a couple of others you can keep but Beck, Blitzer, Dobbs and most of the rest really have to go.

  3. zeb

    Not to mention that many of the fires were started by something completely other than global warming: arson.

  4. “He said this particular garbage on his radio show.”

    I heard him say almost the exact same thing on CNN last night or perhaps the night before. (I wonder if it was scripted.) I could only shake my head in amazement.

    Don’t ask me why I was watching Glenn Beck, because I have no good answer.

  5. RoaldFalcon

    “…he shouldn’t even be allowed to rant in public parks to passing squirrels.”

    Stupid free speech laws!

    You’re right. The controlling party should regulate this stuff!

  6. CNN went downhill when Rudi Bakhtiar left. Well, in my mind anyway :)

    For those interested, Glen Beck had John Edward on his show a while back. For a brief second I thought Beck was going to corner him, but alas, he let the fraud slip on by.

  7. jrkeller


    I’m not excusing Glenn Beck’s comments, because they clearly are wrong and dumb.

  8. Mike R

    I’m very skeptical about global warming. It’s not so much that I disagree with the data, more that I disagree with the sky is falling mentality out there. I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and have survived through the Coming Ice Age scare, the running out of oil scare, the nuclear winter scare etc. I’m glad I survived.

    I’m still trying to sort out what’s going on and why from a political perspective. I tend to think it’s more about obtaining and keeping power through fear than about saving the world. We tend to vote for the person that will fight our dragons for us, even if they’re imagined.

    I’ve really enjoyed Michael Chrichton’s material on the subject, check out

    To keep my comments a little related to Phil’s comments here, Glenn Beck’s comments are inappropriate, but probably not any more so than some global warming alarmists out there. It would be nice if both sides would quiet down and let some reasonable people be heard.

  9. Bruce Almighty

    I happened upon Glenn Beck while channel-surfing the other night.
    He and a so-called “expert” were talking about global warming.
    Had to change it quick, before I threw something at the TV.
    The guy is completely out to lunch (and breakfast, and dinner…).

  10. Doc

    CNN started its slide to the right sometime around 2000. At the time I noticed a slight change in news slant, and it’s progressed at a steadily increasing rate. It may have reached its extreme after the 2004 elections, but it’s hard to tell.

    What I’ve found interesting though is that while the stories had a slight lean to the right (and sometimes not so slight), the choice of images used made me wonder if those in charge of the CNN website (or maybe graphics department) leaned more to the left. I’d see anti-liberal articles accompanied by decent photos, and pro-conservative articles in which the photo of the subject was the worst one to choose (pop-eyed, mouth open, etc.).

    Any time I hear conservatives mention the “liberal media” it makes me wonder just what planet they’ve been living on for the past decade.

  11. John

    “CNN went downhill when Rudi Bakhtiar left. Well, in my mind anyway”

    Ahh, yes, the lovely Ms. Bakhtiar…. *sigh*

    ROFL at Doc’s comment. That’s funny! Wait, you were being sarcastic, right…?

  12. Murff

    I wonder if there were alarmists back in 1938 warning of impending global warming doom. The over the next few years we had a World War, cranking out so much factory pollution making tanks, planes, and bombs…only to see the temperature return to “normal” (whatever that is).

    I have no doubt that all of our pollution is bad for the envirnment, I just don’t buy the end-of-the-world trash pumping out of the media…of course, I hate all media because money/agenda is more important than honesty these days, so I might be a bit on the bias side there…

  13. Darth Curt

    The Globe is warming up… I think anyone with half a brain can see that. To me the issue is what is causing said warming. I’ve heard arguements from both the “Man-made Global Warming” camp and the “It’s just Earth’s natural cycle and we can’t do anything about it” camp. Either way it sucks… we’re heading for some crazy weather, and I even if the Man-made side is right, I think we’re way beyond stopping it now that the perma-frost is melting and releasing huge amounts of Methane into the air.

    I have a hard time believing anything Gore (or Suzuki up here in Canada) say about it because if they are right, then they are huge hypocrits. And I can’t trust a Hollywood Star further than I could throw them. I also can’t really trust that BBC “Swindle” documentary either as it’s been shown to be in error. But I digress.

    What I want to know is this: Is it true, Bad Astronomer, that the other planets in the inner solar system are also warming up? And if so, what is causing that? Could it be the same thing that is warming Earth up (at least partially responsible)?

  14. Sili

    And just to add insult to injury, Greece and Australia have been plagued by fires too. Arson is suspected in Greece too, but that doesn’t change the fact that the climate is making it easier for those fires to spread.

    Anyone who lauds Crichton re AGW, should have a look round

    The man’s an author. I don’t care how good his books may or may not be, I prefer to get my climate information from people who’ve spent a lifetime getting to know the subject.

  15. Doc

    @Mike R

    For a critique of Chrichton’s opinion on global warming, check the following links:

    I find it interesting that you prefer the opinion of a physician and author over that of climate scientists.

  16. bubbahotep

    Beck does alot of his show, tounge in cheek…. not 100% real hard facts…

  17. Darth Curt, please don’t be swayed by the Dark Side, or forever will it haunt your destiny.

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist :)

    Anyway, what you’re hearing are the opinions of authors and other such people who are not qualified to discuss global warming and its causes. I saw a meteorologist on Faux News also questioning the causes of global warming; he is also not qualified.

    The causes are pretty much clear amongst scientists; if you look at the data, you can also clearly see the steady rise which is not represented in the past. Sure, we had changes in global temperature before, but never to this high of a degree (no pun intended) over such a short period, and never so directly correlated with specific activities (industrial revolution and such).

    I’m also not a climatologist (that’s a word, right?), my degree/expertise is in computers and the social sciences, but I’m pretty good at data analysis. If you match a line of best fit over climate data, you see an upward trend. Scientists attribute that trend to man-made pollution, since any other possible source does not match the data.

    Scientists are, generally speaking, fairly sharp people; authors may be good at writing a book, but that doesn’t make them experts on anything at all.

  18. Bob KC

    Well, I guess arson can be considered a form of AGW.

    So, no criticism of Senator Reid for blaming the fires on global warming BA?

  19. tacitus

    Beck and Limbaugh both use the “tongue in cheek” excuse. If it was true, it would simply shows that they don’t have the courage of their convictions, but its not.

    it’s simply an excuse they can make when they say something that’s over the line and it backfires on them. Then when the blow-back hits them, they can throw up their hands and whine about how they weren’t really being serious and that it’s all their opponent’s fault for taking what they said too seriously.

    By the way, Beck’s ratings are dismal (along with Nancy Grace). If CNN thought they could steal some of Fox News’ audience by employing Beck, they got it wrong. There are a lot of people scratching their heads over why he still has a show, since it does even make money for CNN.

  20. Doc

    @Darth Curt

    Please also see the detailed response to this at

    For that matter, let’s all save a lot of time and annoyance. Anyone here who things global warming isn’t happening, that it isn’t caused by human activity, or that it’s not necessarily a bad thing, please read the information on these websites:

    There you can find full and complete information on the subject by established climate scientists (not politicians, doctors, bricklayers, businessmen, etc.), all in a reasonably easy form to digest and with enough references that you can dig in and check their facts if you’re so inclined.

    If you still hold to your beliefs after that, then you’d probably be better off consulting with your therapist or clergey than wasting time posting here.

  21. BobKC: Good point :)

    Stewart and Colbert are tongue-in-cheek, Beck and Limbaugh are not. I agree with tacitus’ view that it is nothing more than a cop out if things backfire.

  22. Daffy

    The situation that makes arson so much more effective now can be attributed to Global Warming.

    In case anyone has failed to notice, the forest in California are dying very quickly from the bark beetle; the trees can’t fight it off anymore because they don’t get enough water for sap.

    Hence they are easier to ignite.


  23. Doc

    Frak… that’s “clergy”, not “clergey”

  24. We’re all doomed anyway, the point of no return’s long past, the warming trend will continue to at least 2100 even if we stop now, I’ve already said this, why do I feel like a hamster on the little wheely thing of life?

    >> Man, I hate being forced to insult someone.

    Hate to break it to you, Doctor, but you’ve been doing it quite a bit. Of course they’ve all deserved it from an ideological standpoint, but can’t we at least be honest in our hypocracy? 😉

    >> He is a right-wing blowhard who talks endlessly about stuff he doesn’t have a clue about. A web search on him will yield endless idiotic rants where he is precisely wrong

    Making him comperable to, oh, 90% of the internet if we remove the modifier “right-wing” and replace it with a wildcard. Of course, my estimate may be somewhat exaggerated; a lot of the internet is porn without any particular axe to grind.

    >> I don’t like to call people names, but Beck is given a national audience, and his intellectual capacity is clearly such that he shouldn’t even be allowed to rant in public parks to passing squirrels. I’ve had enough of such idiocy, especially on matters of what is in fact and in deed life and death.

    Ahhh, yes. Let’s suppress his ideas so they can fester in the underground of the public debate. It’s worked so well with Nazism in Europe, racism here in the States, sexism most everywhere, any suppressed ism you’d care to name…

    No, I’m going to have to say that let him open his mouth and remove all doubt. This is what the Western free marketplace of ideas are for: letting brilliance and idiocy mingle so the brilliance can disprove the idiocy. The plus side is that human understanding and discourse moves forward. The down side is that annoying people get a say, too. Nothing worth having is free, after all.

  25. Dan

    Glenn Beck claimed he was making a joke. I don’t know in what culture his statements would be considered humorous. But, I suppose his nonsense should be expected since he’s just a washed-up former addict who obviously craves attention regardless of whether it’s positive or negative.

  26. chudpi

    First paragraph, second sentence typo: Glen Beck is an idiot. :-)

  27. tacitus

    The global warming debate is much like the the debate over evolution. It’s not surprise that the global warming deniers have found a welcoming home amongst the evolution-deniers — places like IDist William Dembski’s blog, for example. Scratch the surface, and no doubt you will find a number of HIV (causes AIDS) deniers there too.

    What is it about science that lead many conservatives (not all, I know) to be profoundly suspicious and skeptical about some of the biggest scientific issues of our time? Do they complain about scientists being biased against them because they are afraid that “reality does have a liberal bias”? (Perhaps there just happens to be a very good reason that most journalists and most scientists are progressives.)

    It’s not as though much of the so-called debate is very informed. While the Arctic ice gap is melting at an unprecedented rate, and glaciers the world over are retreating, they fixate on things like “well, Pluto and bits of Mars are warming up so it must be the sun” and “didn’t the alarmist scientists warn us about global cooling back in the 70s?” or even, “it snowed in Denver in May, so much for global warming”.

    And the deniers are ceding ground in the debate every year (not that they would even concede the fact). Up until a couple of years ago they adamantly denied GW even existed. Then when they finally, grudgingly admitted it, they claimed that humanity has nothing to do with it — not our fault. Now the common theme is well, okay, even if we might have something to do with it (another tacit concession), there’s nothing we can do about it anyway. And finally, since that argument is not working too well, we get the “okay, it’s happening, we might be to blame, but do we really want to stop it anyway? After all, it might be a good thing — longer growing seasons, the greening of the Arctic, etc. etc.

    Watching them twist and turn is just like watching the creationists reacting to new discoveries regarding evolution. They will glom on to any factoid that seems to give them an out so they can continue to believe they are in the right, while ignoring the inconvenient mountain of evidence that already exists. Perhaps global warming isn’t yet as cut and dried as evolution, but it’s getting close, and the deniers are kicking and screaming every inch of the way.

  28. Brant D

    The Centipede: “This is what the Western free marketplace of ideas are for: letting brilliance and idiocy mingle so the brilliance can disprove the idiocy. The plus side is that human understanding and discourse moves forward. The down side is that annoying people get a say, too.”

    Another con is that it seems like ridding the marketplace of idiocy takes ages, particularly when certain individuals are skilled at packaging moronic statements as brilliance. Unfortunately, the Powers that Be don’t always sit around and wait for the marketplace to correct itself. That’s the situation we’re in right now with global warming and other environmental problems.

  29. tacitus

    I would agree with those that say arson is a red herring here. There are always arsonists starting fires and, sadly, there always will be. The difference this time from years past is that the stuff they are setting light to is tinder-dry and the flames spread, er, like wildfire.

    One can discuss whether the dangerously dry conditions are the cause of global warming, but the fact that some of the fires were started by arson is not a valid counterpoint in the debate.

  30. Doc

    @The Centipede

    “We’re all doomed anyway, the point of no return’s long past, the warming trend will continue to at least 2100 even if we stop now, I’ve already said this, why do I feel like a hamster on the little wheely thing of life?”

    Please see the link below, specifically the section marked “Stages of Denial” part 5, “Climate change can’t be stopped”.

    Other than that, take it up with your therapist or clergy.

  31. >> even if we might have something to do with it (another tacit concession), there’s nothing we can do about it anyway

    Just to let you know, my “we’re doomed anyway” is based on the research that says that we’ve already caused more than enough damage to keep the warming trend going to 2100 even if we stop right now. I’m certain GW is, at least in part, our fault. Whatever we’re doing isn’t helping. I just figure we’re hopelessly screwed. 😉

  32. >> Other than that, take it up with your therapist or clergy.

    Geez, come off yourself.

  33. >> Another con is that it seems like ridding the marketplace of idiocy takes ages, particularly when certain individuals are skilled at packaging moronic statements as brilliance. Unfortunately, the Powers that Be don’t always sit around and wait for the marketplace to correct itself. That’s the situation we’re in right now with global warming and other environmental problems.

    To be fair, the marketplace can’t be rid of idiocy, just like any system can’t be rid of inefficiency. It is through continual conflict and debate that progress flourishes; if there really was an Arbiter of What Is True exactly defining correct public discourse, this sort of realthink would only lead to stagnation (plus would remove a lot of things worth talking about).

  34. Oh, and Doc:

    “Short of a complete cessation of emissions today, there is no foreseeable way to avoid the bulk of the warming “in the pipeline.” This is mostly due to the extreme thermal inertia of the oceans and therefore the climate system as a whole. It means that our actions today, or our inaction, will have consequences several decades hence.”

    This is all I’m saying. This is it. I may be dramatic about it, but this is all I’m referring to.

  35. Glenn Beck is an idiot, however, his show is on CNN Headline news, and I imagine the threshold for what constitutes “good ratings” is much lower than the main CNN channel.

    It’s not global warming or Santa Ana winds that are making these fires worse. It’s the abysmal management of federal land that has made these fires so bad. The fuel load in the forests is too high, and the government is so far behind in maintaining the forests, we could see these huge fires, global warming or not, for two or three decades.

  36. Darth Curt

    I wish not to offend, but anyone can skew any number they see to fit what they want it too. As Homer once said: “Aw, people can come up with statistics to prove anything, Kent. Forty percent of all people know that.” Yes, Homer’s an idiot, but there’s truth there. I’m not talking about the planet stuff that Phil wrote, but more about charts and graphs and what not. Where did the numbers for the temperature rise come from? City center or the middle of no where? You don’t really know. People on one side say City Center, people on the other say Farmer Joe’s field. I do know that the Canadian Government Weather page data for Edmonton is taken from the City Center airport, which is almost always a degree or two warmer than the International Airport outside the city. I too read State of Fear by Michael Crichton, and the charts and graphs he has at the end support his arguement. I’m not saying he’s right… I’m just saying what Homer was saying.


    The way I see it… there’s not much we can do to change what’s happening. You’re not going to sway Oil Companies and other industrial types that spew toxins and green house gases into the air. The lure of the Almighty Dollar is too great. China’s driving now… you’re not going to get them all back onto their bikes. It’s only a matter of time before Africa starts up. Sure… you can do your part, but does make much of a difference? Personally, I take public transit (which absolutely sucks in Edmonton, AB) and ride my bike for the 3 or 4 nice months of summer to work, but I don’t ride the bus / bike for the environment… I do it to save money, even more so now that the government here is giving tax deductions for Bus Passes.

  37. Doc


    Yes, I’m well aware of that.

    No, that’s not all you’re saying – whether you realize it or not. When you spout off with the “we’re all doomed, so why bother” you’re completely glossing over the fact that the longer we wait to reduce our impact on global climate, the worse things are going to get.

    Geez, come off yourself.

  38. Buzz Parsec

    Mike R –

    You survived nuclear winter because there was no nuclear war. If there had been, you would be a popsicle.

  39. Doc

    @Darth Curt

    Types of Argument, Uninformed & Misinformed

    … also …

    Types of Argument, FUD – “Warming is due to the Urban Heat Island effect”

  40. NathanForst

    Glen Beck is a right-winged religious nutcase and cannot even do his own research before spouting off his garbage. The problem is that the public tends to believe what people in the media’s eye have to say. I was flicking by CNN the other night and saw him complaining about immigration policy and the seperation of church and state. The only thing this man actually does is, indeed, complain. He enjoys spouting off and getting his right-winged Christian fundamentalist view point out on a national scale. It makes no sense why CNN would allow this absolute dolt to host an hour long show. I mean, I understand that his ratings are probably high… but honestly… is this how you want to represent your network?

    He just makes me chuckle.

  41. Climate change is not an “either/or” – it’s both natural cycles, and man-made. So many people seem to think it’s one or the other. There are dozens of complex factors all interacting, and they are not easy to sort out, and they are all interdependent, which is why there is so much confusion.

    I just finished reading “Collapse” by Jared Diamond, and the information I’m writing about came primarily from that book. If you’re interested in how societies have thrived or not, depending on how they treated their environments, and how that affects us today, you should read this book.


    In many ways, we’ve changed the environments on more local basis through deforestation (leading to changes in rainfall, soil erosion, etc, loss of timber resource) and damming rivers and diverting water for irrigation. These kinds of changes are leading to droughts, or just to difficulty growing crops, all the while population in areas with these kinds of problems are mostly increasing.

    A historic example – Egypt and much of the Middle East used to be the “Fertile Crescent” – covered in trees and good farmland – many of our domestic plants and animals originated here. However, what people didn’t know then was that it took a long time for trees to grow there (due to the climate), and so once they cut them all down to grow crops, the trees couldn’t grow back at near the rate they were being used, and the area gradually underwent desertification (trees are an important part of the rainfall cycle – no trees eventually means no rain). In contrast, trees grow much faster in most of Europe, and so some of what was cut down could be replaced, so the desertification effect did not occur there. Some environments are more “fragile” than others, and easier to ruin.

    Some of these types of changes are happening in other “fragile” areas, such as many parts of Africa, etc. Genocides like the one in Rwanda were partly due to (or made worse by) the tensions created by the droughts and lack of resources (esp. water). People in many parts of the world already don’t have safe drinking water, and this is only going to get worse.

    These localized changes are often being made worse by natural cycle changes that occur on Earth. China has been having huge problems with flooding. The yearly wildfires in the US are getting worse. We’re seeing an overall trend of bigger and more hurricanes. Droughts are spreading across Africa.

    The natural cycles we can’t help. But we can try to recognize what they are so that we can anticipate how they will affect us and so we can prepare. Pretending the problem doesn’t exist is only going to leave us unprepared.

    And we also need to look at how we are using our resources, both renewable and nonrenewable. Right now we’re destroying two of our biggest renewable resources through nonsustainable management – forests and fisheries. Many of our fisheries are nearly destroyed – but if we managed them properly we could use them at a sustainable rate – meaning that they would renew themselves. If logging companies managed forests sustainably, we could have enough timber forever, but because no one is “making” them, especially in Third World countries, but many (most?) are not doing this. The ones who are not have yet to be properly influenced, though it can happen (one example, customers influenced Home Depot, who in turn influenced their suppliers).

    Oil and coal companies CAN drill or dig in clean, non-polluting ways, but they have to be influenced to do so, either by law or by customers. Vote with your wallet and research which companies are making efforts to be environmentally-friendly, and support them. Let the companies who aren’t KNOW that they lost your business. If enough people do this, the companies will make a change.

    We’re on a bad road, but it’s not yet a runaway train.

  42. Doc

    @Buzz Parsec

    “You survived nuclear winter because there was no nuclear war. If there had been, you would be a popsicle.”

    Hey, maybe that’s why Bush seems so eager to develop “usable” nukes and go to war with Iran – he thinks he has the solution for global warming.

  43. Steve

    So I’ve been reading this and have looked through several of the links and from my perspective, there is quite a bit of healthy discussion. On a bad note, I am seeing statements that seem absolute but when reading or I see ones that are not so concrete.

    As someone who is trying to read as much as possible and understand the issue, I cannot help but leave this blog with a less-clear understanding of the issue than when I began to read.

    I agree with Phil’s point at the end of his page on solar forcing, we must let the science and data rule. To allow either side to corrupt the understanding for political reasons is wrong.

  44. Brant D

    Stephanie: There is a difference between natural cycles and natural variability. The former is a non-existent climatological entity devised by global warming contrarians to confuse the public about the causes of the current warming trend. The latter is what you are talking about, and has been heavily researched by atmospheric and environmental scientists. As you identified, human activity is greatly enhancing natural variability to destructive proportions, but we aren’t quite licked by this problem quite yet.

  45. Will. M

    I read an article in the paper yesterday that bemoaned the dearth of science education in CA elementary schools. ONE hour a WEEK is now the average time school kids get exposure to any kind of science. That’s down from a two hour national average of five years ago. And that this is evidence of the continuing downward spiral begun years ago. Many reasons/excuses? were given: elementary schools are now devoting about 100 days of the school year to required testing (not testing all day for 100 days, but required tests given at least once during a school day for 100 days); only five hours of instruction are available on average during the school day, so not all of even the required curriculum can be covered effectively; and science, like art, music, etc., isn’t always a requirement; the schools with the worst science teaching time are the schools which are failing the NCLB act and have to make up their scores, the effects (by now well-documented) of TV and computer games on the modern kid, and on and on. At one point the article even blames the schools (the defense of which I won’t go into here).
    And on the op ed page in the same edition of the paper in a columnist’s item relating the opinion about the dumbing of the American student by an experienced teacher are the anecdotal remarks that many kids don’t know how to use a ruler or hand tools or write a competent paragraph or even how to use the outdoors for play, should they even have enough desire to go outside.
    O.K., my point: is it any wonder that many of our citizens have no clue about anything related to science, how it works to discover things, what it does with the data it collects during discovery, and what reasonable conclusions can be drawn from the data? And is it any wonder that the demagogues/pundits/bloviators which abound in print and on TV can be so persuasive to these grossly under-educated folks?

  46. DrFlimmer

    @ Darth Curt:

    I guess there are enaugh measuring points all over a country that the given AVERAGE temperatures are really an average of the whole country.
    AND: If it is man-made or not, we have only one chance. And we should not take it! What we allready did cannot be undone, but we must do as much as everyone can to reduce further emissions.

    Now to Phil’s text: I must edit it 😉

    Beck says: “…and only California? Only America? It’s in the American borders. How is that possible?”

    Seventh. Has he ever looked over the borders of America? Does he know that the earth is bigger than the US? Does he know there is something called Europe? Does he know Greek? That country was on fire this year, too! And so was Portugal last year.

    Eighth. The temperature is rising all over the world (in average).

  47. FrumiousBandersnark

    The subject of the headline more or less implies the qualifier that follows.

  48. Chris R.

    I remember back when Glenn Beck was first put on CNN, they had a bunch of ads advertising him as something along the lines of “fair and balanced,” though obviously not using that phrase since they’d be sued like Al Franken. Anyway, I was naive and thought that this Glenn Beck guy might actually try to cut through some of the media BS, or at least be somewhat centrist in his reporting.

    Wroooooong! I sat through 10 minutes of that tripe before it made me think Rush Limbaugh is actually just a wise old man.

    As a response to something said far above, I really do think that wingnut-types do worry that reality will show a liberal bias, and that’s one of the main reasons so many of them are suspicious of science. You’ll note that you hardly hear these people attacking general relativity, cell biology, or stoichiometry; it’s always topics they have a personal belief basis in like evolution, climate science, or HIV/AIDS. So it’s not so much the conservative war on science as it is the “war on science that doesn’t sounds like it doesn’t agree with Bill O’Reilly”.

  49. Bob

    Looking forward to the follow-up article here lambasting Air America’s Randi Rhodes blaming the Cali fires on Blackwater…

    Don’t forget the “left-wing blowhard” description! :)

  50. Not to mention that many of the fires were started by something completely other than global warming: arson.

    I find it strange that with every out-of-control wildfire an arson is blamed. Is it the enormity of scale of the fire that gets people to start looking for a scapegoat? It could be just a natural cause (like lightning, drought, …) or better, common human negligence (BBQ, cigarette, …), combined with poor management. And even when somebody is apprehended I never hear of a conviction…

  51. Bob H

    I am suprised that anyone is taking what Beck says seriously. I have listened to him before on my drive home and find that he is mostly satire and trying to entertain (never seen his TV show). I suspect that the bad astronomer has never listened to his show (this says more about me than Phil), so I cannot blame BA. Beck says outrageous things to be outrageous and entertaining. He is not trying to be accurate or objective.

    BTW he was referring to Harry Reids comments on GW being the cause of the fires. I think that the fires getting out of control has much more to do with land use policies than the temperature.

  52. >> You’ll note that you hardly hear these people attacking general relativity, cell biology, or stoichiometry

    Bah! C6H12O6 + 3O2 -> 6H2O + 6CO2 is a Democratic LIE trying to support their GLOBAL WARMING GREEN HIPPIE LEFTIST AGENDA by trying to suggest the reaction of fructose with oxygen produces CARBON DIOXIDE, one of their so-called “GREENHOUSE GASES,” so as to suggest EVERYONE is responsible for their pretend temperature increase by simply breathing! It’s just like those low down liberal scum, trying to guilt trip everyone into eating crunchy granola and committing seppuku!

    Well, okay, they’re not. And I’m not. But at least I tried, dammit.

  53. Steve P.

    Right… This from the same guy who had 2 experts on the apocalypse on his show debating how soon the rapture will occur. Both agreed it would be in the next 100 years. And so did Beck.

  54. Bill


    Stick to astronomy, which is your forte.

    A survey of weather stations, which began as a study of the effects of paint on instrument shelters, is in progress. Half of them have been surveyed (421 out of 800). Of those, a significant majority of them do not meet federal standards or have significant temperature biases. Therefore, the data obtained from them, which are used for global warming studies, are dubious at best. Garbage in; garbage out.

  55. Well, let me assure, here in Australia, with drinking water threatened in several states, and the last few years absolutely full of worse than normal bushfires (what you mob call wildfires), and this year having the fire season start early due to extremely dry conditions/unseasonably high temperatures/extreme drought, we sure are grateful for Beck’s wisdom. We thought this was a problem, but apprently we have NO issues at all;)

  56. decius

    Excuse me, Phil.

    While the title of this entry amounts to an obvious ad hominem, the following justification that you are “forced” to indulge in it amounts to a further logical fallacy, namely a special pleading.

    Somehow it saddens me when an articulate and fluent champion of Reason, such as yourself, feels that his arguments alone aren’t powerful enough to counter the nonsense like the one here denounced.

    All the best

  57. Chip

    The data applied to various international climate change and global warming studies does not come only from weather stations within the United States, and is not solely specific to one current moment in time.

  58. Mike M.

    CNN has Beck on to increase ratings. Hmm, let’s compare the audiences of Rush, Hannity, Beck, and Boortz. Now let’s see the numbers for Air America, Ed Schultz, and Alan Colmes. Well, we gotta make some money somehow, give us one from column A! It’s an economic thing which, as “progressives”, I’m sure you wouldn’t understand.

  59. Grimmjack

    I thought this was a site about Astronomy! The Bad type! Instead we get Air America and Daily Kos!…Can “Bush is a dummy” posts every other day be far behind! Way to alienate half your readers Phil! Good Job!

    Harry Reid said that the fires in California were caused by global warming!
    I know liberals like parse things Neo-Cons say down and mentally twist everything so they can write mis-leading blogs about how stupid Republicans are and how smart they are.

    I used to come to this page to read about Astronomy…And I do mean used to…

    You can argue about Human caused warming till your head explodes and you will not change anyones minds… There is no real conclusive proof that either side is right… I just know that if Algore is the high priest of global warming…and he has never ever been right about anything…I am highly suspect. But he did invent the Internet and he is walking the walk by living in a huge mansion, driving SUV’s and flying private jets every where so we do know this is a serious problem!

    This has turned into another political argument

  60. Mike M.

    This whole argument is about to become moot. Global warming will not survive the next two solar cycles. And I don’t want to see any links to that silly Grist primer. It does not address sunspot cycles.

  61. A departing reader

    I notice you didn’t do a retraction or follow-up on that CDC scare post from some days back. I’m afraid you are the one beginning to look stupid Phil. This was once a great place, now gone to the dogs.

  62. Mike M.

    Just glanced at your bio. Is the Aristocrat restaurant still open? I used to love their six egg omelets! Please give me your opinion on Earth’s albedo.

  63. Anthony

    Thank you. Its long been my contention that Glenn Beck is, in fact, an idiot. Now my hypothesis has been validated scientifically. Sweet vindication! The fact that he even has a show kind of scares me…God, I fear for America.

  64. Wow, so many incorrect things being said here!

    Grimmjack, A Departing Reader: Read this. Also, at least some if not the majority of global warming is human-induced. That is a fact, no matter how much deniers try to spin it. I have actual, y’know, evidence to back that claim up. They have spin.

    Also, ADR: retraction, followup? Why? I have heard nothing more, except that the White House was suppressing science from the CDC. If you know more, post links.

    Mike M.: Nope, the Sun is not causing global warming. It may have some small effect, but what’s happening on Earth is far larger than any forcing caused by the Sun.

    Decius: I’m tired of being polite all the time. There are times when a little anger is the appropriate response, I didn’t rail, or scream, or froth. I just called a spade a spade. Glenn Beck is provably an idiot. It’s not an ad hominem, it’s a straight insult.

    As far as Harry Reid goes, he said: ” ‘One reason why we have the fires in California is global warming,’ Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters Tuesday, stressing the need to pass the Democrats’ comprehensive energy package.” There is some truth to this, as I state in my entry, but I have no context for the quotation. He may very well be saying that global warming has factors that contribute to the spread and destructive capabilities of fires. That would be true.

  65. Mike M.

    Your link does not address sunspots. As I expected. The correlation between sunspot activity and temperature has been examined by scientists for over two hundred years. They STILL don’t understand the actual physical mechanism but they have a hypothesis. It’s the cosmic ray/low cloud formation link that made Svensmark famous. Real scientists, using a $1.4 bn particle accelerator, are testing this hypothesis now at the CERN lab in Switzerland. This is the CLOUD Project. Sunspot activity is at zero right now. If there is cloud formation associated with this lack of activity a signature would be found in an increase in Earth albedo. Lo and behold that’s exactly what’s happening right now. Read my links and ye shall know hope once again.

  66. Brant D

    Mike M: GCR hypotheses are bunk. The biggest problem with citing GCRs as the cause is that there is no observed trend in measured GCR intensity. We also have far too little observation of cloud cover and aerosol concentration to determine which of them is responsible for changes in Earth’s albedo. This has been addressed many times at Real Climate and other climate-related blogs, not to mention tussled over in the literature.

  67. Phil: What a coinkydink. I was just about to write a post in the next few days on my own blog: I found this gem on youtube while looking for examples of really bad media reporting for something I’ve been working on:

    I was so dumbfounded I looked at first and thought “wait was that actually on CNN.” This involves the whole DCA is a “Cure for cancer” thing a few months back where you had all these people eating up claims that the pharmaceutical companies were suppressing it and then asking their local chemical supply store to get some for them.

    It’s just revolting how he can talk high and mighty about what he has no idea of and spit out lies.

  68. I find it strange that with every out-of-control wildfire an arson is blamed. Is it the enormity of scale of the fire that gets people to start looking for a scapegoat?

    @Caspar: Well, one of the current fires has been linked to arson. By the second day, the Orange County Fire Authority had determined that the Santiago Fire (the one I’ve been nervously watching from a conference room window for the past 5 days) was caused by arson because it had more than one point of origin. Another was an overturned truck. AFAIK, the rest are still undetermined, at least as far as officials are concerned.

    In more general terms, though, you may be right. I think people prefer to have someone to blame, an enemy with a face, rather than an implacable force of nature.

  69. tacitus

    Well, at least nobody on this thread has blamed the fires on Islamic terrorists or illegal immigrants yet, proving that not too many of the more paranoid right wingers are to be seen around here.

  70. A departing reader, thanks for the link. I’ll wait and check the transcripts once they are posted, and comment then.

  71. The sun does not cause global warming!?!?!?! I’m sorry but I have to disagree here. Not only would there be no global warming without the sun, but the earth would be very close to absolute zero. The thing that warms the earth is the sun, and the only other source of heat is the geothermal heat retained by the earth. But that would fad fast without the sun.

  72. Mike M.

    Brant D. that is hilarious. Real Climate is the least objective source on global warming you could find. If it was bunk do you really think they would be allowed to use the CERN complex for five years? Here’s the background for you…

  73. Glenn Beck was an idiot long before this post, and will be an idiot long after unless he decides to engage in a little critical thinking. This may not be evidence enough, but it’s one of my favorites:

    @ Caspar

    I can’t find a link, but on CNN one of the CA fire officials noted evidence of incendiary devices having been used to start a few of the blazes.

  74. Quiet Desperation

    > “no real scientist is saying that global warming is causing these fires.”

    The Santa Ana conditions were pretty good, but not outside usual variations. One fire was downed power lines. Another was someone welding something. At least two are confirmed arson.

    And, sorry, but I still don’t get “PANIC” from that graph. Why not just set the Y axis scale to 0.01 per division and really scare people. :)

    And… Glen who?

  75. Quiet Desperation

    > “I find it strange that with every out-of-control wildfire an arson is blamed.”

    I find it strange you think that. Care to cite? Fire investigators can determine to a high degree of confidence whether a fire started via natual causes or manmade. There’s a whole field called geo-profiling devoted to it.

    > “Is it the enormity of scale of the fire that gets people to start looking for a scapegoat?”

    No, not really. I live in So Cal and never even heard of that.

    >”It could be just a natural cause (like lightning, drought, …) or better, common human negligence (BBQ, cigarette, …), combined with poor management.”

    Some are, some aren’t. Some of the current fires have been traced to those things, and some to arson. It’s a mixed bag, and they are pretty good at figuring it out. Why are you so resistant to the idea that some are arsonists?

    In fact, one of the current So Cal fires seems to have been set with a lot of expertise. It was started by someone who know a lot about wildfires and how to most effectively start one.

    Fires started by firemen is not unheard of. One might consider that a profession in fire fighting could actually attract firebugs.

    >”And even when somebody is apprehended I never hear of a conviction…”

    Oh, well, it must *never* happen then! (rolls eyes)

    I found that in 3 seconds on Google.

    Also, it’s a very difficult crime to catch anyone on. In a murder, the body can provide clues. In arson, the evidence that may point to an individual is incinerated. You can tell it was arson, but DNA? Video cameras? Forget it. Law enforcement is almost entirely dependent on witnesses and informants.

    We have the trial coming up in the case of the fire that killed five firemen last year. You could follow that one.

  76. M.J.

    Does anyone remember the weeping American Indian from 70’s PSA’s? That guy must be crying a river.

    There’s seems to be a lack of understanding on the fundamental and rather obvious point that human pollution is not a good thing. Do these guys think God will clean it all up?

  77. MO Man

    CNN – worse each year.

    Mike R – Slow learner.

  78. DrFlimmer


    Maybe you just made a joke and I didn’t get it, then I’m sorry, but:
    The sun is the cause that the earth is warm and has conditions that it can habit life. But the sun does NOT cause the actual global warming everyone is debating about right now and here! Global warming is the rising of the average temperature and not that the earth is warm.

  79. Alex

    I think Phil is absolutely right to single out people like Glenn Beck.
    The point is that 90% of the arguments used by the very vocal “Global Warming skeptics” are specious drivel, displaying their deeply reactionary and smug defence of their “business as usual” agenda.
    There’s also a huge amount of personalised venom directed at well-intentioned scientists like James Hansen in an attempt to discredit their work.
    This completely poisons the atmosphere of the debate and makes any serious scientific assessment very hard.
    Yet when you eliminate the obviously phony arguments, the core of the science stands up.
    Every time someone with scientific credentials and an audience puts their head above the parapet it seems to set the antenna of a host of cockroaches twitching to feed on the crumbs deposited on the floor.
    Most people won’t be fooled by all this and can see through the smokescreen.

  80. Doug Keenan

    What’s a “penultimate latest?” Next to last latest? I’d watch slinging certain words around.

  81. Suzanne Feld

    Do note that CNN also shows commercials for Head-On and other goofy homeopathic remedies. The first time I saw one of those, I didn’t need Glenn Beck to tell me that they’re going seriously downhill.

  82. Replublitard McDumbass

    You are right on the money. Head-On is applying a marketing technique called “sell our shady product to the LEAST smart viewing audience on TV.” Viewers of his show are right on par with 3rd graders… intellectually speaking.

  83. Phil,

    I agree that Glenn Beck’s statement is offensive on the merits. The politics of the people whose homes are being evacuated or destroyed is immaterial. I have something to say about the national focus on our fires here in San Diego. When the fires first started and were raging the first days, local officials were all over the airwaves with information. Local officials were doing their job helping us to evacuate and fighting the fires. Local media covered what was happening and let everybody know what they needed to know to be safe. The reaction here reaffirmed my faith in people.

    Then all the nationals started showing up from the media and the government back east. And suddenly the focus shifted to politics, from how the fires will affect Arnold and Bush to whether global warming was to blame and whether Bush is responsible for deaths because of the National Guard being in Iraq, bla, bla, bla. All of that was total BS. And it wasn’t just people like Beck or the Fox Newsers doing it; what I could stand to watch of Keith Olbermann’s coverage was as disgusting as is to be expected from him.

    Let me tell you, as a San Diegan who saw the evolution of the coverage and the political response, I was disgusted by this. The fires here are not just another arrow in the quiver for fighting the usual political battles.

    The real story in San Diego is that our local officials and our local residents pitched in together to fight this disaster and we did it professionally and effectively. There were some coordination problems over use of the available military aircraft that sat idle until the state got its act together. But overall the story is a positive one. We’ll need help with recovery but political sideshows will not help.

    And just to let you know a bit more about my home county. The City of San Diego is a Democratic city now, with more voters registered Democratic and a majority of Democrats on the City Council. It has been Democratic for a couple of election cycles. You are right that the back country is more Republican but there are Democratic pockets out there too.

    And finally, I like reading your blog. I even like your political commentary, even though I disagree with nearly all of it. It lets me know a bit of how the other side thinks. Also, you have a right to express your opinion and I completely support you doing that on your astronomy blog. It’s your blog, after all, you can with it what you will. But I can safely say that calling people names is not something you do infrequently. You do it to people you disagree with all the time. As a fan of your site, I think it detracts from the good points that you do make.

    I hate to end my comment on a downer. So, I’ll just close by saying I’m looking forward to receiving the next feed from your blog. And as we Californians always say, “have a nice day.”

  84. Took you this long to figure that out?

  85. Daffy

    QD: “The Santa Ana conditions were pretty good, but not outside usual variations.”

    The weakened conditions of the trees due to the bark beetle and years and years of drought are WELL outside usual variations.

  86. Tim G

    Suzanne Feld

    Head-On is by far the worst tasting headache medicine I’ve ever tried. It also made my headache worse.

  87. Suzanne Feld

    A gullible friend of mine tried Head-On because she has horrible migraines. She said it worked because the pain of the fumes in her eyes made her forget her headache. Yes, that was the last time SHE fell for that nonsense.
    Also, I only recently realized that I no longer go to CNN for my news either on TV or on the web. I now read Reuters website and go to MS-NBC, or read the Seattle P-I online–and I live in Detroit.

  88. The only global warning taking place in this country, right now, is the people that get their tempers flared up on these message boards. I really don’t think any one in here can really explain what Global Warming is. If you think you can, give it a try. You should be able to explain it in one short paragraph.
    This will show you how much you know when putting messages out their for people to read. It always helps to have product knowledge. As far as Glen Beck. He is what everyone else is and does in the media. They must keep their ratings up to keep the show aired. The only way you can do that it is air information on a topic that will get the general public riled up, They put the discussion out there and the pro’s and con’s go at it. That shows the network they are on target for thier rating quotas. Have fun, but like I said. Use the internet and see if you can find the real reason Global Warning is crucial to contral in the world. Good luck.

  89. Steve Huntwork

    A personal challenge:

    We, as astronomers, should be able to identify a very important flaw in the “global” temperature records. I am not going to do your work for you, but I challenge you to do the following:

    1) Obtain daily “global” temperature records for any specific year. The actual year does not matter, but daily records will be needed.

    2) Plot these daily “global” temperature records and identify on what month the maximum and minimum temperatures occured. You can smooth the data if needed, but it should be rather easy to identify which month of the year is warmest or coldest.

    3) Use your knowledge of the Earth’s orbit, and identify when the Earth is closest to the Sun.

    4) Ask yourself why the “global” temperature records imply something that is not possible with the known orbit of the Earth.

  90. Steve Huntwork

    Second personal challenge:

    This may be a little harder to understand, but you are smart enough to figure it out.

    Convection will move a fluid from one location to another. Because of convection, one location will get warmer and another location will get cooler. Convection by itself will not increase the average temperature temperatue of the Earth.

    In 1998 there was a very stong convection current in the Pacific ocean which warmed the Eastern regions (North and South America) while cooling the Western regions (Australia and Indonesia) which has been very well documented.

    Why did the “global” temperature records show a warm spike for 1998?

  91. Steve Huntwork

    Third personal challenge:

    Pretend that the temperature records are a measurement of a variable star’s magnitude. Run the data through any variable star software and identify what frequencies are observed.

    Once again, daily records will be the most usefull.

  92. Mena

    Tacitus, apparently there aren’t any Fox and Friends hosts posting here.

  93. Steve Huntwork

    Fourth personal challenge:

    Using historical temperature records which span 50 or more years, use any variable star software and observe what frequencies are obtained.

    In this case, any location can be used, but to verify, do the exact same experiment with every temperature station that you can obtain historical records from.

    Once again, raw daily temperature records will be the most usefull.

    What are the observed frequencies, and what does this tell you as an Astronomer?

  94. Brant D

    Mike M.: Based on your past arguments, I am not surprised that you would cite Real Climate as having low objectivity, and furthermore that you would rather pick on it than, say, peer-reviewed scientific literature. You know, the literature that shows no trend in GCR intensity. As for the research you mention, no one is seriously complaining about researching the role that GCRs play in Earth’s climate. The problem comes when certain individuals claim that this research establishes a hard link between GCRs and cloud cover (not to mention global warming) when the literature does not support such a claim.

  95. Quiet Desperation

    > “The weakened conditions of the trees due to the bark beetle and years and years of drought are WELL outside usual variations.”

    True, true, but, well, that’s not really GW related either. :) The beetles have had it good thanks to fire suppression (lots of forest), pollution (weakens the trees) and the 1999-2002 drought (also weakens the trees.)

    Some people try to blame the drought on GW, but it’s hardly something new in these parts. It is, after all and underneath the rabid development, a freaking desert. Besides, we had near record rainfall a year or two ago.

    One thing people forget about averages is that you very rarely actually land on them.

  96. I’ve watched Beck’s show a lot but this past week, he again brought Jerome Corsi, a known plagiarist and me-too huckster, to talk about the North American Union conspiracy theory. I think Glenn really doesn’t know that Corsi is simply selling books to gullible people.

    I’m not as liberal as you but I’m sure you’ll agree that nobody likes bad representation. Conservatives have embarrassments like Glenn Beck and liberals have the likes of Randi Rhodes.

  97. Rodney

    I like to remain silent,

    Most of the time, because I’m stupid and I know it….

    But I can’t about this. I’m too pissed.

    When the democowards send me a “free retun envelope” for money, I pack it with pennys and a note that I have nothing else for them until they acually fight!


    Since they had to pay the return postage (because of the weight) I immediately got off their mailing list.

    Too bad. I wanted an actual answer from them. But I never got one. I guess not talking to me is cheaper than standing up for your country.

    It seems to me that the incumbant Democrats, instead of being ashamed that they’ve sold us; are sorry they have only one country to sell…

    I’ve had enough and I’m not voting for anybody who has “impeachment off the table” and I’ve written my representatives to let them know.

    I’m pissed. I recomend that you all be pissed.

    While you still have the right to be pissed,


  98. Eugene

    > Other than that, take it up with your therapist or clergy.

    I tried, but neither of them believe in global warming nonsense. What should I do now???!

  99. Mike M.

    Brant, any blog led by the fraud Michael Mann and the leading hysteric of the movement, James (Heinz Foundation) Hansen has no credibility in my eyes. These are not true scientists dispassionately pursuing the truth and let the chips fall where they may. They fight any and all contradictory evidence tooth and nail. Their entire careers are at stake here. And quit using “peer reviewed” as some sort of talisman. It doesn’t have anywhere near the effect you think it does in the real world. 2008 temps will be less than 2007. 2009 will be cooler than 2008. Mark it down. Book it. AGW will soon be toast.

  100. Daffy


    Having spoken directly with forest rangers (at least in So Cal) I can tell you that many of the places where the bark beetles have done the most damage are places where the forest is the thinest. The notion that lack of logging plus fire suppression caused the trouble was started by Bush to please his corporate masters and is completely erroneous.

    I agree with you that pollution and drought are the main causes; but whether or not the continuing and record drought is caused by global warming is, I admit, open to debate.

  101. Ghosmei

    1) The Earth has a greenhouse effect and probably has since it first congealed out of the stellar nursery. This is just physics, it’s just conservation of energy. The Earth has to radiate away all of the energy it receives from the sun, not more not less. At its current temperature the Earth is radiating too much energy if all of it escapes into space. All of it is not escaping however, some of it gets retuned by the greenhouse effect. The returned energy keeps the Earth warmer than it would otherwise be if it had a non-greenhouse atmosphere.

    2) CO2 is a greenhouse gas. This is just physics. We could go to any high school science lab in the country and prove this. CO2 is transparent to visible light (you know, the kind the sun radiates), but is not fully transparent to infrared light (you know, the kind the Earth radiates). Energy gets in easier than it gets out. Voila, greenhouse effect.

    3) Human activity has increased the CO2 level in the atmosphere. This is just an observation. We know how much fossil fuels we’re burning, and we directly measure the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.

    If the above were all we knew we’d be perfectly justified to expect that human activity would lead to global warming. After all, we’re increasing the concentration of the thing that’s already warming the Earth. More warming agent = more warming.

    The Earth’s climate is pretty complicated, however. There are many interlocking feedback systems and it can be very difficult to sort it all out. It’s actually pretty reasonable to wonder if, in this complex situation, simple causes wouldn’t produce the expected simple effect.

    In other words, if all you knew was the above, being skeptical of anthropogenic global warming would be perfectly reasonable.

    If you were just such a skeptical person, one that suspected humans bumping up the global CO2 level wouldn’t have much of an effect, you might go look at the climate record and expect to see no relationship between temperature and CO2 level. If there’s something about the Earth’s complex climate that prevents extra CO2 from doing what it would normally do (which isn’t unreasonable to suspect) then there should be no correlation between temperature and CO2 in the past.

    Also, if you were a skeptical person, one that suspected humans bumping up the global CO2 level wouldn’t have much of an effect, you might argue that we shouldn’t see any increasing trend in global temperatures after we started pumping all this CO2 into the system.

    4) Going back at least 400,000 years there is a very good correlation between temperature and CO2 levels. This doesn’t prove that the CO2 was the cause of past temperature spikes. It just demonstrates that there doesn’t seem to be anything in Earth’s climate systems that decouples temperature from CO2. We pretty much always see them correlated.

    5) Beginning after we began pumping CO2 into the atmosphere we have observed the climate steadily warming, and that warming has accelerated in recent years.

    So we expect that human produced CO2 should, in theory, increase global temperatures and we haven’t seen anything in Earths recent or ancient history to indicate that it won’t. In fact, we actually see it happening. This is about as simple of a case for anthropogenic global warming that I think can be made without getting into the complex details (which are important but I don’t believe change the fundamental conclusion.)

  102. Brant D

    Mike M.: Ah, we have a prediction now. Great. Let’s have the “real world” weed out the incorrect peer-reviewed theory. See you 2010.

  103. Regner Trampedach

    Mike R, The thing that makes global warming different from the other scenarios
    you mention, is that it is the scientists who are scared – not the politicians who
    are “scared”. The vast majority of climate scientists, who are NOT funded by big
    oil or advising the current US, Australian, Danish, etc. governments, are genuinely
    scared. I really hope the leaders of humanity can finally grow up and be
    Regner Trampedach

  104. Bobby

    he global warming debate is much like the the debate over evolution. It’s not surprise that the global warming deniers have found a welcoming home amongst the evolution-deniers — places like IDist William Dembski’s blog, for example. Scratch the surface, and no doubt you will find a number of HIV (causes AIDS) deniers there too.

    What is it about science that lead many conservatives (not all, I know) to be profoundly suspicious and skeptical about some of the biggest scientific issues of our time?

    I think it’s just specific issues rather than science per se. For global warming, conservative leaders are afraid doing something about it is going to cost rich people some money. For evolution, conservative leaders are afraid we won’t have conservative government if they don’t suck up to a big voting block of biblical literalists.

  105. Bobby

    I’m very skeptical about global warming. It’s not so much that I disagree with the data, more that I disagree with the sky is falling mentality out there.

    I wouldn’t call it a “sky is falling” mentality. We’ve simply discovered something that we need to take into account while living our lives and setting public policy. Gravity can also cause horrible consequences if we don’t take it into account, but no one calls it fear mongering when we do take it into account.

    I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and have survived through the Coming Ice Age scare, the running out of oil scare, the nuclear winter scare etc. I’m glad I survived.

    This is a favorite invocation of GW deniers, but I don’t remember any Ice Age scare from the 70s and 80s. Can you provide some citations?

    And of course, someone has already explained why you survived the nuclear winter.

    I’ve really enjoyed Michael Chrichton’s material on the subject, check out

    Chrichton has about as much credibility on this topic as Dick Cheney does.

  106. Trebuchet

    Beck seems to have devoted his entire show last night to John Edward. That’s Edward the fake psychic, not Edwards the candidate. No further proof is needed that he’s an idiot.

  107. FGB

    So ‘variability’ explains why 1934 and 1998 are ‘nuh-uh, so close, they are practically a tie’, but ‘variability’ and/or Statistics101 does not explain periods of ocean warming/cooling?

    Poor abused Prof Wunsch. Well, in his own words, only someone ignoratn of statistics would expect every heating ‘heads’ to be perfectly followed by a perfectly balanced cooling ‘tails’ for millions of years. Or, as he explains Statistics101, it is guaranteed that, at any given time, our thermal memory oceans are randomly far from any theroetical ‘neutral’ non-heated/non-cooled stable temperature, and are always being net heated or net cooled.

    I heard ‘the idiot’ this morning refer to some newly pubished paper pointing out planet caused ‘stellar wobble’ — aka, random shaking of the local ball of fusion gas — as yet another source of ‘variability.’ Imagine that. Perhaps ‘stellar wobble’ is only useful for detecting unseen planets around Cancri 55, it is not a ‘real’ phenomenon? Seriously. Randomly tugging on a ball of balance between explosive outward fusion energy and the inward pull of self gravity has no impact on our local ball of fusion? Of course, because “stellar wobble’ otherwise is politically unusable by the Madness of Crowds Tribe as one of many sources of solar variability, and hence, climate variability.

    Gov’t scientists and their politico enablers, perpetually dependent on “OPM;” endlessly accusing those who actually provide for their endless parasitic subsidy as being driven by ‘self-interests.’ How endlessly freakin’ precious. Sorry, 30 yrs ago the pinheads were tweaking their uncalbaratable climate models to claim ‘ManMade Global Cooling,’ so this is where I came into this endlessly mirthful witch doctor dance around the volcano. Why, we hardly noticed when the politicos didn’t have the nerve to call “Global Dimming” once again “Global Cooling,” because then the laughter would have been widespread.

    Does ocean thermal mass/memory drive our thin whispy atmosphere, or is it the other way around, and our thin whispy atmosphere is overwhwemingly buffered by our massive oceans, and both are fundamentally driven by the Sun?

    The Vostok and other ice core studies demonstrate an 800-1000 year lag between increases in climate temp and subsequent increase in fringe CO2. The evidence is, CO2 is along for the ride. If a perturbation caused an increase in temp caused an increase in CO2, and then CO2 became ‘the primary driver’ of increasing climate temperature, then the first such upset would result in a runaway climate. This experiment has been run many times, and there is no such evidence. Nor is there evidence that ‘step loading’ far less than Pinatubo sized events is a trigger of any kind, nor that there is an amazing Maxwell’s demon that distinguishes between manmade CO2 as a species separate from far greater natural sources of CO2.

    Time for a Big Headed Puppet Parade…

  108. I remember the shock I felt when I first saw Glenn Beck on CNN. I was sitting in the employee lunch room & I thought someone switched the channel to Fox News. With that said I don’t think Glenn Beck will endorse me for president.

  109. One look at Glenn Beck and you can see that the human race was not spawned from monkeys. Some of us still are monkeys. American news in general makes it makes it quite obvious the “village idiot” is once again a viable career path. Stop wasting your time with CNN and go to Truth is so much more satisfying.

  110. Mark

    I don’t yet know of any scientists who are attributing the severity of these fires to GW (though I’ll bet anyone here $100 that if you ask Stephen Schneider, he will say that it is a factor), but certainly many prominent talking heads who want to stir up the fear about this emerging crisis for political gain are saying it, and saying that it comes from the scientists.

    The average person is definitely being left with the impression, from a variety of sources, that there is a definite reason that 1) these fires are worse than normal, and 2) GW has something to do with it. The irony is that it is true that they’re worse than normal, and the actual reason is that various environmental groups have successfully lobbied to limit the clearing of dead brush in this and other areas. That’s what’s new and different in recent years.

    Controlled burning is a time-honored means for limiting the severity of unplanned fires, but according to many, it’s evil to use our human ingenuity to alter the environment for our own protection, because nature is to be valued for its own sake. Talk about religious nonsense.


  111. HateMonger

    Well it seems as i the rest of America might not agree with you. Beck has a number 1 (NY times) best selling book. Take a glance, the first chapter will astonish you with global warming facts that are almost as unbelievable as global cooling of the 1970’s. Why are we not covered in a shhet of Ice yet (look it up – according to 1970’s scientists, we should be iced out by now). He goes all around the world and sells out his tours everywhere. He is gaining mor and more popularity and it is because bloggers like you feed him the fire that gives him a career (oh yeah and the liberal congress). Listen up folks, Glenn is not going anywhere and as soon as Hate U is built, my children will be the first to attend!

  112. Madden Proffet

    What I want to know is this: Is it true, Bad Astronomer, that the other planets in the inner solar system are also warming up? And if so, what is causing that? Could it be the same thing that is warming Earth up (at least partially responsible)?

    # The Bad Astronomer on 26 Oct 2007 at 1:27 pm
    Darth Curt: no, it’s not true at all.



    Are NASA Ames Research Center and the USGS unreliable sources in your eyes, or do you just not trust the journal Nature?

    Geissler, Haberle, & Fenton; Global Warming and Climate Forcing by Recent Albedo Changes on Mars.
    Nature 446, 646-649 (5 April 2007) | doi:10.1038/nature05718; Received 6 September 2006; Accepted 22 February 2007

    Paul E. Geissler — Space Science Division, NASA Ames Research Center
    Robert M. Haberle — US Geological Survey
    Lori K. Fenton — Carl Sagan Center

    I can see why your site is called “” because this appears to be the source of most of it.

    And astronomy (good or bad) appears not to be the goal of the site. Instead, this looks like just another delusional Leftist Blog.

    By the way, with all of the back & forth about Global Warming I noticed damn few actual sources of raw data, & I may have missed it, but I didn’t see a single reference to the raw data used by the IPCC in their Assessment Reports. For example,

    If you’re honest, you’ll make your own assessment of the underlying data and not be overawed by the pretty graphs & charts.

    It amazes me when Leftists call anyone skeptical of IPCC’s conclusions a Global Warming “DENIER”; as if global warming were incontrovertible fact, and anyone demanding evidence or (God forbid) proof, is equated to genocidal Nazis. This kind of passive-aggressive ad hominem is beyond hyperbole, and is, quite frankly, childish.

    Any TRUE scientist will not only accept attempts to disprove or debunk his theories, he will demand them, and anyone honestly interested in SCIENCE — rather than politically motivated propoganda — would do his level best to disprove his own theories himself; not dismiss contrary evidence and belittle honest criticism.

    Lastly, (again, maybe I missed it) but did it occur to anyone to mention flawed forest management as a contributing factor to the fires? The type of forests in question are not only routinely subject to fires — they literally cannot exist without them. When small or medium fires are rapidly extinguished year after year, eventually unburned forest becomes overburdened with dead (read flammable) undergrowth, that an enormous fire becomes inevitable.

    Furthermore, when property owners are prohibited from clearing the undergrowth (a.k.a. kindling) near their homes, the fires unavoidably spread to consume habitated areas.

    I hope this helps — but I know it won’t. So, since everyone else is doing it; I’ll end with my own ad hominem.

    You leftist, brainwashed, global warming fanatics are so incapable of rational thought that it borders on schizophenia. In other words, you’re retarded lunatics. hee-hee.

  113. Datealus

    I agree with what that guy ^ said.

  114. Jacky Kanse

    I heart Glenn Beck.

  115. Texrat

    To Mike R: skepticism, whether it’s about global warming or any other subject, is great (I’m an open-minded skeptic myself).

    But by the same token, so is alarmism. It would be o so sweet if debate could be conducted on an entirely rational, objective level as you (and I) desire– but the unfortunate fact is that without alarmism threats aren’t taken seriously.

    I’d personally rather deal any day with Chicken Little over any stubborn ostrich. Far better to be prepared for a disaster that never happens than fiddle while Rome burns (or drowns)… don’t you think?

    Anyway, whether any warming is manmade, natural or a combination thereof, the climate data trends of late are disturbing and strongly hint at rising oceans. Even a few inches would be disastrous for our coasts at the least. Geological history shows it’s happened many times before and one would have to be naive beyond belief to declare a global flood could never happen again.

  116. Desiree

    There is no way to be prepared when the last of your money is taxed because the government fears global warming. When Obama decides to charge you for the amount of carbon your body emits on a daily bases you’ll be waiting for the floods when they finally arrive in oh what was it…sixty years! Come on!! You all claim to be so smart explain to me how exactly you determine the proper dollar amount it takes to fight global warming; then break out the check book ’cause you’ll soon be putting your money where your mouthes are. It is a shame to see such a large congregation of empty minded drones on one page.

  117. Smith

    first off you are trying to correct glenn when he does not need correction. this is what you commeted on glenn:”His first statement is wrong, right off the bat: it’s nowhere near the truth.

    First, 1934 was the hottest year in the US, not globally.”

    well duh. if you read what glenn beck said:
    “AMERICA’S temperature peaked in 1934. Since 1934, the hottest year on record was 1998. It has not gotten warmer since 1998. That’s a fact.”

    *notice the america

    also if global warming heats the globe (hence global warming) then why does it matter where you record and compare temperatures. if you record a temp of 120 F in 1998 or whatever the temp was and compare it today it is still hotter then than it has been since then. that means that the temperature is not getting higher. if you look at the records you will find almost the same results, that it has been cooler now than years ago. no matter where you measure, because the change should be consistant, not the exact same temp but the change in temp. congradulations you are an idiot

  118. Manly

    Much has been said about Beck.I just could not stand this guy. Anytime he surfaces on CNN, I switch to other channels. A total idiot who thinks he knows all. So fixed to his narrow mineded views that it’s not worth watching his show.

  119. Some1whonose

    Sounds like a lot of name calling without much substance. I have watched, and listened to conservatives and liberals in the media and found that both tell the truth and both lie. Its pretty easy to tell which way someone leans politically. What I find interesting is that many on this blog call names, and make statements like Becks first amendment rights should be controlled by the government. A person that posted above labeled Manly said, refering to Beck,”A total idiot who thinks he knows it all. So fixed to his narrow minded views that it’s not worth watching his show.” I find it odd, because those who seem to have narrow views or seem to think they know it all aren’t able to see the good in anything and are in plenty above. Its not hard to see that diversity makes this country great not socialism. Learn your history and be open minded and I promise that by your mid thirties you will figure it out, and regret being so uneducated.

  120. Bart

    Climate change is real, it happens thanks to ol’ Sol. Global warming is nothing more than political dog squeeze passed off as “science” by socialists pretending to be environmentally concerned.

  121. James Johnson

    I just wanted to say thanks to the creator of this sight. I always thought i was the only one out here who really thinks this guy is a complete idiot. He has so many misstatements and untruths that i cant believe that CNN is still employing this idiot. Anyway, thanks for the sight…

  122. My father wrote a letter to Glen Beck tonight after being super upset about Glen’s comments on Obama & Rev. Wright. The letter is a great conversation into the hypocrisy of the man that is Glen Beck. Visit my site and check out the letter, and also reblog it or tell as many people as possible about it.


  123. John

    ummm….for how long has global temperature been recorded? haha. All you have to say in your blog is “right-wing” and you give away your agenda. You “left wing” nut.

  124. Michael J. McCbabe

    Glen Beck IS an idiot!…..Forgive me if I’m not following the current thread, but I just now found this site, and need to express myself. Unfortunatly, I couldn’t find a contact link on the CNN web page that would allow me to post my opinion there. I consider myself just left of center, have an open mind, and always listen to both sides of any subject, and to me, he is exactly like Chicken Little. Every day he espouses his “sky is falling” retoric, trying to , what seems, instill fear in thre hearts and minds of the american people, and has anything that that opinionated, blowhard, Rush Limbaugh-want-to-be said, come to fruition? NO! Why CNN gives him the time of day leaves me dumdfounded. I know I no longer will!

  125. mike

    Yes, g. beck is an idiot.

    What is it, that so many peoples minds are so tiny that they are unable to imagine that 7,000,000,000 animals (humans), over-running their environment, can have a negative impact.

    Today he was again talking about ‘P.C.’ and how no-one can say anything anymore. Of course, he never points out that he and his republican propagandists are the master of ‘P.C.’ism. Since the rise of bush Americans are not allowed rational discourse on terrorism, Iraq, the war, 9/11, and the assault on their constitution without being labeled a ‘hater of the U.S.A’.

    Not just an idiot, a dangerous idiot.

    And, btw, wanting professionalism from our network and cable journalists is NOT an attack on free speech. It is wanting what is best for the country, which cannot function without REAL journalism and unbiased reporting on important issues.

    BTW, lastly, Glen beck is a idiot. Did I mention that?

  126. The truth hurts, and it hurts most peoples feelings, aww tooo baad

    wake up, or lay down and die

  127. Sara

    Glenn Beck is an idiot. How can he pretend that America has the best medical system. A friend of mine happened to get sick while she was out of the job. She is now $3,500 in debt and can barely afford to pay her housing bill for a minor illness. I find it absurd. I live in Canada and we cover everything.

  128. Jeremy

    Somebody tell me this. If global warming is actually man made what good will it be to have the USA and a handful of other countries lower their emissions and their standard of living along with it, while China, India, and the rest of the world just dump whatever they want into the atmosphere. They still produce and have basicly no regulations on cfc’s, while we go to jail for venting a little r-12.

    Can’t you people see where this is all going? Control. What better way than to kill the middle class with taxation and regulation on energy. We will not be able to afford to be mobile, afford good food, heat cool our homes without the ok of those that think they know what’s best for us.

    Please tell me I’m wrong, but this seems real like 1st class socialism.

  129. Christine Burke

    Glenn Beck has smarts and courage! He may not be right about everything, Who is ? He is religious, but that does not make him a nutcase. I have a feeling that it is his religion that scares some of you, not his opinions. He is right about a lot of things. Some of you had better take off the blinders while you still have the freedom to do so!

  130. Ryn0

    Wow!….Your reply to Glenn re-enforced his statements (am i the only one that sees that?). I only saw you try to make excuses for the cheating scientist in the world, but its minuscule..???? Ya know, just stuff like that…Have a great day!

  131. Ryn0

    P.S…..If it (High Temps) was “Only in American History”…then why do I (Americans) carry all the burden? … Again, just sayin’ !!

  132. Jake

    I love your statement HateMonger. I have a Hate U T-shirt :)

  133. kenny

    Glen Tells the truth. If you think global warming is anything but a way for the left, and the right too for that matter, to control your life EVEN MORE then keep following the herd of lemmings towards American socialism.

  134. getes

    Glenn Beck just looks annoying. He looks like a guy who got beaten up a lot in school for being so annoying, and at this age he looks like a guy you still want to beat up for being annoying.
    Its so lame he trys to act cool when he is interviewing republican celebrities, like Ted Nugent, but he ends up looking like a real dork. What a lame wannabee.

  135. Dr. Selway

    I know that most people who read this comment will have already made their minds up on most of the issues covered in this article and the subsiquent responses to the article. I however wish to add that looking at the problem of Global Warming and the whole “Green” movement is that they feel as though we should and can keep the world the same. That somehow Man can undue the billions of years of change and or evolution.

    I mean to say that people have a habbit at looking at nature as a engineer would. They see a problem with the natural evolution of a species and or world as a problem. The problem then needs to be solved. Perhaps that viewpoint is noble, but it is not realistic.

    Since the beggining of the Cosmos one thing has remaind constant and that is change. Everything evolves and will continue to do so until the day comes that it dies. This happens to everything from stars to the most simple single celled animal. Mankind is the dominant life form on this planet and our evolution has changed the planet. Species will come and go. Some will die out from our direct influence and some will not. This is the natural order of things. Someday Mankind may cease to exist and a new being will take its place as the dominant species. This is just how it works.

    In closing I do not wish to imply that anyone who is “for” or “against” global warming is right or wrong. I just wish to point out that man started out his evolutionary rise do to this need to solve problems. That Mankind defines his reality by problems and finding solitions to those problems.

  136. Mrxray

    Global warming or not, it is hard to really take it serious when the “gore” types are so hypocritical in their “carbon-credit” self righteous “self-justification” solution for their totally over the top usage of energy; several/many houses with all their lighting and security and luxuries, jet planes, multiple cars and SUVs (even if they are energy efficient) and other ways that the friviously use energy. I too was a child of the doomsday “ice-age” is coming speeches and the other liberal attempts at fear techniques. The earth and its environment is a cycle of patterns that vary BECAUSE nature is not a constant.

    A much better approach would be a level headed common sense approach of teaching individuals and communities to be cleaner and to support all out research in new energy sources or technologies.

    When liberal, radical, egotists, such as Gore, cry out with gloom and doom, the earth is going to end rhetoric, and then turns around and does not walk the walk, and then uses some idiotic system of carbon credits to excuse their behavior patterns of using energy just as wastefully, or more so, as the best anti-global warming redneck does, then the mainstream, everyday guy who only care about his own pocketbook only sees radical extremists and socialist communists attempting to control their everyday life.

  137. Why don’t you like Glenn Beck? Is it because he tells the truth.
    I know a lot of people can’t handle the truth. How sad.

  138. mike valente

    Glenn Beck ‘tells the truth’? Are you f’in kidding?
    Another dangerous blowhard who talks for one reason, and one reason only- to incite for ratings.
    He just got done with a ‘hilarious’ segment about taking odds on riots after the election. Yeah, he’s a great American….

  139. Parnam

    “The Glen Beck: idiot” article and the responses to it, show just how irrational the far left is. Statements like, “Man, I hate…to insult someone…[or] call people names….” are followed by hysterical, mindless insults and name calling. There is a growing body of scientific opinion that throws doubt on the theory of global warming and that man has caused it. It is time we had a rational, scientific debate on the issues—not below-the-belt insults. I do not know who is right, but I am beginning to suspect that global warming is less a scientific fact, than a tool to create more government control of our lives. Paranam

  140. BBSU

    Its a shame there is a great amount of people still believing this. The real idiot is the pawn of publicity. The world is obviously not in any global danger or even close (on a climate scale). Al Gore supplied his pockets by use of his own propaganda and name. The greatest CON of the decade I will say. Its just a play on a people’s emotion. I mean who really wants to deny a healthier planet?

    I thought we as a country were better than this… Americans don’t just live on hope or rhetoric, we live on action and reason.

  141. csense

    Boy Oh Boy! All this wisdom in one place! I offer a challenge to anyone! Cite one example where Glenn Beck has spoken anything in error with the intent to deceive. Be sure to cite sources that authoritatively (credible) contradict such statements. No thought so’s, no opinions, no hearsay. Just incontrovertible facts. If you dare!

  142. Dale Nelsen

    To find the real idiots that have a national stage look no further than MSNBC star line up of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. These two are the biggest jokes on TV. They are far less intelligent than Glen Beck, so if they can have a program, he can have a program. It just shows again that all most all media wants their liberal views to be heard and that is why Glen Beck had to get a job at Fox.

  143. Dale Nelsen

    This is to Sara about our healthcare system. Yes our healthcare system has problems. We should be able to treat everyone, but at what cost. We have the best healthcare in the world for people who can afford it. But lets look at Canada. They treat everybody. That is great. But the healthcare they offer is underfunded, understaffed, and is close to the worst healthcare offered by developed countries. Yeah treating everybody is great but it comes at a cost to the people that can afford healthcare. Socialistic healthcare systems at this point are a joke. Many Canadians that have money come to the United States to get the great healthcare that we provide, because the canadian healthcare is horrible. Now if there was a way to maintain our quality of healthcare and also treat everyone I would be all for it but at this point no country has been able to do that.

  144. Teresa

    Just because you do not agree with Glenn, doesn’t mean that he does not deserve air time. Maybe he does get somethings wrong, but I’m sure you do too. He recieves air time on CNN because this is still a free country where we can go and hear what we would like to hear. We are not consigned to a one sided oppinion, which would be very dangerous. As a nation we need to come together and be willing to hear all sides and merge what is logical. I am here trying to understand your side, so I can educate myself and make the best choices after I have heard and researched opposing oppinions.

  145. Jacquie Meade

    I think that Glenn Beck’s mother must have dropped him on his head when he was a baby.

  146. Ellen Kozlowski

    Any one who has jumped on the climate change/global warming fanatical bandwagon needs to have their head examined. When in the history of man have humans ever had any effect on the climate? Not then and not now, if you think you can change the climate with government regulations then you have just proclaimed yourself a GOD! Al Gore has proclaimed himself God of the Earth because he really believes man can alter our current climate. This movement is so appealing because every one who joins the parade has declared themselves a demi-God. This makes them more powereful in their own minds. This is why the news media thinks that George Bush can control the weather and where hurricanes will hit….they have convinced themselves that man is God. I support Glen Beck, he is usually right and has made many accurate predictions that the main stream media has failed to do. Open your mind and you may discover someone else has taken control of your destiny without you even knowing.

  147. Todd W.

    @Ellen Kozlowski

    So, I suppose you support the use of CFCs in aerosol cans? I mean, those haven’t had any impact on the ozone layer, right?

    By the bye, what’s wrong with limiting the amount of CO2 that humans pump into the atmosphere?

  148. Jason

    His mother didn’t drop him on his head. She died in a car accident when he was young, driving home after having christmas at his grandparents.

    You want to know the problem with the world today summed up into a few short sentances? It’s not debatable, and is spot on the truth. It’s only debatable to those who have large egos, denial (due to numerous reasons)or the flat out dumb.

    It’s bad parenting. Egos. Lack of common sense, values, and morals. That’s it. 90% of all Television Programs feed emotions and feelings that we were BORN with. Greed, entitlement, etc.. There you have it. You can dissect those reasons for hours and hours. There are many other reasons..sure…but when you trace them all down,all arrows point to those. All of this and more is what Glen Beck is about. Take him off the air? Yeah! Go ahead! You’re all too good for having to listen to someone tell you to have better values, and morals. After all Desperate House Wives or Kath and Kim will teach our kids good morals and no entitlement.

    Lastly. If you hate our government so much, then do us all a favor and leave. You don’t have to live here. No one is forcing you to stay. Frankly it’d help the country out greatly if you’d just leave. Go somewhere where you can be happy. Go somewhere where you can do something positive with your life, rather than venting anger that only makes people more angry and more divided. It starts with YOU and your heart, mind, and soul. You are not an awesome anamoly. If you were you wouldn’t be reading this right now. The greatest good you can do is when you lay to rest the arguing, the ego, the denial, entitlement, and start living for something bigger.

  149. Matt

    You are all being fooled. There is no global warming caused by humans. It’s a hoax, and the biggest act of arrogance one can announce. They’ve got you hook, line, and sinker. It’s a business that generates money from you people who feed it. Sure we need to be careful what we put into the air, but to say we are causing the change in weather is ABSURD. We can hardly PREDICT the weather. We are not as smart as you think. It’s rigged to no matter what if it’s a cold winter, or a hot winter…”it’s all GLOBAL F_IN warming!!” I guess if someone is going to fund it…it might as well be you and your paranoia.

    As for Glen Beck. His mom committed suicide. People say things that aren’t true. Barrack Obama for instance, you obama lovers..if you stopped acting like a sheep and investigated some truth behind him you’d find ALOT of false, uneducated, and dirty lies, and truths from him. Glen bases himself on values, morals, and redemption. Is that so horrible?

  150. Jay

    I have AM radio or tv news on in the background while I work or drive and usually I can ignore most the mindless yammering and give it little or no thought … However, Glen Beck has now reached the level of annoyance only held by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Ann Colter etc. Main stream media is such a complete joke that these people have replaced facts and educated opinion with complete BS. They do not even try to hide it. The thing that concerns me the most are the people listening that never bother to hear other sources of information and actually believe these morons. It’s no wonder our nation is in the shape it is. Thanks for this page, I just needed to rant about this mindless goof a little.

  151. I try very hard to be open minded and read the opposing views on any subject. AND I tend to believe that we HAVE impacted the earth in a negative way. BUT I don’t believe that one side has a monopoly on the truth over and above the other. The problem I see here, in reading the article in question and all the comments on said article, is this: both sides hate the other side and won’t consider that maybe the truth lies somewhere in between. They’d rather call names and slander one another. The media isn’t concerned with the truth, they are concerned with buying, selling and seeing a profit just like the rest of the corporations here in our power greedy country. EVERYONE has an agenda…the truth lies somewhere in between the two opposing ideologies. What will bring us all to the end of any sort of normal life here in this country is the unwillingness of either side of the issue to hear the opposing side and work together to do something before it is to late….whether we are going down in an ice age or whether we are going down as sacrifices to the New World Order….United States of America will soon be history. And here we are, we still fighting over political and religious labels. How ignorant are we? Wake up folks, the proverbial wolf is at the door, no matter which side you are lined up with.

  152. p.s. and this is JUST what the REAL agenda is…to have us all at each others throats…so we don’t see that mean ol’ wolf as he pounces.

  153. Torbjörn Larsson, OM

    I don’t believe that one side has a monopoly on the truth over and above the other

    That is simply wrong – science can establish facts, and anyone can verify that if need be.

    [And FWIW, “truth” values as established in logics are contingent relative the system the logic works in, while objective facts are established absolutely against the one and only nature we have.]

    And in this question the science, as summarized by IPCC for example, has shown that AGW is a fact.

    I cite from the IPCC 4th Assessment Report from 2007:

    There is very high confidence that the global average net
    effect of human activities since 1750 has been one of warming,
    with a radiative forcing of +1.6 [+0.6 to +2.4] W/m2

    There is very high confidence that the global average net
    effect of human activities since 1750 has been one of warming,
    with a radiative forcing of +1.6 [+0.6 to +2.4] W/m2 (Figure 2.4). {WGI 2.3, 6.5, 2.9, SPM}

    The combined radiative forcing due to increases in CO2, CH4
    and N2O is +2.3 [+2.1 to +2.5] W/m2, and its rate of increase during the industrial era is very likely to have been unprecedented in more
    than 10,000 years (Figures 2.3 and 2.4). The CO2 radiative forcing
    increased by 20% from 1995 to 2005, the largest change for any
    decade in at least the last 200 years. {WGI 2.3, 6.4, SPM}
    Anthropogenic contributions to aerosols (primarily sulphate,
    organic carbon, black carbon, nitrate and dust) together produce a
    cooling effect, with a total direct radiative forcing of -0.5 [-0.9 to
    -0.1] W/m2 and an indirect cloud albedo forcing of -0.7 [-1.8 to
    -0.3] W/m2. Aerosols also influence precipitation. {WGI 2.4, 2.9, 7.5,
    In comparison, changes in solar irradiance since 1750 are estimated
    to have caused a small radiative forcing of +0.12 [+0.06 to
    +0.30] W/m2, which is less than half the estimate given in the TAR.
    {WGI 2.7, SPM}

    The terms “very high confidence” and “very likely” is defined in the report – essentially it is > 90 % confidence respectively likelihood.

    Ideally you would like to see a larger confidence before accepting a theory, but it is doubtful that you would want to wait for that in this case. It is much like waiting to see if a car really hits before trying to avoid it. The point is that the confidence has been growing while the uncertain factors have been eliminated, all on a background of a massive amount of data, so we can’t expect the result to change.

  154. Denny

    The left wing kool aid drinkers are so easy to spot any more, it’s a good thing that Mr. Gore does’nt march off a cliff, because at least half of the country would march right after him. I used to respect “Discover”, But I never thought I would read a left wing lemming using words like “pontificate”. You sir should be in government, You’ll fit right in.


  155. Kajaan

    i think they fixed his habit….but forgot to mend his head !!!
    he was too stupid to know how much booze was bad for a person….he still is too stupid to know how much trouble his mouth can get him into.
    thank god he is on fox now…i was getting a lttle frustrated with CNN for having him !!!

  156. stephen baker

    i have to agree glen beck is a total buffoon,just by looking at
    the idiot you can almost guess what he’s going to say.he talks about common sense but has absolutely none.he is another big mouth that says he believes religion but hates programs to help
    people,he supports war, torture,and greed.a real phony.
    there is controversy weather mankind is causing global warming,
    but if there is even the smallest chance we are, isn’t it
    common sense to go in a new direction. just in case?
    i always liked fox news in the morning and early evening
    but no more evenings for fact i found this website looking
    where to complain about his new show

  157. Jon

    Glen Beck won’t be on TV much longer. You can only ran’t and rave and hype stuff up … while ignoring the facts … and being a stupid high school looser all along …. before people get fed up. His ratings will tank soon. I’m a news junky and even I have stopped watching CNN.

  158. john allan

    There is no confusion on global warming. The confusion is over why. The glaciers have been melting since the 12th century. Read john muir’s my life in nature. He went to Glacier Bay in 1884 to see the glacier Vancouver described 85 years earlier. Well the glacier had receded 40 miles in that time frame. Manmade global warming? I think not. Al Gore is the idiot here.

  159. Cerebus

    FWIW, I’ve noticed that the “in” thing now is to refer to “Global Climate Change” rather than “Gobal Warming”.

    It seems that evidence of “Global Warming” is getting harder and harder to find, so a change of strategy was needed.

    Just like “Liberals” are now “Progressives”.

    The real genius of this is that the one thing you can count on is that the climate will change!

    Its a “Heads, they win. Tails, we lose!” kind of thing!

  160. Analyse

    Just to let you guys know,We have the right to free speach. In fact that is probably the only reason why your alowed to even have blogs. Think about it. You’re saying that Glenn Beck should not be “alowed” to say the things he does. If that’s the case, why should any of you be alound free speach? The constitution does not pick and choose it applys to EVERYONE! It does not matter if you like Glenn Beck or not, He’s an American just like you. He is not the enemy

  161. Analyse

    sorry for the spelling, please dont judge me by it! :)

  162. Cerebus

    Indeed! Giordano Bruno, Copernicus, Gallelio, and many more were concsidered to be “heretics”, not just by the Church, but by a “consensus” of main stream scientists – at the time.

    The scientific establishment of their day believed these pioneers to be “idiots” too!

    Beck stands in good company, I’m thinking!

  163. Jerry Fleece

    Glenn Beck truly is a complete moron. Though this article certainly touches on it far better than anything I’ve read, this article brings a bit of humor to the fact that Glenn Beck is a complete moron.

  164. Tiyanuo

    My favorite so far was when he went on and on about how the “National Socialist’s” ideals were the same as “Socialists” ideals,
    Making Hilter, a Communist party member he was talking to, and President Obama all… the same.
    Hahahahhaha. They are all Nazis? Really. Interesting Mr. Beck.
    And he was telling THIS Communist man to check HIS facts.
    He wasn’t even saying anything! Good lord.

  165. Truth

    Glenn Beck is not worth anyone’s time. He is simply a racist not worthy to be on public American media.

  166. apa

    Glenn Beck is a cog in the Fix News propaganda machine. He subverts everything “the news” is supposed to represent with fanaticism. See ONE of his latest blunders at

  167. kenneth wilkerson

    well guys and gals I think Glen Beck is a patriot at least he is not beliving all the presidents BS hipe and the socilest way the goverment is going you people need to get your head out of the sand.

  168. Tony

    Mr. Beck is stating an opinion as you are
    His facts may not be accurate according to your research but does that warrant the
    name calling?
    You state that your not normally a name caller but you don’t hesitate to call him the
    typical names people use when someone disagrees with them. Just look at some of the
    responses posted – they show a true lack of open mindedness simply because Beck
    espouses a different view. These blog posters and too many like them are the the same
    ones who get all defensive and upset when the same ugly words are used against someone
    they agree with yet as evidenced here they don’t hesitate to use them against those
    who don’t see things their way.

    Glenn Beck is but one voice = if you don’t like what he says then don’t listen
    I don’t care for Keith Olberman (sp?) but I don’t publicly bash him .



  169. Glen Beck is the best example of how hard our govenment has to work to improve education, Glen is dumm, lacks “common sense” and has the same level of knowledge of an 10 year old hermit. I am not surprised he has a show, we have to give idiots a chance to be entertained so they can feel better, for us, the smart people… we need good comedy.

  170. Curt

    I just heard his latest triad on you tube which only proves the original topic.

    And he like all of the on air comics that purport conservatism in the name of the good, righteous, and holier than thou attitudes, will never let any liberal point of view over shadow them on their own radio show. It’s exactly like the spoiled little kid next door saying he’s taking his toys and going home if you can’t play like I say. By the way NASA, a government entity, has on their web site information that contradicts Becks theory of non-global warming.

  171. Glenn Beck is preaching to the choir. And, to the idiots at the other end of the spectrum, who are mentally challenged. The Republicans have two quests for votes. The first is for the multi-millionaire/ billionaire class and the second is for the vote of people stupid enough to believe all the falsehoods put out by the Republican party. The Republican Party exists to make laws and govern for and by the RICH. The GOP brings on people like Glenn Beck to spread lies that will direct the vote of very stupid people toward the GOP. That is it in a nutshell. If you don’t believe it then you are either one of the very stupid or one of the very rich.

  172. Chris

    I feel compelled to post. The only measurable inluence on global temeratures is the sun. Solar flares can and will change global temeperatrues and create global temperture fluctuations. Case in point; The sun has been relatively quiet since 2008 started. This has not happened since the begining of the 20th century. Please note this year has recorded some othe coldest tempertures in the united states since they started tracking these things. Consider this; If the Earth’s atmosphere were likened to a footbal field nitrogen wiould represent 70 yards, oxygen would represent 20 yards and co2 content would be qunatified by 1″ of the playnig field. Wake up people. Why do you believe everything the goverment says? Global warming is an attempt at creating new tax revenue streams to fuel the green junkies in DC.

  173. Jimbo

    Like all idiots, Beck doesn’t realize how stupid he is.

    He is convinced that he speaks for the ‘common’ man. He truly is stupid. Just watch him construct or recite his arguments. They all draw on the same predictable tenets of his limited makeup.

    He is truly a dull and boring person.

  174. Volker

    Glenn Beck an Idiot?
    It wouldbe fine, if he would ONLY be an idiot – but he is ten idiots in one!

    Anyway, he helps the Democrats with every word he is saying, because only some nutbags are listening and believing what he says. So, he is a good thing fur “US”! :-)

  175. I am so tired of the Liberals accusing me and others of racism simply because I watch Glenn Beck and Fox News and I disagree with the President on health care. No matter what you think, those that wish to take Beck and others off the air simply because they do not agree with their message is possibility because they can not deal with the truth. I believe these people are the true threat to our country simply because they believe free speech is fine as long as they are the ones speaking.

    It is my opinion that our President is not Black, nor is he White, Yellow, Red or any other color. He is simply the President of our country. To disagree with the President does not make me a racist no more than agreeing with him makes me a liberal. The only thing it makes me is a American citizen exercising my Constitution right and duty to question my elected leaders if I Believe he is in error or misguided.

    If former President Carter, the so~called main stream media and nut job actors are right about most Americans being racist and hate black people, how did Obama get elected? Call me want you want other than late to dinner. I do not care and will not be silenced by anyone as long as the Constitution is the law of the land. I might suggest that the liberals realize they are not the only ones in our country that have the right of Free Speech

  176. Craig

    I have had a subscription to Discover Magazine for 12 years now, and I listen to Glenn Beck every day.
    I enjoy them both.
    Why do people on the left have to be so hateful to preach their point? There are those on the right that use hate, but it is not the right that goes around bragging about how tolerant they are.
    Does Glenn Beck get carried away?
    But the hatred from the left is WAY more of an issue in my opinion!
    Liberals have become so damn HATEFUL!!!!

  177. jeff

    night wolf: I work around alot of people,differant people all the time. I used to make all kinds of racist alot of people think that I am a racist.And believe me,most of the people that listen to beck rush and hannity are racist.I am not saying all of them but alot of them are. if you don’t believe that alot of people hate obama because of his skin,you are not paying attention!!!

  178. jeff

    We are not saying that temps don’t fluctuate from the sun we are saying we add to it

  179. Bob

    Oh the Irony of it all, “Just Because a kid is throwing a fit and the loudest voice in a room , doesnt mean he represents the consensus of the room”. Thankfully its so obvious , the scary thing is… increasingly there are many of those that follow that kind of behavior. His Me, Me , Me , I , I , I, behavior and or attitudes…. when I was a child, would of gotten me no where but trouble …with the family and or community I grew up in. Definitely not popular.

  180. Vern

    1) Fires happen naturally for many reasons. For the last 100yrs the National Forest Service in California/US has a history of fighting fires without letting the natural process reduce excess landscape fuels. What use to be 100K acre fires Max is now multiple 500K & 600K acre fires annually. Glenn Beck must be an incredibly good scientist to correlate (California) fire to global warming.

    2) It seems that the two party system works to keep a check and balance. Hopefully we agree that it also energizes polarization and limits change desired by the majority. Maybe there is a way to reduce this effect. Shouldn’t we be talking about how to reduce or eliminate corporate / international / large financial contributions provided to politicians. Maybe with stronger limits and regulation, those of us at the bottom or in the middle will have a better chance for opportunity. Your feedback is desired.

  181. Arby

    169. Tiyanuo Says:
    “My favorite so far was when he went on and on about how the “National Socialist’s” ideals were the same as “Socialists” ideals,
    Making Hilter, a Communist party member he was talking to, and President Obama all… the same.”

    The linkage is not as spurious as you might think. F. A. Hayek spoke to the issue in his “Road to Serfdom”. Hayek saw that the goals of the Socialist/Progressives, the National Socialists (Nazis) and Communists were different, but correctly pointed out that they shared a belief that social planning as a means was necessary to secure the “common good”. In the end, it is their collectivism and their willingness to subordinate the individual’s sphere of action to that of the state that unifies those political ideologies.

  182. CJARUN

    Glen Beck’s interview with Katy Couric revealed a few chinks in his armour
    I wish he stood by his tall claims when confronted with point blank questions on what he stood for. He wriggled and backed out in explaining on a few comments he made.
    Until he quotes clear he will always be viewed as a hate monger.

  183. soupdejour

    “Beck does alot of his show, tounge in cheek…. not 100% real hard facts…”

    I don’t think it’s tongue in cheek, as in meant to be ironic or a joke, but I do think it’s insincere and that surely he can’t believe everything he’s telling the dumbasses who watch/listen to him. Surely he’s not *that* much of an idiot.

  184. Eric Mann
  185. andy

    You people amaze me, it is a proven fact that there is no global warming. The world has cooled down in the last 12 years. Last time i checked he hammered on bush about as hard as Obama. Is that all you can come up with, that he is an idoit that states his quotes in honest facts, post some research to support your answers not just he’s a hate monger. Just check the facts before you blow your horns.

  186. Oh, nice try Andy (#191). But the irony is strong with this one. Maybe you should check your “facts”. The Earth isn’t cooling. Here’s another link, which is even better. In fact, typing “global cooling myth” into Google will give you lots of things which directly and completely refute what you wrote.

  187. Catmandu

    It’s funny (not in the sense of levity) that Mr. Beck does not mention the rising ppm levels of CO2 and CH4 in the atmosphere. These levels are in direct correlation with the beginning of the industrial revolution that began in the middle of the 19th century.
    We’re basically crapping in our own mess kits, but many do not want to acknowledge this.
    I’ve been alive long enough to witness climate change, and from the short lifetime perspective of a human, that’s a bit frightening.

    And no, the world is not cooling down. The aggregate average of global warming is now about two degrees fahrenheit over the last century. That does not mean that temperatures have increased at this rate universally. Some places have become cooler while others have experienced much greater increases in overall temperature. This seemingly insignificant amount is playing havoc with the world’s weather patterns, and it is only getting worse.
    Now we have drought in areas that usually have not seen drought, and torrential rains in areas that have not seen this. This is not to mention that hurricanes and typhoons have become much more intense and destructive along with storms in general.

    Going back to basic chemistry, warmer air can hold much more moisture. Dust off your old text books if you still have them, or buy one and read it if you are in doubt. Also keep in mind that the scientific method is not about trying to prove what is right. Rather, it is all about trying to prove what is wrong with a theory before the theory is accepted. So far, nothing can be disputed with the empirical data when it comes to global warming.

    Yes Mr. Beck, we are screwing up our planet. It is only the arrogance of many humans that turn a blind eye to this.

    I for one am worried not only for myself, but future generations. I suppose I can take some solace in that people are beginning to wake up and take notice.

    We are supposed to be stewards of this Earth. I’m guessing many of us are sleeping on the job.

  188. mason

    Global Warming is not man made. Well to me anyways.

  189. Trexx67

    Save it brother. Global Warming has been exposed as a hoax now. It is an excuse for grabbing power by the radical left who just happen to be in power now that America weas stupid enough to elect Obama. They played us all like a fiddle in playing on our sympathies and they knew Black America (97% of Black votes) would vote a Black man into office along with 45% of sympathetic whites. Now we are all arguing pointless garbage while the communist left takes over America using our own system of government to do it. I bet Nikita Kruschev (who predicted this would happen to America) is dancing in his grave with a bottle of Good Russian Vodka. Open your eyes People because it is almost too late already.

  190. RRRite

    The controversy with global warming is the way it is being used to further political agendas that have nothing to do with global warming.

    If the solutions to global warming only included free market ideas, increased individual property rights and individual freedom/responsibility, called for less government intrusion, no redistribution of wealth, then I suspect the Right would be all over it and the Left would be screaming about the gw conspiracy.

  191. How is it that disparate people, holding differing views on life, the universe and everything, can come to one conclusion on the deserving target of intolerance: “Willful ignorance.”

    I thought that was my pet peeve, but hopefully there are more out there like us, even if we don’t see eye to eye on everything.

  192. Daniel

    The problem is that the science is still not settled on this topic. I have heard extremely brilliant scientists argue on both sides of the data. Sure we have a lot of raw data (at least we had a lot of raw data) but how this data is interpreted is the problem here. I have seen holes blown throw the arguments in both theories (let keep that in mind, these are still only theories). What irritates me is when scientists act as though their theory is irrefutable. That attitude alone, in my opinion, should flag any scientist as suspect in his motives.

    There are still a lot of ifs and assumptions being made on both sides and while I believe there is enough evidence to slap humanity in face with a big ol’ wake up call, most of the reactionary policies/laws being proposed will most likely end up causing more problems than they solve (as history has proved time and time again).

  193. Peter

    Please Jesus, let it be Palin/Beck in 2012.

  194. Sean

    I once knew a woman who believed the National Enquirer wrote factual material. When I questioned her on this belief, she assured me that the Constitution forbade the publication of lies. Mr. Beck speaks to her.

  195. David

    @Sean: Based on some of the exit pole interviews I saw, are you sure that woman didn’t vote for Obama? See I can can do meaningless personal attacks as well. You all are so clever…

  196. I can’t comment on Glenn Beck – I’ve never heard him. I am not doubting warming or climate change. Some is probably natural and some is undoubtedly manmade. Where I am having problems is the proposed solutions – how many will actually work, and how many are contrived just to put money in someone’s pocket. I also don’t doubt that we will have our profiteers.
    Also, I have heard no proposed solutions for any seacoast cities and lowland areas.

    It’s hard to convince anyone of global warming when the Siberian Express hits, and there’s articles on the internet that the last ice age might have started in months – not gradually.

  197. Matt Eriksen

    Thank you for making my finals week a little more bearable by trying to fool us with a graph that has no citation of a source so we have no idea where it came from. If yo click on the hyperlink word “graph”, you don’t learn anything about where it came from, unless of course if it came from the person the link goes to, but then it still came from just some know-it-all who wishes he had his own show where he could be just like glenn beck (aka, personal agenda). You make me laugh, merry christmas

  198. Actually, Matt Eriksen (#203), if you had actually read the link you’d see exactly where I got those points for the plot, and I thought it was clear I had plotted it myself. I used Excel.

    And hmmm. “..but then it still came from just some know-it-all who wishes he had his own show where he could be just like glenn beck (aka, personal agenda)”. That’s a good idea!

  199. Thomas Gagnon

    Face it people, the only science Glenn Beck, Al Gore or any of the other multitudes of “Talking Heads” care about is the good old American “science” of making MONEY! Until the American public educates itself enough to see that BOTH the right and left in this country have an agenda which screws the middle class, then we shall continue to have the best government that money can buy. And of course, people like Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh can keep making millions pretending to represent everyday Americans. Welcome to the Braver New World (my apologies to Aldous Huxley) and the new Corporate States of America!

  200. Nic

    He’s a genius. Get over it.

  201. Ed

    Face it people Glenn Beck has millions of viewers and Al Gore is getting his lectures cancelled. Love to listen to all the soap dodgers go on about global warming while the argument crumbles around them. Don’t blame Glenn Beck blame all the idiots that said “don’t listen to this guy” They’re terrified of him because he has Americas ear and from what I can see people are taking him seriously. Maybe we could build fences around some of you so in the future people could pay a dime to see what a left wing idiot looked like. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and their listeners are in the majority and all your nonsense won’t change that fact. Have fun with your “water wings for polar bears” project.

  202. america

    who ever wrote this seriosly needs to get their brain checked and then whach his show. he provides proof for a lot of what he said if you would listen.

    if you are willing to give up your freedom for safety then you diserve neather and will loss both. (look at history)

  203. Global Warming is a hoax. The peer-review process is corrupt. The original data has been “lost.” Remaining data is being “homogenized.” “Tricks” are being used to “hide the decline.”

    The planet hasn’t gotten any warmer (in fact, it’s cooled) over the last 11 years. The warming trend we were experiencing only lasted 25 or 30 years – before that the planet was cooling – so anyone who claims 11 years is “meaningless” while 25 or 30 years is somehow “proof” of a long-term trend is the real idiot.

    Other planets and their moons are warming right now, too. Is that caused by SUVs and coal power plants as well? The Medieval Warm Period (MWP) occurred long before the Industrial Revolution, so it couldn’t have been caused by human activity. But it was warmer during the MWP than it is now. The “hockey stick” graph has been exposed as a fraud. Al Gore’s Antarctic ice cores are not evidence of Global Warming, because the warming occurred before the increase in CO2 (by several hundred years, on average).

    All the Global Warming computer models are broken. Garbage in, garbage out. And even if they were true, the planet would only warm by a few degrees over the next century. And even if every country in the world agreed to do everything in their power to battle Global Warming – and they actually abided by the agreement – the net result would still be an increase in global temperature, only a marginally smaller increase (by mere fractions of a degree).

    Oh, and by the way, we are still in an Ice Age, by definition (as there is ice at both poles year-round).

    So. In order to battle this nonexistent “threat” that is based upon bogus data, the proposed “solution” is to create a global government that will regulate virtually all human activity, to declare CO2 a dangerous pollutant – despite the fact that we, and all other animals, exhale it, and that plants need it to live – and to transfer trillions of dollars in wealth from countries in the West (which have declining birthrates and strong environmental protections) to third world countries (which have exploding populations and weak environmental protections).

    Glenn Beck may be an idiot, but you Warmists are utterly insane.

  204. Dr.C.Ivan Roth

    Global Warming is a manufactured crises intended to herd all of us into the pen of “Imminent danger” one which of course they will be the heroes at the end of the stories

    31,000 U.S. scientists – 9,000 with doctorate degrees in atmospheric science, climatology, Earth science, environment and other specialties – have signed a petition rejecting global warming. The list of scientists includes 9,021 Ph.D.s, 6,961 at the master’s level, 2,240 medical doctors and 12,850 carrying a bachelor of science or equivalent academic degree

  205. e m carter

    It is obvious that this writer has NO clue about glen beck, but his hate is apparent. Glenn is not on CNN but rather Fox. If you actually watch and listen to the man, maybe you could write a fair review….

  206. e m carter (#211): I have more than a clue about Beck; I have watched his show and listened to him and stand by my conclusion that he is, in fact, an idiot. And if you had actually read what I wrote carefully, you’d have noticed the article is from October 2007, when Beck was still at CNN.

  207. PM

    ….hmmm, lets see….. he has a cable show which has ratings that have, literally, buried every ‘competitor’……for a long time now, at least 3 weeks, maybe more…..just sayin. At the end of the day…..someone is listening….certainly not the elite that publish this blog. Must be those damn Bud sluggin, red neck, NFL watchin Teabaggers! Wow, between this small cadre and those damn militia crazies crawlin thru the hills of Montana… doth sense a, dare we say, a majority. I think that means more than the contrarian opinion….just sayin. Hey, find salvation in the fact that Glenn is overweight and, well, overweight.

  208. LT

    A lot of people watched Jerry Springer, too. Some people like train wrecks…

  209. As an american citizen who is a also Canadian , I want to be fair to the “right to free speech ” we have in the US … but there has to be some accountancy for the content when one speaks . For 35 years I have been reading Limbaugh and now Beck and am stunned by the stupidity that comes from their mouths … no validity of TRUTH . How can we protect the masses from this??? Am glad to hear that you have these air waves to respond… hope people can read these thoughts . BE of good cheer … we believe that the truth must win over the evil mongers.

  210. when people are spoon fed propaganda all there lives they tend to believe it. they may even think that driving their car may end the world.” know this” no mater what the sun will burn the earth ending all life. TRUE GLOBAL WARMING. NOTHING WILL STOP IT!!!!! NOT EVEN RECYCLING!!!

  211. vanisle500

    The real problem that politicians don’t seem to want to address is the fact that there are too many people on earth and population growth is out of control in many countries. Our whole economic system is based on growth which translates into adding more people and consuming more resources. No matter what we do about global warming, real or not, we are still heading for a cliff vis a vis pollution, disease, availability of water etc…unless overpopulation is addressed.

  212. Anyway, what you’re hearing are the opinions of authors and other such people who are not qualified to discuss global warming and its causes. I saw a meteorologist on Faux News also questioning the causes of global warming; he is also not qualified.

    By this criteria you are not qualified to be listened to either…

  213. Chrisp

    OMG what a load of bs! If I really want to read twaddle, as a UK citizen, I just go to any US site with a slightly republican stance I can find it in abundance. This Glenn Beck person seems to have the same lack of grasp of data as our dear old Prince of Wales, thus demonstrating that even aristocracy, money and education can’t compensate for stupidity.

  214. Colin Paren

    So let’s just say that the temperature of Earth HAS risen in the past few decades, and that those thousands of emails leaked showing otherwise should just be dismissed, WHY, has the temperature of the other planets in our solar system risen at the same rate?

    Are we mining on Venus? Clear-cutting on Mars? Is there a GM plant on Saturn? Seeing as we humans can’t yet make it rain in spain mainly on the plain, what makes anyone so arrogant as to think they can affect GLOBAL climate?

    There’s no real-life evidence. I burn easy in the sun, yet nothing new for me in my 40+ years. It still takes about an hour for me to burn in the summer, just like when I was a kid. Now that I say that, I haven’t been sun-burned in more than 20 years.

    Take a glass and fill it half with ice and then add enough water for the ice to float, say to about 3/4 full with both water and ice. Mark the level and wait for the ice to melt. The level will be the same. So much for rising oceans from melting icebergs, huh?

  215. Colin Paren (223): Melting icebergs aren’t the concern. Ask yourself this: what happens to the ice that’s sitting on top of Greenland and the Antarctic?

    That ice isn’t floating on water.

    As far as other planets warming, try looking stuff up on the very website you’re commenting on before stating obviously wrong things as facts.

  216. Dennis

    Americans need to wake up the fact that Beck is simply another opinion pushing charlatan who is a product of mormon cult theology and he mixes this with his personal make up as a dry alcoholic. Hedoes not possess a single ounce of journalistic integrity, has no college degree, has no qualifications and he is definitely not a true conservative. But then, what can anyone expect from someone who can’t find anything filthier than their own personal reflection. Since people like Beck cannot survive on the basis of any personal merits, they survive by puting others down with lies and half truths in order to feel good about themselves. The truth about Beck is that he a dry mormon alcoholic who never got the counseling required for alcholics. He flippantly throws around Christian terms like “God”, “Jesus”,”Holy Spirit” as well as voices of other so called “Spirit Powers” on his radio talk show. Beck is a mormon in active standing with the mormon church and is not a Christian. Mormonism teaches many gods, that the god of the earth was once a man who attained godhood status, there is no trinity, the cross of Christ means nothing and that Jesus Christ and Satan were brothers. Because Beck does not possess a single ounce of journalistic integrity, he is the perfect abortion poster child for Fox Network. The people who love what Beck says are no different than the impressionable sheep who loved every speech made by Adolph Hitler in his early years when he brought Germany into an era of economic prosperity These same sheep also blindly followed Hitler into one of the darkest chapters of world history. Beck and the Fox Network both cater to the same lowest common denominator of demagogery. Beck man would not know the first thing about God as he is a mormon. Someone should ask him which of the many mormon gods he kept talking about during his argument with himself on Saturday on the square in DC. Like a typical dry alcoholic, Beck even lied on national television when he spoke about holding a document signed by George Washington. That event never took Place Unfortunately, people who love being led around by the nose do not realize that he is talking about a different god than that of Christianity, Judaism or Islam and that he has been a product of mormonism cultism from the day he started doing a radio talk show as an opinion pusher. You don’t have to hae a degree in psychology to see that he exhibits all the signs of a dry alcoholic. The only reason this unstable impressionable idiot fell into mormonism was because the woman he wanted to have sex with would not do so unless they got first got married and from that point, they joined the mormon cult. Glenn Beck is as big a charlatan as Josephs Smith or the 5th grade graduate (Charles T Russel) who started the Jehovah’s Witness cult

  217. theduck6

    yeah yeah, and the dinosaurs drove SUVs back when the earth also warmed…as it does every 2.5 to 3 thousand years. Waiting for you to get as many people to a “Global Warming” rally as Beck had on the Mall. Even if you get 1/10th I’ll bet those “earth hating pigs” left the area cleaner than your tree huggers would.

    If you are apoplectic about anything regarding Beck or the rally you either didn’t listen, didn’t get it or, as is usually the case, are upset about something entirely different.

    Beck a charlatain? No he was on the other end of the Mall that day. His name is Al.

  218. Dr. Jeff

    There is more an more evidence each day that this global warming nonsense is a scam. Who is the idiot? Discover magazine – another lefty-biased rag that I will have to stop reading.

  219. PK

    So someone can make false statements, but my post of two days ago isn’t here? Dennis has lied about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You won’t post a respond to his lies. Why is that?

  220. PK

    We belive in God, the Eternal Father and in His Son Jesus Christ and in The Holy Ghost. We pray to Our Father in Heaven in Jesus Christ’s name.

    How is Dennis a ” better” Christian when he lies about Beck, Fox and talks about abortion the way he did.

  221. Tony Martin

    Glen Beck is the Hugo Chavez of the USA. The things that come out of his mouth make just as much sense as the dictator.

  222. Messier Tidy Upper

    Wow. This thread has been going intermittantly since 12:22 PM on the 26th October 2007 back when George W. Bush was the United States President and now, two years after Barack Obama was elected President, it still continues. Three years (over!) later!

    That’s got to be some sort of record and is weirdly impressive in its own way. Longest running BA blog thread ever?!?

    Yet the sort of comment here still keeps on sounding the same :

    Devoted support and love from his fans.
    Savage loathing and detestation from his foes.
    Yikes, is US politics ever polarised! 😮

    Personally speaking, as an Australian, I have never seen Beck’s show(s) and all I know about him comes from blogs like these and other media references. So I can’t really judge except to note he apparently is very popular / notorious, very divisive and inspires a huge reaction of either love or hate depending on which side of the hyper-partisan fence you’re on.

    Most of the arguments against the scientific conscensus that Human caused Global Overheating are long debunked canards however & usually I do respect the Bad Astronomer to know what he’s talking about – although when it comes to politics the BA;’s own bias may well be colouring things here.

    So I’m going to be perhaps the first person here to not have a strong opinion and say I don’t (yet) know enough to say more!

    Wonder how long this’ll keep running? 😉

  223. Messier Tidy Upper

    Interesting to see the prediction here :

    #102. Mike M. Says: October 28th, 2007 at 2:09 am

    Brant, any blog led by the fraud Michael Mann and the leading hysteric of the movement, James (Heinz Foundation) Hansen has no credibility in my eyes. These are not true scientists dispassionately pursuing the truth and let the chips fall where they may. They fight any and all contradictory evidence tooth and nail. Their entire careers are at stake here. And quit using “peer reviewed” as some sort of talisman. It doesn’t have anywhere near the effect you think it does in the real world. 2008 temps will be less than 2007. 2009 will be cooler than 2008. Mark it down. Book it. AGW will soon be toast.

    Okay, done. 😉

    Now I’ll have to check those predictions but “AGW = toast”, no, not really.
    Not just because it won’t fit in a toaster (or Cyclon) and you can’t spread peanut butter and honey on it & have it for breakfast either! 😉


    105. Brant D Says: October 28th, 2007 at 3:14 pm

    Mike M.: Ah, we have a prediction now. Great. Let’s have the “real world” weed out the incorrect peer-reviewed theory. See you 2010.

    Okay, well I’m here but where are these two? 😉

    Is there anybody out there?

  224. Messier Tidy Upper

    “Most of the arguments against the scientific conscensus that Human caused Global Overheating are long debunked canards however & ..”

    .. Here’s something to back *that* statement up :

    # 223. Colin Paren Says: August 29th, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    So let’s just say that the temperature of Earth HAS risen in the past few decades, and that those thousands of emails leaked showing otherwise should just be dismissed, WHY, has the temperature of the other planets in our solar system risen at the same rate?

    Well, thing is, that statement isn’t actually accurate; the other planets have not really *all* warmed & those that *have* have done so for different reasons than those applying to our Earth- see :

    Then there’s:

    #178. Chris Says: August 28th, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    I feel compelled to post. The only measurable inluence on global temeratures is the sun. Solar flares can and will change global temeperatures and create global temperture fluctuations. Case in point; The sun has been relatively quiet since 2008 started. This has not happened since the begining of the 20th century.

    Er, again, this idea – the “its the Sun’s fault” one – turns out to be less than entirely valid – see :

    I could go on with many more such examples but I’ll restrict it to just one more :

    #191. andy Says: November 1st, 2009 at 7:44 pm

    You people amaze me, it is a proven fact that there is no global warming. The world has cooled down in the last 12 years.

    Again, this is widely claimed but then equally widely shot down in flames as untrue – see :

    There’s plenty more of such climate contrarian claims assessed and debunked on that youtube playlist too. Its well worth checking out in my view. :-)

  225. doc

    Glenn Beck is a skunk of the lowest order….His christian rhetoric is well as O’reilly…shoot..Im a republican..

  226. doc

    Glenn Beck is a skunk of the lowest order…pump those books ..his christian rhetoric is well as O’reilly’s egomania..hell, Im a republican…


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